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Pairing: Reader x TFW, mentions Reader x Chuck

Word count: 320


You stuck your hands in your coat pockets defending them from the harsh winter winds and looked around. The park where the Winchesters told you to meet them was empty. You had no idea why they picked this park, but nonetheless you showed up, ready to help them with a case.

Shivering, you took your phone out of your pocket and checked it before looking up and coming face to face with Sam, Dean, and Cas.

“Sorry,” Dean stuck his hand out. “Baby was having some trouble starting.”

You took his hand and shook it. “No worries. Hope she’s alright.”

“I’ll fix her up when I get home, no big deal.” Dean told you before adding, “Well, actually-”

“Y/N doesn’t care, Dean.” Sam cut in. “Sorry, Y/N.”

“It’s all good.” You laughed quietly at the two brothers.

“Anyway, we need your help to track down a pack of werewolves.” Sam told you.

“What do you know about them so far?” You asked.

“Only that they hunt in fours.” Dean sighed.

“And that they’re crazy good hunters.” Sam added.

“Sounds dangerous.” You smiled softly. Ever since you married Chuck, he wouldn’t let you take the more dangerous cases. This case would be a nice break from your usual ‘salt and burn’ type of case. “Count me in.”

“Do not worry, mother, I promised Chuck that I would take of you.” Cas cut in.

“Mother?” Dean looked at Cas weird. “Dude, you don’t go around calling chicks mother.”

“But she is married to my Father.” Cas told Dean, equally confused. “I do not understand why I wouldn’t call her mother.”

“There’s a fine line Cas.” Sam shook his head. “And you crossed it.”

“It’s okay, Cas.” You reassured the angel. “But we should probably get going.”

Dean held his hands up in defense. “Whatever you say, mother.”

You groaned and rolled your eyes. They would never let this one go.

Little Archangel

Imagine being the fifth Archangel and not only being ‘Team Switzerland’ to your brothers, but being totally different then them.

Warnings: none, unless Lucifer is a warning?

Word count: 1,699

Mainly Lucifer x reader and Gabriel x reader

Winchesters. It’s all you ever heard the angels talking about on angel radio.

“They sound like nothing but trouble, don’t you think?” lightly stroking the black wolf’s thick fur, you talked to him.

Being the fifth Archangel wasn’t an easy thing. All these expectations to match each of your brothers standards and all of Heavens. Truth be told, you were nothing at all like the rest of your family. Michael wanted you to stand with him, fulfilling out your father’s wishes and helping control Heaven. Gabriel wanted you to be happy, do what pleased you. Somehow pulling tricks on everybody was what his idea of your happiness was. Rapheal, well, he never really cared what you did as long as you never crossed a line. He didn’t like you, but the other three of your brothers would never let him touch you. Lucifer was just, himself. He fell from Heaven at the hands of your eldest brother and was locked in a cage. You loved him regardless of his falling, you’d always love him. As a child he would run through Heaven, chasing you around. And when you’d fall he would help you heal, showing you how. Your father made you the youngest, causing you to grow like a human would but stopping at a proper adult like age. Words couldn’t describe how much you missed him, but anger also consumed every thought of him for how he had divided the family.

Many years had passed since you’d seen anybody of your family, including any angels in general. You had no reason to stand by Heaven or Hell, fighting wasn’t something that peaked your interest. Nature. Animals. That was what you loved. And nobody seemed to understand that. Sure, you had all the same abilities your brothers had. Wings, grace and all that. But you just used your powers, gifts as you called them, for different reasons and purposes. Healing the world around you, the natural world. Not what humans had built up by destroying the beauty around them. You always wandered freely in the open, allowing your wings to be exposed at all times. Nobody was ever around where you were, so you had no reason to hide who you truly were. Walking around the Earth’s smooth surface barfoot, letting your beautiful tainted wings drag behind you. As a child, you always felt different from your brothers because of your wings being a mixed ombre color of black and bright clean white. Now they were normal to you, and you embraced everything about them. On some days you’d simply roam the land, enjoying the worlds simple pleasures. On others, you would fly to the highest points in the world, silently looking over your fathers tiny creations. Inspecting them from a far away distance. One particular day, something was off. All the animals had succuried off, and you knew something was wrong.

