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Traffic lights are killing kink fic

Dramatic title, but this rant has been building for some time and I need to get it off my chest. Friends, fellows, lovely fic writers: kink fic in fandom lately sounds like someone is reciting a How To BDSM 101 manual and it’s really starting to grind my gears.

It seems lately that, more often than not, any fic I open with even the teeniest bit of kink spends about half the fic being excruciatingly boring and samey about making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to consent and who is spanking who in bed. As an Actual Real Live Kinky Person, let me tell you about some things that are seriously pissing me off.

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Hana Kaze (Teaser) - VIXX


Love is passion, obsession, someone you can’t live without. I say, fall head over heels. Find someone you can love like crazy and who will love you the same way back. How do you find him? Well, you forget your head, and you listen to your heart. And I’m not hearing any heart. Cause the truth is, honey, there’s no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love, well, you haven’t lived a life at all. But you have to try, cause if you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived.

–William Parish (Meet Joe Black)

Book of Mormon Sweden

I saw the Swedish Book of Mormon production yesterday and it was great. It was well-polished, the ensemble was amazing, the theatre was pretty small so it had a great intimate feeling and the crowd was awesome (lots of cheering and applause; and Swedes are usually pretty hard to get going like that tbh :P) They’d make some slight changes/tweaks, but I honestly thought they were for the better.

Linus Wahlgren’s Elder Price is very similar to Rannells (and he’s got such a good voice), and Per Andersson’s Elder Cunningham was surprisingly restrained, awkward and sweet. Anton Lundqvist’s Elder McKinley was a total scene-stealer. Samantha Gurah was a bit anonymous but charming as Naba, but her Hasa Diga reprise was amazing. Overall, the entire ensemble was amazing and it seemed like they really had fun on stage.

Also, a few details:

  •  There were a couple of new sentences thrown in in the airport scene to introduce the “not allowed to drink coffee or tea” thing.
  •  Elder Poptarts became Elder “Cheerios” in the Swedish production. :-P Probably because that’s a known American brand here; Poptarts are not. 
  •  Joseph Smith slapped Price’s ass during the All-American Prophet – Wahlgren made a thing of wincing and rubbing his ass. I don’t remember seeing it happen in the West End production, at least?
  •  Man Up was staged differently. There were no monsters on stage, probably to avoid the awkward thing with hitting the sword in the right spot? Instead there were monsters on the screen behind them that Cunningham destroyed by “blowing them up” with his hand. Also, there were huge penises flashing on the screen occasionally, and the “tough Elders” that danced in the background had leather wests and leather police hats; bondage vibes.  
  •  Spooky Mormon Hell Dream had very similar choreography, but different costumes. Satan had a red formal suit and a more distinguished vibe. Elder McKinley had a much more prominent role, where there was a bit of a “big reveal” before he took center stage and danced for a longer period than in the West End production. It was great.  
  •  McKinley leaned in for a kiss, but it was after waking Kevin up at the bus stop and not at the covered-in-blood scene. It was very popular with the audience.  
  •  Wahlgren messed up a line/his brain froze during the coffee shop scene and he simply said “eat shit!” to keep up the flow, I suppose. :P It was followed by a surprised silence and then the audience cracked up (most of them probably not knowing it was a mistake). Then there was a pause before Andersson kind of snapped “no, YOU eat shit”, while made Wahlgren break character and laugh for a while. The audience loved it (and I loved it). 
  •  "In the I am here for you"-scene right at the end, Wahlgren and Andersson leaned in so close to each other while Wahlgren was singing that they ended up doing Eskimo kisses to mess around a bit; then Andersson took it further and almost dipped Wahlgren while doing more Eskimo kisses. 

La brume dans mes Lunettes

Location:  378 Rue Saint-Zotique E

Metro station: Beaubien

Hello friends ♡ It’s certainly been a while since I’ve written on this blog… I apologize for that - I’ve been caught up with school and midterms, but I tried my best to update my Instagram at least (IG: legendoftamar). 

I come back to talk about one of my all time favorite coffee shops in Montreal. I’ve been saving this one because it’s not only one of the best I’ve gone to, but it also holds a special place in my heart. 

