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Challenge Your Shelf || March 2017 

Day 6: Book Recs 

I bought the new edition of the princess saves herself in this one, and I can’t wait to reread it! If you haven’t already, I suggest you buy it, grab your favorite hot beverage and jump right in! I’ve read numerous poetry books since I first read this one last year, but the princess saves herself in this one is still my all time favorite. 

Coffee and Creamer

Author’s Note: FINALLY! Thank you for being patient. To the two cupcakes who requested a sequel to The Mistress and to the cupcake who requested a blow job fic, I hope you enjoy!

You’d woken up to the smell of coffee and the faint sunlight peeking through the curtains. You rolled over in bed, tangling yourself in the soft, silk sheets, and looked at the time. He had 08:00 meeting that morning and by the distant sound of his voice, you could tell he was already tired. You knew it wasn’t easy being a CEO and, now that you were dating one, you realized just how much he gave himself to his company.  

You groggily got up and made your way to the bathroom. Pushing your hair out of your way to wash your face and brush your teeth, you tried to make yourself look fresh faced. You slipped into his shirt from the night before and followed the sound of his voice to the living room.

He was sitting hunched over his laptop, his glasses sitting dangerously close to the edge of his nose as he glossed over the multitudes of papers on the table. The voices on the telecom were talking over each other, crunching numbers and organizing deadlines, in what seemed like an overwhelming chaos. Nonetheless, your boyfriend calmly listened, writing notes here and there and interjecting his comments intermittently.

His looked up at you and smiled. You smiled back and, careful to be quiet, walked over to kiss him on the lips.

“Good morning.” You mouthed silently to him.

“Morning” he mouthed back.

You took the empty coffee cup from the table and went into the kitchen. You knew he drank his coffee black, but you couldn’t quite get over the bitterness and opened the refrigerator for some milk. You stopped, staring down at the little bottle of hazelnut coffee creamer in the shelf.  You mentioned how much you liked that particular creamer once days ago and here it was. Even though you’d only been officially dating for a few weeks, he’d already ensured that you had everything you needed when you were over from a toothbrush to feminine hygiene products and now your favorite coffee creamer. You stopped smiling like an idiot and closed the refrigerator, but it reappeared as you poured the coffees and went back to the living room.

He saw you coming with the reinforcements and patted his lap welcomingly. You blushed, placing his mug on the table before seating yourself on his lap.

“You’re the best. I love you.” He said quietly. You were rewarded with a quiet kiss on your shoulder before he regained his professionalism and carried on with his work call.

Despite the fact that you’d been fucking for over a year, these past few weeks felt brand new. You’d exchange shy looks over dinner as if you hadn’t already seen his cum face millions of times before. Simple, lingering touches or cuddles still seemed awkward at first regardless of how many evenings you’d spent bouncing on his dick or sitting on his face. Even quick “I gotta go or I’ll be late” kisses still made your stomach flip. It was all very strange, but you were enjoying it.

You reached over, pulling his face towards yours and kissed him affectionately. His flustered smile made your heart swell. You motioned for him to go back to his call while you busied yourself with checking your own schedule on your phone. He hadn’t been sitting for five minutes before you felt the familiar bulge beneath you. You turned to your boyfriend, who had a cheeky smile on his face, and raised a questioning eyebrow.

“I can’t help it. You’re just so sexy.” He whispered back, his deep voice making goose bumps raise over your skin. He shifted under you, adjusting you between his legs with a groan. “Baby…” he said in a voice you knew all too well.  

“Remember that you’re on a work call.” You murmured as a heat began to ignite in your lower belly. “You should be paying attention.”

“We’re wrapping up anyway.” He said, trailing kisses up your shoulder to the weak spot on your neck. You moaned softly and felt him smile against your skin. He spoke in Korean towards his phone to which another voice answered back. Switching back to English, he turned to you.

“Show Daddy what that pretty mouth can do, hmm?” He knew what to say to you to make you weak. You knew you should leave him alone and let him work. You hesitated, wanting him to maintain his professionalism rather than succumb to his own neediness. The erection pressed against you warned that it was probably too late for that.

