coffee time and a life lesson

What if I can’t love you the way you deserve to be loved? Maybe that’s why we should go our separate ways and that this is a good thing, maybe that’s the silver lining.

You deserve someone who can give you more than you could ever know, more than this world could ever offer. You carry a very beautiful soul that should be cherished with every inch of love that exists, even if you don’t believe that.

And maybe I can’t do any of that.

Maybe it’s just not me.

—  c.f. // “I guess this time it was me”
Friends Part 4

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2643

Warnings: Fluffy, loads of Bucky being a cute pie some sexual innuendos and some sexual tension.

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owner

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

You take a sip of your coffee as you look at the computer in front of you; you are never going to understand why you accepted a job at the Stark Industries, sure they pay you really well but looking at budgets all day was starting to make you crazy.

To be honest, the budget in front of you is the least of your concerns, it’s been five days since Bucky went on a mission and you still haven’t heard from him. Usually, he texts you to let you know that he was alive and well. But so far nothing, according to Natasha they are fine but the mission is a lot more complicated than they anticipated.

You wish they would be home soon, you hated worrying much, you couldn’t sleep when you were worried.

You almost have a heart attack when you hear your phone ringing, you look at the id caller expecting it to be Dan but no it is Wanda. This is odd she never calls you “Hey Wan is everything fine?” Your mind goes to the worst scenario possible, afraid that something might have happened to Bucky.

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Nine Months, touken fanfic

Summary: Four different stages of Touka’s pregnancy. Probably shortly after chapter 128. One-shot.

Rating: fluff, romantic, a bit of angst? | Words: 8,125 words | Read on: AO3 // | If you like it, please reblog!

A/N: many of you wanted a touken pregnancy fic so here it is! i’m very satisfied with the result even if it was a bit hard to finish ;w; and hopefully it’s not too angsty, i’d say it’s quite corny, haha, but we deserve that after so much drama. There was a Touka/Ayato scene that I REALLY wanted to write for this fic but I didn’t have time, so I think I’m going to write it tomorrow and post it as a mini-fic headcanon, like a small excerpt of this story (an ova, lmao). Again, thank you everyone for reading!! feedback is always welcome :’)



He stops, tilting his face to one side to look at her.

“Yes?” he’s still smiling, softly, gently, beautifully.

She decides that this is the last thing she will see before closing her eyes. Kaneki smiling. She doesn’t want to see his face afterward, she doesn’t hold the courage to do so. So she takes a deep breath, closing her eyes, picturing that very same face in her head, holding onto his expression, frowning her brows as she speaks, terrified and quivering.

“I’m pregnant.”


All that she hears is silence.

He’s not even breathing. She can’t even hear his heart beating, she can’t even feel his arms around her, her body is numb, her ears are deaf, her senses are broken.

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The Stars Between Us. Part 2.

Pairing: BTS Kim Namjoon x Reader

Summary: When ever you get hurt your soulmate feels the same pain, and with y/n being abused by her father what is Namjoon meant to do when he doesn’t know who his soulmate is, all he wants to is to save her.

Genre: Fluff, Angst, soulmate AU

Length:1349 words

Part 1

A/N: I would just like to say a massive thank you to those who have read this, I was completely overwhelmed by the support that I got off part 1, I was not expecting that at all and it made me so happy to see it, you guys are truly incredible. <3

Originally posted by chyogi

Two weeks, that’s how long you had been in your new school for. Two weeks, and nothing had changed, you still hadn’t made any new friends at the school yet, you were too scared of allowing people into your messed up life. Though everyday Namjoon always asked you to join lunch with him and his friends, you always declined, instead you went and ate your scarce lunch in the toilets to avoid having to see everyone’s glance towards you. And then there was your father, due to the promotion he had a lot more work, and that meant a lot more stress and his favourite stress reliever had always been you. Which meant you always had new bruises to cover up and Namjoon always felt despondent towards ever being to help his soulmate he thought he didn’t know anything of.

           It was Monday, and school was looming over you and all the other kids, upcoming exams made everybody anxious and restless. Everywhere you looked you would find kids slaving over textbooks and handwritten notes trying to cram information into their already filled brain. Very little people wanted to be the ones at the bottom, most people were fighting to get the number one spot in school and get into the best universities, people would sabotage over people, and some would make themselves so ill that in the end they wouldn’t be able to the test anyway. School was just a test run as to what the real world was like, everything and everybody is divided into sections, people are judged down to the tiniest detail; That, you learnt a long time ago.

