“So two people can love each other and still spiral down the kitchen sink like cold coffee poured from the mug.

So you don’t come back to me.

And all the phone calls were really just phone calls.

And all the metaphors are stuck in their poems.

So I got on the plane and you never even met me on the other end and no one can understand why I forgive you for it.

But I do.

I never tell you.

But I do.”

- Trista Mateer, winner of the 2015 Goodreads Poetry Choice Award and author of The Dogs I Have Kissed, wrote this recently in my book, I Am Incomplete Without You, on page 51.

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  • Mary:*bored; looks to Sherlock*
  • Sherlock:*discreetly watching Molly*
  • Mary:*smiles; turns to Molly*
  • Molly:*occasionally side-glancing at Sherlock*
  • Mary:*sniffing* Can you two smell something?
  • Molly:*distracted* Dead bodies? Chemicals? I'm used to it, Mary.
  • Sherlock:*shrugs* Could be the coconut. Your new shampoo.
  • Molly:*blushes* What about you? You smell good, too.
  • Mary:*shaking her head; still sniffing* No, no...more like smoke *moves to stand by the door* Like something's burning.
  • Sherlock:*snaps* Well, what do you want us to do about it?
  • Molly:*worried* We should tell Mike-
  • Mary:*dismissive* Ah, you know what, never mind. It's probably just your passion for each other *winks; leaves the lab*
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:...
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:...
  • Sherlock:*scoffs* I-I don't-
  • Molly:*awkward* Me neither.
  • Sherlock:*ruffling his hair* The coconut thing was just a guess.
  • Molly:*sighs* Oh, who are we trying to kid?
  • Sherlock:*nods* Fair point.
  • Molly:*steps closer* So now what?
  • Sherlock:*quickly* Dinner? Followed by breakfast? Not immediately, obviously, that would be weird-
  • Molly:*kisses his cheek* I'd love to.

Today, there wasn’t a hint of you left.
Not a single drop,
not a grain of your existence in sight.

And my heart cried out for what we once had,
but you had gone.

If only I had known that we were so close to the end,
if I had known that there was so little of you left,
I would have filled you so completely
that you had no reason to disappear.

—  Me writing a poem about coffee (we ran out this morning, and good goddamn I need some caffeine all up in here)
Don't fall asleep

TITLE: Don’t fall asleep


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Actor Tom / daddy tom

GENRE: fluff / romance / 

FIC SUMMARY: OC finds Tom napping.



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First Date!

I had a lots of crushes in my teen years but none of them led to a relationship until I went on a school trip to Frankfurt when I was 17. The day after we arrived my friend Joan and I went to a coffee shop near our hotel. When I walked in I saw a tall and sexy waiter our eyes met, it was so captivating and felt like he was searching my soul. I couldn’t turn away we looked at each other for what seemed like a long time until Joan told me to stop eye f*cking with the hot waiter.That moment our eyes met I had what french people call a ” coup de foudre “ I fell in love with him without even knowing his name! He walked to our table and made a joke about my blackness and I also made one about his paleness, we had a good laugh then he introduced himself as franz a 19 years old engineering student.We talked for a bit then he asked me to come back for a coffee and I went back alone the next day he asked me out on a date, I really liked him and had only a few days left in frankfurt so I said yes. I sneaked out of the hotel that same evening and went to the movies with him. He took my hand afterward and we went for a walk around town, I loved the way he looked at me it made me feel beautiful and special. I was so happy I had a silly smile on my face and was dying for him to kiss me. He was all about frankfurt, like I gave a sh*t it was a date not a guided tour.I just wanted him to shut up and make a better use of his mouth.I kept staring at his sexy lips and wanted to kiss them badly. A few minutes later, we sat down on a bench, he looked at me and said he liked my hair I had a nice afro and leaned towards me. I thought I was finally getting that kiss i’ve been waiting for so I moved forward, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He was taken aback for a moment then kissed me back and held me closer.I felt his hand on my hair and he threw away a leaf later,I was mortified!
He was just trying to take a leaf out of my hair, how embarrassing!

How my politics work
  • Me:*puts five different tendencies in the play pen* okay now, don't fight I'm gonna make coffee
  • Me:*comes back literally a minute later* WHAT DID I SAY

Surgeon: Okay, you look terrible, go home, have a shower and shave, grab a coffee and come back in an hour when you’re a bit more awake. 

Me: But… I’ve already showered…?

Note: I did not infact spend the night partying… I was just slightly dishevelled after helping out in emergency until 4am, and then needing to be back to assist with surgery at 7.30am…

dhdfsjdjdssdjgk where my vanguard at

I can’t tell if I’m really coming down with something or if I’m just tired and /feel/ gross. If I’m tired it will probably fade in the during the day a bit if I eat and get some coffee & come back and get me in the evening if I’m sick it will get worse and I’ll have to do the 2 hour commute home sick & food and coffee will probably make it worse but I have to leave right now if I’m going to go in in on time & I dont want to get there and be lile nope I feel awful I’m going to turn around and have to go all the way home or leave during a counseling session or something.