Signs on a rainy morning
  • Aries:*wakes up from cold* jeez am i in winterfell *texts Aquarius* man plz bring damsel im all ice
  • Taurus:croissants and coffee. we need croissants and coffee *hopes someone goes out to the bakery*
  • Gemini:alright finally a good day for books & tv shows
  • Cancer:*climbs on a windowsill* *plugs in headphones with sad music* *cries silently*
  • Leo:*attempts to climb in Virgo's warm bed* *scares Virgo off with their cold feet on their bum*
  • Virgo:*has a cute dream* *violently pushes the lion out of the bed*
  • Libra:can anybody get out of the bed and COOK A FUCKING BREAKFAST IM HUNGRY AF
  • Scorpio:*occupies the bathroom for hours* *uses all the hot water in the shower* *sings loudly* A A FOLOW A FOLOW U B C BABY A FOLOW U
  • Sagittarius:*bangs at the bathroom door* IF U DONT OPEN UP I USE MY FIRE AXE *louder* I HAVE TO PEE
  • Capricorn:cuddles with Gemini while watching Pushing Daisies in bed
  • Aquarius:*slips out of bed at 6 a.m.* *goes out walking in the rain*
  • Pisces:*is forced to cook breakfast* *is loved by all 11 signs forever*

Photo by Marta Greber.

I’m allowed to get all Pinterest-y about coffee and croissants, because I actually lived in France for a bit, and I miss the cafes and patisseries. (Also the Lyon metro and its wonderfully effective simplicity.)

Last time I was in Paris, I was visiting a friend (allo, Olivia!), and there was a farmer’s market outside her house, and I got us strawberries and pain au chocolate for breakfast.

French strawberries are the best and I’m not kidding.