Man, I don’t fucks with this rivalry between tea-drinkers and coffee-drinkers.

My dude, gimme both of them shits.  Gimme a thing of coffee in one hand and a thing of green tea in the other hand and I will go for days

I promise you that no one else will top Bart Curlish’s and Ken’s introductory scene. The way she simply rumbled up, threw coffee on a dude, murdered him in the background whilst Ken was obliviously working, her mad dash towards Ken, both getting exhausted and collapsing on the ground after running maybe 40 yards, and then arguing about the machete in her hand. That scene is legendary.

kukkiisart  asked:

I LOVE. YOUR ART. SO MUCH!!!! - irkenenthusiast (dis my main blog) BUT MAN. ACK.... Ok I'mma get some work done now and then I'll draw your human AU Zim because just...fuck me up~ I dunno. *rolls away spilling coffee everywhere*

YELLS/// AW DUDE!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ;AAAAA; <333 i love YOUR art so much (You keep reminding me to read that Conquest Fic >//w//> ;;;; so i can follow the art side better ehehe) I’M VERY HONORED OTL THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ;//<//; 

Modern Hamilton headcannons(not genderbent)

(this isnt in the “Broken Heart of John Laurens” universe btw)

Alex: A sassy,coffee loving, hoodie wearing dude from the Caribbean. Always has his hair up and has noticeable dark circles but he’s still handsome as hell.Openly Bi and he’s super smart. He’s close to his “adoptive family” which includes, Gwash, Martha Washington  and Lafayette. He loves his boyfriend John Laurens so much (even though he’s screwed up many times and yeah) and would do anything for turtle boy.

John: Gay and here to stay. He is studying to be a doctor but in his free time he’s a freelance artist. He’s part of many human rights campaigns with Angelica and can win a fist fight easily (note: He has lost so he’s not invincible). He also really likes turtles. He even has a tattoo of one. He has a sad and dark side hidden under his happy side. He was disowned and neglected and he feels like he’s often not good enough.

Lafayette: SOME FRIGGIN FAIRY TALE PRINCE FROM FRANCE. Seriously he’s gorgeous and gets a lot of attention from both guys, gals and nonbinary pals. He likes experimenting with makeup and both masculine and feminine clothing (thanks to his boyfriend’s interest in fashion). He’s also really great with hair and often helps anyone who wants it. He is the adopted son of the Washingtons and loves his family greatly. Very smart too. He is the mom friend and is very protective over John ‘cause thats his baby.

Hercules: He’s tough and buff yo. Under that tough exterior though is a sweet teddy bear who likes making clothes and doing makeup. He’s one of the top fashion designers in NYC and he loves it. Very focused on making clothes for all body types. He loves his boyfriend so much and the two act like an old married couple.  Peggy is his GFF (Girl-friend forever) and the two meme the hell out of everyone. James Mads is his brother from another mother mainly cause they look ridiculously similar. It’s scary actually.

Aaron: He’s very smart but insecure. That makes him hesitant to show his own opinions. He is good friends with Alex and James Madison but he’s on the bench about Thomas. He also is kind of flirty but it usually fails. However he gave apick up line to a woman named Theodosia and she laughed. When he was about to retreat she asked if they could get lunch together. Thats how the two became lovey dovey love birds. He’s a lawyer and a pretty good one at that. He wears sweater vests often. 

Thomas: He is always wearing top line clothing (usually in purple hues). Is openly Bi and is filthy rich and very intelligent. He can be a bit…quick to action at times and would probably be in a wheel chair if not for his best friend James Madison. Also James is his secret crush and he tries to let James by going the playboy route. Y’ make him jealous. So far he realizes it’s not working out. 

James: James is an awkward, shy and sickly small human. He wears a lot of gray,black and other neutral colored sweaters He’s the type of character that is often seen in the background. He likes baking, gardening and playing violin and piano. He loves emo/alternative music. Like he can play and si This is Gospel on piano really well and sing it well too. It’s surprised a lot of people. He’s very intelligent and is often the voice of reason. Also seen as slightly intimidating too. His GFF is Dolley Todd and she tries to encourage him to be more out there. She also drags him to her girl meetings. Did I mention he is super gay for Thomas?

Eiza: She’s a sweet person who is way to pure for this cruel and unforgiving world. Well her Girlfriend and her friends would say that. And its true. She does a lot of charity work but works as a psychiatrist. SHe loves her sisters and is very protective over Peggy (not as bad as Angelica though). She friggin loves her girlfriend Maria so much and is the most protective over her. Heck she punched James Reynolds in the face at least three times. The two are awesome together.

Angelica: She is a writer for a news paper for topics such as sexism or racism. She is part of  many human rights campaigns with John (who is her best male friend) and can sass her way out of things. Why? She’s fucking smart. Like really smart. She is protective over her sister the most but is also protective over Maria, John, James Madison, Laf and Theodosia Prevost. She is women power in the flesh.

Peggy: The meme Goddess herself. She always references memes in almost every conversation. She is such a joy to be around and will always help her family and friends. She does crazy shit with Herc and the two play pranks. She’s openly bi (more on the female side though) and is part of human rights acts. She can also make some sick cocktails.

Maria: She’s quiet and has a seductive facade. In reality she feels helpless and depressed because of ther loveless and abusive marriage. However with the help of Aaron Burr and Eliza Schuyler she managed to divorce and get a restraining order on her ex. She loves tea and calls Eliza her little tea leaf. She likes hanging out with Theo, Dolley and James Madison (over tea and gossip). She likes gardening and cooking very much and presses flowers. Her laugh is also really cute. Like it starts out like a deep and quiet chuckle of sorts and then it gets higher and gigglier and she snorts a lot during it. She is so sweet.

Basic Model
  • Hazel: Leo. Ready to go?
  • Leo: Oh hey guys. Be with you in a sec. CAL! WHERE'S THE PLASMA CUTTER!?!
  • Calypso: THEN I DON'T KNOW!
  • Percy: What the hell are you making.
  • Leo: Coffee table dude. What else?

Thank you guys so much for your patience! Got stuck at work longer than expected, but I’m here and I’ve got the results of the contest for ya. Before we jump into it, I wanna say I loved each and every one of the entries I received, and it wasn’t easy at all to pick — I’m gonna have a little blurb on each, and everyone reading, please, please be sure to follow them and shoot them some love for their work! Everyone did fantastic and I love the results.

Firstly, anyone not selected in the winner results below, please still e-mail me at — you will be receiving a notecard drawing of Sam and some stickers for your participation in the contest! Just let me know who you are, your entry, and your address, if you’re comfortable with that. 