Let’s take ourselves back about a few months ago. On a cold November morning. Fall had just given in to an overwhelming snow storm, introducing winter to Montreal. When the first snowfall hits Montreal, a lot changes in the city. People get angrier, drivers forget how to drive, students arrive to school an hour into their lecture, the bus system gets suspended; basically, everyone loses their mind. Including me. 

I woke up that morning in a bad mood. I was in a bad mood not because of the snow. I was in a bad mood every morning. To understand why, we have to take ourselves back to many other moments of my life and frankly we don’t have time to relive so much of the past. Long story short, I have anxiety. And at that point of my life, it was taking over. I couldn’t deal with it and I didn’t want to deal with it and instead I woke up every morning in a miserable mood. I put on my makeup and put on my smile and went on with my day. But this morning, something in me changed. Maybe it was the snow that made me go insane. 

I was determined to go to a cafe before school. To leave the stress behind for a few hours. To runaway to a place I felt comfortable and at ease. I decided to take an earlier bus to the metro and make it to a cafe I had been wanting to go for so long. And where does the insanity come into play? The coffee shop was a good 10 minute walk away from the metro station. A 10 minute walk in a snow storm. In Montreal. Not Vancouver - where their snowstorm is basically 3 snowflakes per hour. It was pouring and the wind was insane but I still did it. The snow made me lose my rational thinking, but sometimes it’s good to be illogical and just go for it. I was the only one walking on the streets. My motivation impressed me. However, I should mention that I also forgot to save the route to the shop since I didn’t have cellphone data. I walked up and down streets like a lost little pigeon.. in a  middle of a snowstorm… but I found the place eventually. You couldn’t imagine my happiness when I saw “La Brume” through my snow-covered glasses.

As I was going in, I thought how lucky I was going to be to have the whole place to myself since no one else is as crazy as me to go out on a day like this. But when I opened the door, I realized the cafe was packed. To almost its limit. I could hear laughter, coffee brewing, milk being steamed, keyboard typing. I could smell freshly made pastries and fresh coffee. And the coffee shop scene I was witnessing - of baristas running around, students working and friends talking - was beautiful. Coming in from an almost deserted winter storm, where only the snowflakes dared to dance in the wind, I was greeted with warmth and people. The barista spotted me in the crowd of people and said hello from behind his counter. Sitting down in a little corner on the bar by the window, I looked around and all I could feel was happiness. Coffee lovers’ passion for coffee and company is contagious. I caught myself smiling and it wasn’t part of the make up this time. This was better than having the place to myself. 

This shop really does live up to its name. “La Brume dans mes Lunettes” means “fog in my glasses” in French. All their windows were fogged up, which gave the shop a gorgeous feel and isolated the cafe from the cold scene of the winter storm. My actual glasses did fog up also when I came in, so bonus points for that! I also realized the cafe had a little corner for an individual seating by two windows which was probably their best seat. Maybe I’ll get it next time. The walls were covered with interest art and decorations. Their main aesthetic was wooden. It was an overall beautiful cafe.

I spent an hour pretending to read my Differential Equations notes, but really all I was doing was taking pictures of my latte. But it made me happy. And sometimes, that’s all that matters. Sometimes you have to treat yourself to a beautiful moment - outside of school, outside of routine, or just outside, in a snowstorm.. It’s important to take some time to regenerate. If you’ve been going through a tough time - may it be for a few years or a few days - and you suddenly get the urge to spoil yourself by running away from reality for a little bit, do it. If you’ve been working hard to try to figure out life and doing your best to be your best, then you deserve having moments that make you happy. Getting out of your usual cycle can make you see life in a different way and put a lot in perspective. In my case, it allowed me to stop. Take a breath. Freeze in the cold. Rethink. Regenerate. And decide. Decide that I wanted to be happy. Decide that I wanted to stop being a slave to my anxiety and start learning to deal with it.



I don’t know if I like this but I’ve spent way too much time on it, so here, I’ll throw some pointless tentative relationship fluff at you and flee the scene.

(Coffee shop AU)

herestoyoumsholly  asked:

Yess gimme all the Power Rangers headcanons


so so so trini!!!!