“And when you’re whining and moaning my name?” you asked as you stood up from him lap, turning towards him and kneeling down between his legs. “What would your executives think of their CEO then?” you inquired as you pulled the shirt over your head, leaving you in just your panties. He didn’t answer, but the way the thin material of his pajama pants were tenting gave him away. His tongue glided over his lips cautiously as you pulled the edge of his bottoms down and took him in your hand. You kissed the head of his cock lightly, teasing him with feather light touches. You lazily licked at the shaft of his cock, focusing on coating him with your saliva rather than getting him off. You looked up at him, enjoying the strained look on his face. To your surprise, he was maintaining his professionalism quite well. You intended to change that. You pushed his knees further apart, raking your nails along his inner thighs. He sucked in a breath of air, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip.  You gripped his dick and spit on it, using the flick of your wrist to erase any friction as you began to pump him.

“F-f-f-fuck.” He groaned quietly, sliding forward in the chair.

“I haven’t even done anything yet baby.” You teased, placing a kiss to his inner thigh. You playfully bit down on the place you’d just kissed, producing a surprised, throaty moan.

“Mmm, don’t do that sweetheart.” He warned, although it carried almost no threat judging by the way his eyes were glazing over.

“But I like the way it makes your cock twitch in my hand.” You said provocatively. His hand came down to caress your jawline as an airy smile played on his lips.

“I’ll cum too quick if you keep doing that.” he said.

You smirked and slowly took the head of his cock in your mouth. Swirling your tongue over his slit while gently sucking on the tip of him, you wrapped your fingers around his shaft. Even at such an erotic moment, you wanted to make him feel good. You wanted to show him how much you cared about him. You began doing what you knew he liked, pleasuring him as best you could. His breathing turned ragged as he tried to keep quiet.

His booming voice, loud and clear, startled you. He said a few things into his phone while slamming his laptop closed. You’d already forgotten that he was on a conference call, the sound of his executives had become background noise long ago. He said a few more hurried words then pressed the end call button on his phone repeatedly before tossing it across the room and onto the sofa. You would have giggled if not for the lustful, almost carnal, look in his eyes. He reached down for you, grabbing you by the sides of your face and kissed you intensely. You moaned into the kiss as his fingers moved down, gently squeezing around your throat. Just as quickly, he pulled away from you, his teeth pulling at your bottom lip. You let out a small whimper at the loss of contact.

“Baby.” He said breathily. You looked up at him through your eyelashes. He looked gorgeous with his blown pupils and swollen lips. “Take your panties off.” He groaned, “I want you to play with that pussy while you suck my cock.” His words had you soaking through your panties almost instantly. You obeyed, stopping long enough to step out of your panties and kick them aside before squatting back down. You wrapped your lips around the head of his cock again, bobbing your head up and down in a steady rhythm. With newfound fervor, you pleasured him with your mouth while taking your free hand and gingerly touching yourself. You were surprisingly sensitive. Turning him on turned you on. You slowly circled your clit, moaned around his dick at the feeling. He moved his hand to your hair, gathering it up into a pony tail.

“You’re so gorgeous, baby.” He moaned. You relaxed your jaw, taking as much of him as you could. You could feel his hips jerking and knew he was close. You bobbed your head in time with his thrusts, moaning and drooling down his cock until his hips stilled and ropes of hot cum coated your throat. You swallowed around him, causing him to shriek out in pleasure and pain. You leaned back, still dazed, and admired how fucked out he looked.

“Come here.” He said. You stood up and leaned into him, bringing your lips to his hungrily. He kissed your back, tasting himself on your lips. His hands snaked around your thighs, his hands cupping your ass and hoisting you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist instinctively while kissing along his jawline and nipping at his neck. He plopped you down on the table (on top of all his paperwork). He kissed your lips, trailed down to your décolleté, sucking lightly on the skin above your collarbone and down to your breast. Wrapping one of your peaked nipples in his mouth and pinching the other, you threw your head back at the sharp but pleasant feeling. He switched, giving each nipple equal parts of pleasure and pain.

“Babe…” you moaned, trying to urge him to go lower.

