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Part 1 of my TodoDeku Coffee Shop AU
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AU where Deku is a first-year in university and visits the coffee shop near his uni for the fist time. This is where he meets Todoroki that works there. Of course there is more to come!

Aaaahh Deku stop being so honest sometimes (*/∇\*)

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Imagine Your OCs

Coffee Shop OTP Edition

-Person A is sitting by the only outlet in the whole shop. Person B is really nervous and awkward and finds Person B really attractive but really needs to plug their laptop in so they sit right next to Person A

-Person A is staring at their laptop near closing time looking sleep deprived and when they collapse right on their keyboard Person B just turns the lights off, puts a blanket onto them and stays with them until they wake up

-Person A is foreign and can’t understand anyone’s accents, so they keep asking people to spell out their names on paper. When it’s Person B’s turn, they hand their little slip of paper back with their number on it

-It’s person A’s turn to open the cafe, and when they come in they find Person B passed out on one of the chairs, so they spend the morning awkwardly sweeping around them.

-Person A is the shorted barista in the shop, and can never reach anything. Person B is always there to help pull something off the high shelf (Person A is both annoyed and embarrassed about this). When Person A shows up to work one day they find a custom stool with their name and hearts around it and they spend the rest of the day whispering “I hate you” to them while blushing and feeling all warm inside

- Person A and Person B are regular customers, and they get stuck sharing a table for several days when the cafe gets really crowded

-Person A looks out the window and sees Person B, who has not slept in 36 hours, drop their coffee and start crying (and can’t stop because they are so sleep deprived, and when Person B tries to help they only start bawling)

  • Stiles, pulling into the drive-thru: Hi, I’d like my coffee like you.
  • Derek: *eyebrows competing with each other in an Olympic battle*
  • Stiles, grinning: Tall, bitter, with a shot of sugar and too hot to handle
  • Stiles: *winks*
  • Derek: *pouring coffee with added glare & slight smirk* That'll be $5,167,320
  • Stiles: ...WHAT?!
  • Derek, passing the cup through the window: That's my number, dumbass.
  • Stiles: Best. Coffee. EVER!

☆ ☆ ☆  what will it take to make or break this hint of love? ☆ ☆ ☆

when it’s late at night and you’re watching that jalapeno whatever that zen’s in with jaehee for the 3028230842th time, but  you keep watching her because she’s so cute and bright and this festering crush is awakening the bEAST

My fave shipping tropes:

- coffee shop aus
- ‘we hate each other but have to work together and there’s a fuckton of sexual tension’
- comfortable married life bc all my otps are angsty and I want my bbys to be happy
- super duper in love but they think the other just wants to be friends so they pine
- one is sick so the other cuddles them and takes care of them
- person a being rlly insecure so b is determined to show a how much they are loved
- meeting the parents!
- A is pregnant and B is just! So! Happy!
- A using rlly cheesy pick up lines when they see B at their job and B rolls their eyes but secretly adores it

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For @losfrpw2k17, Day Five, Free Day. Heatvibe Cafe AU.

Summary: Cisco didn’t expect to fall for the grumpy guy, who made the most divine cup of coffee this side of Central, or the melt-in-your-mouth-you’ve-gone-to-heaven- pancakes, but he did.

And it’s not like anyone could blame him either, cause really, have you seen Mick’s shoulder’s or just how good he is with his hands as he shapes delicate looking roses out of fondant? Or how Mick can talk for hours about the mechanics engineering, even if most of the science didn’t make since to him? So yeah, Cisco totally fell and he fell hard.

Now if he could just work up the courage to ask the other man out….

(Maybe he could get Iris to do it for him, since she asked Mick’s partner for her and Barry, he wonders as he sips slowly at his coffee, the Vibe, named and created specifically for him.)

Mass Effect Relationships Week - Fanfiction Promps

As part of the Mass Effect Relationships Week, or #MERweek, being held by @cactuarkitty to celebrate all relationships within the original Mass Effect trilogy (all kinds of relationships - romantic, platonic, friendships, bromances, familial, enemies, frenemies, working relationships etc.) I was asked to put together a fun set of prompts for fanfic writers to sink their teeth into for the week! 

The week runs from  June 5th to June 11th and is for the original Mass Effect trilogy only. I’m posting these prompts a few days early since I know we fic writers like to plan! Remember to use the #MERweek tag for your fics!

Day 1: The Day We Met
The first day seems like a fitting place to focus on beginnings, so here you have a chance to tell us how a particular relationship started.

Day 2: Pictures Of You
Write a drabble or fic revolving around a photograph or hologram that your character has, or that another character has of them. Perhaps it’s of someone they love like a family member or lover, perhaps it’s from a file of someone they work with, or perhaps it’s of their enemy and they throw knives at it every night? The choice is yours!

Day 3: Late Night Confessions
Write a late night story involving your characters sharing a secret or confessing something to do with a relationship.

Day 4: In the Heat of Battle
Battles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes - sometimes they’re physical with biotics and guns, but sometimes they’re emotional, sometimes they’re internal, sometimes they’re inside our own minds. Write a scene about a battle your character is having to do with a relationship.

Day 5: Fun With Food
Okay, it was bound to happen eventually! It’s time for your character to have some fun in the kitchen, or perhaps take someone out for a meal, or maybe organise a dinner party. The choice is yours! Whatever happens, they need to have some fun with food!

Day 6: Break My Heart
Life isn’t all smiles and laughter. Time to write a little something about a time that a relationship broke your character’s heart. And no, this doesn’t mean in a romantic sense - I think we all know that friends, family and the people we trust, can cut just as deep. Yes, embrace the angst.

Day 7: Alternate Universe
Let’s have some fun for our final day! Time to drop your character into an alternate universe story for the final relationship tale. Maybe you want to write a coffee ship AU, a Highschool AU, a Modern Day AU, or an evil Mirror Universe AU? Whatever it is, have fun! :)

Please make sure to tag your MERweek writing with the tag #MERweek so we can reblog and share it. Have fun!

chocobochild  asked:

Nyello lovely prompt list you got there,,, could I maybe get uuuuhhhh either 16 with zaveid/eizen or 7 with Lailah/Zaveid?

Of course dear

#7 “You come into the Starbucks I work at all the time  but you suddenly work up the courage to tell me I’ve been writing your name wrong for six months. This is awkward I am sorry please forgive me.”

“Listen,” he says. “I have lesson planning to do when we get back to campus. I’ve been losing entire lunch breaks for six months to your useless brooding. Either tell her that isn’t your name, or legally change it so that it is.”

Teeny tiny bit of language, but otherwise safe. 

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Ok so I got sucked back intro Voltron and specifically Sheith hell!!!!! by a dear friend /////
As we were discussing aus we decided we needed a damn coffee shop au and here it is <33 /H E L P
Shiro owns a fabulous cofee shop and Keith works part-time as a barista.
Shiro drives a damn Harley.

OK SO! Who’s with me on that?!?!?!? :////D

hi so I haven’t done anything productive in the past month so I want to know which one of these Drabble prompts you would most want to see

•solangelo high school thing with cheerleader!will

•a percabeth high school au where annabeth joins the swim team to get closer to Percy & he teaches her how to swim

•one of those “moments” things with solangelo and everything that will has “healed” for Nico

•a theyna high school au where Reyna is the toughest girl but works at a library, Thalia gets expelled and has to be homeschooled, they meet at the library (idk I’m still working it out) -> rElAtIoNsHiP dEcElOpMeNt

•solangelo flowershop au

•frazel coffee shop au

•any ship (just tell me which one you want) with a wholesome baking food fight

Or request a ship and a prompt !!