  • we all know trini is gay but theyre also nonbinary and ive got The Evidence
    • when theyre taking about their parents, they say their parents want them to dress a certain way and fit “normal” labels
    • also also also when trini’s brothers were like “oh i forgot about him [the yellow ranger]” at the end trini didnt say the yellow ranger was a girl, they just said the yellow ranger wasnt a he
    • dare i say… nonbinary?
  • loves their gf kim so much and isnt dating the rest of the team cause theyre only in to girls but they relies on the team so much and theyre trini’s best friends in the whole wide world holy heck theyre so good
  • they get kim hooked on heavy metal
  • the team all knows that if trini and kim wanted to, they could kick all their asses

and zack!!

  • hes a trans boy wow wow
  • his mom is wonderful and accepting and sadly they dont have the money for him to medically transition but she supports him all the way
  • hes also ace!!!
  • he stops calling trini “crazy girl” and eventually switches to calling them “wild child”
  • he might act flirty but secretly hes a hopeless romantic kay


  • fuck i love him so much
  • hes very gay and demiromo and loves his datemates sooo much oh my god
  • billy is genderfluid!!
  • billy always dominates at team trivia nights and everyone knows they dont have a chance against him but they dont care because seeing billy’s face when he wins is worth it


  • did yall notice that trini was the only one who caller her kim? theyre lesbians harold
  • kim is suuuper bi wow
  • shes also trans (demigirl) :D
  • she has those bad days and instead of being alone, the team wraps her up in blankets and tells her how much they love her and how luck they are to be dating her and they just!!!! they know exactly what to do to make her feel better!!!!
  • that coffee shop scene was totally her and trini’s first date u fools
  • kim can bench press everyone on the team and They Know It

jason YEET

  • hes good n pan n trans wow
  • him and billy have tons of pet names for each other that are matching and ridiculous
  • sometimes he thinks his knee still aches and he has to take a second to remember it was healed
  • him and zach decide they do want to do well in school and billy starts tutoring them (but half the time their study sessions turn to makeout sessions)

“I used to think of myself one way. But after this, I am something else. And still me, I think. But that’s not what everyone else sees.” 

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Boy, find me
in a game of hide-and-seek
let’s sneak through the neighbors backyard
we remain unseen behind the posies 
and you grant me a first kiss

Boy, see me 
in a long flowered dress that sweeps the hallways 
I walk from one life and into the next
we share a knowing look beyond dimensions 
you see me for who I am in florescent school lighting

Boy, feel me
while the room we’re in settles
It’s an old house and everything creaks
and there’s a burn on my skin that feels righteous
I now understand what hunger means

Boy, leave me
alone on the bathroom floor
My sobs are an earthquake and you’re so angry-
why were you so angry-
there’s a crack in the door from how hard it slammed 
and there’s a crack in my soul from the aftershock

Man, find me
in a coffee shop scene
I am grown, long hair, a fatter face that smiles
you don’t even look up at me when you pass 
and oh, how my nostalgia aches
for a kiss laced in summer posies

—  old loves // hnl 2017
Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop

Aaron Burr x Reader

Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Lambie

Words: 1893

Warnings: Kissing, loneliness, fluff idk

Request: (anon) Hey do you think you could right an modern au Aaron burr x reader where burr works at a coffee shop and like that’s the main reason the reader goes there and like idk a cute fluff

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long! I wanted to make this really good! I haven’t been writing a lot lately, so I rewrote this one like ten times. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for requesting!

Day 1

It’s a lonely table by the window.

The coffee shop is full of chatter. Full of words and love. Lipstick stains on coffee mugs. There is everyone and no one here. Everyone is a nobody. Even the woman who sits in a booth of her own, silently sipping her cup, her face plastered with makeup. Struggling writers and playwrights drink their fifth cup, and it’s only two in the afternoon. There is a group of teens, gossiping amongst each other, all while trying to find the perfect selfie angle with their cappuccino. Then are two forever lovers, sharing a booth and a coffee, whispering sweet nothings to each other. Hopelessly blind and in love.

You crease your thumb over the wrinkled paper. The number is barely recognizable now, all of the ink smeared. Now blacking your thumb. You don’t look at the clock because you know you will watch the minutes tick by. You will only count and add the lonely minutes of your life. If you had a dollar for every minute, you would be rich. Rich and alone. You dreamed of living in a cabin in the woods, where there was no judgement or pressure for love. No disappointment.