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You see, you never really think your world is crashing and burning to the ground until you’re staring at it, shattered all over the floor. And I always believed that once you hit rock bottom, the only way you can go is up.

But things keep spiraling out of control. The days aren’t getting any better and I’m struggling just to breathe over here. I’ve been through hell and back and I’m not getting any silver linings.

I’m not going up.

I haven’t hit my rock bottom yet.

—  c.f. // “it’s only going to get worse”

24.4.17// Studying at the Student Cafeteria, at Humboldt University. I like the cozy atmosphere and I decided not to go to the library and enjoy a juicy apple snack. Today I annotated some articles about radicalisation for my Wednesday seminar and I also finished the first book of Döblin´s Berlin Alexanderplatz.
Looking forward to going to my first lessons tomorrow! 

Pinky Promise is a Yuri (Girls’ Love) themed roleplay group!

Perhaps you’re a first year just stepping into high school for the first time or you are a seasoned third year preparing yourself for the difficult semester ahead. Maybe you are a teacher, cup of coffee in one hand and your lesson notes barley hanging on in the other as you scramble to beat your students to the classroom.

Here at Pinky Promise, you take on the role of a character whose life currently takes place at the Aomori High School for Girls. Further your education, form long-lasting friendships that could shape your character’s life and hopefully find love.

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Sometimes you don’t need words, sometimes the silence says it all; sometimes it’s just enough for you to walk away.
—  c.f. // “time’s up”

The Edge of the Night

She wasn’t sure why it had come to a head at 1:17 AM on the last day of July, but that’s when it happened.

Tom didn’t know why he’d woken up, but even in the dark he knew right away that Taylor wasn’t in the bed alongside him.  He pulled on a t-shirt and left the bedroom, walking down and finding her in the den, curled up on the corner of the couch, surrounded by darkness.

“Hey,” he said softly when he entered the room.  He didn’t want to startle her. “Whats wrong?”  He sat down beside her and rested a hand on her back.

“I can’t do it, I’m sorry,” she said, turning away, tears streaming down her face. “I can’t go back with you. It’s too much.” She stood and walked to the other side of the room and looked out the window at the pitch black backyard. “I’m sorry.”

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Family Attire

If you didn’t know it, I love writing about Dick and Damian while they were Batman and Robin together. So when I get an idea I write it. Please enjoy my favorite Dynamic Duo as they go on a shopping trip.

Words: 1,400

Warnings: None

Damian scowled at the hand-me-downs laying on his bed. Pennyworth had placed them there the same way he had most days since Damian had arrived. It was Damian’s own fault for bringing little more than the clothes he and Mother had packed when they’d come to Gotham to help Father. Not that it had done any good in the end. Father was gone, and Damian was alone. Left with a legacy he was lucky to be a part of.

He was grateful to Grayson for taking him in, grateful to learn more about his Father and his work, but that didn’t stop him from missing home, his Mother, and having clothes that were all his own. Pennyworth had promised him a wardrobe soon, he’d been measured and orders had been placed. They had even contacted his mother and requested some of his things be sent over.

The promise did nothing to ease the pit in his stomach. He missed his thobes, soft loose fitting pants, and even his old workout clothes. That wasn’t to say he’d never worn jeans or a t-shirt before, he simply preferred his traditional clothing. It was comfortable, familiar, and something to hold onto in the flurry of changes surrounding him.

He entered the kitchen wearing Pennyworth’s selection, and one of Grayson’s hoodies. It was too big for him, but Damian didn’t care. It was big and warm and he’d chosen it himself. Alfred raised an eyebrow at him but didn’t comment. Grayson did.

Damian was learning that the oldest of his father’s adopted children always commented, even when none was required. He was still trying to decide how he felt about it. The constant chatter was new to him and strangely disarming. It made him wonder if it was something Grayson used as a technique. He doubted it, but kept the idea in his mind in case it proved to be true.

“I’ve been thinking.” Dick said, as he leaned back in his chair to look him over. “I know Alfie’s ordered you some stuff, but what do you say about a shopping trip?”

Damian narrowed his eyes at his brother. “That sounds like something Cain or Brown would suggest.”

“Trust me, I’m much more fun to shop with.” Dick grinned at him before continuing. “Tim’s old stuff can’t be fitting you too well, and I know Alfred’s tastes. I’m sure he’s ordered you a perfectly respectable wardrobe, but—” He paused his speech to give an apologetic look at Alfred before continuing, “I think it’s about time you got to pick out something you want.”

