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How to Make a Prayer Jar!

I just did this today and had a great experience with it and I’d thought I’d share for anyone who might want to make one.

Prayer jars go great on an altar or work place and can keep you connected to your family and loved ones.  Draw a name and send love and good intentions to anyone who might be needing it!

You will need:

  • a jar
  • something to write names on (i used coffee stirrers, but you can use whatever you want)
  • anything to decorate your jar with!

This was a really basic/loose-ended thing I did, because I prefer to go with the flow when it comes to magick and energy work, but you can make it as structured and formal an event as you want, write your own words, etcetera.

Cleanse your jar however you choose.  For this one I just washed it in the sink because it had some leftover tea in it >.< and said a quick prayer to cast out any lingering energy.

Write out the names of your friends and loved ones onto the coffee sticks or pieces of paper.  Set them aside, we’ll put them in later!

Now it’s time to decorate your jar.  Do whatever is meaningful to you–your jar is full of your intention and is therefore completely unique!  I used some craft supplies I had lying around to spruce it up a little bit and match the aesthetic of my tiny little dorm-room altar.  Fill the base of your jar with something you think will help guide your hand to whoever needs your prayer.  I used some pretty fabric and a mixture of amethyst and moonstone chips and other crystal pieces I had with no other current use.  Ask their energies to help cradle your jar and guide your hand at the proper moment.

At this point I said another quick prayer over my jar and raised my energy as much as I could, charging it with my love.  Then I went to the names and began putting them into my jar one by one, saying,

“(Name), I am praying for you.”

Try to go in no particular order so the names get shuffled around a bit.  This part became a much more spiritual experience than I was anticipating.  Don’t be surprised if your emotions and memories surrounding the people begin to stir up.  Enjoy the experience and whatever happens, take it as a sign your prayers will be meaningful!

After all the names were in, I said ONE MORE prayer for my jar and just rested in the love that I felt pouring into the room.  I tried to direct as much as possible into my jar.  After this experience, my vibration skyrocketed.  I felt energized, and also full of happiness, peace, and unconditional love.  I hope you have a similar experience while making your jar!

Place it somewhere your family and friends will be in your thoughts.  Whenever you’re feeling like it, draw a name and meditate on the person and what they might be going through.  Send them your love and whatever else you think they might need for a little energy boost.  If you pray to certain deities, perhaps ask them or your guides to help you and watch over that person.

That’s all there is to it!

Blessed Be in Light and Love <3

It’s Real

@letsplaysomethingdifferent | AO3 - Hope you enjoy it! <3 - @fearfrost1211

Panting, Stiles slowly lowered the spray while the wolf watched him with eyes far too human for its lupine face. His heart was pounding, but the fear he’d felt was quickly giving way to other things…things he’s not even sure he could name. Joy? Maybe. Relief? Definitely. Because he only knew one black wolf and if he wanted Stiles dead, he’d have killed him years ago.


Snapshots of life after Derek comes back to Beacon Hills

“Doesn’t it just seem a little strange to you?” Stiles asked twirling the coffee stirrer he was incessantly chewing on and pulling at his collar. His Dad’s office was warm despite it being one of the coolest September’s they’d had in several years.

The sheriff sighed and looked up from the report he’d been attempting to read. “Son, while there’s no limit to the strange that happens in this town, I’m not going to classify the quiet of the last few months as being part of it.”

“But, that’s exactly what I mean! When in the last few years has it been quiet? And now the alpha of this territory has gone off to college and nothing! Nada! If any-”

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Wizarding World: Founders Era

Godric Gryffindor orders an English Breakfast tea. When he is done drinking, he enchants his coffee stirrer and leaves it on the table. Only the worthy will be able to find it.

Salazar Slytherin sees Gryffindor enchant his coffee stirrer and runs off into the bathroom. He comes back, rubbing his hands in delight, and insists that his heirs will have a far greater birthright.

Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff buy scones from the smudged glass case. They sit back and watch the boys squabble.

Nicholas Flamel meanders behind the counter and concocts his own drink. He sits in the corner and drinks it by himself, refilling it whenever necessary.

I am rewatching Numb3rs and simultaneously revelling in how glorious it was and lamenting over how much I miss it.

Charlie Eppes was by far the floofiest most adorable floof in the history of mathematics - but DON……… I just…. Blimey. He made aggressively chewing gum and licking coffee stirrers far sexier than either of those actions ever needed to be!!!

It’s not just Supernatural fans who struggle over being in love with two brothers at once, y’ know…!!

anonymous asked:

If you take sentence prompts, Sombra with fem!SO for “So silly of you to change your number; you should’ve known I’d find it.” ? Loving the blog so far!! :D

You’d smile and sip your drink from its thin black coffee stirrer straw, the bitterness of the alcohol mixing with the sweet fruity syrups. Sighing in relaxation, you try to zone back in as you lean into your table, listening to Hana’s story as you and the group laughed at her childlike excitement and fumbles. Lucio nudged you with a slight nod to your purse where your phone was buzzing softly, the small typically blue light which glowed with notifications beeping a soft purple.

“It’s just a few missed calls, probably the bank.” You’d smile a bit, leaning in to take another drink as the waitress came by to take more orders, handing you a large purple shot which blended down to a bright pink juice.

