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Name: (censored) Grace (last name is censored)

Nickname(s): Juan, Juan Pelota, Kitty, Gracey-face, bae (before it was cool, Jerry, Angsty Man

Zodiac sign: Taurus 

Height: about 5ft 6in.

Age: yes

Orientation: asexual and panromantic?

Ethnicity: i am fifty shades of white

Favorite fruit: spongebobs house

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite book series: hmmmm. so far it has to be Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan, but i am reading 2 new series at the moment and Harry Potter so that might change

Favorite flowers: Diphylleia grayi

Favorite scent: New Book Smell

Coffee, tea, or cocoa: Coffee and Cocoa, but no milk, water for cocoa and iced frappe for coffee

Cat or dog person: yes

Average hours of sleep: varies

Favorite fictional characters: Sirius Black (Harry Potter), Leo Valdez (Heroes of Olympus), Simba (The Lion King), Steven Universe, Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls), and Flowey the Flower (Undertale)

OTP: Percabeth (Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson and the Olympians)


Blog created: i own: @kitty-grace, @universe-swap, @thejerrytaleau, @juan-pelota-arts, @5x5-legotale, @dreemurr-swap, and newly made @ask-the-loaf-of-frisk

Number of followers: 28 (was gonna be 29 but then it was a porn bot)

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Name: Claudia

Nicknames (Spanish and English lol): Dia, Weirdo, Nerd, Koala, Demon, Demonic Beatch, Daughter/Granddaughter, Morsa Colombiana (Spanish and its Colombian Walrus don’t even ask), Dius, Days, Díaz (days in Spanish), Palacios, Mana (its kinda like sis in Spanish kinda), Jovenaza/Jovena (gang name kidding lol idk how to really explain it in English), Barrio (hood in Spanish), Licenciada (female graduate in Spanish), Bish, Partner, Demon, Satanas (Satan in Spanish), Bata (not from the translation of robe, its from bato that is kinda like dude but in female idk its weird), Esa ( yes from ese in Spanish), Asshole and my frens would add more but I can’t remember anymore rn

Zodiac sign: Aquarius Aquarius!

Height: 5,4 (I think)

Nationality: Mexican

Favorite fruit: Kiwi (I really love every fruit also lol)

Favorite season: Winter or Autumn 

Favorite book: Siete Esqueletos Decapitados (Seven Decapitated Skeletons) Antonio Malpica this book is in Spanish and it is what I have last read but I really enjoy everything that is fiction tbh

Favorite flower: Black Pansy 

Favorite scent: After rain is amazing!, wet dirt, wet grass, the amazing scent of tacos and the forest

Average sleep hours: between 5-6 hours and daily coffee

Cat or dog person: I love both but I am more of a cat person I think? I am not ready to commit to loving one more than the other 😂

Favorite Fictional character: Lucifer (Supernatural), Crowley, Castiel and Charlie (but I also love them all and they are really funny)

Number of blankets you sleep with: 3 but I sleep in shorts and a extra large thin shirt no matter the weather if I am cold I will add more blankets 

Dream trip: ICELAND

Blog created: Almost a month I think? 

Number of followers: 11 😂💕

Random fact: I can bend the tip of most of my fingers and its weird as fuck (like me)

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NICKNAME(S): Sam, Sami, Samo, Mee, Farang

ZODIAC: Capricorn


FAVORITE FRUIT(S): Strawberries


FAVORITE FLOWER(S): Anemone, Forget me nots




FAVORITE TUMBLR: @enigmog@djlemmiex@ebbreon​ (english lassies haha) @dmitrimolotov@leekimhoung@duoachievement​ ​ @gcldenfool​ & many more!!!

DREAM TRIP: Japan, America, Europe 


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First Name - Sidney
Nicknames -  Sid (what i prefer to be called)
Zodiac - Capricorn
Sexual orientation - bi
Favorite fruit - strawberries🍓
Favorite season - probably summer
Favorite book - The Shining and Zen and the Art of Happiness
Favorite flower - lotus
Favorite Animal - horse
Coffee, tea, or hot coco? coffee
Cat or dog? bunnies 
Favorite tumblr - oh gosh, I have so many 🙈
Favorite tv show - the office, bobs burgers, and its always sunny in philly
Favorite food - cheese
Favorite color - purple                                                                            
Dream trip - Ireland                                                                               

Number of followers - 1088

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I’m soooooooo glad of how this one came out! And looking at my past attempts of drawing Lucario, I really improved a lot. It’s not perfect yet, but I just need to keep practsing.
It was fun to draw this, I guess I’ll try full body next time, and also draw other Pokémon~
For a weird reason, I’m really in the mood to draw some Pokémon, maybe I’ll do a Luxray next.

Anyway, I hope you like it!

Soooo ive been actually meaning to do this since my last hundred, but Im so lazy.

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Photo Dump Series// Life Lately

My mind has been busy and my schedule has been tight lately but I still have a life. How stressful it is this third year. But as much as possible, I’m looking on the bright side. 

On a busy week, once you get to spend at least just a few hours of chill time, use it wisely. Martha, Kat and I went to Coffeecat. I ordered a waffle cause it’s pretty much the cheapest. I’m on saving mode so..

Then again, to break myself from studying, I ate my favorite flavored ice cream. Cookies and cream. Hihi. It’s also a good thing to deal with stressed. Am I right? 

Dad’s birthday was last Friday! We went to church early and ate at Mcdo for breakfast. Never gets old. That night, we went to a local restaurant along with the few members at home. For a simple restaurant, they have the yummiest flavor of local food. Thumbs up for that.

Over the weekend was the most stressful part. I have to worry about school homeworks and study for tests (which didn’t even reach ¼ of the total tests I have to take). We, our family clan, went to a relative’s place to celebrate mass as a family and for the blind. We had it yearly before but today it went late, due to financial problems and whatso. And since I had to worry of other stuff, me and my cousin went home earlier than the others. Along with us, are the cute twins who surprised us on coming to the mini-celebration. 

To help me from my stressful weekend, my chef invited me at his place for lunch! I was really curious he asked me to eat lunch. When I arrived, I saw what’s in store for me. Breaded pork with sliced potatoes. Isn’t he the sweetest? He’s really learning now with his culinary studies. So proud of him <3

After this post, I’m going back to reality. Woooo. Just a week to go, I’ll be done with prelims. Gah!