The winner of the contest for the prize of the comic prompt is @withthedemonblood! Please e-mail me and we can get your unique Sam-centric comic started for you, your eyes only! Unless you wanna post it when you get it. Y’know. Whatevs.

The two winners for the fanfiction category is @brothersapart and @womanoflettersinthebunker ! The two winners for fan art is @sketchydean and @fioreitaliano (which is not letting me ping you, what a butthead tumblr is). The two winners for fan edits are @samprincesschester and @jaredbottoms!  Let me know if you would like The Little Golden Hunter’s Book or a grayscale copy of Ask Sam Stuff Volumes 1 or 2. If you would like to wait, you can request to have grayscale Volume 3 when it is completed! If you would rather have a drawn piece that is SPN-related, let me know, we can work something out that is non-book-related.  

(IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE LIST BELOW, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I will add you and you will still be able to get a gift for partaking for your hard work — a Sam notecard of thanks and stickers! Apologies to the helpful notes left on the previous post before this one; I was at work so I couldn’t respond. :’))


Metal by @waytoomuchanalysis : A fantastic continuation of the bend the spoon entry, it dives into the potential of Sam stil having his powers! Look out for the warnings, and enjoy a dose of hurt!Sam, too! I love me some hurt!Sam.

The Long Road Home by @brothersapart : A wonderfully well-written ‘novelization’ of here and here, where Dean died as a child in the fire with their mother. Really awesome to tackle this one, and you did a great job conveying additional things in the narrative!

I’m Okay by @ultimatefandomtrash61 : A gritty and heavy covering of the entry involving Sam’s feelings after Toni’s deceit in 12x02; heed the warnings at the start! It’s a tough subject for sure, but it’s done very well!

As Dreamer’s Do by @withthedemonblood : Really wonderful descriptions and details as this goes, this takes what is a pretty silly entry and adds a lot of personality and weight to it; I love me some weechester stuff, and there’s even a little hurt!Dean in there for you guys who like fairness in torment, haha.

Manoir de Mes Reves by @captain-sodapop : I gotta say, I didn’t even remotely consider the twister entry on Sam’s Birthday bash would end up as an entry! Great humor and a fun concept, check this one out.

I Love You, Too by @manuscript-or : Based on Sam's addiction to coffee (dude sometimes there’s such a thing as too much), this AU of the pilot episode is pretty cute and full of Jess and Sam goodness! And y'all know I’m a sucker for Jess and Sam. Check this out!

Happy Halloween by @womanoflettersinthebunker : Based on the halloween post about Abby the little sassy cowgirl with read hair and freckles! I really love the alternate route this took, and it gave Sam a fun little adventure to boot — love the details of Sam naming trick-or-treaters in this head! Fantastic work. ♥

Proud Defense by @my-pen-is-my-sword : Very, very neat — an expansion of this strange creature from a pre-series comic! I’m impressed with the attempt to tackle this one, since it was one of the more vague and mysterious comics I’ve thrown out there, but it ended up being a really great piece! Excellent job.

Scars by @samsexualdeancurious :  A short but sweet Jess/Sam entry, exploring a panel in this entry a bit more. Did I mention I’m a sucker for Jessica and Sam? Because I am. Great job on expanding on that entry, and great writing.

A Long Night (Part 1 | Part 2) by @borrowedtimeandspace : A lovely write-up of a section of the Ask Lil’ Sam Stuff plotline; I really loved doing that story, and I’m tickled to see that it was chosen to be done for the entry! They’ve done a really good job adding little narrative touches to this, and it’s a nice addition to the bitty!Sam collection!

Fan art:

BANANA SAM by @fioreitaliano : Based on this. I cannot believe my eyes. A+ banana!Sam. I’m so happy to have laid eyes on him in all his wonder.

No but Really, Call Me, Cont’d by @saintedsam : The cutest little continuation of Max Banes and Sam Winchester, from my entry of Max hitting on an oblivious Sam. And here he is, continuing to be oblivious! What a cute art style, I love it! (And that shirt, Max.)

The Purple Dog Shirt, Pt. II by @sketchydean : What a great follow-up to the purple dog shirt comic! It can be tough to whip up comics, but this is done extremely well and feels like such a solid continuation, I love it. Now - where the heck did that shirt go!!

Dean, I Made You More Pie by @h3dgehogjohn : Isn’t this so cute? A picture of little Sam from this entry making more 'pie’ for his brother! I love them in their little socks; great job, and a+ freckles. ;)

It was a long night by @dovesdanceatdusk  Banana!Sam strikes again!! This time with some backstory! I love the way Sam’s drawn in this, what an excellent style, and — yeah, it was a long night.

I’m Gonna Rip Your Lungs Out! by @nisaki-chan : Oh man, protective!Dean, weechesters, and the threat of lung-ripping. Our favorite! Great art style and an excellent choice in topic. I approve.

Take Care of Yourself! by @dozmuffinxc : Look at this cute entry! A Sam swathed in blankets! A really adorable art style, and a good point to keep in mind for everyone, especially over-working little Sam.

Samulet? … Deanmulet? by @sakurinn : Based on this post, sakurinn made an excellent video of Sam getting his own personal samulet! A Deanulet? A wonderful shout-out to you for making a video entry!! This is her first post on tumblr, so please be sure to send lovely wishes and a welcome to the community! ♥


Lack of Agency by @jaredbottoms : An excellent study in gif-form of some of the lack of agency in Sam’s life, based on this post — it’s crazy to see it all laid out, and important to remember. Great selections for a strong gifset.

Cute-o-Meter by @samprincesschester : Something a little less serious — a good ol’ cracky screencap comic, based on this cracky lovefest of a post! I love the humor in this, and I love the team effort going into reminding everyone what a cutie-patootie Sam is. Thanks a ton, Team Freely Loving Sam Winchester.

Once again, give everyone a hand and some reblogs/notes/follows, they’re all super awesome and I’m so happy to have seen their work! Again, if you have an entry that isn’t here because I’m a dipstick and missed it, or I lost it while pasting together this monstrosity (so much linking, so much writing, ieieeeiee), message me and let me know! You’ll certainly still get yourself some stickers. ;)

Until the next contest??? Maybe??? 

I’ll just see you next entry, haha.