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1. People will make promises… and break promises. Sometimes it’s best not to hold people to their word.

2. Be glad for your spontaneity. It is what makes you special. There will be times where it is the only thing that’s keeping you alive.

3. It’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to not cry. Do not feel guilty over the lack of tears. Your sadness is your own. You do not owe anyone to see it. Sadness is not a social gesture. 

4. Boys will come and boys will go. There will be some that hurt you and there will be some that you will hurt. They will each leave their mark on you. Choose them wisely. You do not want to fix yourself just to be broken down again. 

5. Know when to leave something behind. Some things will only end up killing you.

6. Forgive yourself. You have done terrible things, but you have also done wonderful things. You are not who you were 2 years ago. You have grown. Keep the past where it was. It has no right to haunt you any longer. 

7. There will always be people more prettier, funnier, smarter, and more talented than you. Befriend them. The only enemy here is yourself.

8. Life is not a competition. Death is not the finish line.

9. Grades are not everything. You are more than numbers.

10. Let go.

11. People are not puzzles to be solved. Some things are better left a mystery.

12. Accept yourself. We are all individuals. We are all the sum of our flaws and our gifts. 

13. Love your body. You do not have to look like that girl on the magazine cover.

14. Do not spend your time looking for someone to complete you. You were made complete. 

15. Life is worth living. Go search for a waterfall, a forest, and close your eyes. Submerge yourself in the beauty of this earth when you feel like you need to be reminded why you are here. 

16. Find a cosy spot in your house, school, favourite coffee shop. Wear a sweater and read a book. Relaxing is just as important as anything else.

17. Breathe. You will be okay.

—  17 things I’m still trying to teach myself at 17
My Fanders Sides tag but late

Ha ha whoops I’m late to the train

So I’ve wanted to do this tag for a while now, and I finally got around to it.

I was never tagged but oh well

This tag was created by the wonderful @pansexualroman and I have admired other’s sides, so now it’s my turn like two months too late whoops

Sorry for doing this so awkwardly late I’m actually stupid but here they are~


-soft gay™
-constantly tired
-loves thunderstorms they make her happy
-embodies my anxiety, pessimism, self-doubt, fears and stress
-always stressed or worried about something
-grumbles constantly, reluctant to do stuff with the others
-freaks out around strangers
-tries to be intimidating (and succeeds if you don’t know her) but when you get to know her, the most cuddly and adorable child you’ve ever seen, 10/10 would cuddle again - review by cameron
-just needs a hug

always in a black jumper, usually wears shorts, barefoot where possible
usually on her phone, listening to sad songs, wrapped up in a blanket in a room where the air conditioner is on its lowest setting
usually has her hair out, except when she’s pissed off
when she puts her hair up, you fucking run

-the one that embodies my musical side, writing and anything to do with the arts
-the loud gay™
-no seriously this is my gay
-they’re my self-confidence
-houses my passion for everything
-the reason I become obsessed with shit
-constantly singing or dancing. always
-the most romantic fucking little twat-
-has a swearing problem
-enjoys blasting songs from musicals and singing to them bc sINCERELY ME IS PERFECT AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWI-

always wanting to wear flower crowns but never does
wears their hair down bc that’s the most comfortable but it’s usually wrapped up in a beanie
wears merch, whether from a youtuber, band or tv show
never wears girly shit or a bra bc they hate it when people call them a girl
they like sweatpants but they’re usually wearing leggings

-my intelligence
-my passion for learning
-also has a passion for girls *cough* cody *cough*
-loves researching, always eager to learn
-knows everything, recalls stupid random facts in times of need
-in saying that, cannot remember anything for the life of her
-stupid little things like catch-up lessons and something someone said to you two seconds ago are forgotten bc of her honestly
-likes rain, it helps her focus, fave season is autumn tho bc trees and plants and wildlife are really interesting, did you know-
-feelings do not compute
-one of the reasons why I have no idea how to comfort my friends
-despite everything, she’s super cool
-and super pretty - review by cody
-the chill friend
-constantly drinking coffee and is always tired
-likes classical music, but also enjoys musicals

she wears round glasses (bc she bLIND) and has her hair up in a messy top bun, it always looks like it’s been up for a couple of days and strands are sticking out
usually wears jeans and an oversized sweater bc the soft fabric helps her think straight
she’s the palest bc the only time she goes outside is if she wants an example of something, which is probably only like three days a week
still has freckles tho (is the most prone to acne bc research stresses her out sometimes but it’s not too bad)