“What the hell are we doing out here Cas?” a gruff, deep voiced man spoke to another in a trenchcoat as a tall long haired man followed shortly behind. An angel. You hadn’t seen one in the longest time. The name Cas sounded familiar but you couldn’t place your finger on it as you hid in a tree above watching the three.

“She has to be somewhere. If not here maybe there are clues to her whereabouts,” the angel was looking all around him. No doubt looking for you.

“Dean, what exactly are we going to do if we actually find her? She’s said to be a myth anyways,” the taller one had grabbed the gruff one’s arm, allowing the angel to walk ahead alone as they spoke. If the gruff one was Dean, then the taller one must’ve been Sam. Leaving the angle to be Castiel. If the Winchesters were here looking for you, something must’ve been wrong.

“I can assure you I’m no myth Sam,” you flew down from the tree, your wings still in plain sight. Castiel turned around quickly, more than likely reaching for his blade. “You won’t need that,” with a snap of your fingers, his blade was in your hands. Both of the brothers in front of you were in shock.

“Are you Y/N?” Dean had asked. Swallowing hard as he gazed upon your wings. You couldn’t blame him, they were a sight.

“She is,” you turned to meet the bright blue eyes belonging to Castiel. It was hard to not get lost in their vast ocean scenery.

“I’m assuming you need me for something, I haven’t had anybody come looking for me since-,” you glanced down, trying not to cry. “since he was cast down,” the Winchesters glanced back and forth at each other when you mentioned Lucifer. “What is it? Is something wrong with my brothers?” panic came over you.

“Well, he’s out,” Sam’s face was showing fear, he had a right to. Being Lucifer’s true vessel was a big deal. “Did you really not know?” you just shook your head.

“Micheal-him and Lucifer are going all team apocalypse. Gabriel is trying to get in between them and stop Lucifer but the only way he can stop him is if he-,” you stopped Dean from continuing to speak.

“They’ll fight to the death. I won’t allow them to destroy each other. Where are they?”

“Y/N, we can take you to them. But your wings need to be hidden. I’ve learned the hard way that humans don’t understand about our existence, nor do they need to,” Castiel was speaking softly to you.

“I’ve never had to contain my wings,” you began to feel nervous.

“Well they’re beautiful,” Sam nodded at Dean’s remark, you simply smiled.

“Will you show me how?” the angel walked towards you, preparing to help contain your enormous wings.

A few hours later and you were in a town in Kansas.

“Car rides, are they always this frustrating?” it was your first car ride, you couldn’t lie, while the car was mesmerizing you’d never ride in this car or another again.

“You’ll get used to it,” Castiel was helping you out of the car, onto the gravel surrounding an abandoned building.

“I hope not,” the three of them laughed at your response.

“How do we know they’re going to be here?” Dean was grabbing holy oil out of his trunk while speaking.

“That won’t be necessary. I don’t want to hurt them, I’m here to stop them from fighting. Not to literally add fuel to the fire,” he reluctantly set the oil back into the trunk once you finished speaking. “And they won’t be here. They’re already here,” you could feel their presence as you flew into the building. Hearing the boys yelling for you not to go in without them as you did so.

“Y/N?” Lucifer was standing by Gabriel, his vessel was decaying from the inside out. “My, how you’ve changed,”

“I’m not the only one who’s changed brother,” you smiled. “Gabriel,” you nodded towards your other brother as a way of saying hello.

“Hey pipsqueak. Long time no see,” he smiled back at you. “So why show up now? Not that I don’t miss seeing your face,”

“I’m here now because of you two and Michael,” they both sighed. “You can’t do this. Fighting, killing each other. All of you are better than this. Raphael is dead because he wouldn’t stop the

violence and wars, I won’t stand by and watch what’s left of my family destroy each other from the inside out,” now you were angry, an emotion you’d never felt.

