coffee shopping

Things that I NEED in my Life
  • Coffee
  • To Marry Cisco Ramon
  • A Card with an Unlimited balance to go Shopping
  • The Beast’s Library 
  • A week-long nap
  • Bucky Banes to be my Friend
  • Pablo to sing to me
  • A hug by Brock O’hurn
  • Junk Food
  • Carlos Valdes to be my Boyfriend
  • A Marauders Book
  • NEW SEASONS! (Stranger Things, OITNB, Prison Break, HTGAWM…)
  • Francisco Ramon
  • For Ed Sheeran to write the soundtrack of my life and become my bestie
  • To Travel the world so I can take as many Pictures as I Can
  • Someone to Give me Flowers (just because)
  • A REALLY, Stupidly, Good Music Session
  • A New Tattoo

that’s it… that is all I need… thank you for your attention

There are five (5) types of Erza popular in fanfiction! Also most of my experience is coming from the nalu fics I read, so I’m sure Jerza/Erza fics fall into different tropes! Please keep that in mind!

1) Cake!Erza. Did you know that Erza likes strawberry cake? Because she does. Like, a lot. She’s always eating cake. Coffee shop AU? Eating cake. Canonverse AU? Cake. Post apocalyptic? Cake. She eats cake. It’s her entire character. Omnomnom

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • May be mixed with other brands of Erza to dilute the trait, but on it’s own it’s super obnoxious.

2) Strong Woman™. No matter the fic genre, Erza will be overly aggressive and borderline abusive towards her friends. Will hit anyone who disagrees or does something she doesn’t like, mostly notably Natsu and Gray. Usually this is played off as comic relief. (Note: this is not inherently bad in fics, but it does make me uncomfortable at times!) Besides the aggression, Erza will never lose a fight. Because she’s strong. Super strong. In case you couldn’t tell.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Typically featured in canonverse, but can filter into AUs, notably high school AUs. 

3) The Boss™. Erza is the superior of one of the other characters in an AU. Her role in the fic is to be the hard ass boss that is also the best friend. ??? Not much character outside of this. This can be paired with #1 and/or #2 for maximum chaos.

4) Well-rounded Erza. Has a strong character that doesn’t exaggerate any of her traits. Tough love™. Has a soft spot for cute things. Would do anything for her friends. Just a very nice character 10/10 would recommend. Probably has some kind of relationship issue with Jellal (past relationship, unrequited love, etc) but this doesn’t make up her entire character. Is allowed to be emotional and more than just the strong girl.

5) Jellal’s girlfriend!Erza. She’s Jellal’s girlfriend/crush/she likes him. This is her entire character. She just… really loves Jellal.


A Rotterdam MUST☕️🌵

The Fenix Food Factory is an old warehouse building that now houses local businesses (mainly foodies) and has the absolute cutest decor! My friends showed me this place while studying abroad and I have made my way back a few times now on my own! Whether I am in the mood for a coffee and pastries, or some lunch over a couple of brewskis, this place never disappoints!

Next time you are in Rotterdam, or anywhere in the Netherlands, this place is worth making a trip to!

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Calum Hood Blurb: Shades Of Blue

Before I met you, blue used to be my favourite colour. I liked all shades, the ones from the sky, the sea, my favourite jumper. I loved it. 

Then I met you. In my favourite coffee shop, which was painted a pale blue. You were stood infront of me wearing a shirt that was my favourite shade of blue . As I tapped you on the shoulder and you turned around I told you that I liked your shirt because it matched the blue tips in my hair. I honestly never had a bigger smile on my face, when I was talking to you. I instantly knew I had fallen in love. 

For 3 years I had never loved the colour blue more. It was the colour of happiness. I loved blue and all the different shades it had. With you in my life, everyday you created a new shade. 

But then the colour blue turned into the bra that I found on our bedroom floor when I walked in on you sleeping with another girl with blue tipped hair. 

Blue was ruined forever.

Drarry Coffee Shop AU
  • Draco: *in line at coffee shop*
  • Harry: *walking by, notices, and goes inside*
  • Draco: *finally up, orders his usual coffee*
  • Harry: *curious* I'll have what he ordered..
  • Draco: *takes drink over to counter to add more sugar*
  • Harry: *sips own drink, winces at sweetness- runs over to Draco and slaps sugar out of his hands*
  • Draco: !!!!!! WHAT?????
  • Draco: WHAT.

just-so-i-can-fangirl-in-peace  asked:

hit me with some coran

Fuck hahaha alright. God I love coran but just…. how do I…. capture him?!!