“Lean back baby.” He pressed gently. You lay back on the table. “I want your legs up.” He said, pushing your legs up towards your face. You grabbed your calves and held your legs in place for him. “That’s it, baby girl. Just like that.” You moaned at the feeling of his soft lips on your thighs. He bit down, almost exactly where you’d bitten him earlier, and playfully sucked on the soft skin while he massaged your opposite thigh. As good as this felt, you needed him in another place.  

“Baby…” you squirmed. He smiled darkly as he seated himself between your legs.

“You’re so wet for me.” he groaned. He carefully outlined your pussy. His faint touches made you squirm, tickling and tantalizing all at once. He smirked, fully aware of the affect he had, and continued to tease you for what seemed like hours.

“You are so rude!” you yelled out in frustration. He giggled childishly, his face shinning with mischievous joy.

“You like when I play with your pretty pussy, don’t you?” he asked as he began to rub circles into your clit with the pad of his thumb, making you jerk in pleasure. All of his teasing had made your clit hypersensitive.

“Yes, but please…” you urged, trying to relieve some of the pressure building. The more you moved towards him, eager to feel him, the more he pulled away.

“Please what? Tell Daddy what you want.” He teased, punishing you by firmly spanking your clit, sending satisfying shocks up your body. You yelped out, arching your back towards him.

“Fuck me, please.” You moaned out in frustration.

“Hmmm, no…not yet.” He said, “I want you to cum on my tongue first.” You almost screamed when his warm tongue finally brushed over your clit. He circled over your clit before running his tongue up and down your pussy and stopping at your clit again. “You taste so good, so sweet.” He praised, lapping noisily at the arousal pooling at your entrance. You were weak for his praise. You moaned loudly with each trace of his tongue, each lick, each bite. You weren’t going to last very long, every touch bringing you closer and closer to your climax. He flattened his tongue on your clit and shook his head quickly, making your whole body contract.

“Spread your legs.” He said looking up at you, his tone gentle yet firm. You weakly complied, if only enough to keep from suffocating him. He returned to his work, his tongue gliding across your pussy with ease. He didn’t let up, applying the perfect amount of pressure and sloppily making out with your clit. You reached out for his shoulders as your moans turned into screams.

“Don’t stop! You’re gonna make me cum!” you warned. He gripped your thighs tightly as he brought you crashing into a mind blowing orgasm. He guided you through a second orgasm, his tongue never leaving your clit until you couldn’t handle it anymore.

He sat back in the chair and licked his lips. You looked over at him, his mouth slick with your juices. He winked at you as he wiped his mouth with the back on his hand.

“That was so fucking sexy, baby.” He said. He stood up and pushed the chair out of his way. Grabbing your legs, he pulled you to the edge of the table. You watched as he pumped himself in his hand before positioning himself between your legs. You bit your lip in anticipation, but instead of fucking you senseless he began tracing the tip of his cock against your labia with a look of concentration.

“Don’t fucking tease me, please!” you mewled. He groaned deeply, the guttural sound making you wetter (if that was at all possible).

“Really baby?” He taunted as he wiggled his cock against your clit. “After all those times you would tie me up and leave me begging for you to touch me? Don’t tell me you can’t handle a little overstimulation.” Any other time, you would have wiped that smug look off his pretty face, but right now he deserved to gloat. Your pussy was throbbing so hard you thought you’d cum a third time if the wind blew on it.

“Please baby, please just fuck m – OH FUCK” you moaned out in unison as he entered you, the mixture of your slickness and his pre cum allowing him to fill you effortlessly. His grip on your thighs would no doubt leave a bruise, but neither of you cared at the moment. He pulled out completely before slamming back into you, the loud sound of skin on skin and your mutual moans filling the room. He fucked you in earnest, giving you everything he had left in him. You held onto whatever your hands could reach, your eyes rolling in the back of your head in pleasure as his thrusts became jerkier.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He huffed in between ragged breaths. You nodded, words escaping you in favor of moans. “Rub your clit for me, baby.” He said huskily, sweat beginning to pour down his face and onto your stomach.

“B-but, it’s too sensitive.” You squealed. Hearing you disobey, he looked at you with a frown and reached up and grabbed your cheeks gently, tilting your head back.

