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College Life 101

Alrighty folks, here are some nifty tips on how I survived (and could have better survived) college: 

  • As soon as you have your schedule, email your professors. Everyone. Especially if you have questions about the course, if you’re going to miss, etc. also make sure you do it from your school email, many professors will not check an email if it isn’t from a school address. 
  • On move in day, bring a door stop.  moving in is so much easier when you don’t need someone to hold the door for everything. 
  • Shoe racks and command strips/hooks will be your best friend. Use the racks for misc. things like utensils, seasonings, Keurig mixes, hot chocolate, etc. 
  • Bring a whiteboard/corkboard. Write down your classes and anything you need to get done for those classes and make sure that you keep it updated. On the cork side post up papers with important numbers, a map of campus, and other things you get. 
  • SIGN UP FOR ACTIVITIES (ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE ON A SMALL CAMPUS) otherwise you’re not going to have a fun experience. Even if it’s just something you THINK you may have a slight interest in, try it! 
  • Go to one or two sporting events, just for the hell of it
  • Put important dates in your phone calendar or even a planner. Somewhere you will be reminded of them. Times and dates are critical. 
  • Eat. and eat well. 
  • Use chegg, upper classmen, or other resources for textbooks before you buy them. Campus bookstores are astronomically expensive and it can be a lot cheaper going somewhere else. I use Chegg and they also send you free tide pods, coffee samples, etc. 
  • Bring medicine that you’ve used in the last two years, even if you haven’t used it in a while just to be safe. 
  • If you’re gonna do laundry on the weekends Friday and Saturday nights OR Sunday mornings are prime time. Be prepared for staying up late or getting up early to do laundry 
  • PUT. A TIMER. ON. YOUR. LAUNDRY. Seriously, when you have to share a laundry room there is nothing more annoying than someone who won’t move their laundry out for other people. 
  • On a related note DO NOT THROW OTHER PEOPLE’S LAUNDRY ON THE FLOOR. Fold it up, leave it on the dryers or w/e with a little note. Don’t be an asshole. 
  • Keep extra pads and tampons around everywhere you go. Help yourself and/or ya menstruating friends out. 
  • Bring a phone/laptop charger with you throughout the day. I know I personally have some long breaks between my classes where I do homework and w/e
  • Use Google docs for your assignments, or other programs that back up your work to the cloud. My laptop broke halfway through the semester and the only thing that saved me was Google Docs because my school uses gmail
  • Download Groupme. Right now. Do it. It’s a great way to create group chats, keep them in one place, and keep them backed up somewhere, you’re gonna have some for group projects, your dorm, any programs, etc. 
  • Bring a three hole punch, scissors, glue, tape, notecards, and binders. Also get pocketed folders for any important research papers you may need to turn in. 
  • ALSO DRY ERASE MARKERS ARE A LIFE SAVER. bring them around for studying in empty classrooms it’s v helpful
  • COLOR CODE YOUR BINDERS/NOTE BOOKS/STICKY NOTES. Your binder for one class and all its accessories should be one colors. Color organize your notes. (If you’re colorblind, use patterns or something simple for you.) 
  • Try typing up your notes after classes, save them to your laptop and whatever online thing you use. Sometimes you’ll need your notes and you either won’t have your notebook, laptop, or both and it can be very important to keep your notes accessible. 
  • Make use of tutoring services or other students/friends that are good in your classes. C’s get degrees and if people can help you understand it better then WOO
  • Try not to miss too many classes, but if you do make sure you contact your professors about it (or someone in that class.) 
  • Sleep is v important, but can also be too good so set alarms at least a half hour before your classes to get ready and go. 

Take deep breaths. Make friends. Take no shit, do no harm

((These are based off of my personal experiences, feel free to add on if you think of something))


Just some of HICKORY FARMS many cheeses. Also, ‘Home of Beef Stick'—pure beef summer sausage sold in 300 fairs and shows. A store you MUST see. It is F‑A‑B‑U‑L‑O‑U‑S! 126 different kinds of cheese - smoked meats - imported candy - gourmet items. Above all genuine hospitality! Free Coffee! Samples too!