— Ashlee

P.S. Happy birthday, Sam. Congrats on being alive somehow in your canon!

aaaaaaaand trying to get coffee this morning, a dude was blocking the entrance, like holding the door as if to be going in soon, but talking to a guy in a parked car, so i politely said ‘excuse me’ to which he summarily ignored so i said a little more robustly 'pardon me’ & he looked at me with a disgusted smirk & said 'chill, ya fuckin’ cunt’

how is YOUR saturday/ ban men forever

Unpredictable (Roman Reigns x OFC)

(A/N) I’m sorry it took so long guys, I was in Disneyland Paris for the weekend🙈. I hope y’all enjoy it. I live for detailed feedback!😚

Chapter 2 


 I looked back one more time, seeing Alani grabbing the plastic bags and disappear as she walked inside. She seems like a really nice and sweet girl who I cannot wait to get to know better.

As I was approaching my house, a knot formed in my stomach, not wanting to get back inside. Why?  Let me tell you; I’ve been married to Gianna for over three years and in the beginning, we were both so in love with each other that we married a little too soon. We had been dating less than six months before I proposed to her. Normally, you take the time to get to know each other; what he or she likes, dislikes, etc. I made a mistake by not taking the time to truly getting to know the person I would commit my whole life to, finding out she had some habits that were really getting on my nerves; leaving every room she goes in behind like a tornado had passed, demanding that everything had to go her way, and the most frustrating ones: her famous mood swings. One moment, she was the sweet and enjoyable, fun woman I fell in love with, and the other moment, she could be ignorant, cold and arrogant.

I have no idea in what mood she’ll be in when I get inside, and honestly, I couldn’t care less. As soon as I walked through the door, I could see the living room was a mess through the glass door, making me sigh. I kicked off my shoes and walked inside, finding Gianna on the phone. She turned around once she saw me, she ended her phone call and jumped up.

‘’Joe, baby,’’ she squealed and jumped into my arms.

‘’Hey An, how are you?’’ I briefly hugged her back as I walked over to the kitchen.

‘’Good, how’s my baby doing?’’

‘’I’m good,’’ I grabbed a beer from the fridge and checked my phone.

‘’I was thinking,’’ she bit her lip and grabbed the phone from my hand, caressing my chest, ‘’why don’t we have some husband and wife time tonight? We haven’t been intimate in quite some time,’’

‘’I can’t, I’m sorry,“ I apologized and walked over to the couch, ‘’Dean and I are going to the bar to catch up a bit.’’

‘’Seriously? Again? You always say that when I suggest to do something together. But whatever,’’ I heard her coming my way and she sat down. ‘’Where were you anyways?’’

‘’I went to the store and ran into our new neighbor so I talked to her for a bit,’’ I told her calmly. I could tell she was going to make a whole point of it by the way her body language changed.

‘’The one whose house was being built, disturbing us 24/7?’’

‘’Disturbing you, hun, not me. And yes, her house was being built.’’

‘’So you just started to talk to her?’’ The tone of her voice changed from frustration to jealousy in a split second.

‘’What’s wrong with that?’’ I chuckled. ‘’It’s not like I was hitting on her, don’t worry.’’

‘’But she was hitting on you, wasn’t she?’’ Gianna stood up and placed both hands on her hips.

‘’An, you for real? You haven’t even met her, so making assumptions is not in your place.’’ I said and stood up. ‘’By the way, I’m going over to her place in the morning, getting to know her better, so I won’t be around for breakfast.’’ A part of me felt guilty about how I said those words, but it was the frustration talking.

‘’What on earth are you going to do there?’’

‘’As I said, it’s just getting to know our new neighbor. Jheeze An, chill out,’’

‘’I’m going to bed.’’ She hissed.

‘’Already? It’s only 7,’’ I chuckled. She shrugged and slammed the door behind her, stamping her feet on the stairs in annoyance. I threw my head back and grunted. This is just one of her outbursts and it was a mild one. Gianna never showed this side of her before we got married. There were times she screamed and even threw with things. Luckily for me, that hasn’t happened in a good while and I wish to keep it that way.


I was half asleep as I heard the doorbell ring; that must be Dean. I got rid of the blanket and rubbed my eyes as I walked to the front door. It was indeed Dean, a huge grin spread on his face.

‘’What’s up with you?’’ I raised one eyebrow in confusion.

‘’So my car broke down somewhere in the beginning of the street and this hot ass girl came to help me out. I’ve never seen her around tho,’’ he slipped past me and kicked his shoes off. ‘’She new?’’

‘’Alani? Yeah, her house was the one being built. I told you about it.’’ I closed the door behind me, ‘’but aren’t we supposed to go to the bar? And where’s your car now?’’

‘’That was the original idea, but uce, tell me everything about her.’’ He fell back on the couch. I raised an eyebrow, still not having an answer to my question. I know that Dean loved his car way too much to leave it somewhere broken and unguarded. ‘’Oh yeah, the car,’’ he rubbed his beard and sat up, ‘’I told you, she helped me out. As in she fixed it for me.’’  

‘’She did?’’ I asked impressed. Not many women I know have experience with stuff mostly men are involved in. ‘’Wow, that’s amazing.’’ I sat in the corner of the couch.

‘’It is, yeah, but now it’s your turn to answer my questions I have about her,’’ he smirked and leaned back, ‘’Is she single?’’

‘’I knew that question would be asked,’’ I laughed, ‘’The only things I know about her, are that she is new in the neighborhood, she’s really nice and that her house looks magnificent.’’ I chuckled.

‘’It seems like you were too much of a pussy to actually have a good talk with her,’’ Dean concluded. ‘’Let’s go over to her place right now, I’ll do the talking.’’

‘’If you want me killed, let’s go. But I’d rather stay alive.’’ I sighed. Dean knows everything about the often problematic and unstable relationship me and Gianna have. She doesn’t know I tell him literally everything, so every time she sees him, she acts like nothing is wrong. ‘’I am going to her place in the morning though. Just for some coffee, getting to know each other better.’’

‘’Oh you are?’’ He said, a smug smile grew on his face, ‘’how did Gianna respond?’’

‘’As usual; jealous, frustrated, annoyed.’’ I nonchalantly said.

‘’Y’all should get into therapy bro,’’ he shook his head and zapped through the channels, ‘’this can’t go on for much longer. Sooner or later, something’s gonna happen and it ain’t gonna be pleasant,’’

‘’Thank you, soothsayer Ambrose,’’ I sarcastically said, ‘’I appreciate you looking out for me, but it’ll be fine.’’

‘’Whatever you say, Reigns,’’ He chuckled and got the blanket, tucking himself in as he watched TV.


‘’Roman, uce, wake up,’’ A voice said in the distance. I knew Gianna never called me ‘uce’ so it must be Dean. ‘’You gonna be late, get up.’’