“Right now.” He ordered, placing a kiss on your lips. Despite the gentleness in his voice, there was a dark dominance behind it that you didn’t dare disobey. You did as you were told, moaning as your body jerked at the sensation. Your orgasm hit you by surprise, making your body convulse in ecstasy.  His (whiny) orgasm was seconds later, your contracting walls milking his orgasm out of him.

He collapsed on top of you, his sweaty body weight comforting you in the aftermath. While you both regained your breaths, he began peppering your face with kisses, stopping frequently to savor the taste of your lips while his fingers gently rubbed soothing circles into your hips. All of his dominance was now replaced with sweetness and gentleness. You held onto him tightly, feeling a fresh wave of affection for him. You could feel his heart beat pounding in his chest. It was calming.

“I love you” he said. You kissed him again, smiling up at him when he pulled away for air.

“I love you too.”

mysticpaladins-exe  asked:

could you do a hc of the RFA boys (plus V and Saeran) accidentally walking in on MC, maybe taking a shower or getting dressed or something? :3

I know you said boys but I couldn’t help but include Jaehee. If you don’t want to read her’s, you can just skip through it so I hope you don’t mind!

Does this class as NSFW? I’m not entirely sure but I’ll warn just in case that there’s nudity and implied sex. Here goes!

RFA members walk in on MC naked


-You were staying over at his house for your first sleepover
-So after a busy evening of LOLOL, you really needed a shower
-Yoosung was half way through a raid so you told him where you were going
-Only Yoosung didn’t pay attention because he was too busy playing LOLOL
-After spending ten minutes searching for the towels in his apartment, you finally go into the bathroom and strip down
-Then you’re faced with a foreign shower
-I’m not the only one who never knows how to use other people’s showers, right?
-For a couple of minutes you stand naked in the shower trying to figure out why the shower won’t work
-Then you notice the switch at the other end of the bathroom
-Time to take the walk of shame across the room
-It just so happens to be now that Yoosung decides he needs a toilet break
-And he can’t recall you saying anything at all so assumed you’d gone to get a drink or something
-Only to open the bathroom door to see you halfway across the room headed to the switch for the shower
-You both scream
-Yoosung quickly shuts the door, bright red in the face and spouts out a string of apologies
-“Yoosung, I don’t mind you seeing me naked,” you tell him.
-He’s way too red and embarrassed to respond properly to that.
-“I…um…. sorry I just wanted to use the toilet.”
-“Well come in now before I take a shower then.”
-Yoosung slowly opens the door to see that you’ve put a towel around yourself now
-Thank the stars
-He definitely can’t forget seeing your body
-Which makes it awkward when during the night he remembers it whilst you’re cuddling against his side
-And he starts to get a boner
-Oh dear


-You did tell Zen that you were taking a shower despite the fact that he was reading his script
-So you took that shower after a busy day at work
-You definitely needed to shave anyway considering you were staying at Zen’s every night now
-Always gotta be prepared for the beast
-Zen didn’t realise that you told him you were taking a shower and decides now is a good time to go and brush his teeth
-So he opens the door and makes his way into the bathroom
-Only to turn around and see you drying off your hair
-Completely naked
-“Umm… Zen?” is all you say
-Control the beast. Control the beast. Control the beast.
-“Sorry, I forgot,” Zen somehow manages to splutter out before walking out again.
-Now he has a problem
-A problem that’s slowly rising in his pants
-What is he supposed to do?
-You just looked so hot
-And you were staying the night in his bed
-The more he thinks about it, the harder it is for him to control himself
-So the second you step out of the bathroom, in your pyjamas now, he grabs you
-“I’m sorry, MC. You’re just too hot,” he says before kissing you
-Very passionately
-It doesn’t take long for him to be admiring your naked body yet again
-And you’re definitely willing to help with his problem
-I mean, who would complain?


