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08.11.16 // 4:00 pm //  ♡ ♡ ♡

Today was a pretty productive day for me so I got to enjoy a little personal treat. :D I and my roommate sought adventure in the local bookstore and then off to some coffee time. Because books and coffee is such a perfect combination. Duh.


I was early for my meeting with my mentor so i decided to study for my chem cumulative exam on monday :) also side note: today is such a warm day i can’t wait for spring 🌸


14/4/2017 - my handwriting isn’t the neatest but i’ve finally finished all of my psychology notes so i’m creating a revision sheet to make sure i go over everything before the exam

9 Tips for a better morning!

For me mornings are very important, without a productive morning I lose the day, I could even stay in bed all day. Now, you may not be that extreme, but definitely productive mornings will play a huge role in being productive throughout the day.So, here are a couple of tips to make your morning nice, and to keep you going: 

1. Try to get up once you hear the alarm. I know it’s hard, but by time it will get easier and it would be a habit. 

2. Set your alarm on the same time everyday, even if you don’t need to get up that early. If you want it to be a habit, you’ve got to repeat it everyday until you don’t need the alarm to wake up at that particular time.

3. Now that you’re awake, what is it that you’re longing for? Not breakfast, not yet. You have to brush your teeth first. I know some people prefer to wash their teeth after breakfast, but personally I prefer to wash my teeth first thing in the morning. 

4. Now it’s time for BREAKFAST. Breakfast is very important, and preferably, have it before 7:00 am to make the most use of it. Also, try to have a different breakfast everyday. At least for me, breakfast is pretty much what motivates me to get up in the morning, so I don’t wanna get bored with it, and I try to be creative. There are a few breakfast recipes on Pinterest and Youtube, maybe you should give them a try.  

5. Sometimes, especially in winter, I get lazy and think about skipping shower. In  order to avoid that, I use nice products, for body and hair, they not only smell good, but they also make you feel very good about yourself, maybe even confident. They don’t have to be expensive, just make sure that they do their job and smell good. 

6. Pick a nice outfit. Sometimes I like to get creative with my outfits, so I either come up with a new idea for a particular outfit, or I just pick up my favorite one. Point is, don’t get out of your house if you don’t like what you’re wearing. 

7. Before you leave, make sure that everything is organized, and that you didn’t forget anything. And try to make a to-do list for the day, to stay both organized and motivated.

8. If you’re late, you can get a nice coffee from a coffee shop on your way. If you’re not late, then maybe enjoy your home-made coffee with a book, or maybe the newspaper or podcast, to follow what is going on in the world. 

9. If your school/college is near, maybe you can walk or take a bicycle instead of a car. You could use that time by listening to an audiobook, or even just a nice music, to start your day right. 

I hope this helped, and although most of you guys know these things, I thought it would be a nice reminder for you and me to start the day right. 


3.9.16+12:00pm // 13/100 days of productivity // getting a great start to the day! headed straight to the OG coffee shop after classes and got there just in time to skip the pouring rain. it makes for a lovely studying atmosphere, though.
song of the day: “to build a home” - the cinematic orchestra


12.10.16, 23:25 // days 69-75 out of 100 days of productivity

went to visit uni of Leeds on Saturday (8/10/16) which was rly good n I rly enjoyed it there! it’s not too dissimilar from Manchester rly, as a city. plus there was that rly cute costa coffee shop in the library that looks gr8.

happy studying and productive days! XXX


coffee shop productivity: the upbeat edition

You’ve begun to regain your energy and have fallen into a steady pace of productivity. Chatter from the background, coffee on the table, papers here and there while the laptop’s alive with the work that you’re definitely going to get done. (listen)