-she/her/they/them (doesn’t mind)
-extremely happy and bubbly p much all the time
-but when she’s angry, she’s anGRY (angry kisses are a thing she does)
-my friendly side
-also the side that makes me get really excited over shit like baby otters
-obsessed with kittens and wants all the cats in the world bC ALL CATS ARE PERFECT AND WONDERFUL AND-
-accepting, warm, the one that loves hugs
-affectionate af
-loves the sun, favourite season is spring
-always listening
-doesn’t like talking about her own feelings
-she always bottles up her anger, sadness and jealousy and it comes out in scary bursts sometimes, everyone loves her all the same
-always there to give out hugs to those in need
-loves dad jokes
-holy shit do they love dad jokes
-pours her heart into everything
-tries to protect everyone
-a giant nerd™

wears a plaid button up t-shirt, usually wearing her reading glasses bc they like them so much
her hair is usually out except when she’s exercising, baking or reading
they wear shorts all the time, she and laura are the only two that shave (nova doesn’t shave her legs, and Cameron just lets it growwww)
she’ll wear caps if they’re available
has the most freckles bc she loves the sun

relationships with each other:

Nova and Cameron:
They always argue over stupid things, with Nova wanting to not do stuff and Cameron wanting to try eVERYTHING
Their arguments are super heated but always end up resolved if Laura comes to help
But they really enjoy each other’s company, Cameron likes to cheer Nova up by dramatically performing their favourite songs to her
Nova sometimes sings to Cameron to cheer them up when their ego takes a hit, Nova lowkey is the best singer of them all
Lots of cuddling during movie nights

Nova and Laura
They like to discuss things a lot, Laura helps Nova see things without a pessimistic lens and Nova also helps point out all possible ways something could turn out bad bc sometimes, even Laura misses something important
Other than that, they don’t interact much, perhaps the odd book recommendation

Nova and Cody:
Cody always finds herself calming Nova down
Nova sometimes gets annoyed that Cody is so positive all the time, she doesn’t understand it
Cody’s always the one to drag Nova along to something, whether it be a picnic or a sports game
Nova is incredibly grateful to have Cody ground her, but she’d never admit it

Cameron and Laura:
They work really well together to come up with ideas, Cameron puts in different ideas for stories while Laura does the research to make sure it is factually correct
If Cameron comes to Laura for yet another idea for a story, they’ll write it together
Usually Cameron does the initial draft, then Laura tries to add in more interesting words and make sure words aren’t repeated constantly
They’re the reason I do so well in English

Cameron and Cody:
They don’t get along all that well, because Cameron always wants to do dangerous things and Cody just wants to protect everyone she can
They do get along when discussing LGBTQIA+ issues though, bc that’s something that relates them to one another
That’s about it though, they don’t really talk much

Cody and Laura:
They’re THAT gay couple
Cody helps Laura learn about feelings and stuff, while Laura helps make sure Cody doesn’t believe in stupid things that definitely aren’t correct
Because of Cody, Laura has a passion about psychology, and is the reason I want to be a psychiatrist or psychologist. Them working so well together is a reason why I’m enthusiastic about school and learning, and that I’m able to function well around adults.
They’re constantly supporting each other, kisses are always exchanged between them
When baking, Cody’s always telling Laura the instructions don’t have to be followed exactly as they’re written
Which makes no fucking sense to Laura but ‘okay, you’re the chef’
Cody’s always telling Laura to watch her language
They rarely fight, but when they do, it’s INTENSE and always ends in tears


Uhh that was it? I hope I did that right lmao

In all honesty I don’t know who hasn’t done it yet? But I’m supposed to tag as many people as Sides I created so I hope you guys haven’t done it yet so I don’t look like even more of a fool:

@momfriendlogan, @make-it-more-gay, @fearinghope, @ace-anxiety-sanders

I feel silly for only doing this now but??? It’s still a good tag??

But all we’re ever doing is living off of broken promises that we can’t ever keep, because that’s what love does to you. You fall and soon enough you realize you’re way in too deep. You get wrapped up and next thing you know, you’re reaching out for someone to save you because you no longer can save yourself - that’s the thing though, they can’t save you either. And then it becomes messy, because you thought they’d always be there. You thought they’d always be there like you were there for them, but they’re not there - are they? And then you realize that you invested a little too much, got carried away, and now you’re the only one saving whatever the hell is left to save.

