Handmade Golden Snitch Ornament

After seeing the tutorial for this on pinterest I knew I had to do it!  I ended up making a few of them and improvised as I went since the original method was too frustrating for me.

This one was created using the tutorial… I found using tissue paper with glue was far too messy as it kept tearing… so I improvised using gold pipe cleaners which was not only easier but looks pretty cool too! :)  The ornaments I got in a dollar section at Target that came in a tube.  The wings were just hot glued on & the designs were done using a gold glitter glue pen I had.

I tried to blur out the background on the photos since my craft room makes for a distracting backdrop!  I ended up with probably 5 variations of the snitch because I added more glitter to some than to others, different shades etc… was definitely a fun project though and made great gifts to my nieces :)

CoffeeCole Craft Completed: 12/2011.

Handmade Ornament Wreath.

Like everyone else on pinterest, I came across those gorgeous holiday ornament wreaths and knew I had to make one myself!  Now I will say it was much easier than I anticipated & I’m definitely going to make more for next Christmas.  But there are some things I will do differently next time!

For my first wreath, I used a green foam wreath for the base.  I made the mistake of not covering it with ribbon first (making it messy looking from the back view of the wreath, as well as glaringly obvious when there are spaces in between ornaments).  I also would have done a better job at figuring out how to tie the hanging ribbon part ahead of time.

Next, I began hot glue gunning all the largest ornaments first.  I took the end pieces of the ornaments off as someone suggested, but I’m not sure it is entirely necessary since that’s not the part of the ornament I glued to the base.  For mine I used red, green, gold & silver.  I basically raided all the stores (target, rite aid, family dollar) after the holiday so I got them all 75% off.  It is important to have your wreath lying down because you want it to be able to lean against your door flat.  Then you just keep gluing in all the other spaces with various sizes to your liking.  I ended up going back and adding some extra ones after taking this photo because it was obvious where there were spaces once I uploaded the pic onto the computer ;)

A few hot glue gun burns later we had this:


CoffeeCole Craft Completed: 1/2012.

Handmade Wedding Invitation Ornament

I saw this on pinterest when I first signed up & knew it would be one of the first projects I tackled… especially since I had a handful of extra wedding invitations still sitting in my craft room :)

Our wedding colors were brown & pink so I added some extra pieces of brown paper for some contrast.  Our tree has mostly silver accents (star & garland) so I used a white/silver ribbon.  I still think I could have thrown in some extra filler but I liked that you are able to see the main details how it is now.  Also, the kind of matte paper my invites were made out of made it nearly impossible to make defined curls with! So I just did what I could without bending the paper.

CoffeeCole Craft Completed: 1/2012.

Handmade Map Hearts.

I saw a few versions of this floating around on pinterest, these in particular peeked my interest: here, here & here.  So I decided to make my own version of it!

I ordered some free maps from Triple A and used a “3 photo frame” I already had.  I decided on “engaged, married, honeymooned” for mine because we lived together before we were engaged so the flow doesn’t really work for mine :)  Also we “met” and “engaged” in the same town, so would have been a boring version with same locations.  I traced hearts using a valentine decoration I had ;)  Then I mod-podged each heart onto teal paper.  My backdrop was white so I needed them to stand out a bit this way.  It became impossible at this point to make the cut outs perfect so I just let it be.. I didn’t expect it to come out flawless :P  I then used these cool scrapbooking letter stickers I had for the lettering.  Next, I took pink metal heart stickers I had and colored them with black sharpie.  I wanted the hearts to match the lettering.  I stuck the hearts right next to the locations: Lake Wintergreen, Wolcott, Disneyworld :) 

It was impossible to take photos of this once it was framed, the writing is silver metallic on black so it was hard to show up and without a flash it was hard to really see anything.  So here is the best I could do:

CoffeeCole Craft Completed: 1/2012.

Handmade Button Monogram.

Who doesn’t love buttons?  Oh the possibilities! :)  So after coming across this I decided to give it a go myself.  I went with shades of blue buttons to match my living room.  I bought a white canvas (50% off at Joanne’s woo!) & traced the letter “S” on it with pencil.  I then placed the buttons so they all covered the entire space.  I hot glued them piece by piece (burns ouch!!).

Then I filled in the gaps with a second layer of buttons.  I then realized how much the canvas was going to clash with the walls (I wish I’d done a fabric back now) so I painted it a tan color so it would still match my living room without blending in.  This was a huge pain & I had to use nailpolish removed for fix ups on the buttons.

Here’s the end result:

CoffeeCole Craft Completed: 1/2012.