“Look at you little piece keeper, getting in between us. Little warrior just like your brother,” Lucifer was smirking, aside from not seeing him in a long time you were used to it. “For someone who’s not for fighting, sis you sure are ready to fight,”

“You’re right Luce. I never liked fighting and violence, but if I need to be violent to get the two of you to stop this…I will,” both of them just laughed at you, not believing you were strong enough.

“You’re the youngest kiddo. While I love you to bits and pieces, you can’t just-” you cut Gabriel off. Twisting your hand up palm facing up and raising the two of them into the air. Throwing them each to opposite corners of the building, you watched as vines grew and wrapped aroundthem at your command. Both of them strained to get free, but found no luck as the vines only wrapped tighter and tighter around them. “I stand corrected,” now you were the one smirking as your trickster brother sighed.

“One good thing about being the 'little peace keeper’,” you looked at your older brother. “I’ve got certain tricks up my sleeve. Now let’s talk,” you walked to the middle of the building, looking back and forth between your tied up brothers. “You two are going to stop this, or I’m going to make you stop. If I have to take your grace to prevent you from killing one another, believe me I will,” Lucifer laughed, but quickly regretted it as your face grew hard and your eyes grew golden. Before he knew it he was coughing up little bits of his grace, he nodded as if saying he understood what you were capable of. “I love you, both of you. And I’ll do whatever is necessary to keep the two of you alive. Even if you have to be a pathetic human,” you glanced at Lucifer as you mimicked his way of speaking about father’s creations.

“Well since you can clearly kick our-” Gabe stopped before finishing, he knew you didn’t like swear words. “I don’t see we have a choice but to not kill each other,”

“Awe Gabe, you sound so disappointed,” Lucifer mocked.

“Only because now the apocalypse is going to happen,”

“No,” you chimed in. “I had to get you two under control and I have. Now-now I deal with our stubborn thick headed older brother,” with the snap of your fingers you teleported you and your two brothers out of the building and to a hidden place, right as the Winchesters had busted in through the door.

Sana, Sana

Castiel x Reader fluff.

“Sana sana colita de rana; si no sanas hoy, sanara manana.” A saying I heard a lot growing up in a Mexican household.

You stumbled out of the bar, Dean at your side. The two of you were disgusting drunk and were followed by Sam and Castiel, the latter completely sober.

“You should have seen by the look in my eyes, baby. There was somethin’ missin’,” Dean and you sang out loud and totally out of key to the sky.

“Sam, what are they singing?” Castiel looked over to the hunter, who just smirked.

“REO Speedwagon.”

“You should have known by the tone of my voice, maybe. But you didn’t listen!” You screamed out the lyrics, while trying to hold on to Dean who was stumbling just as much as you. The two of you starting laughing and singing all the way to the motel room a block down. Sam and Cas trailed behind the two of you, talking amongst themselves and keeping an eye on Dean and you.

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*Cas precious and rare smiles*

Every time he smiles a miracle happens^^

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(Because who doesn’t love a little fake dating?)

“Uh-oh,” Dean whispered, pulling Cas into a random aisle. He hadn’t expected to come across Lisa in the grocery story.

He and Cas had been picking out food for their weekly movie night and sleepover. They have started this tradition because school, relationships, family got in the way of their friendship. They didn’t see much of each other for a few weeks until they both decided that it was enough.

They needed something to make sure they saw each other at least once a week outside of school.

And thus the tradition was born.

Dean was secretly ecstatic that he got to spend so much more time with Cas. Especially since sleeping together in one bed wasn’t that uncommon anymore.

Yes, yes, he has a crush on Cas. There was nothing new there. Apparently, everybody knew except the person who matters the most.

Castiel Novak.