“This is curtsy of a woman at the bar.” she smiled sweetly as you felt your stomach drop a bit, your friends smirking at you as if it were something to be celebrated. How could they know? You were in a toxic relationship with Talon’s worst for months no less than a year and a half ago, and all the gifts and amazing sex with the fiery Latina couldn’t keep you.

Sombra was as possessive as she was abusive, she was too charming and debonair for her own good, especially for yours.

“I have to check my phone…” was all you could mutter as you grabbed your phone and ran out of the night club, gasping a bit as the cold air and silence hit you. “I need air..”was all you mumbled as you took a small walk down the boulevard, scrolling through the messages.


>”Pick up.”

>(1) Mɪssᴇᴅ Cᴀʟʟ 10:54 ᴘᴍ

>Come on, baby.

Your heart sunk into your stomach as it rang, the number didn’t even need to be recognized, it was as if your phone had been stolen by her as the bright screen lit up, the name My Love across the screen and the picture, one of you sleeping in your bed, obviously after the break up as you looked happier and less frail in it. With a gulp, you answer.

“Why are you doing this? How did you get this number, it’s not even under my name!” You yelled into the mic.

“So silly of you to change your number.” She purred in that beautiful accent, it made your inner thighs weak just hearing it again, the fear and embarrassment all over your face.

>call failed

“You should’ve known I’d find it.” was the last thing you heard from behind you, body shaking in fear, too scared to turn around.

Not too smutty sorry, anon ): I’d be down to continue it but I REALLY love this little element of suspense. Did they go to your apartment for noncon sex, did she have talon abduct her. Was sombra still there when she turned around??? Does she ever get away (Not in yandere land she wont. smh)

Let me know what you thought! Critique me please <3

The Escort (Part 1)

Summary: Grad School AU! You are a grad student, one year away from completing your Master’s degree. Despite your successful life, your family won’t let go of the fact that you are single. It makes your yearly family vacation a living hell. On a whim, you call the number you find on an ad for an escort to events, and you meet Dean. He’s gorgeous, charming, and perfect to help get your family off your back. What more could you ask for?

Word Count: 2164

Warning: None for this chapter

A/N: This first chapter sets up the story. I hope you like it, and that you stick around for all the smutty, angsty, fluffy goodness I have in store for you!

You twirled the coffee stirrer between your fingers and stared at the antique clock on the wall. There were still five minutes before Jo was supposed to meet you to discuss the plans for the upcoming week, which probably meant she’d show up in fifteen. The specials board in the little coffee shop advertised several pastries, and you idly wondered if you wanted a snack to go with your drink while you waited.

Why not? You sighed and got up to place your order, ignoring the weight in your pocket as you fidgeted in line.

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The Observatory

Had a little gap in posting things, and while I’ve been up to odd bits and pieces, this has taken the lions share of the last couple of weeks’ spare time.

Made (again!) from coffee stirrers, superglue and this time a short Pringles tube, this made my brain itch.

I made the ridiculous decision to build this from the doorway out, so the roof instantly became a massive pain to get right. It’s ok for what it’s intended for though, and I’ve really enjoyed the challenge.

Next up is a multilevel piece, with interior, just to see if I can…

Wish me luck!

step q: have rum, coconut, lime, ice, sugar packets, coffee stirrer.

step w: mix 3/4th of lime and 2 packets sugar

step e: poke coconut’s soft spot with coffee stirrer.  drain into lime/sugar mix.

step r: add rum, ice and garnish with remaining ¼th lime wedge.

[not pictured] step t: drink and repeat until you forget how numbered lists work.

Okay, so maybe I pay an eeeeensy bit too much attention to the small details, but I think the small details can genuinely bring the whole wedding together. These drink stirrers were DIYed with Kraft paper. How cute is this? I could easily find some alphabet stamps and a heart stamp and make these for super cheap! Yeah, I’m crazy, but I think these will make an adorable addition to our wedding :)


Austin ran his fingers through his hair, as he walked out the door, gathering up the tie in it and slipping it around his wrist as the dark brown strands fell to frame his face. He was exhausted, the guitar strapped to his back feeling like a giant stone pressed against his spine. When he saw the boy outside, he paused for two seconds and wordlessly went back inside.

Two minutes later, he was coming back out with a large coffee and a stirrer grasped in one hand, a collection of creamers and sugars in the other. He knelt in front of the other boy, holding them both out to him. “Sorry, I wasn’t sure how you like your coffee.”

man i love my boyfriend so much he brings me flowers when i’m sad and he likes my poetry and he paints and makes weird little clay ppl and one of them had a fishing hook made of paper clips and another was hanging from the chandelier with a grappling hook made of string and like rn he’s shooting little arrows (aka coffee stirrers with clay tips) using a little bow (aka a piece of wire and a rubberband) just omg he’s like a little kid bc he’s always restless and curious and he’s always down to adventure i mean one time he walked 12 miles with me just to find a place to buy a decent guitar and he is always accepting of my gender and always uses my pronouns and he’s kind to my mother and he never gets angry even when i was mean to him this morning and sleeping next to him is so nice bc he’s always sO WARM and he gives me lil kisses on my neck and shoulders and he loves my ass ok he makes me feel wonderful about my body and he encourages me to get stronger and he’s always telling me positive things about myself or calling me out on my not so good habits and he helps me stay focused at work when i’m having anxiety i mean hell this guy moved to mexico with me he’s an adventurer and a lover and a creater and a really amazing friend i am so endlessly grateful