Solitude sounded nice.

You cursed yourself as you glanced at the clock. Automatically adding the numbers in your head. He was supposed to show up over an hour ago. An hour you could’ve been sitting at home, not feeling bad for yourself, and starting a Netflix binge. An hour not sitting here feeling humiliated.

“Excuse me, I don’t mean to intrude, but is there something I can get you?”

You looked up to the voice.

You were met with soft brown eyes, chocolate skin and a warm smile. The barista, adjusted his golden name tag, that read Aaron. He ran his hands over his green apron once, then clicked his pen and put it to his ragged coffee stained notepad.

You blushed, feeling a thousand times more stupid and embarrassed. You crinkled the smeared phone number and stuffed in your pocket.

“No, sorry, I was just leaving.” You slid out of the booth, bumping into him. He took a step back. You hurried to the door but he stopped the door.

“Miss, please, don’t go. It’s pouring outside.” Aaron pleaded.

You looked out the french doors. The rain had increased from a small drizzle to a complete storm. “I love rain.” you said, “I don’t mind it.”

“Let me at least walk you to your car then. I have an umbrella in the back.”

You sighed. “No, really, it’s fine. You have to work anyway.”

Aaron shook his head and ran to the counter and reached over for his umbrella and coat. He threw it on and popped open the umbrella. “Don’t worry, I have someone to stay here.” he held out the umbrella to you. “Where is your car?”

You and Aaron walked in silence down the street. He held it over you, the rain dripping off the edges down his back.

“The point of an umbrella is not getting wet, right?” you laughed at Aaron.

He grinned. “But, ladies are to be treated as royalty. I am but a lowly peasant.” he laughed, pretending to bow.

“Um, my car is just up here.” you pointed to the street around the corner. You and Aaron took shelter under an awning. He was shivering.

“This is it, then?” Aaron asked.

You laughed and shivered. “Yeah. Thank you so much. You really didn’t have to.”

“I’m just glad that you won’t catch a cold.” he smiled.

“Can’t say the same for you.”

He grinned and bowed to you dramatically. “Well, fair lady, it seems we have reached our destination. I unfortunately have a coffee shop to go back to you. Won’t you please order a coffee next time.” he grinned. “Adieu.” you bowed again and gestured like he had a hat to tip. He waved and smiled and turned around, back into the rain.

You frowned and walked back into the rain too. You walked. Past all the cars that weren’t yours. Walked home in the rain, the only warmth you still had with you was his warm smile.

Day 5

Ten a.m. on a Tuesday.  You sat where you had four days previous. Next to the window, at a table for two. You weren’t waiting for anyone though. You didn’t have any expectations. You didn’t order any coffee.

Aaron worked at the counter, giving away a smile and compliment with every order. You felt his eyes on you, when you weren’t looking at him. When he walked by, you watched. He went to each table. Except yours. He gave you shy smiles as he walked around you. You just stared until he looked away. Then you smiled. The lights seemed to shine a little better this morning.

Day 11

The cold from the day in the rain had finally caught up to you. But still, you walked from your apartment to the coffee shop. You coughed and sneezed. You enjoyed the warmth. You admired the way the light shined and the words people spoke to each other. The forever lovers were sat in the same booth, laughing at each other while sharing a gaze full of love.

Aaron only smiled at you.

You stayed for an hour, listening to the sounds of the coffee shop. Enjoying the scene, the people and the warmth.

Day 14

Every morning. You woke up and walked to Burr’s Cafe. You stayed for an hour. You sat by the window. Some glared at you, couples mostly looking for an empty table. The cafe was always busy, and only Aaron ran it. You left after an hour, without having ordered anything. Every night, without fail, you found yourself in the same seat. Admiring the same dark eyes and smile that laid itself on you.

Day 15

It was all falling apart

Day 16

You couldn’t sleep last night. You lived alone. There was a dull pain inside of you when you  heard the lonely ache of the your whitewashed walls. The rooms were without color. The walls without paintings. You only got up to go to the coffee shop. Aaron’s smile was the only thing that made you smile now.