The same person he just pulled into an aisle, hiding behind the shelves of cereal.

“What are you doing, Dean?” Castiel asked, but low enough only for Dean to hear. These are the kinds of things Dean loves him for, just going along with Dean even though he has no clue what is happening just because Dean is fed up with it.

“Lisa is here,” Dean whispered back, sneakily peeking behind the shelves. “Crap! She saw me.”

“We can leave…”

“No!” Dean exclaimed, making Cas take a step back. “I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just that the break up was messy-”

“I was well aware of that,” Cas interrupted him with a look that had ‘you’re an idiot’ written all over it.

“I know that you know, Cas,” Dean sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know,” Dean admitted, searching Cas’ deep blue eyes for an answer.

“You can pretend you’re dating me?” Castiel suggested though he said it unsure like he’s scared how Dean is going to react.

“You would do that for me?” And with that, Dean wants to smack himself in the face and fall through the filthy grocery shop floor.

He did not just say that.

Castiel chuckled and gently patted Dean’s cheek. “Of course.”

Dean then mustered all of his courage, his heart beating, his palms sweating and did a heatwave just roll in? Anyway, he grabbed Castiel’s hand in his, Castiel briefly squeezed his hand in return and relaxed.

Dean let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and stepped into the open with Castiel.

During their small conversation, Lisa had walked away and Dean sighed in relieve.

“Didn’t know you two are together,” a voice said from behind them, making them both jump 3 feet into the air.

“Damn, Lisa, you scared the crap out of me!” Dean nearly screamed, quickly closing his mouth when he noticed Lisa’s venomous expression.

“We are,” Castiel said confidently, easily grabbing Dean’s hand like they have done it a thousand times before. “We have been for a while.”

“You dumped me for this freak?!” Lisa exclaimed, pointing her finger accusingly at Cas. “Come on, Dean, you can do better. You still have me and I know you want to.”

Dean’s blood has been boiling after ‘freak’ and Castiel’s hand is slowly being compressed by Dean’s much larger one.

“I dumped you because you are manipulative and you only dated me because I’m popular.”

“Hmm, I just saw a potential in the two of us. The power couple of Lawrence High.”

“We will never get back together, Lisa. I’m with Cas,” Dean said, unknowingly stepping in front of him to be a wall, separating Lisa from Cas.
“I don’t believe it,” Lisa smirked, her eyes dancing.

“Like I care,” Dean scoffed, the hand that isn’t holding Cas’ clenching until his knuckles turned white.

“Prove it.”

Dean started protesting, about how they don’t have to do it, that they had nothing to prove to her. However, Cas had different plans.

Castiel turned Dean around, inching closer.

Kiss me,” Castiel whispered, throwing his arms around Dean to pull him even closer, their chests touching.

“You don’t have to, Cas,” Dean said, his eyes darkened but his hands wavering. He wanted to touch Cas, but not like this. Not when the only reason Cas would let him, is because of his crazy ex-girlfriend.

“I want to,” Castiel said, pulling back enough for Dean to see the want in his eyes, to hear the truth in his words.

Dean couldn’t contain himself and lunged at Cas, claiming his lips with his own.

They stayed like this, warm and content, even when Lisa frowned and walked away, when the group elderly walking by aww-ed and their grandchildren squealed about cooties.

They broke apart when they felt like their lungs were going to explode with bright smiles and soft eyes.

“I want you,” Dean whispered. It wasn’t a love confession per se and in a different situation the context would’ve meant something different entirely, but Cas understood and nodded.

“You have always had me and you always will.”


Life Update: Sorry for the lack of art lately guys, I haven’t had time to make QUALITY fanart. I’ve got finals next week and I had some commissions I had to finish up before opening up December’s slots. But have some practice headshots I did over the past 2 days! I’m gonna get so damn good at drawing guys it’s gonna be UNBELIEVABLE

also i have one more commission slot if any of you guys are interested!

