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I LOVE you for real, let's get married honey. But if you're not up to that, could I pretty please get the minor trio discovering MC speaks in their sleep. Like, every night. Sometimes the sentences don't make any sense, but sometimes they might blurt out something really embarrassing. Lot's of love to you!

✿ you don’t want to marry me, i’m a mess


  • At first, he thinks it’s adorable. He’ll lie awake at night, listening to you mumble to yourself with this positively delighted grin on his face. But when he actually starts listening to the content of what you’re saying, he gets kind of… disturbed.
  • “There was a hideous screaming which echoed above even the hill noises and the dogs’ barking on the night Wilbur was born…” you mumble into your pillow, your slow drone interrupted by a gigantic snore and a dribble of drool. He has literally no idea what it all means because his english isn’t great, but he knows a couple of those words and they are not good words.
  • He’s curious though, so he gets a pad of paper and starts scribbling stuff down. in the morning, he presents it to Jumin.
  • Jumin is a very, very smart man. He’s educated, well read, speaks at least five different languages… and he tells Yoosung that you’re quoting H.P. Lovecraft.
  • Okay, well that sounds like it’s something straight out of H.P Lovecraft, but it’s kind of endearing hearing you mumble about the tentacled things from the deep.
  • (That’s how you know the boy’s in love.)
  • He starts brushing up on his English so he doesn’t have to ask Jumin to translate everything, and he starts realizing that, wait. Wait.
  • You’re not just quoting stuff. You’re putting the RFA in this weird spooky bullshit.
  • You talk about how Jaehee punches a cultist in the face, and how Jumin is among the congregation of townsfolk who worships a weird fire monster in the basement. Zen is the avatar of an ancient god, and Yoosung…
  • You mumble about Yoosung, and how he gallantly rescues you from being sacrificed to a strange, eldritch power.
  • o h m y g o d
  • he just starts grinning.
  • you’re dreaming about him saving you from eldritch abominations.
  • he wiggles underneath the sheets, trying not to wake you as he does a little happy dance.


  • Ok, so Zen likes watching you sleep, but he swears it’s not in a creepy stalker way ok
  • Like it’s just - the light on your face, y’know? The way your hair flutters across your face as you breath in and out, the way your lips move as you mutter softly to yourself…
  • Sometimes he’ll even lean in to listen, letting your breath tickle across his ear.
  • He’d kinda been hoping for something ~sexy~ or just… romantic babbling about ‘oooooh, Zenny-zen, I love you and your muuuscles’ but no such like. Occasionally there is some mention of musculature, but it’s always in the context of anatomy and your apparent obsession with rabbit bones.
  • why do you like rabbits so much.
  • this is weird.
  • Like, you like rabbits in the waking world too, have keychains and t-shirts and hoodies with rabbit prints, but you’re weird fascination with quantifying the silkiness of their fur based on breed is.
  • It’s weird, okay.
  • Zen occasionally tries to ask you about it when you’re awake, and you vehemently deny ever dreaming about anything that weird, so he just… tries to pretend you’re saying cute things instead. One night, though, you take him off guard by actually saying something adorable.
  • He sees your lips form the words “Zenny-zen”, and at first he thinks he’s just projecting his desires on you. But he leans in and hears you mumble about how Zenny-zen is your favorite rabbit and his hair is the softest and prettiest and shiniest and
  • Zen just. Preens. So, of all the rabbits you surround yourself with, he’s your favorite?
  • He teases you about it in the morning.


  • She’s a pretty restless sleeper, so she often wakes up briefly in the middle of the night. When she hears you whispering to yourself next to her, she’ll cuddle up and listen to you to help lull herself back to sleep.
  • even though what you say is nonsensical and totally weird.
  • You talk about books you’ve read, recite facts about coffee, say something about how parliament’s been destroyed and then go on to call Jumin a melon.
  • like a literal melon.
  • you repeat ‘Jumelon’ to yourself three times and Jaehee wakes you up with her giggling.
  • The one thing you say though that really melts her is just this quiet mumble of “I want to start a religion worshipping Jaehee’s coffee”.
  • omg.
  • of course you go on to say things about you’ll make a coffee god that consumes everyone with its java-y goodness but
  • y’know.
  • That’s why she loves you.