Day 17

You didn’t get out of bed today

Day 18

You couldn’t sleep. You hadn’t slept. You coughed nonstop. You hadn’t showered in days. Old pictures were laid out on your night stand. They were smeared and ripped beyond recognition. They were never dry

Day 23

You cried to yourself saying, “I’m broken.”

It was a mantra.

It was a truth.


Day 30

The rain fell in streams across the window panes. You sat in the chair and looked out the table. You went in the morning. You watched people come and go. You listened to Aaron hum as he did the dishes. You slept. 11 p.m. and the rain still wasn’t giving up. Your back was sore from sitting all day, but you remained.

Aaron walked past you and flipped the wooden sign to Closed. He untied his apron and hung it on the rack.

“24 hour coffee shop.” he laughed.

You looked up to the familiar smile. He placed a red steaming cup in front of you. He sat across from you. “Do they really expect one man to never sleep? I can’t live on coffee forever.” he laughed.

You moaned, not caring that Aaron was there to see you in disarray. You sat up and stared the cup in front of you.

He sipped from his. “Come on, try it. It’s hot chocolate. A gold old cup of coco does wonders.”

“What wonder do I need?” you said, sarcastically.

He smiled. “That is none of my business. I am just the coffee man. Muffin man on weekends too.” Aaron laughed. “I just make muffins all day on Saturdays. Take the day off.”

You laughed half heartedly. “Are you the milk man on Sundays?”

He smirked. “Is that a euphemism?”

“Mayb-” you blushed, “no.” You lifted the cup to your lips. You closed your eyes and drank. It was warm and creamy. It was just right. The chocolate and the flavors danced on your tongue. You swallowed. “Thank you. This is really good.”

“Well I am the milkman.”

“Oh, shut up.” you laughed.

“As you wish.” Aaron waved his hand out to him like he was bowing. He sipped his cup quietly. A few moments passed and you couldn’t stand it.

“Okay! I wasn’t serious!”

Aaron laughed. “Thank goodness. I was just about to tell you about the other man I am.”

You smiled. “And what that might be?”

“The chocolate man.”

You laughed absurdly. You cringed exaggeratedly. “Oh god, you keep getting worse. You could’ve stop at the muffin man!”

“Well you asked.”

“Yeah, I guess I did.” you smiled.

You and Aaron stared at each other, smiling between sips.

“I’m glad that you came back.” he said.

“What do you mean?”

He put his cup down. “You know, here. Where else?” he laughed. “I was worried that something had…”

“Worried that something what?” you asked. You already knew the answer, but you wanted to hear him say it. Say that he loved you the way you loved him.

“I was worried that something had happened to you! Okay? I was worried that I had said something wrong or done something wrong. Because you stopped coming and that first day you just didn’t seem like you wanted anything to do with me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The car!” he shouted. “Letting some stranger walk you out to your car in the rain, letting himself get drenched for the sake of a beautiful girl. Letting some stranger walk you out to a car that doesn’t exist. You really didn’t want anything to do with me, did you?”

Aaron was away from the table now. Covering his face. Pulling his hands away to reveal that he was crying. “This is just a coffee shop. I love it here, I love that I get to do this. But when you walked in. When you smiled. It wasn’t just a shop anymore. It felt like home. I always thought that I loved this shop for the customers and the sake of making a good cup of coffee. But that all changed when you came in. It was so cliche and I’m so cliche. It was raining and you were alone. Love at first sight, call it what you will. (Y/N), I love you. I am in love with you. I am in the idea with you. I want to be with you. I want to talk to you. I want to spend the days with you. (Y/N), I want you.”

You began to cry.

Aaron ran to you. “No, please don’t cry. I’ll just leave you alone. We can forget all about this and we don’t ever have to-”

You jumped up and kissed him. You threw your arms around him. His lips were salty and wet. You kissed the tears away. He cried as he held you as he kissed you.

He was warm and perfect. He felt like home. He was home. He was love. He was everything you wanted.

