coffee ship au

  • Stiles, pulling into the drive-thru: Hi, I’d like my coffee like you.
  • Derek: *eyebrows competing with each other in an Olympic battle*
  • Stiles, grinning: Tall, bitter, with a shot of sugar and too hot to handle
  • Stiles: *winks*
  • Derek: *pouring coffee with added glare & slight smirk* That'll be $5,167,320
  • Stiles: ...WHAT?!
  • Derek, passing the cup through the window: That's my number, dumbass.
  • Stiles: Best. Coffee. EVER!

Ok so I got sucked back intro Voltron and specifically Sheith hell!!!!! by a dear friend /////
As we were discussing aus we decided we needed a damn coffee shop au and here it is <33 /H E L P
Shiro owns a fabulous cofee shop and Keith works part-time as a barista.
Shiro drives a damn Harley.

OK SO! Who’s with me on that?!?!?!? :////D

My fave shipping tropes:

- coffee shop aus
- ‘we hate each other but have to work together and there’s a fuckton of sexual tension’
- comfortable married life bc all my otps are angsty and I want my bbys to be happy
- super duper in love but they think the other just wants to be friends so they pine
- one is sick so the other cuddles them and takes care of them
- person a being rlly insecure so b is determined to show a how much they are loved
- meeting the parents!
- A is pregnant and B is just! So! Happy!
- A using rlly cheesy pick up lines when they see B at their job and B rolls their eyes but secretly adores it

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☆ ☆ ☆  what will it take to make or break this hint of love? ☆ ☆ ☆

when it’s late at night and you’re watching that jalapeno whatever that zen’s in with jaehee for the 3028230842th time, but  you keep watching her because she’s so cute and bright and this festering crush is awakening the bEAST

Friendly reminder that any writer, whether you write 100k word multichaptered stories or 50 word drabbles, have 5000 hits or only 50, you’re all amazing and creative and inspirational and i hope you never stop what you’re doing 👍❤❤❤

Imagine Your OTP

Person A is the exact opposite of the type of person who would drink Starbucks, but Person B is as basic as you can get, so they eventually go on a date there. A is reluctant but eventually tries B’s drink, only to realize they really like it, and now B has to have an intervention with A since they now have a Starbucks problem.


Sterek AU: Rise and Shine

Stiles’ brain never seems to cease nor slow down. There were times Derek wished Stiles would spend those precious few moments basking in their afterglow in silence, but he knows now that’s never going to happen; on the contrary, he’s grown to love those moments. 

Derek rolls on his side, entwining himself around Stiles, cuddling him tightly, ear resting over Stiles’ rabbiting heartbeat. Derek drifts in and out of sleep listening to his mate ramble about anything and everything, thinking that he wouldn’t have it any other way. Silence may be golden, but Stiles is a prismatic diamond dispersing light into the darkest corners of his void.