concept: JP’s working late again  ——  maps and files and notes scattered across the floor of the empty precinct where he’s sat. Hasn’t eaten since noon ( it’s now 1 AM ) and you know. You’ve brought him dinner packed up, hot and specially for him, along with your company. You don’t need to talk, don’t want to distract him, so you sit by him ( but don’t look at what he’s doing! ) and stay there a while to feed the dip in his communication, pull him out of his world for a bit because the obsessive diligence is unhealthy

I hate how whenever I tell a white girl I have a crush on someone who’s white the first thing they say is “oh my god your mixed ethic cocoa babies would be so cute!” Like…. What the fuck do you think I’m planning? Why are you lookin so far into my future. I’m trying to get a coffee date and a good education, not pregnant??? And why do you assume I want to have like 17 kids??? And most importantly why is the defining thing that would make my kids cute the fact that they’d be mixed and light-skinned with an unrealistic combination of Aryan features and darker skin? I’m so tired

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Good morning, children. Open your notebooks and record. Coffee… is an enigmatic… Is everyone with me?.. substance… known to science in the two states of matter: too hot to drink, too cold to drink.

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Jem... When it comes to Aaron and Robert who made the first move? Was it Robert with the coffee?

Ohhh, maybe! Robert with the coffee is a good guess! But then, maybe it was Aaron actually getting the ring back for Robert, hmmm?? Caring a bit too much about what Robert wanted, ey? ;) But it wasn’t too overtly flirty, that was just subtle… Subtle and unintentional from Aaron’s side, but it got Robert’s willy thinking about going swimming. SO then we have Robert make the first real move–give him pint money. And then give him coffee. So yeah, Rob made the official first move!

09/02/2016 - 13.07 - With You.

Long post, trigger warnings for mentions and minor descriptions of domestic abuse.

Coffee is the last thing on John Watson’s mind. To a stranger, it may seem like he is deep in thought about what blend he will choose and whether he wants it fat-free or not, but instead he ponders finances, the protections of paternity leave, and surrogacy vs. adoption arguments. His thoughts race so quickly that his leg fidgets as he stands in the queue. That, or he’s just a nervous mess; he can’t quite tell and isn’t exactly anticipating an answer.

Besides, he would rather consider the hypotheticals than think about what else he has to discuss with Sherlock that early afternoon. He’s worked a blissful-yet-awkward short shift and has the afternoon and evening off. A coffee date is a good way to start the day with your husband; less so when you’re going to talk about your hesitations for not having children.

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#3 of @tae-and-jams wish list - the amount of sugary Vmin goodness in this is enough to give you cavities Mel!!! <3
Based off the prompt: “I haven’t slept in like 3 days, everything is funny, and you smell really good

Black coffee starts to taste really bad after the 12th cup – at least this is the conclusion Kim Taehyung has reached during his two day extreme, no sleep, and plenty of coffee studying bonanza.

He’s been at this for far longer than he’d like, poring over a table full of textbook, notes, and funky looking diagrams that are beginning to blur together like a kaleidoscope of nonsense. Why had he thought that taking a major in chemistry was a good idea again? He blames the mad scientist dream he’d once had as a child, and his parents unwavering support for his wackiest of visions.  

Life regrets aside, he has a pretty important test coming up in a few days, and not much time to cram left – hence the ‘how long can I stay awake studying challenge’ going on right now. Man college life isn’t as easy as the movies make it seem, he thinks bitterly. Where’s his whirlwind romance, dance number, and heartfelt solo number; high school musical eat your heart out, make way for the new Gabriella.

Now he just needs his Troy…

Speaking of which – where is Jimin?

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Coffee drinking linked to lower mortality risk—again
Study adds to data on health benefits, including lowering certain disease risks.

…In a fresh-brewed study involving more than 200,000 people, researchers found that drinking coffee—regular or decaf—is associated with an overall lower risk of mortality. Drinking between three and five cups a day perked up survival rates the most, lowering the risk of premature death by up to 15 percent compared to coffee abstinence, researchers reported Monday in Circulation.

Though the study reveals only a correlation—not a potential cause for the life-upper—it follows decades of studies that found specific and general health benefits of coffee drinking, particularly lower risks of cardiovascular disease, liver diseases, diabetes, and overall mortality. Plus, the study’s large size helps parse other health factors, particularly smoking, that may conceal coffee’s protective effects.

The authors, led by Frank Hu of Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, concluded that the “results from this and previous studies indicate that coffee consumption can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle…”