He was your forever love.

anonymous asked:

Omg I would love to see your writing on how/where the chocobros would take their s/o on a date if it was 1950

As I knew absolutely nothing about dating in the 50s I had to do a lil bit of research lol.  I hope you enjoy it nonnie!!  I certainly enjoyed writing this unique little request :D

Prompto, 100%, would take his s/o to the ice cream parlor.  Setting the scene: it’s a hot summer day and you and Prompto have been attempting to come up with something to do.  At first you two were planning to do something somewhat bigger like go to a movie and then to the pizza parlor, but the two of you became so tired with trying to plan that, that you guys decided to go to the ice cream parlor right then and there.  Who didn’t enjoy ice cream on a sweltering day such as this?  Not to mention it was always a few degrees cooler than most other buildings as the ice cream needed to stay cold.  The two of you would share a sundae, occasionally feeding each other spoonfuls as you laughed with one another, enjoying the time spent together.

Gladio would be the one to take you to a drive-in movie.  Legit this man will be the type to use every cliche.  Setting the scene: the two of you had been going steady for about four months now, originally having met when you were out with your girl friends Cindy and Aranea.  He’d come to pick you up for you date at around five, the two of you heading out to grab a bite to eat at the local diner.  Both of you would order a burger and then proceed to share a milkshake as you do.  After, the two of you would head to the drive-in in Gladio’s apple red convertible.  The movie is a rom-com, and not ten minutes in Gladio does the whole yawn-stretch thing, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his side.  You’d rest your head against his shoulder and he’d feel like he was on top of the world.

Noctis would take you out bowling.  Setting the scene: Noctis was part of the cool kids clique as he was the dark and mysterious type that drove girls – and some boys – wild.  The two of you had started dating only recently, and he had yet to ask you to go steady.  You didn’t particularly mind all that much though as Noctis had a tendency to not play by the guide book.  As something to do after school, Noctis asked you to go bowling with him (he didn’t call it a date, but it was definitely a date).  The two of you played a game, chatting between turns happily.  Noctis was surprisingly good, and you ended up losing to him by ten points.  The two of you went to the pizza parlor afterwards for a slice and a Coke.  You’d run into some of Noctis’s friends who started poking fun at him because wow, who would’ve though Noct would have a girlfriend?  After an annoyed “buzz off” from Noct and a few more jokes from his friends, they left the two of you alone to enjoy your meal in peace.  You couldn’t help but grin at Noctis’s slight blush.

Ignis would, obviously, take you to a coffee shop.  Setting the scene: You and Ignis began dating your first year of college.  He was a year older than you, but the two of you had bumped into each other (quite literally) at the local coffee shoppe.  Luckily for Ignis you weren’t too terribly upset over your ruined clothes, and you promised to forgive him if he agreed to go on a date with you.  Ignis was caught off guard by your forward personality, but it was a strangely delightful change from the norm.  From that first date onward, the coffee shop became your usual haunt.  Sometimes, if the two of you had enough time on your hands, you’d go to the record store that was just across the street from the coffee shop, the hole-in-the-wall record store usually empty save for the owner and a few straggling customers.  It was a lovely place to escape from the world and get lost in one another.

Straight or not?

Wherein our heroines pretend to talk about hot beverages, but are really discussing the theme park ride that is the average soap relationship, and how some passengers love to sit way up the front, and then throw up when it loops the loop … 

Serena     *briskly, through gritted teeth * One night stand, quick as you can, please. 

Bernie    *rolls her eyes dryly, with just a minor undercurrent of … could that be nostalgia in there?* Do you remember when a random shag was just a random shag? You know, to spur the plot along?

Serena   Hmmm. *ruefully* ‘Straight or not?’ is all they care about on days like today.

Bernie    *with a coarse laugh closely approximating a penguin on heat* Aye, aye?! Todgers ahoy, eh?

Serena   *in exasperation* I’ve got sapphic angst coming out of my EARS. What I wouldn’t give for a calm secondment in some god-forsaken former Russian province. Or even the quieter life with Hanssen in Sweden, right now.

Bernie   *sighing* Yep, a life of frostbite and potato vodka is *quite* the relief, I can tell you.

Serena   *eyeing the script that’s just been thrust into her hands* Oh, thanks. *casts her eye over it, registers a certain name, and shoots a disdainful look skyward* Right, must dash. And you didn’t see me! The fandom would have have my spanx for garters if they found out I couldn’t get through a heavy ship without a policeman’s truncheon to keep me going.