Ok ok I got it.

Coran is that moment where you’re in a strange city and wandering through a museum. It’s cold and the coffee shop in the corner is throwing out lattes for the morning commuters that stop by. Your footfalls echo against the marble floors. Your swept up in a school field trip and smile at the wonder on the children’s faces. The exclaim at the specimens in the glass and gasp loudly at the new holographic displays. You rest your eyes in the planetarium. Its a big world out there.

The man who works at the coffee shop went to Seoul over spring break and he brought this back for me?? He said he saw it at a store at a train station and thought I would like it and bought it 😢 Isn’t he so sweet??
Then he asked me if I already had a BTS calendar and I was like “Noo, of course not!! Thank you so much!!” because I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I was the first one to pre-order the seasons greeting when it went online at my fave music store… so now I’m going to have 3 BTS calendars in my room lmao

First imagine- coffee shop- Tyler Seguin

In a little town outside of Dallas, Texas lived a girl name Brooke Ackerman who was sweet and kind to others because her parents raised he to be like that towards people. She works in her mother coffee shop, everyday when propel walked in, it smelt like a coffee bean factory being use all day long. Their coffee came from all over the world that was provided for them. From Hawaii to Columbia And never stop coming. It was joy for Brooke and her family because she enjoyed being at home with her parents until college started back in fall. She was a homebody at heart.

One late afternoon, after she worked long hours and didn’t get a break from the shop. She sat down and turned on the big tv hanging up in the corner of the shop. She loved having sports on when no one was around like customers or even her parents because it was her time. The big tv was turned on to the Dallas stars game. She saw the man of her dreams, basically every woman’s dream for a man who plays hockey. As watching the game, She knew one day that she would love to meet him. Of course they were playing their second favorite The Chicago black Hawks!! She yelled at the tv saying" SCORE TYLER WE NEED THIS SO BAD!!!“ Tyler slides the puck across Crawford’s pad right into the back in net in the last 30 seconds of the game. They won and beat the dynasty team! She screamed so loud that someone hear her from the shop. They went to look see if they saw anyone but they didn’t. Brooke was laying on the coffee and bread crumbs floor screaming softly that’s her boys won!! The tv was off as well! She giggled to herself and said" I’m so happy I could dance and sing all day. My babies won tonight!!“ After the game ended about an hour ago, Brooke clean up the shop. After all the cups and tables were clean after tasty bread crumbs and coffee spills. She closed the door behind her and locked up tight and good. She climbed in her wrangler and pumped some good pop music to keep her awake. As she pulled up on her parents driveway, the porch light was on for her still and she walked in the heavenly smelt house of candles to the couch. She laid down on the couch and passed out. Next morning, Brooke groaned and moaned about waking up in the morning until she smelt her dads pancakes being made! Her dads pancakes were made in heaven because they were that good! The phone rang and it was her mom telling her to come down to the shop. Mom said" Brooke sweetheart there are Dallas stars in the shop!“ Brooke drop the phone and started to scream where I her dad knew something good was going on. He looked in the kitchen, noticing that Brooke was jumping up and down with loud screams like a child would when they got a new toy! He laughed. Brooke’s dad asked, ” what are you excited for ?“ Brooke said, ” THERE ARE DALLAS STARS AT THE SHOP AND IT MEANS SEGUIN IS THERE!!!!“ Her dad laugh in joy for Brooke because Seguin was her man and favorite player in Dallas. He also was one the hottest hockey players that she liked. She rushed upstairs after she quickly ate her pancakes and got showered. She grabbed the keys and off to went to the shop. "BY DAD”, said Brooke as walking out the door to the car. She couldn’t stop smiling all the way there. She drove up to the shop and loud music was playing because her mom was hosting a party for them with kids! Brooke jumped out of her Jeep and walk in the shop to a bunch of crazy Dallas star fans! Then she saw him… Part 2 coming soon(: this is my first hockey imagine and I hope y'all like it! Sorry about double gifs!