Practical Magic: Coffee in Spellwork

The night before Samhain this year, I held a 12-hour candle vigil for my ancestors. Those who know me understand that I am more than capable of staying up very late, and I usually don’t make it to bed until around 3 in the morning. However, staying up ALL night without at least getting a nap in the morning is particularly difficult. So of course, aside from the candle and my Book of Shadows, my best friend was the coffee pot.

My relationship with coffee is a long and caring one. I’ve had expensive coffees and cheap coffees, and I have been known to visit coffee shops simply to sample an espresso or a cappuccino and decide whether that cafe will be a new haunt. And while I tend to be a bit of a “foodie snob” as some of my friends call me, my love of coffee overrides the derision that many other coffee lovers have for cheap coffees like Folgers. Only the watered down or burnt fast food or gas station coffees earn my scorn, as not enough love and care is put into the creation of this divine beverage.

But I digress.

The origins of coffee, I find, are rather humorous. According to legend, a goat herder in Africa had approached a shaman, concerned about the berries and beans that his goats had been eating. They would eat these berries and begin acting strangely, with bouts of energy followed by lethargy.

Upon hearing the herder’s story and looking over the berries, the shaman cast the berries into the fire, warning that the herder should keep the goats away from the berries, as evil spirits clearly inhabit the fruits and are possessing the goats. But as the beans roasted in the flames, they gave off a delightful smell, and the shaman was intrigued. He ground the beans up and created a tea from them, and thus the first cup of coffee was brewed.

Whether the account is true or not, it speaks to the magical qualities of the world’s most popular energy drink. I find that coffee is as powerful as sage, and as multipurpose as quartz in its witchy properties. But to get a good idea of what coffee is capable of, I feel it is best to break it up based on how the coffee is prepared - whether we’re talking about the drink, the grounds, or both.

The Drink

Perhaps the most ubiquitous use for coffee after one has brewed a cup is for energy. Cars line up at drive-thru cafe’s all over the United States in the early mornings simply to get that caffeine high that’ll get the day started. And while this is understandable, for me the caffeine isn’t enough (I am a caffeine addict, after all… one cup of coffee isn’t going to do anything if I rely upon the caffeine alone!).

Like tea, you can empower your coffee with intent and emotion, channeling visualizations of being energized, awake, and alert into the brew before savoring its rich, bitter flavor. But being energized physically isn’t the only form of alertness that coffee can gift to the witch. I have found that empowering the coffee for psychic awareness - for opening the Third Eye - is exceptionally useful. And for someone like me who drinks coffee as a way of winding down before bed, this is particularly useful for making dreams more vivid and memorable or for helping make astral travel easier and more efficient.

But the way you brew your coffee can even impact spellwork! In some traditions, empowering iced or cold coffees can be useful for more reflective purposes, or for using a spell that can be nice and slow rather than speedy. Espresso, on the other hand, is for quick and hot spells that you need quick results for, or for enhancing concentration (imagine drinking espresso, surrounded by rosemary plants in a garden as you study! I shudder happily at the thought!).

As we begin to look toward the grounds, I feel it makes sense to look at divination before switching over to that subject. Just as tea leaves can be read, those swirls of loose coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup can be used in the same manner. I find this is especially useful if the beverage was brewed in a French press - channel some intent while pressing the coffee, and this is even more useful!

The Grounds

Where to begin! Coffee grounds have so many practical uses! Rather than tossing them in the trash, if some grounds are washed into a disposal and then the disposal turned on, they’ll help break up any blockages as if gently scouring the blades, and they’ll help make the drain smell a bit more pleasant than before. Composting coffee grounds is especially recommended, as the grounds quickly degrade and release nitrogen back into the soil! (Coffee - it’s what plants crave!)