Shannon’s Top 5 Cas Gifs

So, as requested by @bkwrm523, here are my top 5 Cas gifs in no particular order! 


idk why but gifs of Cas walking really do things to me. look at how graceful. that poise. hes so sure of himself. just. YES.


it’s my sweet angel singing to a baby. need I say more?


fuuuuck. this gif always makes me tingly. smite those demons, baby.


 hes smiling at a dog riding a skateboard. he is so fucking cute. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE SMILE.


look at him. he looks so mischievous, like he’s up to no darn good. he just looks like he’s thinking about sex and I love it.

Fixing Up Castiel

gif is not mine

Title: Fixing Up Castiel

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,071

Warnings: angst & fluff

A/N: Hey everyone, I hope your monday is off to a good start (or was great if you’re in a completely different timezone)!! I hope you all enjoy this! It was requested by an Anon! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 <3

Castiel’s back hit the concrete wall with brute force.  His body slid down the wall, blood trickling down his face.  He should have known better than to take on four angels at once.  With back up it would have been as easy as pie, but not when it was just him.  Castiel knew he needed to get away.  There was no way he could get out of this one without getting killed.  Not unless he fled.

With a flutter of his wings, he escaped to the only safe place he had left; the bunker.  He was hoping you, Sam, or Dean would be there.  Castiel wanted you the most.  If he was going to die, which was unlikely, he wanted to be with you.  When he saw you as he walked into the library he was relieved.

Castiel leaned against the table, “[Y/N].”  That was all the angel could say before he passed out, falling to the floor.  

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Just My Luck-Cas x Reader AU #91

               You walked up, hugging your arms which were numb from the down pour of rain that had begun about two minutes after your car had stalled on the side of the road and refused to start. You knocked on the garage door, after finally finding a place that was open and prayed someone would answer. The side door opened after a minute and a man stepped out with dark hair and greasy clothes on. His shirt read “Cas” on it. He had soft blue eyes that held a deep look to them. “Can you help me please? My car is a piece of crap and you’re the only mechanic open this late,” you called out over the rain. The man helped you inside the garage and shut the door before going and grabbing you a towel. “Are you alright?” the man asked in a gruff voice.

               You nodded taking the towel with a shaky hand, ‘Oh so now I shiver’ you mentally cursed yourself. “Where’s your car at?” he asked bringing you a cup of coffee. “Down on the highway…my cell died after I called a couple of different places,” you said quietly taking a sip of coffee, letting the liquid warm you. “Well, I’m Cas. I’ll tow your car in but I can’t promise that I’ll be able to fix it tonight.” You nodded quickly. “I understand, just as long as it doesn’t have to sit out on the highway anymore,” you said softly wrapping the towel around you tightly. “You walked here from the highway?” Cas asked turning to look at you. You shrugged, “My cell died and I didn’t know what else to do,” you whispered looking down.

               Cas nodded, “I’ll go tow it in and then I’ll give you a ride home. I’ll fix it tomorrow, come on,” he smiled a little and helped you into the tow truck. Once you were both in the warmth of the heat blowing on you, you looked over at him “I’m Y/N by the way,” you smiled a little. Cas smiled looking at you for a moment. “It’s nice to meet you, Y/N. Well…I found your car…. can’t say it’s in the best shape though.” Upon pulling up to the car, the windows had been busted out and you could already see your stereo was torn out. You sighed putting your face in your hands. “Just my luck,” you mumbled into your palms.

               Cas looked at you, feeling bad for you. Not only had you walked like 5 miles to find a mechanic but now your belongings had been stolen as well. He hooked your car up and smiled softly at you. “Let’s get back to the shop. Then, we’ll grab some food and I’ll take a look under the hood,” Cas said softly as you looked at him. “I don’t want to keep you at work all night. I should just go get a new car because this car is so old and has so many problems.” You shook your head but Cas smiled. “It’d be my pleasure to work on this car and to hang out with you for a while,” Cas smiled softly before taking off to the shop.

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