-You knew you were clumsy
-So it was only a matter of time until you managed to spill coffee down yourself in Jaehee’s and your cafe
-The scolding liquid did leave you with a bit of a problem, though, so you decided to go into the back where you kept spare work clothes
-Only once you’d peeled your dress off, it seemed the liquid had seeped through to your underwear
-Off go the bra and panties
-The best thing to do was to place them on the radiator to dry and stand there naked for a bit
-You were in the store cupboard, anyway. It wasn’t like anyone was going to see you
-Turns out you were out of coffee beans in the store so Jaehee had come down to get some more from storage
-To find you stood there naked holding coffee soaked clothes
-Oh if only the door closed and locked you in then like it did in the Valentines DLC
-Jaehee goes bright red
-As do you
-The two of you end up stuttering until you both finally explain why you’re there in this position
-“Sorry, Jaehee. I’ll be back in the store…. clothed…. in a minute,” you apologise
-“Yeah- uh- that would be good,” Jaehee stammers back
-Don’t lie, Jaehee, we all know you want to see MC like that all the time
-She grabs the coffee beans from the shelf whilst you awkwardly hold your clothes in front of you
-“You’re very pretty by the way,” Jaehee says quietly before dashing out of the storage cupboard and closing the door quickly
-Thanks, Jaehee, you’re now left as a stuttering, blushing mess


-He had told you that you were allowed to sleep in his bedroom whilst staying in his penthouse
-And he did tell you he was going to talk to the security guard
-So now seemed like the best time to change into your pyjamas
-In his bedroom
-Seriously, MC, you were doomed from the start
-Well Jumin ends up finishing his talk with the security guard quicker than expected
-And you end up getting changed slower than expected
-So when Jumin returns to his room and doesn’t knock, even though the door is closed
-He gets the lovely sight of your naked body struggling with a nightgown in the middle of his room
-The poor man just goes bright red
-And the both of you are speechless
-He just stares at you for about three minutes
-Whilst you stand there frozen
-“W-would you like some help with your nightgown?” he finally asks.
-“Erm… yes please,” you admit
-So he helps slide it down your body
-When his hand connects with your stomach
-You inhale sharply at his touch and he doesn’t fail to notice
-Boi does he get turned on
-So he just spins you around, now clothed luckily, and kisses you
-He’s not one to beat around the bush when it comes to needing to get his affections out
-But he also disagrees with living together before marriage because of precisely this
-So he decides to end the kiss with a, “Good night, MC.” and leave with your naked body permanently etched in his mind
-You’re pretty sure there’s an empty bottle of wine in the kitchen the following morning that wasn’t previously there, though


-After messing around his house for the full day, you definitely needed a shower
-But Seven had work to do so you were by yourself for a little while now
-He’d promised it was only short and he definitely didn’t seem to be concentrating too hard, but he did have his headphones in
-So you weren’t entirely sure if he heard you say you were going for a shower
-Oh well, what’s the worst that could happen?
-Seven decides he himself needs a shower because he’s spent the day both messing around with you and sitting at the computer
-And he hasn’t taken his hoodie off all day
-Plus you’re staying the night
-Gotta smell nice for bae
-So he walks into the bathroom, prepared to take a nice shower
-Only to find you staring at him through the glass panes
-Naked and in the shower
-Poor tomato boy goes as red as his hair
-“Sorry I didn’t realise you were in here!” he says, preparing to leave
-But he’s already seen you naked now
-So you’re going to have a little fun
-“Wait, were you going to take a shower? You could probably do with one,” you say
-“Do I smell?” Seven asks
-“You stink of Honey Buddha Chips. Why don’t you let me wash you properly?”
-Ok, if he wasn’t red before
-He certainly is now
-You can’t help but laugh, despite being very nervous yourself
-You definitely aren’t going to show it
-“Come on, you might as well now.”
-Well, you’ve persuaded him
-But he’d very timid about actually undressing- he’s terrified you’re going to find him ugly
-As if
-However once he sees the lust in your eyes and joins you in the shower
-Let’s just say he ain’t being so shy anymore
-And washing isn’t the only thing you end up doing
-How come Seven and MC always end up banging in my headcanons what?