‘’Late for what,’’ I groaned and hid underneath the warm blanket.

‘’Your coffee date, dude.’’ His hoarse voice grinned. I sat up quickly, worried that I overslept, and looked at my watch, relieved that it was only 8.30 am. ‘’I thought you’d wanna be woken up so you can get ready.’’

‘’How nice,’’ I chuckled and sat up. ‘’Did Gianna come down?’’

‘’I don’t think so, but then again, I sleep through everything y’know.’’ Dean handed me a cup of coffee. I took a sip and was glad to have it just as I liked; hot with a little bit of sugar. He knows me too well. ‘’So what time were you planning on leaving?’’

‘’We live in the same street, so I was thinking ten minutes before nine,’’ I took a sip of my coffee, enjoying the taste of the first sip and stood up. ‘’You want anything to eat?’’

‘’Nah thanks, I’ll go to that breakfast bar thing nearby, my mom wanted to meet up. So get dressed and I’ll drop you off.’’ He yawned. I looked at him confused. ‘’I wanna see her again.’’ He smirked and walked over to the kitchen. I chuckled and shook my head.

‘’Alright, I’ll pretend her house is an hour away so you have to drive me.’’ I got away from underneath the blanket. ‘’I’ll be right back,’’

‘’If you’re not here in ten minutes, I’ll go to her on my own.’’ He shouted as I walked up the stairs. I laughed and shook my head as I entered the bedroom. Gianna was watching TV, not even acknowledging my presence.

‘’Good morning,’’ I said as I opened the closet. No response. ‘’How’d you sleep?’’ I asked, hoping to get any kind of reaction back. No communication is something I hate. ‘’An?’’

‘’Good morning, I slept fine and what?’’ she spat. I frowned at her reaction, slightly taken back by how fierce it was.

‘’Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,’’ I murmured as I looked through my clothes.  She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. ‘’I’ll be back by noon,’’

‘’You’re seriously going to her place right now?’’  Gianna sat up on her knees, ‘’You always have an excuse for when I want to spend time with you; you always hang out with Dean or Seth or whoever your friends are, you’re almost always on the road. You seem so uninterested in anything that has to deal with me,’’ her voice growing more intense.

‘’I’m not doing this now, An. We’ll talk later.’’ I said cheerless and walked to the bathroom. I was in no mood whatsoever to have this conversation right now. Not only will it bring me in an awful frame of mind, people around me will probably notice and ask me what’s wrong and I’m not jumping from excitement to tell anything considering my problematic marriage.

I brushed my teeth, wore my jeans and favorite black shirt, sprayed some cologne on my chest and neck, pulled my hair straight back in a bun and I was ready to go. I peeked into the bedroom a last time; Gianna pulled the covers over her head, her back facing me. I rolled my eyes and walked downstairs. Dean was leaning against the door, playing with his keyrings.

‘’Ready to go?’’ He smirked. ‘’I cannot wait to see her again,’’ he excitedly jumped up and down.

‘’You’ve only seen her once,’’ I reminded him as I got on one knee, lacing up my shoes, ‘’besides, she may be taken.’’

‘’That’s why you’re going to get to know her,’’ he opened the door and jogged to his car, ‘’for me,’’ he grinned as he unlocked it and got inside. I got up from my knee, automatically brushing off them both. I wanted to leave the house on good terms with Gianna, but I know that that’s not possible when she’s in a state like this; angry, jealous and not willing to understand that I also have my friends. Just like she has hers.

I closed the door behind me and walked over to the passenger’s seat, sitting down as I opened the door. ‘’You seriously need to clean your car, uce,’’ I chuckled as I grabbed some empty water bottles and opened chip bags from the floor. ‘’How did she not run away when she saw it?’’

‘’Because she didn’t look in my car, it was an engine problem,’’ he absently spoke as he looked in the mirror as he drove backwards. ‘’I would’ve thrown everything in the back though, I’m not as dirty as my deeds.’’

‘’That was the corniest thing I’ve ever heard,’’ I laughed loudly.

‘’For someone who knows what I mean, yes, but for someone who isn’t familiar with what we do, it can be an interesting thing to find out.’’

‘’I can’t with you, man,’’ I chuckled and shook my head. It literally took us less than one minute to get to Alani’s place, but I was secretly happy he drove me. ‘’Thanks for driving me, I wouldn’t have made it on time otherwise,’’

‘’You’re more than welcome, my friend,’’ he nodded. ‘’You go, let me know everything.’’

‘’I will, greet your mom for me.’’ I gave Dean a quick hug before getting out of the car. I walked up to the shiny white door and knocked twice. Probably 30 seconds had passed with no one opening the door. I turned around and shrugged at Dean who was still sitting in his car. As I was about to walk away, the door flew open and Alani stood in the doorway.

‘’I’m so sorry,’’ she apologized, ‘’I was half asleep so I didn’t know if someone really knocked or if it was just a dream,’’

‘’Don’t say sorry for that,’’ I smiled, ‘’If you need time to freshen up, I can wait outside?’’

‘’Oh don’t be silly, get in,’’ her small hands grabbed my arm, pulling me inside. ‘’Oh hey! Dean, wasn’t it?’’ Alani waved at Dean who was smiling brightly.

‘’Yes, it was,’’ he happily shouted back, ‘’you guys have fun. I’ll see you around, doll!’’

‘’Bye!’’ she smiled and waved one last time as he drove off. ‘’I hope I look somewhat presentable,’’ her hands quickly reached for the waistband of her robe, tying it together.

‘’You look better than most people who just woke up,’’ I assured her. She closed the door behind her and chuckled.

‘’Well, let me make you jealous by showing you around then,’’


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List of AU’s you need
  • You just spilt coffee all over my pants and now trying to wipe it off in front of all these people
  • My kid hit you in the back your head with their toy and blamed it on me
  • oh hey stranger wHY ARE YOU IN MY CAR
  • I watched you sneak in through my window but I live on the 7th floor how did you get up here???
  • You bumped into me and made me drop my art project that was due today and I don’t know whether to hit you or hit on you cause holly molly you are attractive 
  • I watched you change into a superhero, really dude? in a telephone box? real creative
  • I’m only running on 5 redbulls and a coffee and woah dude didn’t mean to sleep on your lap the whole bus ride
  • This is my phone?? what do you mean this is yours, see it has a picture of my cat- oh this is not my phone
  • You keep coming in to Best Buy to buy a new PS4, this is the 4th time this week what are you doing???
  • I don’t know how to tell you the reason you have all these viruses on your laptop is because of all the gay porn you look at
  • You were singing my favorite I’m sorry I had to sing that last part
  • There’s a cute anon that keeps sending pickup lines and you just accidentally revealed yourself and oh gosh I’m on your selfie tag right now and you just got even cuter
  • You just told off the class bully and woah I’m totally hot for you right now
  • You got a little too into flag football and tackled me and now you have to carry me to the nurses office ‘cause you broke my leg you asshole
  • I just told off the principal and even though you’re trying your damn hardest not to I can hear you laughing in the waiting room
Reyna doesn’t need a boy (or a girl), she needs a hot cup of coffee
Behind The Scenes 3 (21/21)

