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Is it okay to request the prompt thing 19 and 20 for perfectworldshipping?

definitely! … i’m laughing because those two numbers are requested at least once every time, but they’re SO GOOD and YEAH, for this ship… ahahahaaa… sob…

Please don’t hate me you literally asked for it

19. things you said when we were the happiest we ever were

Augustine awakes to the warm smell of coffee, early sunlight filtering through the window, a fresh breeze and the chirping of Fletchling and the chattering of the people of Lumiose below.

“What a beautiful morning,” he yawns.

Lysandre smiles and kisses his forehead.

“Get up, I brought coffee and croissants from the café downstairs.”

“What, don’t I get coffee in bed?”

“The world isn’t that accomodating and perfect.”

Augustine stretches blissfully, sighs: “Sure feels like it, though.” Lysandre’s eyes trail on and Platane grins at him.

“It certainly is beautiful,” Lysandre concedes.

Later, while Augustine is trying to brush croissant crumbs out of the sheets, Lysandre says out of the blue, “You can make it.”


“Make the world perfect. I’m sure you can do it,” Lysandre says. “As a professor, you will do marvellous things for the world.”

Augustine laughs.

“If anyone here can save the world, it’s you, Lysandre!”

Lysandre looks surprised, then thoughtful, and he’s considering it, so Augustine leans in for another coffee-flavored kiss because when Lysandre has that look on his face, Augustine finds he actually believes it.

20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

Knowledge is power

I would end the world in an instant so that beauty never fades

What the king of Kalos did was reprehensible, but…

It’s not that it all sounds so obvious now, that Sycamore should have realized. It’s that it was; he did. He heard those words, he thought to himself: This is a little…, then he told himself: Surely I heard it wrong

And if I didn’t hear it wrong, surely he doesn’t mean it like that

And if he does mean it, surely he wouldn’t

And now Lysandre’s face and voice is all over Kalos, reciting its eulogy and death sentence, and he really, really sounds serious and Sycamore is definitely not hearing this wrong, not for the fifth time around… and still Sycamore thinks, You don’t mean it.

When Lysandre speaks, all Sycamore hears is, Stop me.

Signs on a rainy morning
  • Aries:*wakes up from cold* jeez am i in winterfell *texts Aquarius* man plz bring damsel im all ice
  • Taurus:croissants and coffee. we need croissants and coffee *hopes someone goes out to the bakery*
  • Gemini:alright finally a good day for books & tv shows
  • Cancer:*climbs on a windowsill* *plugs in headphones with sad music* *cries silently*
  • Leo:*attempts to climb in Virgo's warm bed* *scares Virgo off with their cold feet on their bum*
  • Virgo:*has a cute dream* *violently pushes the lion out of the bed*
  • Libra:can anybody get out of the bed and COOK A FUCKING BREAKFAST IM HUNGRY AF
  • Scorpio:*occupies the bathroom for hours* *uses all the hot water in the shower* *sings loudly* A A FOLOW A FOLOW U B C BABY A FOLOW U
  • Sagittarius:*bangs at the bathroom door* IF U DONT OPEN UP I USE MY FIRE AXE *louder* I HAVE TO PEE
  • Capricorn:cuddles with Gemini while watching Pushing Daisies in bed
  • Aquarius:*slips out of bed at 6 a.m.* *goes out walking in the rain*
  • Pisces:*is forced to cook breakfast* *is loved by all 11 signs forever*

Photo by Marta Greber.

I’m allowed to get all Pinterest-y about coffee and croissants, because I actually lived in France for a bit, and I miss the cafes and patisseries. (Also the Lyon metro and its wonderfully effective simplicity.)

Last time I was in Paris, I was visiting a friend (allo, Olivia!), and there was a farmer’s market outside her house, and I got us strawberries and pain au chocolate for breakfast.

French strawberries are the best and I’m not kidding.