If faced with too many ants in the garden, a coffee solution along with coffee grounds can be used to help lessen the critters’ interest in your fruits and vegetables (though in my experience, this is more effective when trying to keep cats from turning your flower beds into a litter box - I prefer using peppermint oil to deter ants).

All of the uses for grounds that I had mentioned above can be coupled with empowering with intent and visualization. But they aren’t the only magical uses. Using fine ground coffee in loose incense is a great way of clearing psychic blockages and increasing alertness. In addition, if making a witch or mojo bag, adding coffee beans or grounds is a great way of empowering the spell and lending it more energy, much as can be done with juniper or quartz. When feeding your bag, or when feeding your spells in general, you can provide offerings of coffee to give your magick that extra umph that it needs if you find that the spell is starting to stagnate or go stale.

In conclusion…

While I have not been able to find any associations between coffee and any particular god or goddess in lore, this lovely beverage certainly has a lot of appeal, and you can use coffee in relation to either God or Goddess as however you feel resonates with you best. In terms of astrological association, the bean is certainly connected with Mercury and Uranus, but as I am not one for delving into making my magick overly complicated, I use coffee whenever the hell I feel like it! As I write, I’ve got a steaming cup within reach!

This is most definitely a magickal brew for the practical witch, and is low-key enough for use in the workplace or even - for those who are either not yet out of the broom closet, or who are Christian witches - in a place where magick isn’t necessarily understood, such as at a church!

So charge up that intent, cast your spell, and stir some sugar or cream into that brew as you desire, brothers and sisters! Coffee is here as further proof that the gods love us and want us to be happy!

Blessed Be! )O(

Mystic Messenger RFA Rings and Proposals  (LONG POST)

*Edited to include V and Saeran as per request! 


 Classic white gold band, Round cut white diamond  

  • Very traditional ring
  • Wanted to buy you something fancier, but poor baby couldn’t afford what he really thought you deserved
  • Starts working part-time at the local video game store to save up
  • Which is super tough because he’s trying to get his PhD at the same time
  • Still had to borrow some money from his parents for the down payment
  • Hopes you’ll love it anyway

The Proposal:

  • Since you both love video games so much, had to have something game related.
  • He designed an entire video game just for you
  • Asked (begged) to have 707 help program a simple 8-bit game
  • He may or may not have agreed to be 707’s snack slave for the rest of his life, but it would be worth it!
  • He’s clearly blushing and fidgety when he asks you if you want to play it
  • Such a sweet, shy baby
  • Sits so close to you and watches you plays with SUCH INTENSITY
  • The game takes you through various milestones in your relationship
  • The RFA party where you first met in person
  • The amusement park where you had your first real date
  • The bench by the river where you shared your first kiss
  • Interactions with the NPC’s reveal reasons why Yoosung loves you so much
  • You’re smiling so wide it hurts
  • Collect enough hearts and you get the super-secret treasure
  • The chest opens and the screen blinks “Will you Marry Me?”
  • Your head spins around and you see Yoosung has gotten down on to one knee
  • You wanted to cry before, but now you really want to cry
  • He tries really hard not blubber through his speech, but does a little bit anyway
  • Throw your arms around him
  • So many tears
  • So much laughing
  • Baby was so nervous, but so happy you said yes
  • Whole thing was recorded on the webcam so you can watch it again and again


Lotus yellow gold band, cushion cut white diamond

  • Simple and elegant
  • Not one for anything overly flashy
  • Plus with all your money going into your new cafe business she had to shop smartly
  • Only one who decides on yellow gold
  • Chooses the lotus band because of the ideology behind the flower (growing up through the mud and blossoming pure and beautiful)

The proposal:

