I love that the ways trans men argue for female socialization being a part of their personality is almost always done in the most fucking dude/mansplain-y way possible. Like, there’s not anything ‘female socialization’-y about portraying women who disagree with you as aggressive, hysterical, unintelligent, irrational bitches who don’t care enough about men’s problems and need to cite sources on rape culture.

grizzlyhills asked:

as someone who's pretty damn critical of FE14's flaws, i'm getting really sick of people trying to find problems in places where there /are/ none or yanking things out of context to present them as like... the thing with slavery. it's making it impossible to actually discuss the game's problems without it becoming a dogpile of "LET'S FIND WHAT ELSE IS WRONG" and making sensationalized tumblr posts about it

i agree with you wholeheartedly. ppl creating these issues out of their ass negates the attention from the actual flawed things in the game.