Mirror Coffee Tables

The Coveteur recently photographed Rachel Zoe’s apartment along with all her knick knacks and gargantuan shoe collection. “Obsessed with this vintage mirrored coffee table” writes the stylist to the stars. “Mirrors in every form instantly add glamour to any home or office setting.” We couldn’t agree more so we did a little search for you on eBay for mirror coffeetables. Hint: If you add “midcentury” to your search, the selection gets better.

(Photo: Courtesy of TheCoveteur/RachelZoe. Text by Jauretsi)

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Gowe - Coffee Tables [Beats by Nujabes]

cause this is really nice we’re sitting by the avenue

A bunch of homey tabletops and people on a carousel 

The weather isn’t terrible, a little cold but bearable

and I don’t really mind in front of me is sitting you;

a picture of the beautifulest girl I ever witnessed