-He’s had the treatment for his eyes
-Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to tell that you’re naked
-The two of you had just been for a walk in the park so he could take photos
-When a friendly dog had come over to greet you
-You loved dogs but this one had really muddy paws so when it jumped up on you, you got coated in mud
-The owner apologised profusely but you and V just smiled and laughed it off
-Only now that you were back at his house, you really needed to change out of your muddy attire
-You forgot to tell V where you were going, though
-So this precious bean starts panicking about where you are
-In his frenzy, he doesn’t knock on your door and instead just bursts in
-Because you’re only lazing about the house, you decide not to wear a bra which leaves you stood there in only your panties
-“Thank goodness you’re here! I thought I’d lost you,” V gasps in relief, barely even aware of the fact that you’re practically naked
-“Umm…. V?”
-“Oh, sorry love. I’ll leave you in peace to get changed,” he smiles
-Why is he so precious?
-V isn’t phased at all by the fact that you’re indecent and just hugs you in relief and kisses the top of your head
-“By the way, you’re so beautiful, MC,” he adds before leaving
-Leaving you bright red and so in love with him
-Please, someone buy me ten of this guy


-Saeran told you he was getting ice cream in your kitchen
-So you decided this was a good time to take a shower
-Only you ended up talking with Jumin and Zen on the messenger and their bickering made you forget about your towel and your boyfriend downstairs
-You continued to talk to them as you went into the bathroom
-Once the conversation had ended, you stripped down and then realised your mistake
-You left your towel in your room
-Oh well, you could just nip back and get it quickly
-But you’d forgotten Saeran was still in the house with you
-So you walked, naked, into your room
-To find Saeran sat in your chair staring at you
-He is shook
-“Oh no, I forgot you were here, sorry!” you laugh, grabbing the towel quickly to try and cover yourself up
-“I-you-“ the cinnamon roll is struggling to form words
-“Saeran, you’re my boyfriend, you are allowed to see me naked,” you giggle at his cute flustered expression
-Saeran grumbles something under his breath about not wanting to rush things
-You giggle again
-“Ok, I’m going to take the shower then. Sorry!”
-He just gets flustered so easily aww

anonymous asked:

Hey! So I'm literally taller than every RFA member could you do some headcanons of MC being taller than RFA+ Saeran?? Thanks :)

Woahhh you must be pretty tall! I’m pretty short lol. I added V as well, I hope you don’t mind^^

RFA+V and Saeran react to a Tall MC

-Zen is SHOOK
-The beast is unleashed
-He’s use to being taller than most other people
-Power couple lol, you are taller than everyone
-Both of you fight over who gets to be the big spoon
-Zen wins usually (more like the beast wins)

-A bit shook
-He’s use to smaller women
-He didn’t expect you to be his height
-He doesn’t care for the most part, height doesn’t really matter to him(personality does!)
-When you guys are out in public, you are legit giraffes compared to everyone

-A bit disappointed, he wants to be the taller one XD
-Uses you to reach tall cabinets sometimes
-When you get into fights, you sometimes hold his controller to one of his consoles to annoy him
-It’s nice sometimes though, because if men hit in you, you can intimidate th m with your height
-No yandere yoosung(thank god, please stay pure Yoosung)

-Likes being smol
-Is usually the small spoon
-Laughs because one time you hit your head on the doorway to the cafe(but then quickly makes sure you’re okay)
-Feels really protected when you’re around, so tall^^
-When she won’t stop working, you threaten to put her coffee on a shelf she can’t reach, she stops working
-Sometimes you carry her bridal style when you go up to bed, Baehee.EXE has stopped working

-Piggiebacks for days
-Likes you to carry him bridal style lmao
24/7 he’s like “I don’t wanna walk, can I have a piggyback?”
-Lowkey more like highkey brags about you in the group chat, “Did ya know, my MC is 6 feet tall” Seven, you’ve told us that five times

-He thought he was tall, but nope
-Sometimes when he’s taking pictures, you lift him up to get him the right angle
-Boi, he’s flustered
-You guys are around the same height but you say you’re bigger
-Sure MC

-Like Jumin he doesn’t mind height
-Except when you hold things above him, MC GiVE tHe Ice CrEaM
-Hates when you hit your head on doors, one time he threatened the door, no joke
-He loves when you hide things from Saeyoung
-You guys are master prankers when it comes to hiding Saeyoung’s things

~Mod Saeran
Wooooo we finally get to write stuff!!