Author’s note: I just had to post this already. I am getting so much anxiety over this. I really want to know what you all think. Honestly, any feedback or reaction i get helps me filter my plans for bts 4 and talking to you all ready gets my mind flowing. I am really going to need some feedback because idk. Shit goes down. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: angsty/ fluff?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (Jungkook) [HONESTLY I AM ALLOWED TO USE FLUFF ANYMORE WHEN TALKING ABOUT JUNGKOOKG?!?!?!?!?!?!]

Word Count: 4466

City: Seoul 2nd concert

Summary: Honesty, some shit goes down. that is the only way i can summarize this.

WARNINGS: a bit of physical abuse, kinda graphic descriptions of torture, murder

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

You were woken up in a rather aggressive fashion. With a kick to the ribs you knew exactly who woke you up. You looked up at Rap monster who was staring down at you. “Make breakfast” he ordered.

With you left arm gripping your soon to be bruised ribs, you used your other arm to get yourself off the floor and shuffled to the kitchen. Like before the tour, you began preparing the ingredients as Rap monster’s eyes followed your every move.

You didn’t turn away from the food as you heard one of the bedroom doors open followed by the sound of someone dragging their feet. The steps got closer until you felt a presence behind you, his body gently coming up against yours. A hand reached past you and grabbed the coffee grounds off the shelf above you. “Morning.” A groggy voice whispered as quietly as possible and instantly you hated yourself

“It looks like someone doesn’t know the concept of personal space.” Rap monster said casually.

As he got a pot of coffee set up, Suga said. “Yeah and it looks like someone still doesn’t know the concept of minding their own fucking business!” He grumbled harshly as his eyes glided over to Rap monster.

To your surprise, Rap monster stayed calm. You couldn’t tell if that was a good thing or not. “What are you doing up this early?” Rap monster asked.

Suga leaned back on the counter, still close to you. “Going to the studio.” Still there was a hint of attitude in his voice.

“Are you really?” Rap monster mumbled. “…How are things coming along?”

“Things are coming along and that’s what matters!” Suga spat

Rap monster’s face remained expressionless. “Better be done on time, we got the choreo to work on.”

“If you stop stressing me over it then maybe I will finish sooner!” Suga raised his voice some more.

“Yoongi stop!” you tried to whisper.

Suddenly Rap monster slammed his phone on the table. “You better watch the fucking mouth of yours or else!”

“What we talkin’ about?” Jungkook’s muffled voice asked.

You all turned to the hall to see Jungkook with his signature bedhead look and his mouth foaming over with toothpaste as he brushed his teeth.

“Nothing.” Suga griped, he was already annoyed by the maknae’s presence.

Jungkook hobbled around the kitchen until he reached the sink and spit out the tooth paste that collected in his mouth.

“Jungkook are you serious?!?” you scowled over the fact that he almost spat on the food that you were rinsing in the sink.

“What?!? A sink is a sink! It’s not like I got it on the food.” he reasoned.

Suga poured coffee into his mug. “Dude! You have a fucking bathroom in your fucking room! What are you even fucking doing here?!?”

“What does it look like?!? I’m brushing my teeth! You stupid di-”

“Shut the fuck up!” Rap monster shouted. “Jungkook go to your fucking bathroom, Y/n that ass of yours better have my food done in the next ten minutes and Yoongi, plain shut the fuck up!”

Jungkook rolled his eyes and went back to his room while Suga took a sip of his coffee.

Thankfully, everyone else woke up and gathered themselves into the kitchen without any other confrontations. After everyone had breakfast, you did your duty of gathering the plates and that was when Rap monster spoke up again. “Ok guys, for today, we all have to be ready to go at 5… Y/n!”

In a panic, you quickly tossed the plates onto the counter. “Y-yes?”

“You are coming along tonight. Wear something nice because there is going to be cameras everywhere.”

You nodded obediently.

“There is some business I have to attend to right now. Tae is coming with me… so is Jungkook, so Jin, you are in charge of y/n.”

Jungkook shot up in his seat. “What? I’m going?!?” he was almost excited.

Jin rolled his eyes. “Whatever.”

Rap monster turned to Jungkook. “If you aren’t ready in the next three minutes you won’t get another chance.”

Jungkook gave you a quickly side glance before he jumped out of his seat and sped off to his room. Within literally two minutes he came back out all ready to go.

“Let’s go.” Rap monster said.

Jungkook trailed behind the other two avoiding your eyes.

“Looks like no date for Y/n” Suga said with almost cheerfully. “Ya, come with me to the studio?” He asked, helping you gather the dishes.

“Oh! That’ll be perfect!” Jimin chimed. “That is a great way to keep you out of the dorm!”

Suga raised an eyebrow at Jimin, pretending not to know why Jimin was so excited. “Yeah… Well, its settled, you’re coming with me” he smiled.

“No she isn’t!” Jin stated. “You all heard Namjoon, she isn’t leaving.”

“He didn’t say that. He just said that you had to keep an eye on her. She’ll be with Yoongi, so she will be fine.” Jimin reasoned.

“Nope, not gonna happen.”

“We’ll be back in time.” Suga argued.


“Just let her go man!” Jhope whined.


Jimin sighed. “C’mon dude! Fuck, I’ll pack all your shit if you let Y/n go out!” He proposed.

Jin had enough and pounced on Jimin, “I said no! I am no risking losing my time with Jinjin over her!”

“Ok ok fine.” Jimin squeaked

Jin’s eyes landed on you. “Y/n, you don’t take one fucking step out of this dorm!”

“Don’t worry I won’t.” You peeped

Jin let out a groan of frustration as his eyes scanned the four of you. “For the rest of you, I don’t care what you do, just be back on time. Now, if you need me, I’ll be in my room packing for tomorrow.” He said before he disappeared down the hall.

“Ugh, well I guess I’ll just go then.” Suga groaned. “Bye guys.” He said as he gave your shoulder a squeeze.

“Wait up! I want to go too!” Jhope screamed behind him. “Bye y/n, bye Jimin!”

