Going to be evicted

Ugh. Since my mom lost her job, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. We tried to get the remainder paid and I thought we had but apparently we’re still lacking a few hundred dollars and the landlord has been patient but they’re still in the process of getting a notice done unless we can come up with the remainder. Right now I’m using my phone to write this because the internet is off right now.

I’m just asking any of my followers who can help to please send me any amount you can spare. I have a coffee button on my blog, but if you can’t access it, my paypal is Thank you for your time. :C

Name: Ashley
Age: 24
Sexuality: queer
Gender: ???
Pronouns: she or they but I’m not picky
About you: I enjoy adventures and cuddles and coffee and communication.
Interests: blogging. Suggested tags on my blog to browse to learn about me: /me-af /redshirt-speaks /fuck-bi-erasure /kitteh /my-face /cutie-pie /poly-problems
What you want: people to talk to mostly. I have …..6? partners, or 4, depending on how you count them.