Do the Yoga

Summary: With the other Avengers aid, a jealous Clint Barton will finally break and admit his feelings to his crush. Oneshot, smut.

Warnings: language, unprotected sex(duh)


“How is you riding my ass helping again, Stark?”

Even the strongest of the beers being passed around the room couldn’t relieve the bitter taste that had melded itself into my taste buds. So, I sought out something solid in the bottom drawers of Tony’s fridge hoping to distract myself from the current bane of my existence.

Clint lounged away on the couch tucked neatly between the overwhelmingly broad shoulder of one super soldier and one god. Natasha reclined on the coffee table, refilling their shot glasses with something she promised their grandchildren would feel. Bruce respectfully declined and entertained himself with watching the other three men choke back the lethal concoction.

“Because he wants to ride you,” Tony replied, snatching up a roll of cookie dough.

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Coffee, tea or me?

Summary: Bucky develops a crush on the reader and he decides to ask her out only to have the fates test his patience. Featuring wingman!Steve.

A/N: This story is inspired by a notebook I bought a few days ago. I’m taking a break from the Songfic series (curious? read here!) I’m going to try and post something at least once a week. Please send me some feedback guys! And tell me if you want to be tagged in any future projects!

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“You should ask her out.” Steve said out of nowhere, eliciting a curse from Bucky.

“Shit. Steve, don’t just fucking pop out like that. Jesus.”


Bucky scowled at Steve but otherwise allowed the blond man to sit next to him on the gym floor. It was a full house that morning. It seemed like everyone was out to train including (Y/N). She was on the other side of the room sparring with Romanoff, her face knit in fierce concentration.  It impressed Steve that someone so young could keep up with a specialist like Nat and it seemed like he wasn’t the only one. Bucky had been staring at her for the past half-hour. Steve knew that he had a thing for the new recruit, it was obvious. He also knew that dating was probably the last thing on Bucky’s mind right now (considering how little trust the guy gave himself) but Bucky deserved another chance at life. And Steve was going help him make the first step towards it.

“I’m just saying, though, it wouldn’t hurt to—“

“Save it.” Bucky snapped making Steve sigh. He was still a stubborn mule, Steve thought, at least that hasn’t changed.

“You could at least talk to her,” Steve said standing up, mostly just to avoid Bucky’s fist in case he pissed him off “That’s better than ogling her from the sides like a freaking pedophile.”

“I don’t ogle at people and I’m not a pedophile, Punk.” Bucky took a deep breath and Steve watched as his eyes flicker back to her.

“Yes, you are, Jerk.”

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“Kiss.Please.Me” Solangelo AU Part 3

More deaf!Nico for those of you that actually like this. 

Part 1
Part 2


One of the first things Nico learnt about being deaf was that everyones opinions on you and your disability are different and that some people didn’t appreciate thinking they were being ignored.

Nico had gone to get coffee from his usual coffee shop and ordered Will and himself their usual orders (a black coffee for Nico and a caramel macchiato for Will) before exiting the coffee shop, smile on his face. Nico had been doing that a lot more; smiling. He didn’t know if it was the fact that school wasn’t being as big a pain in the ass at it usually was or Will, but Nico didn’t care. It felt like the weight that usually pressed down on his chest was lifted, like his worries were gone.

They had plans to meet at the local cinema at six to watch some kids film Will was more than excited to see. So Nico, being in the oddly happy mood he was, decided to get coffee for them both. But mostly for him so he didn’t fall asleep during the film like he had last time.

Unfortunately, something big, wide and muscular got in the way of Nico continuing the walk to the cinema.

The man that spoke to him, lips moving so quickly that Nico had no doubt but to assume he was shouting, was easily the largest man Nico had ever seen. And Nico was friends with the oddly tall and even more oddly muscular Canadian teddy bear he called his sisters boyfriend.

Nico furrowed his eyebrows until the man finished speaking. Once Nico was sure that the man was done he brought one hand - still clutching his coffee - up to his ear and tapped it while he shook his head, praying that the man would understand. Nico assumed he didn’t when he bang shouting again (Nico could make out words resembling ‘rude’ and 'faggot’) before he was shoved back.

Nico collided with the ground, a sharp jolt sending pain trough his elbow and to his finger tips and his still hot coffee split over the front of his shirt, burning his chest.

Nico tried to get up only to receive a quick kick to the leg, sending him sprawling against the ground as he watched a small group of people surround the shouting man, laughing and cheering him on.

Nico pulled his arms over his head, awaiting another blow, when a pair of hands cupped his shoulders and helped up. A woman - Nico recognized her as one of the baristas at the coffee place - yelled at the group more fiercely than any of the people had shouted at Nico, pulling the deaf boy towards her as if to shield him from the people.

Nico was on autopilot and the next thing he knew he was in the coffee shop, sitting on a lumpy sofa in the employee rest area. The woman spoke to a older man as he rummaged through a cupboard, anger still clear on her face.

Nico watched them, shivering slightly from his wet t-shirt with his arms wrapped around his body.

After a short while the woman and man stopped talking and the man left the room. The woman - Catherine, her name tag read - handed Nico a piece of paper before settling in front of him.

Are you okay? Nico shrugged in response the the cursive writing in front of him and handed it back to Catherine. She quickly wrote and passed it back to Nico. Is there anyone I can phone to come pick you up to inform of what has happened?

“Will…” His name left Nico’s lips before he could stop himself. Catherine nodded and prompted Nico for the number, which he gave her from his phone. While Catherine spike he change into a spare work uniform that Catherine gave him, thankful for the little warm it provided him.

Will said he will be here as quickly as he can. Nico thanked Catherine, unsure whether or not the words came out but she smiled at him so he assumed it was okay.

It took Will eight minutes to arrive at the coffee shop, bursting through the door with Nico’s name in his lip. When he saw the dark haired boy he walked over to him, signing curses to those people and praises that Nico was okay before gripping his elbows to look for any damage.

Will, I’m fine. Nico insisted through sign. He gave his friend a small smile and gestures for Will to sit beside him. Will muttered something and Catherine smiled at them. Nico tried to ignore that. Don’t worry about it, Will. I’m used to it by now.

You shouldn’t have to be used to it because it shouldn’t happen. Will’s hands shook as he signed. Whether it was with worry or simply the adrenaline of the situation Nico didn’t know. You shouldn’t have to deal with people treating you like shit all the time just because you are deaf. You’re still a person and a damn good one.

As Will signed Nico’s heart pounded against his chest. Sure, his friends all said the same thing. They all agreed that Nico deserves to live a normal life and be viewed like a normal person, but they all accepted that the world was not that kind and Nico would never be accepted like they would. But Will moved with such a passion, such a frustration that he needed to sign those words so that Nico would know something thought he deserved normalcy. And it stopped Nico from thinking.

Nico grabbed Will’s face between his hands and pulled him forward until their lips connected clumsily. But this time when he pushed against Will’s lips neither of them pulled away. Will moved his hands so they encircled Nico’s waist as he moved against Nico, gently sucking on Nico’s bottom lip until the deaf boy gasped against Will’s lips.

When they finally broke apart, both breathless with swollen lips, Nico knocked gently against hack head and chuckled as Will laughed.

“Truer words have never been signed, Nico.” Will smiled as Nico watched his lips before leaning forward and kissing them softly, intoxicated by the brightness of Will Solace.


I can never end these things without it sounding shit. The last sign is 'idiot’ which is the word I would use for 'dork’ in sign. It fits for Will.