You were sad he was going to leave too, but you noticed he left without going back for his pills, so it made sense to you why he was leaving.

“Well it looks like my surprised is ruined.” Jimin pouted from his seat at the table.

And like that you were alone with Jimin. You couldn’t get yourself to look in his direction. Just hearing how disappointed he was over something meant for you made you feel horrible. But you had to fake something. You had to keep up what you could until you could break up with Jungkook and be guilt free (or at less guilt free as your conscious would allow you). “Well what was the surprise?” you asked as casually as possible.

“It was-“ He jumped up coming to a realization. “You know what? You stay here and like clean or whatever! Don’t come to our room for the next hour!” he said as he ran back to your room.


Jungkook followed Rap monster and V into the abandoned building he had been into only once before. His inside flipped because he knew there was only one reason they were here, there was only one purpose that Rap monster had such a place.

Jungkook stood alongside his two hyungs, they were now in the basement of the building that reeked of blood and other unmentionable odors, staring at a man tied to a chair.

The man in the chair had to have been tied up for a while, the dried blood on him made it obvious. Based on his shallow breathing there had to have been something stuffed in his mouth that was kept in place by the crusty band of duct tape that was wrapped around his face. The man was blindfolded, but “lucky” for him, his ears weren’t covered.

Jungkook knew the man was only quiet so that he could hear where they were and what they were saying.  Following Rap monster’s moves, Jungkook moved closer to the tied man and he could see that the damaged done was worse than he thought.

There were cigar burns that accented the gash in his ribs. There was bruising around his neck. Patches of his hair had been pulled out and pieces of his ear had been torn off. There were lashes to his hands that were still fresh and there was blood dripping to the floor. Lastly, was missing both pinkies and the index finger on his left hand.

“Why do people have to be so stubborn?” Jungkook thought as he looked at the man with pity. “I thought this was going to be a deal, not this crap!” He hissed at V

“Me too! He never does shit like this before concerts, you know that!”

Rap monster broke from the trio and went right up to the tortured man. He went up close, taking a good look and what was left behind for him. “Well, it looks like my boys had some fun while I was gone.” He smirked

The man’s hands trembled feeling the demonic presence near him. Muffles came from him and without warning, Rap monster ripped the duct tape off his face. A scream escaped the man before a bloodied sock rolled out of his mouth, revealing a set of broken teeth. He gasped for air as he said, “L-let m-m-me go. P-please!”

“I would if I could buddy, but the thing is, I still don’t have any of the money you owe me.” Rap monster said playfully. “You know, it really hurts being cheated like this and by my favorite customer no less.” The more playful his tone, the more terrifying he was.

Rap monster moved away from him and his long legs carried him to the back of the room where a wall of weapons waited for him. His fingers danced over the death toys before picking up and loading his favorite revolver.

“I-I-I t-told them! I-I don’t have the money yet!” the man cried

With the gun in his hand, rap monster went back up to the tied man. He crouched to be at eye level with him, even though the other was still blindfolded. “Why do you keep lying to me Nam?” he asked softly

“I’m not-“

The butt of the revolver slammed into Nam’s temple. “I know you are fucking lying!” He grabbed Nam but what used to be a shirt and began shaking him violently. “You think I haven’t kept my eye on you?!? Did you think I wasn’t going to notice the new car or your daughter’s plastic surgery or that house in Busan?!?” He lifted Nam’s face up and shoved the barrel of the gun into his mouth. All Nam could do was gag as tears streamed from under his blindfold.

“I gave you three months to pay me back you fat fuck! I am going to get my money’s worth one way or another!” Rap monster’s head whipped around to V. “Tae, go get Nam’s surprise from the other room.”

Jungkook stood anxiously as V did as told and left his side. In the meantime, there was only gagging sounds that filled the room as Rap monster stared down at him.

Eventually the door busted open and V walked in dragging blindfolded girl behind him. Like the man was before, the girl also had her mouth taped over. The parts of her exposed face were bruised and cut up, but her school uniform was still intact. V brought her up a few feet in front of Nam and waited for his next order.

“Tae, take the tape off.”

As carefully as he could, V took the tape off the distraught girl.

“Where am I? Where-“

“Jisu?!? Jisu, sweetheart?!?” Nam recognized the teen’s voice immediately.

“Dad?!? Dad where am I?!? Daddy, they said they had you, that all I had to do was come pick you up, but then they took me!” she whimpered. She tried to break from V’s grasp and follow the direction of her father’s voice, but it was no use.

Jungkook could see how torn V was over this. His face was blank for the most part, but it was his eyes that held the pain.

Rap monster lifted Nam’s blindfold off and allowed him to get a glimpse of his daughter. “Jisu! Oh Jisu! Don’t worry! I will take-“

The blast of the revolver boomed through the basement and the man watched in horror as his daughter’s now limp body feel to the ground.

“Ji… Jisu… Jisu!” He already couldn’t control his breathing. “Jisu! No! My baby! Jisu!” He screamed so hard that his voice was giving out. “No! You bastard! You fucking bastard!” his attempts to run to his daughter failed on the count that he was still tied to the chair that was bolted to the floor.

Rap monster made his way back to Jungkook as Nam expressed his emotions in the form of sobs, shouts, and curses.

“Now maknae” Rap monster said with a twisted sparkle in his eye. “Be a good boy and finish him off for me. If you do, you keep the bitch’s car, if not, then you’ll definitely regret it.” He placed the warm revolver in his limp hand.

Jungkook forgot what it was like to hold a gun. It was such a foreign concept to him now. Best and worst of all, he forgot what it was like to kill a person. He didn’t know how he did it before, to be so cold, because now he was scared. He wanted to cry as badly as the man in the chair. He just wanted to go back to y/n and feel normal again.

Rap monster moved over to V “Remind the others that I wanted the Busan house burnt to the ground, I don’t care who is inside. I’ll wait for you guys in the van.” he said before he walked out of the room.

Jungkook turned over to his friend, but V was already walking out the room to follow through with his orders. The gun was heavy in his hands, he barely had the strength to keep his fingers laced around it.

“Please don’t kill me.” The man wept. “I’ll get the money, just please don’t do this.”

Jungkook knew better than to say anything to him. Exchanging words would make this much harder.

“He deserves this.” Jungkook thought. “This guy knew what he was getting into. He knew the type of person he was dealing with. If he really cared about his family, he would have paid Namjoon back.” Jungkook told himself what he could to follow through with all this. His arm raised itself and aimed the gun at his defenseless target. The man’s pleads became more desperate, but he blocked the voice out. “Look at him. He is on the verge of death anyway. There was no way he can live normally after this.” His thumb cocked the gun and a new bullet was ready to go. “I don’t want to do this… but it is either him or me.” He pulled the trigger and again the echo boomed through the room. “and I choose me.”


