coffee. i neeeeeeeed coffee

Coffee and Cupcakes

“Off to the coffee shop because I neeeeeeeed coffee………”

“More badly than I thought, its this way”

“Is he?….bugger he is and now my secret is out, Yes I buy two coffees and you should see the size of my muffins and cupcakes Mr, I live by no mans rules!”

Hold on that dogs just pee’ed up his car. Oh yes there is a god!

“Hey Hiddles, dude looking good, though I say it myself.” 
“Oh bath sale, now the kitchen is done maybe time for a luxury size …well me size, bath. A soak in a big bath, nice candles, soft music a large coffee and a serious size muffin all to myself”

“The day always seems better with a hand full of cupcakes and coffee.”
“Look for the bear necessities, the simple bear necessities forget about your worries and your strife.”

pictures not mine I thank just jarred and torrilla for the inspiration for this rubbish and of course the man himself Tom.

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