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Laxus Tries Not To Adopt a Kid (and Gives Up Pretty Quickly)
[fanfic: Fairy Tail. Futurefic. Sequel to 5 Times Laxus Tries to Deal with Children (and the One Time He Gives Up)] Freed and Laxus agree to look after the guild's latest young recruit. They insist that no. They're not adopting the kid. OF COURSE NOT. So naturally, nobody really believes them.



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Ristretto (short reading): 

  • Mistery of water and a star by @nephilimchloe → OS → AU. Somewhere between Captain Duckling and Lieutenant Duckling. Emma’s ship is attacked by pirates but Captain Jones won’t let that happen. Very beautifully written and incredibly in character. 
  • Mutual decision by @lucylovetgif → OS → a tiny drabble about Emma and Killian having to deal with Emma’s pregnancy I mean too cute. 
  • Untilted by @dani-ellie03 → OS → Reflexion over why Emma feels at home now (it includes snowing and captain swan yas)  
  • Untitlted by @bashful-killian → OS → Daycare coworkers AU. Emma founds out she’s going to have to work at daycare with hottie Killian. Adorable and sweet. 
  • Untilted by @ swallowedsong → OS → College AU. My shower isn’t working, can I use yours ? So in character you might die, funny and lovely. 
  • Caesura by @seastarved → MC → first world war AU. Only the prologue is available but I’m already addicted. Includes Killian being a painter and Emma is model and letters and fuck me wait what. 
  • Untilted by @thelegendofcaptainswan → OS → Future Canon (ah hum). In wich Emma pops the question and it’s freaking adorable. 

Capuccino (long reading ~+1k words):

  • Every Letter by @bleebug​ → MC → Best friends AU, Emma and Killian talking through letters and being there for each other. Adorable, full of feelings, you may actually need tissues. 
  • Coping Mechanisms by @mahstatins​ → OS → Part of the Neverland Renaissance 2.0 trend. Smut, but like glorious smut, and so fucking in character my heart is screaming. If you love tension and Neverland, go ahead. 
  • The one with David’s wedding by @mermaidswans​ → OS → Friends AU. It’s as fluffy as it sounds and it will give you warm fuzzies, and basically if you’re feeling down read this.
  • Friday (Saturday), I’m in love by @high-seas-swan​ → OS → Neighbor AU + smut + lana’s fabulous writing. Killian singing outside of Emma’s flat at a not so reasonable hour of the day, and it’s freaking endearing. 
  • Washed by Water by @caprelloidea​ → OS → Neverland Renaissance 2.0, smut. Basically if you have never read Liz’s work do it because it changes your whole world. I could probably write an essay but I won’t. *squeals silently*
  • Almost Idyllic by @gracemallinson​ → OS → Best friend AU, after years of separation, they meet again and there’s snow in their hair. Very sweet and heartwarming.

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But I also want Hook finally realizing that he IS a weakness for the Dark Swan and then just putting himself in dangerous situation after dangerous situation to try and get through to her. Constantly making her save him. Over and over. SWAN IMMA JUMP OFF THIS ROOF. SWAN IMMA RUN OUT IN ON-COMING TRAFFIC. SWAN IMMA GO PISS OFF THOSE DRAGON LADIES. SWAN IMMA EAT LUNCH THEN SWIM IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS NOT EVEN WAIT 30 MINUTES. 

And Emma saves him every time. And each time she is PISSED, but she keeps coming. And every time he does it, her love for him bubbles up so strong and fierce, that for that moment it drowns out the dark voices in her head. For that moment it’s only him. But then the moment passes and they are back where they were. And she pushes him farther away, because she refuses to yield, she refuses to relinquish control.

And then maybe one time, one time he’s not the one to put himself in danger. He IS in danger. And tired of his game, she stops herself from going to him. Until it’s too late, and he is broken. And suddenly she is there, and everything inside of her breaks, the Dark One breaks. And she’s cradling him, and it’s just like Skin Deep, her icy exterior melts away and she’s just Emma Swan, crying in the street clutching her pirate. And when he finally comes to and sees her, see his Swan, and he cannot believe his eyes. He reaches up to cup her cheek, and she gives herself just a moment to absorb the sensation of his touch, to lay her own hand over his and touch back. 

But the ice starts to return as her mind settles, and the darkness wraps around her once again and she steps back. He struggles to his feet, but does not reach for her again, but instead lets her go. A million pleas sit heavy on his tongue, unspoken as they stare at one another. Her eyes flash one last time, flash that Emma Swan green, and then she is gone. 

And he just stands there, trying to figure out what the hell just happened, but only one thought swirls to the forefront of his mind. That Emma was there. His Emma. He was able to get through to her.

And then he smiles.