BTS- S/O Dropping Bagel is the Last Straw pt2

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In the car driving to Namjoon’s you were thinking about how today just was not your day. It had just been one bad thing after another 90% of the day. The good 10% came from getting a really good discount on a box of bagels that you were going to share with your loving boyfriend.

Getting out of the car, you picked up the box but were distracted by Namjoon’s face which was so happy to see you. Tripping over your own feet, the box of bagels spilled everywhere. You just stayed on the ground and started crying.  “Jagi, it’s ok. We have bagels inside.”

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It had become the point in your god-awful day where you were just waiting for the next bad thing to happen. There was at least one bandage on every single one of your appendages from how clumsy you and the people around you had been. Your inside date with Hoseok (and the rest of his bandmates) was helping you feel better, though.

You stepped away from the intense game of Scrabble Slam to grab something to eat. Jin called out that there were some bagels in the fridge and that you could have any flavor you wanted. After preparing your bagel and putting it on a napkin, you were surprised by a tickle attack from Hobi. The bagel was now on the floor and you started to cry. Hoseok was afraid he had gone too far this time.

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“Why don’t we go to that cafe you wanted to visit last week to make you feel better, ok?” He said to you as you walked away from ramming your head in a revolving door that had gone too fast. Yoongi kissed your forehead as you agreed, your arm hurting from a rough stranger from earlier.

The smell of Arabica filled your nose, and you couldn’t help but have your mood picked up a little. You ordered a bagel and cream cheese to go on top. Things were going to pick up…or so you thought until you tripped over a crooked tile and the bagel flew out of your hand. “Are you fucking kidding me?” You whispered intensely to yourself. Yoongi was probably thinking the same thing.

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Your loving boyfriend had called you earlier to try some of the homemade bagels that he was experimenting with to hand out to BTS fans during an impromptu meetup. You tried to get there as soon as possible, but your car had broken down and it took forever to pay for it because the bank had frozen your accounts? Why? You had bought so much BTS merch recently, they thought your card had been stolen.

Jin even called you asking if you were still coming. You said you were and so he told you to hurry up since the other guys were eating everything. He couldn’t fend against all of them at once. When you finally did get there, the room smelled like the most heavenly bakery. You held the bagel firmly in your grasp in all of it’s circular and savory splendor…and sneezed. It dropped. One of the dogs got it. You cried. Jin said that there were more in the oven, but you were crying so hard you didn’t hear him. It just wasn’t your day.

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