Sometimes reading isn’t about the fantastic, wild adventures the story takes you on, the characters that know you, that love you. Sometimes, reading is about escape, but not to a dragon’s lair or a robber’s den.
Sometimes, reading is only a string of letters that numb your aching heart.

The 30 day studyblr challenge be @hayley-studies


Day 12: A photo of your favourite study snack 

Pasta might not be actually “a snack”, but I just like to make a big-ass bowl of it and snack on it, if that even makes sense?? My favourite is avocado pasta, but my avocados weren’t ripe enough, so I just made tomato black bean pasta.

Also other snack I’ve been eating for like 5 years is apples and peanut butter. That might actually be my absolute favourite snack. I’ve ran out of peanut butter tho, hence only the apple :).

AND TEA! AND COFFEE! I could not do anything if I didn’t have either. I especially love mint tea and espressos! 

anonymous asked:

Vivi how do u feel about the fake army telling wale to stop using namjoon for fame and broke their relationship and possibly their second collab :'((

((o h man tbh i havent heard of this until you told me of course

and i dont know the full details of all this but i mean since i dont know what wale’s true intentions were i dont really know how i feel about this

i tend to stay away from those type of stuff but those fake armys need to chill and back the fuck up before they get smacked the fuck up))

Read to remember.
Read to learn.
Read to escape.
Whatever your reason, just read.

me drinking tea: life is so beautiful, it is a tragedy that everything moves so fast. i want to embrace life. maybe i will do yoga later? haven’t been journaling for a long time, i could start again! life is beautiful.

me drinking coffee: alright motherfckers i have to get shit done and nothing will stop me!! this essay? i will finish!! no shanon not now let’s get started #girlboss *falls asleep*

Read until you understand. Understand people, understand life. Understand the way the world works.
—  If you never do understand, at least you still have a TBR pile to fall back on

Meet Erin: She trains hard in all kinds of gymnastic sports but most of all she loves yoga.

Very kind and chill, always likes to listen and help others but she could probably take anyone down in a second.

Tries not to go reading other’s people coffee and tea when she goes for her favourite pastries to the cafe but not always succeed.

Oh, I read it in a book once.
—  Me, every time someone questions my odd and sometimes morbid knowledge of obscure things. (And no, I don’t remember which book.)