  • Jumin needs to get eight full hours of sleep to be prepared for the day, so he can’t really stay up to listen to your sleeptalk.
  • He records it, though.
  • Oh boy, does he record it.
  • To be fair, he gets your permission first, and it becomes something of a tradition between the two of you to listen to the recordings in the morning.
  • The weird shit you say become in-jokes between the two of you. “I want to lick a snail”, for example, is something that Jumin now says whenever he’s asked what he wants to eat today. You’ll tell him that he has “very consumable eyes” to compliment him, and one day, Jumin leans in and whispers to you, they’re coming for you in the dark to which you bust a gut laughing.
  • no one else gets it.
  • jumin loves that no one else gets it, because it’s a proof of the connection that the two of you share.
  • One morning, you’re listening to the recordings and you actually say something pretty normal and coherent about how Jumin looks really sexy when he’s trying to cook, and you just bluuuuuush up a storm.
  • “Is that why you’re always watching me from the doorway?” he asks and you whine and tell him to stop listening.


  • “Take me to the stars, 707. I want to eat a piece of the moon!”
  • is that sleeptalk or just something you’d say normally? hard to tell, isn’t it?
  • To be quite honest, sleeping you is the same as normal you content wise. Seven tells you that it’s like he never has to be apart from you from a moment, which is both weird and romantic and totally fitting of his relationship.
  • He wants to be the little spoon so he can listen to you better, and he just has this sparkle-eyed expression on his face when he stays up and hears you talk.
  • You could say anything and he’d eat it up. How you want to eat a cactus, or how you want to swim with the fishes and put clam shells in your hair.
  • He’ll tease you about this in the morning and ask if you’d rather go to the ocean than the moon. Or if you really do think that his hair looks like cranberry sauce, or if you think he tastes as sweet as melon ice cream.
  • (you scream softly. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SAYING…!!)
  • The stars are watching us, you breathe out into his ear, and it’s both creepy and sooooooo romantic.
  • He makes that his new status, as he does with many of the other things you babble about.
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Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits. Psalm 103:2
As we stand on the threshold of a new year, and look forward to new blessings, let us not forget to thank God for what He has done for us in the year gone by. How He was with us in the good times and the bad. How He never left our side. How He has protected us, healed us, provided for us and forgave us. How He daily loaded us with benefits! How His grace was sufficient for us. Let us count our blessings and name them one by one.

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Oh man, I am hype for Erwin week this year! As for prompts maybe: light/dark, coffee, worship, muscles (shameless need for so much this), 90s, 420 (blaze it), and pokemon~

We are also hyped! And you’re hitting some personal loves with me on some of these. I approve so hard. They’ve been added to the list. Thank you for the suggestions, friend!

- ack!

I admired him because he was not afraid to be both the Christian boy leading worship on a Sunday morning and the sexy boy singing love songs on a coffee shop’s acoustic night. He was not a stereotype and I found that to be extremely attractive.
This is a Healing Poem

Love ain’t supposed to make you hard.

Loving someone ain’t supposed to make

you rough

or disheveled 

or a shelf of scattered novels without spines.

Love is supposed to make you

soft and free, at the same time

like a new born,

like a cloud puffed up with rain,

like air escaping from a balloon with a long sigh.

Love ain’t supposed to cripple you,

limp you,

wrinkle you,

break you


are not dust; you are not to collect in a corner

or underneath his bed,

you are Queen,

how dare you knock your crown off 

(for a man)

pick it back up

pick yourself up

pick your panties from his floor

walk away,

no not like that,

don’t walk with your head bowed

and your fingers interlaced,

pick up your head

crush your palms together.


do you remember how to do that?

plant a garden of praise in your mouth,

water it.


You are not dry,

you are mint tea

not bitter coffee.

Black girl stop worshipping that man,

he is poison

stop trying to make poison

taste like wine,

stop getting drunk off his venom,

your body can’t take it no mo’

don’t go back.


Love ain’t supposed to make you