He was in a daze as he drove back to the dorm in the car of a dead girl. What he had done didn’t feel right. It was weird, it wasn’t the first time he did something like that, neither was it V’s, but now things were different for some reason. He was feeling a rainbow of depressed emotions all at once, but also nothing at all at the same time. “Shock” was probably the only word to describe it, but then again, he didn’t feel that was the right word.

Now parked in front of the dorm, he looked down at the small dark box that sat in his palm. It was a new task that Rap monster suddenly assigned him and he had no idea why. He knew that what was inside the tiny box was going to change everything, and he couldn’t get himself to think of his leader’s motives behind it. This task wasn’t going to be a hard one in theory, but in a few hours it would prove otherwise. It wasn’t like he hadn’t had day dreamed of doing this before, but the fact that Rap monster was going to make him do it, and tonight no less, was the most confusing part.

As soon as he saw V escorting Y/n to the car, he shoved the small box into his jacket pocket and the turned the heater up some more. Just seeing y/n innocently waddle her way to the car lightened his spirit and he hoped that she would be able to get his mind off everything.

She had a subtle frown on her face as she buckled herself in.

“Hey baby.” He leaned in for a kiss, but her gloved and stopped him.

“We are right behind the van, they might see us.” she said blankly.

“Oh yeah, that’s true.” He saw the group van pull out. He used one hand to drive and his other reached for y/n’s hand.

As soon as she felt his fingers, she pulled her hand away. “There is ice on the road, use both hands to drive.”

“You make a good point.” He mumbled.

The air between them was stale, he sensed it. “Is she mad cuz we didn’t go out?… Did Tae tell her what happened, what I did?!? Is she upset over last night? She is mad at me for that. I know it for sure. I’m a piece of shit. I scared her…”

Y/n kept her eyes looking out the window and she had her arms crossed tightly across her chest.

He tried to think of a subtle way to bring up the topic of what happened the night before. “Sorry, I bailed on you this morning… I kinda couldn’t say no-

“Where did this car come from?” she interrupted.

At her question, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of panic, the events from earlier flooded into his mind again. “Uh, what?”

“This car, where did it come from?” Her voice was stern and unnerving and he felt even worse.

“Oh, uh, Namjoon received it as payment…” he knew better that to tell her anything else.

“So why are we driving around in it?”

“Beeeeeecause, um, he said he wanted us to look more couple like.”

“This shit is stupid! There is no point for me to tag along. What does he have up that sleeve of his that I have to come? He is just gonna keep me locked up backstage, won’t he? I am better off being locked in my room!”

He knew exactly why she was coming but he decided to avoid that question. “Ya jagi, don’t talk like that. I prefer you be with us. I don’t like you being locked in the room.” he kept his voice soft as he spoke. She probably had a million theories going through her mind right now. Again, he reached for her hand, but again, she pulled away.

“Shut up, I could be fucking sleeping right now! And I wouldn’t be sleepy if someone hadn’t taken me out of my room!”

“I just missed you, that’s all!”

She scoffed at him, “Yeah right!”

“What? It’s true!”


“It is! Fuck it, I just won’t do it anymore!”


His heart sank. Now that they were back in Seoul and they would soon get started on another hectic schedule, nights would have been their only time together.


Your day had been filled with you being stuck in the dorm with Jimin. His surprise to you had been moving all your clothes into his closet and your shoes onto his shoe rack so that you didn’t have to live out of your trash bags. Of course, the task proved too tiring for him, and you ended up helping him halfway through. It was a heartfelt gesture indeed and it was something that only made you feel like a worse human being.

Most of his words to you during the task went in one ear and out the other as you thought of ways to break things off with Jungkook. You just needed a reason why. Jungkook was a good guy, actually a great guy, and the last thing you wanted to do was feel like more of an asshole by cutting things off so suddenly.

By the time the rest of the guys arrived you were both mentally and physically exhausted. The last thing you wanted to do was go anywhere.

The cold was no help to your attitude and you couldn’t help but be somewhat of a bitch to Jungkook, who was just as clingy as the night before. Part of you didn’t really feel bad about being so harsh with him though. You no longer felt comfortable with him in “that way”. You literally needed some space from him or you were going to explode.

Once backstage, you nestled into the couch and before you knew it, you were asleep.


Your beautiful sleep was once again interrupted. It was an action you were beginning to despise. You opened your eyes and were rather surprised to see a sweaty V throwing an exhausted smile at you.

“What now?” you whined

“Come with me, we have to see Jungkook remember?”

“See Jungkook? Why?”

“He didn’t tell you what was going to happen?”

“Tell me what?” you were too tired to keep track of what he was saying.

V’s smile fell and he grew more serious.“… Well, just come with me, I don’t really have time to explain.”

“Ugh, fine.” You groaned wanting to get whatever you had to do over with.

You groggily followed V down the narrow hall was, the more you walked, the closer you felt to the stage. You felt the roar of the crowd and could barely make out Jungkook’s projected voice. “Tae… Where are we going?” you asked nervously.

“Like I said I have no time to explain.” He circled around you and put his hands on your shoulders, gently pushing you forward. You grew anxious as he guided you towards the stage.

Your heart was pounding and thankfully he stopped you just a few feet away from the edge of the stage. You could see the six other boys, too much in a panic to focus on what they were saying to the sea of fans.

V appeared in front of you. He looked a bit nervous and that didn’t make you feel any better. “I’m sorry about this whole sudden thing y/n, just remember, all you have to do is say yes.” He advised.

“Say yes? Say yes to what?!?”

He didn’t answer you, he only gave a pitiful half-ass smile. He bent his microphone back in place and stepped onto the stage with a fake smile plastered on. “Oh Jungkookie! I brought her!” he said playfully as he rejoined the rest of the boys.

“Yes?!? Ah! Ok!” Jungkook chuckled.

You saw the tall boy running up to you with an anxious smile. “Hey Jagi” he said softly, his voice echoing on the speakers.

“Jungkook, what is going on?”

His hands gently grabbed yours and he pulled you close, “I need you to just come with me really quick.”

You quickly retracted your arms to your chest. “Where?!? Why?!?” Your eyes flew to the stage already having your suspicions.

He pushed the microphone away from his mouth. “Baby, it’s okay, just come with me.”

