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Jazmine Sullivan’s presence in the music industry cannot be limited to just one venue. Dabbling in Reggae, Pop and dominating R&B, her edgy and sultry voice is unforgettable, to say the least. So when she announced her music hiatus via twitter, all of her fans were disappointed but it was understandable. She told herself she would take a step back from music when it stopped being fun & we totally understand so what did we do in the meantime? Put it on a beat of course! “Smoking Gun” featuring Magnolia Shorty (r.i.p) is every New Orleans’ gals favorite song to dip to & with Jazmine’s vocals, it makes for the perfect bounce song, lol!

It’s been about 3 years since Jaz has been on the scene so when news broke that she’s working on a new album, we were more than ecstatic for one of our favorite songstresses to be back doing what she does best. Be on the look our for her new music here on the blog and everywhere else, because I know the second she drops something, we’ll be all over it like yeah!

Hoda, xo.


((So I just had a feeling to draw other peoples OC’s, just for the heck of it. There wasn’t really specific reason why, but I like the desing of these characters, and it’s a nice change from my own OC’s. Might do this for a while, so consider it as a free “giveaway”. Nothing too special, just a small portrait. I hope you don’t think that I want attention (Heck, I can’t even check my followers right now), but if you want perhaps your OC drawn, then this might be your chance. Just reblog, and also a small reference, since I can’t check my Inbox too often. Following characters: Notepad Coffee Talk Katty (You’re now Pat) Rapier))