TERF rhetoric is vicious and toxic, and it is always trying to ease its way in. You have to be constantly critical, because TERFs have been trying to subtly normalize their rhetoric in small doses for decades. If your first reaction to someone telling you that you’re using TERF rhetoric is to vehemently deny it, you’re not being cautious enough. That shit is a poison that spreads easily, and even unassuming things can be TERF propaganda in disguise. If someone not only tells you that you’re using TERF rhetoric, but explains HOW, you need to stop and question it IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise don’t masquerade yourself as a trans/transfem ally, because you’re not.

Sam is always the first one up. He’s a natural morning person, likes getting up with the sun and going for a run in the early haze when the world is quiet and still. It helps with his anxiety, works away some of the panic left over from his nightmares and gets him in the right headspace to function for the rest of the day.

Dean gets up next, fumbling to the kitchen and starting the first pot of coffee not long after Sam leaves. It used to be he could sleep like the dead until noon, so still and quiet Sam would check to make sure he was still breathing. These days he sleeps lighter than ever, and the old aches and pains that have settled in his bones drive him out of bed before seven more often than not.

When Sam gets back from his run sometime before eight, he showers, takes his meds and has a coffee in the kitchen with Dean. Sometimes he flips through the paper and tries not to imagine which news stories might once have been cases to them. Then, around nine, one of them pours a new cup of coffee, loaded with cream and sugar, and takes it back into the bedroom.

When Castiel first settled into being human, Sam and Dean learned that if neither of them brought him coffee, he would gladly sleep all day. This morning, it’s Sam who perches on the edge of the bed, touches Castiel’s shoulder and murmurs, “Come on, Cas. Up and at ‘em.”

Castiel blinks at him blearily from under layers of blankets, his hair sleep-mussed and his eyes clouded with the exhaustion that clings to him like a fog these days. Some mornings he’s irritable when he first wakes, pulling the covers over his head and staunchly refusing to move. Today though, he leans into Sam’s touch like an affectionate cat as he yawns and stretches, hums happily when he accepts the steaming mug of coffee and takes his first sip.

“Good morning, Sam.” The husky sleep-rumble of Castiel’s voice is warm and comfortable in the space between them. “You look well today. Did you enjoy your run?”

The easy praise makes Sam smile. “Yeah, Cas. I feel good.” 

Castiel’s gaze moves past Sam, over his shoulder. “Hello, Dean.”

“Mornin’.” Dean is leaning in the doorway with his arms folded over his chest, watching them. He doesn’t smile much, but his eyes are soft and open, and the lines of tension that usually crease his forehead and the corners of his mouth are smooth, for the moment.

There, in the quiet moment before the day really starts, Sam makes a silent promise to them all. Today will be a good day.

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I love the Vampire!Nurse!Cas idea! It's so cute! Nurse Cas, with his little fangs, taking care of Dean, who is donating as much as he can and flirts with the vampire that at first he was so distrustful of. <3

Of course Dean would flirt with the nurse, I’m not surprised! Maybe Cas has to send him home when he shows up too often. (And maybe he would suggest that Dean go eat a healthy meal to regain his strength. With Cas. Dean would appreciate being asked out by a date so smoothly. But maybe he’s just still feeling fuzzy after donating blood. In either case, he’s got a date with the cute nurse!)

Decided to load up my game and take a photo of YA Ruby, so… *throws this at you*


Soundsational by Madison Shafer