KIRKWALL COFFEE - A Modern Dragon Age Coffee Shop AU… Sitcom Episode 3!

Watch all the episodes so far here - Kirkwall Coffee Playlist

Ft. @0becki as Hawke, @roguearcanisas Merrill, Jack as Fenris and @nyxrising as Carver.


You get scared when you come home to Sebastian screaming and cursing in the study. When you walk in there, the room is a complete mess, and he says he cannot learn his lines from a new script. You promise you’ll help him if he calms the hell down and cleans up his mess.

I actually don’t like pumpkin spice lattes anymore; I like hazelnut and french vanilla, preferably in this really cute owl mug. Day 18 of the October challenges by @journaling-junkie and @chatoyantquill Pen: Kara’s Kustom Fountain K, Ground Extra Fine Ink: Mix of De’Atramentis Document Black and Charles Dickens Music: Pride and Prejudice movie soundtrack (2005) by Jean-Yves Thibaudet


🍂 intentional october : day eighteen. 

whats better than a chai latte and some fun reading ? (altough under the liar’s club is hiding a book i have to read for my book history class, but i love it so much that it basically qualifies as fun reading) and check out that phone case ! i finally have one that i genuinely like, and not one i picked out because it was 20 bucks and okay looking. anyways, i had some errands to run this morning, got to have lunch with my mom at home (a rare occurence on a weekday) and i’ve been writing an essay (due tomorrow…) for the past two hours. intentional thing of the day : eating three bowls of cereal this morning because i woke up way hungrier that usual.