“No!” you shook your head at him. You could feel your lip quivering

His hand gave your shoulders a reassuring squeeze “C’mon jagi, just really quick! You got this! Just trust me!”

Despite your better judgement, you let him take your hand and slowly take you to the stage. As soon as part of your leg was exposed to the crowd, they went into a frenzy. You wanted to run to the safety of the crew area, but Jungkook kept you from doing so.

Soon you saw an ocean of light sticks. The crowd roared as you made your appearance and you couldn’t help but feel like hell. Your heart was pounding, you couldn’t get ahold of your breathing and Jungkook was forced to walk slowly as you shuffled behind him. As you walked by them, each member had a fake smile stuck on their face.

Eventually Jungkook brought you to the center of the stage where your fingers dug into his coat sleeve and you half tried to hide yourself behind him

“So, uh” Jungkook began, his microphone back in place. “Like I was saying, this girl right here is someone that means so much to me…” The crowd roared again with a mix of cheers and boos. “And well, um…” he mumbled as he pried your hands off him and placed you by his side. “As of recently, I have made a decision… a kinda big one actually…” he said under his breath as his hand rummages through his coat pockets.

Instantly the crowd became quiet.

Jungkook let out a sigh of relief when his hand found whatever it was looking for. “So, uh, jagi?” Again, his hands found yours and your body automatically faced him. It was not at all comforting that he looked just as nervous as you felt. “So, while you were backstage, there was something I was telling ARMY… I was telling them that wee have been together for over tow years already, happy years at that. You have been through alot with, and, uh, i just” He took a deep breath. “I-I… I was just telling them how much you mean to me and how much I love you and-… I wanted to formally introduce you and well, I was hoping that, uh, that…”

Your body froze as you saw him slowly move down to one knee.

“I was hoping to introduce you as my future wife…” Immediately shrilling screams filled the stadium and Jungkook pulled a small black box out of his coat. “Y/f/n Y/l/n, I am absolutely head over heels in love with you and I can’t picture my future without you.” His trembling fingers opened the box to expose a huge diamond on a gold ring. “Will you marry me?”

Your heart stopped, your breathing stopped, everything just stopped. You could feel yourself leave your body somehow, in a way that was indescribable.

There was a look of shock on you that never seemed to fade. Your trembling hands covered your mouth and tears began to pour from your eyes. One thing you knew that no one else did was that those were anything but tears of joy. All you could get yourself to do was slowly nod your head. Before you knew it, Jungkook was sliding the ring on your finger, his arms snaked around you and he was spinning you with glee.

Your vision was blurred and you were dizzy. His lips found yours and you forced yourself to kiss back. Six bodies swarmed around the two of you and the crowd was at an even louder of cheers and incoherent screams and that’s when you knew, that was when you sensed it deep down that you were now stuck indefinitely.

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For those of you who recently caught up to Behind The Scenes and for those of you that ave been following up with all this horrible rollercoaster, thank you so much

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Lazy breakfast kisses in front of the other Avengers/Guardians.

“You know what? I hate Mondays.” says Clint as he sits down at the table. Its nearly ten and Steve has to smile at the words.

“Why would you hate Mondays?” asks Gamora who sits next to Clint. He looks up at her and shrugs. He is a bit afraid of her to be honest.

“Because he is Garfield.” answers Steve for him and damn he is proud of that reference.              

“Who the fuck is Garfield?” asks Rocket who looks like he had no sleep last night and spend the time on fixing their ship. Which he probably did.

“A cat.” says Clint and grins at that.

“Why would you be a cat? I though you were a weak human?” asks Drax and everybody laughs at that. Expect Clint, who pouts.

“Who is a cat?” asks Tony when he enters the kitchen and pets Rockets head. Rocket growls a bit at that but Tony knows how much he loves it.

“I am Groot.” squeals Groot when he sees Tony and Tony leans down to give him a kiss on the head.

“I know you are.” answers Tony and smiles at the other ones. Rocket looks at him.

“Could you help me with ship later? I uhm… maybe i need some vibranium.” asks Rocket sheepishly. Tony nods.

“Course. After lunch? First i have Yoga with Natasha and Gamora. Then i need to take Groot to Bruce and then i have time.” explains Tony and now everybody is laughing again.

“Whats so funny?” asks Tony and even Bucky laughs at that.

“Ohh they are just laughing because you are like the mother of our little family.” says Bucky and smirks at that. Tony gasps.

“That is not true!” he shrieks and stops with his cup in his hand. Peter takes that moment to enter the kitchen. He says his good mornings and goes over to Tony.

“Good morning, darling.” whispers Peter and before Tony can do anything, Peter kisses him softly on the mouth.

“Morning.” murmurs Tony back and everybody is laughing again. Peter doesn’t care. He sits down at the table and claps at the chair beside him.

Tony sits next to him and takes a donut for himself and a croissant for Peter. He gives it his boyfriend and gets another kiss for that. He smiles a bit and takes a sip from his coffee.

“Dude! That was the last coffee.” grumbles Clint at the same time and Sam rolls his eyes, before he stands up and makes some new coffee.

Peter looks at Tony.

“Oh. Can i have some of yours?” he asks and pouts. And as if Tony could deny him anything. So Tony grabs for his cup, but Peter lays a hand on his cheek and pulls him a bit closer.

Before Tony registers whats happening, Peter kisses him again. Sweet and so so slow. Tony can’t help himself and he whimpers in the kiss, before he opens his mouth for Peter.

“I love you.” whispers Tony agains Peters lips and Peter smiles.

“Thank you for the coffee.” replies Peter cheekily and Tony gasps at him.

“You used me!” says Tony fake hurt and Peter giggles at that.

“I would never.” he answers and kisses Tony again. Just a second this time. Tony pouts.

“I love you way too much for that.” Peter says when he sees Tonys pout and kisses him again. Only a second longer.

When they look up again, everybody is gone. Peter laughs loudly at that and Tony blushes. Before he remembers something.

“Guys! You forgot the lunch i made you for work!”

Undisclosed Desires (part 8)

Words: 2.5k

Summary: You and Castiel return to the boys at the bunker and discuss Lucifer.

A/N: Feedback is always appreciated. Send me an ask or message if you’d like to be added to my master tag list. (Tumblr doesn’t always show replies and reblogs.)


The boys welcomed you back with much less issue than you had expected. It made you a little sad that they had been lied to so many times in their lives that it had become so normal.

“So, you guys kiss and make up then?” Dean asked with a silly grin.

You cocked your eyebrow at him. “Nah man, Feathers and I aren’t really the kiss and make up types. We’re more the hate-fuck and make up types.”

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