coffee torte


MatchaSakura Cake

While my sister’s other birthday Tiramisú Cake features coffee, this torte is all about green tea! Inspired by the incredible Japanese matcha-flavoured KitKats that Cherie gave me, this cake has a white chocolate and matcha frosting. There are also two layers of almond macaron and raspberries inside the cake. The sakura blossoms are made of marzipan and the trees are dark chocolate.


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“Give me your hands if we be friends

And Robin shall restore amends”

Maks watched with amusement as Meryl leapt to her feet, applauding the performance.  He rose to join her, laughing at the rowdy crowd who whooped, whistled, and applauded their appreciation.  Shakespeare wasn’t normally his scene, but Meryl’s enthusiasm had, as usual, infected him, and he had truly enjoyed the event despite the convoluted language and mosquitoes at the outdoor venue.  After a second curtain call, the amphitheatre began to clear, slowly filtering out the aisles, through the park, back to concrete and steel forest just as full of fairies and tricksters as the fantastical woods outside Athens of Shakespeare’s creation.

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