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Lucien/Jean + coffee shop au

this one spawned about a thousand different ways to write this but this is what i settled on and i LOVE it so much and I hope you do too! 

2251 words, coffeeshop AU, fluff

Everyone in Ballarat said the same thing: If you’re feeling down, go to Jean’s. This used to mean swinging by the Beazley farm and sitting at Jean’s table and watching her putter around the kitchen as she fixed up a tea tray and sat with you while you poured your heart out. 

Jean gave the best advice, always had the most comfort to offer, and most importantly, she made the best damn cup of tea in all of Ballarat. At the urging of her son, Jean stepped out into the world and opened her own tea shop, Tea and Sympathy.

Self-doubt had filled her, but with every compliment received and each local paper write-up, Jean found a new rhythm to her life. Up early to roast tea leaves and coffee beans, baking a few items for the day, and then settling behind the counter and awaiting the customers. 

Many thought store-bought tea and coffee at a café like Tea and Sympathy was a bit of a luxury. Like any other shop, Jean had her ups and downs with finances, but ultimately her caring manner, an excellent cuppa, and a friendly ear kept the people of Ballarat pouring in. 

All in all, Jean Beazley was quite happy with her life, despite an occasionally lonely heart. And then he walked in. 

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Coffee, Tea and Sympathy - Robbie Williams

stolen from Shiva again hehehe

Author Appreciation Week - Fitzsimmons Fic Recs!

Hello all! I saw a post on my dash talking about doing an Author Appreciation Week in order to show and spread love for our favorite fanfic authors, so here’s my contribution to the pile. This post is going to be dedicated to fic recs for the Fitzsimmons ship from Agents of SHIELD. And it took me almost all week to do it, because I basically ended up re-reading most of my bookmarked fics. OOPS.

If you don’t see your fic here, that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it! I love pretty much all of the fic ever, but I’m trying to keep this post a reasonable length (my FS bookmark list on AO3 is 15 pages long, for crying out loud). and sticking to the fics that I keep coming back to over and over. I also tried to limit myself to one rec per author. Just know that I love all of you!

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