And then you finally realize that it was just you all along, breaking your own damn heart, because of the promises that people can’t ever keep.

If you don’t know this by now: people are a disappointment, always have been always will be, next time just look both ways before you fall.

—  c.f. // “it’s a very troubling thing, love”

Journal / 2nd Week of May

I am glad because I have been so faithful in making daily entries in my little journal. This time, I wanted to share a page where I scribbled the second week of my May and maybe I will start to share the lovely pages of my life more often. My daily stories are always written on the left side of the spread and the right side is for my reminders, weekly notes, happy list, and the sweet little things I want remember.

Monday – It was my rest day and I listed how I spent my day. In the morning I have finished reading a book titled Act Like a Man by Dennis Sy. I listened to the album of Rise Heart from Victory Worship while drinking a cup of milk! By afternoon, I went to my previous office at Imagine Nation Photo and Video to finish some requirements before completely resigning. I went home early and spent my night writing and painting.

Tuesday – I went to the bank really early for some appointments and headed to my office. After office, Kristine and I met and we had dinner date at the Manzano’s Creative Kitchen. We talked about love, life, and faith. It was a good time to have this kind of conversation with a good friend after the tiring day!

Wednesday – At the office, I made sample artworks for my new lesson plan and prepared things for my upcoming events. After office, I went to Malabon to meet Patrick at the Coffee, Tea, Library Café. It was so good because we talked about life over a cup of mocha frappe while making calligraphy artworks. I realized that my life is full of art!

Thursday – I had an early art workshop with the grade school students of Cavite State University. It was fun because most of the kids were participative. Our venue was near the mango trees and the school let us pick mangoes after the workshop. I also made a short Vlog about it.

Friday – We had our monthly general meeting at the office and we reported our April events. It was finished early but me and the other team leaders still have a product demo in the afternoon. It was a tiring day so I went home directly and watched a rom-com Thai film titled “I Fine… Thank You, Love You!” It was so funny and super kilig it took away my exhaustion.

Saturday – After my day in the office, I went to a mall to buy simple gifts for my Mother and Sister because it was Mother’s day the next day. I went to Miniso and I found so many lovely stuff! I knew it will by one of my favorite store! Then, I went to a donut shop to have a dinner before going to Café Poblacion to meet my high school best friends. I missed them so much! {Blog}

Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day! I went to church early to do ministry and had a short Milk Tea date with Ate Crissy at Amor’s Bakery. I went back home in the afternoon to accompany my Mother and Sister because it was their first time to go to the church I’m attending. We had a photo booth at the lobby with so many flowers and I am so happy because they enjoyed and loved the church service. I treated them a simple dinner after. It was a great day and I ended it with a big smile!

My motto for this week is BE GRATEFUL! ALWAYS. :) And the most important and the happiest part of my days were the time I am spending with God. I am getting back to my prayer habit and daily Bible reading and journaling. One thing I am holding on to face the challenges of my everyday life is the Word of God. This week was good and I can’t wait for more busy, creative, fun, and lovely days.

cherryfeather101  asked:

Congrats on the 1k Phayte! I has a prompt for you~ "I just wanted to see you one last time" and otayuri? Don't be afraid to make it as angsty as you can!

He always loved autumn, was his favorite time of year—well it use to be. There were happier times in his life that were now clouded by sadness. He was not even sure why he was doing this—why he was back.

Spur of the moment and he was on a plane to Russia. He had not been back in years, he just had too—one last time.

Walking the familiar roads and sidewalks they use to back years ago, even getting coffee at the shop they deemed their favorite. Memories seemed to rush at him at every turn and bend.

“Does he even live in our old building?” he wonders as he continues his journey around the familiar blocks,

Regret—Otabek will tell you he lives with no regrets and everything in life is to teach you a lesson—he calls that bullshit in his mind. He had a lot of regrets.

Regretting leaving Russia, regretting leaving Yuri. His head was full of regrets, his heart was heavy with regret.

Familiar music playing from the dance studio as he walked to the window. There he was—he was always able to find Yuri, even after all the years. That blonde hair spilling around his shoulders as he smiled and laughed. Otabek missed that smile—he missed that laugh. As Yuri gracefully walked the studio floor, he leaned over to kiss another man on the floor- smiling up at him.

Otabek didn’t want to be seen, he left the hood of his sweatshirt up and over his head. He was glad Yuri was happy—it had been hard on them both, Otabek knew he would never get over it,.

