coffee ship au

☆ ☆ ☆  what will it take to make or break this hint of love? ☆ ☆ ☆

when it’s late at night and you’re watching that jalapeno whatever that zen’s in with jaehee for the 3028230842th time, but  you keep watching her because she’s so cute and bright and this festering crush is awakening the bEAST

  • Stiles, pulling into the drive-thru: Hi, I’d like my coffee like you.
  • Derek: *eyebrows competing with each other in an Olympic battle*
  • Stiles, grinning: Tall, bitter, with a shot of sugar and too hot to handle
  • Stiles: *winks*
  • Derek: *pouring coffee with added glare & slight smirk* That'll be $5,167,320
  • Stiles: ...WHAT?!
  • Derek, passing the cup through the window: That's my number, dumbass.
  • Stiles: Best. Coffee. EVER!
Ships - Grindeldore

1. Who would be the big spoon?

- It depends on who needs it more. Sometimes when Albus is stressed or angry, Gellert curls up behind him and holds him close. Sometimes when all Gellert wants to do is read and work, Albus is able to get him to calm down and he’s the big spoon.

2. Who would wake up first?

- Gellert. Gellert doesn’t sleep much, so he’s always up earlier than Albus, who grew up with siblings and doesn’t mind some noise around the house in the morning. 

3. Do they have nicknames for each other?

- Albus calls Gellert: chéri, cher, love

- Gellert sometimes calls Albus: darling, my prince

4. What happened when they met each other’s parents?

- It never happened, as neither of them care much for necromancy. 

5. How do they apologize after an argument?

- Gellert rarely apologizes, no matter the issue. But when he does, it usually involves surprising Albus by hugging him from behind or kissing his neck when he doesn’t expect it. 

Albus: I’m still mad at you.

Gellert: Oh? Are you? What a pity, I guess I’ll have to leave…

Albus: Oh shut up, you tease.

Sometimes, if they are separated for awhile Gellert apologizes by sending Albus roses with the deathly hallows symbol attached– no note or name.

- Albus apologizes more frequently because he doesn’t want to lose Gellert too. He surprises him with physical affection as well, or by unexpectedly helping him with something that was stressing him.

6. What would they be like as parents?

- Terrible. 

- Their child would be one of the most intelligent children of all time, knowing three or four languages when they begin to speak well because Albus and Gellert only speak English 25% around the house. It switches between English, Swedish, German, French and sometimes Russian. 

7. Who is the better cook?

- Gellert. Albus is confused by and doesn’t comprehend how much sugar is too much sugar. He lets Gellert handle the cooking. 

8. Who is more romantic?

- Gellert, because he doesn’t have a lot of boundaries. He’ll go to enormous lengths to impress Albus and be romantic, even if it’s not the way Albus expects. Example, Gellert loves surprising Albus with surprise getaways to France, Romania, Brazil, America, etc. At some point, Professor Dumbledore is gone too much that Hogwarts hires a teaching assistant to cover the classes he misses. (Of course, they never know why he’s gone.)

9. What sort of gifts do they get for each other?

- Albus gives Gellert a lot of books, usually with long and meaningful notes on the first blank page.  

- Gellert gives Albus things that he is much too embarrassed to accept at first, due to their large price tag. Sometimes he gives him ornate pureblood trinkets. Sometimes his gifts are more like… experiences.

10. Who gets jealous easiest?

- Albus. Albus Albus Albus Albus. I don’t think this requires explanation after seeing the way Gellert treats Credence in FBAWTFT.

11. Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?

- Albus always gets excited for holidays, because it’s the perfect time to use his transfiguration skills and turn cheap things into wonderful things for his friends and (small) family. Also, he knows that there’s a good change Gellert will contact him on big days like Christmas, New Year and the Solstices. 

12. Who is the most adventurous?

- Gellert. Gellert is an adventure.

13. Who is the most protective?

- Albus is quite protective, but he wills himself not to act on these protective instincts when Gellert is terrorizing the wizarding world. 

14. What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?

- Well, they were childhood sweethearts.

- I am, however, writing a modern AU where Gellert is a mysterious, quiet and incredibly intelligent boy who goes to a private school and Albus is a barista who works well over 40 hours a week while attending public school. They have a number of flirty conversations across the counter and eventually, when Gellert stays until closing for the uptenth time and Albus is closing up alone, Albus leans down to grab Gellert’s empty coffee cup and Gellert kisses him.  

My fave shipping tropes:

- coffee shop aus
- ‘we hate each other but have to work together and there’s a fuckton of sexual tension’
- comfortable married life bc all my otps are angsty and I want my bbys to be happy
- super duper in love but they think the other just wants to be friends so they pine
- one is sick so the other cuddles them and takes care of them
- person a being rlly insecure so b is determined to show a how much they are loved
- meeting the parents!
- A is pregnant and B is just! So! Happy!
- A using rlly cheesy pick up lines when they see B at their job and B rolls their eyes but secretly adores it

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Ok so I got sucked back intro Voltron and specifically Sheith hell!!!!! by a dear friend /////
As we were discussing aus we decided we needed a damn coffee shop au and here it is <33 /H E L P
Shiro owns a fabulous cofee shop and Keith works part-time as a barista.
Shiro drives a damn Harley.

OK SO! Who’s with me on that?!?!?!? :////D

Friendly reminder that any writer, whether you write 100k word multichaptered stories or 50 word drabbles, have 5000 hits or only 50, you’re all amazing and creative and inspirational and i hope you never stop what you’re doing 👍❤❤❤

okay okay so aofuta coffee shop au alright

  • futakuchi is a cheeky barista that is known for flirting with boys, girls, and anyone in between or afar (he’s also known for being a smart ass to his coworkers, but that’s besides the point)
  • one day, a super tall guy comes in and orders something sweet
  • futakuchi teases him about looking like a grumpy bear (r00hd3, futa; it’s not aone’s fault it’s just his face gAWd) and adds in, “you’d probably look cute if you smiled every once in a while”
  • in response, tall grumpy bear (aone if i wasn’t being clear b4) looks to the floor and blushes lightly
  • and futakuchi might have laughed if his face didn’t go flush bc shit tall grumpy bear is actually kind of cute? ? ? ?? 
  • so he turns away from tall grumpy bear because why is he blushing this never happens to him wtf
  • and he is met with an irritated kamasaki that is like wtf are u doing give him his drink
  • whiCH IS NOT THAT EASY RN KAMASKI STFU but he turns around and gives the guy his drink, anyway
  • grumpy bear leaves and futakuchi calms down, though he thinks about mister grumpy bear quite a bit for the rest of the day
  • and he may or may not hope that grumpy bear makes another appearance throughout the week and may or may not have to mask his disappointment when grumpy bear doesn’t show up again
  • so futakuchi just about gets this guy out of his head when, of course, the guy shows up again
  • this time, futakuchi makes sure to get his name
  • and aone is the only thing he can think about for months to come
  • but, before those months, he’s forced to suffer another week without aone coming in
  • so, when aone finally comes in again, futa asks aone where he goes to school
  • he slowly gets to know aone through these once-a-week encounters and always teases him with, “so, you came back to see me, huh~?" 
  • which always makes aone blush
  • which, in turn, always makes futakuchi blush (but not turn around bc he gets a little used to it)
  • and this goes on until kamasaki is like jfc just ask him out wtf r u even doing futakuchi
  • and so he does (not without a "and what would you know about romance, kamasaki?” beforehand ofc)
  • and this really cute and slightly awkward fumbling relationship forms
  • and it’s cute
  • aofuta is cute
  • so CUTE