“I wanted to see you one last time,” Otabek whispered into the cold glass as his hand touched to it.

It was almost as if Yuri had heard him, that blonde head snapping around and staring right at him. Those green eyes that had captured Otabek so many years ago locked with his.

They both held their breath as Yuri clutched his hands to his chest.

Otabek could not do this again, he could not hurt Yuri again.

Turning, he walked quickly back to his hotel. He need to continue with his life and swallow his regret—learn to live with the biggest mistake he had ever made in his life.


A Lesson On Being in the “Now”

We live in a time where we are always trying to distract ourselves from the present. We are always grabbing for something else, often unconsciously, to change our mood — change the channel, get a cup of coffee, have a cigarette, scroll down facebook, but so often what we are reaching for is not material at all. Subconsciously we are not happy with how we are living in that moment. We are searching for some kind of fulfillment. We are so uncomfortable with living life just as it should be, that we create problems and unhappiness for ourselves. You see, life isn’t meant to exist in a narrow state of perpetual happiness. That’s a book - those are movies. It is very far from reality. 

So what can you do right now? Breathe, and slow down. Start right now by looking at the colors around you. Inhale deeply and notice how the air smells. Pretend you are a child again, experiencing life for the very first time - one sense at a time. Notice the sounds around you - even the subtle ones. The hum of your computer, the soft breathing of your dog or cat, envelop the sounds of music and feel them deeply. Whatever you are doing, do it fully. Do it with all of yourself. After doing this for a few minutes, notice how you feel. Calmer? Simpler? This is how life should be! This is also a form of meditation and one can find it very therapeutic to relax their mind through focusing on external simplicities. 

The goal here is to FEEL. Embrace all emotions and feelings. This is to be human. This is to be alive. Let yourself cry and let yourself be angry. LET yourself feel things. This world trains us for a life of indifference -over the years we forget that empathy is the key to happiness. Feeling is the key to life. So let yourself feel. Feel all your vivid, fiery, watery emotions. Give yourself permission to be full-bodied. Peel away the many layers that you’ve built up over the years. The peeling is necessary for growth and happiness.  It’s a messy, beautiful, magnificent process. Breathe, relax, and let go. 

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I miss you, John.
27 years later, I still wish I could turn back the clock to the Summer of 1980. I remember everything – sharing our morning coffee, walking in the park together on a beautiful day, and seeing your hand stretched to mine - holding it, reassuring me that I shouldn’t worry about anything because our life was good. I had no idea that life was about to teach me the toughest lesson of all. I learned the intense pain of losing a loved one suddenly, without warning, and without having the time for a final hug and the chance to say, “I love you,” for the last time. The pain and shock of that sudden loss is with me every moment of every day. When I touched John’s side of our bed on the night of December 8th, 1980, I realized that it was still warm. That moment has haunted me for the past 27 years – and will stay with me forever.

December 8, 2007
Yoko Ono Lennon

“I wish I was wrong,” I blurted out.

She was stunned, I mean you rarely hear people admit their mistakes and here I was taking all the blame, “wrong? Who the hell likes being wrong? And wrong about what?”

It took me a second, “about him,” and I stopped, and she stopped, because we both realized what people do.

People build up wall after wall, with layers and layers that become so thick, we can’t even take them down ourselves. Look people are going to walk in and out of your life like clockwork. They will hurt you, they will break you, and some may even destroy you. But just because one person left this atrocious mess, doesn’t mean the next one will. And if the next one does, then you dry your eyes, quit your sniffling, smile again, and move on to the next. Don’t let one hard lesson be the reason why you set yourself apart from the better that’s coming.

I finally said it out loud, “you know maybe if I was wrong about him, I could’ve loved him just a little bit more. I would’ve fell a little bit harder, maybe it could’ve been just a little bit better, and maybe he would’ve stayed. I already knew how it would end before it even began, but if I had just been wrong about him and let go just a little bit more, maybe it could’ve been different.”

—  c.f. // “whatever you do, just love hard”

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Aww, yis. Warm lighting. I 💕 warm lighting. I was cleaning my bathroom.I timed myself because I’ve been putting it off for an entire week and I needed to prove a point to myself. 8 minutes…

Another important life lesson in “quit yer bitchin’ ”

Need shower, need to wash my hair, need coffee. Slept like doo-doo again. Have to get ready for a party I don’t really want to go to.

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If you’re not selfie-takin’ people or have been inundated with tags lately, no pressure!