  • Wanted something sweet and intimate
  • She doesn’t like drawing attention to herself, but still wants to make it unforgettable
  • Takes you to a fancy café at the heart of the city where you can sample coffee and pastries from around the world
  • Makes you think that it’s all a reconnaissance mission for your own little shop
  • You have absolutely no idea she’s going to propose for you
  • She had Jumin use his influence to arrange a private room for you two so you could enjoy your afternoon with no prying eyes or other distractions
  • She takes a little flower from the vase in the center of the table and tucks it behind your ear and calls you beautiful
  • ///BLUSH///
  • You sip on exotic coffees from Arabia, Columbia, and Hawaii and have wonderful, easy conversation
  • Behind with Jaehee feels so natural
  • Like breathing air
  • You’ve nearly eaten yourself sick on German strudel and French Macarons, but Jaehee asks if you have room for one more dessert
  • Who turns down more dessert?
  • Waiter places a slice of tiramisu in front of you and gingerly placed on the top is the ring
  • Your heart stops
  • Jaehee reaches across the table and gently takes your hands and asks you to marry her
  • You’re so shocked your heart is pounding, but you’re so happy
  • You eagerly agree
  • The two of you then feed each other forkfuls of tiramisu while gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes


Infinity twist rose gold band, marquise cut pink diamond

  • Has an affinity for the dramatic and wanted your ring to be a testament to that
  • Chose pink diamond because it seemed more romantic
  • Chooses rose gold for the same reason
  • Infinity band because he hopes you’ll be together forever and ever

The proposal:

  • Did I mention this boy has a FLAIR FOR THE DRAMATIC??
  • Wants to make this the most unforgettable proposal the world has ever seen
  • You never miss opening night of any of his shows and he takes advantage of that
  • Has a seat front and center reserved for you
  • The sign on it says ‘The single most beautiful girlfriend in the whole world’ surrounded by hand drawn hearts and X’s and O’s.
  • There are roses on your seat, too since the sign clearly wasn’t enough already
  • You smile to yourself and take your seat
  • The show goes off without a hitch and earns a standing ovation at the end
  • Afterwards he settles the crowd down and says that there is a very special person in the audience that he wants to dedicate an encore to
  • It’s a song he wrote himself and had been working on for a long time
  • The lights go down, a single spotlight on Zen then he starts to sing
  • It’s slow and sweet at first and you’re tearing up a little, but then…
  • BAM
  • Backup dancers, flashing lights, hip-beats!
  • The whole thing is a bit overstimulating, but you can’t tear your eyes away and you can’t stop smiling
  • He looks and points at you the whole time
  • As the song is about to end he jumps off the stage and gets down on one knee in front of you and asks you to marry him
  • There is only a moment of silence before you scream ‘yes’
  • Then the music picks back up and
  • Every audience member was given a bag when they came in and they’re throwing it at you
  • You two will be picking it off of each other until your wedding day


Alvador platinum band, princess cut white diamond

  • The diamond itself was over $20,000
  • Chose princess cut because you’re his princess
  • Couldn’t settle for anything less than platinum for the band
  • Only the best for MC
  • The bigger the better, let’s people know she’s taken from a distance
  • Setting is a bit much for your tastes, but you know he worked hard picking everything

The Proposal:

  • Did I say NO EXPENSE SPARED???
  • This boy never approved of his father and his slew of female companions
  • If he is every going to get married he is going to get married once so he has to make this proposal absolutely perfect
  • Approaches from a business standpoint
  • He makes a goddamn timetable to ensure that every little thing goes off without a hitch
  • CHECKLISTS, checklists everywhere
  • Wants to make a weekend out of it
  • Insists on taking you to Paris, you have both been absurdly busy and need some time away for rest and relaxation
  • Of course you take his private plane and get drunk in champagne on the way
  • Treats you to all the extravagances the City of Lights has to offer
  • Shopping in designer stores
  • Mid-morning spa treatments
  • Extravagant dinners
  • WINE
  • Finally on your last night, he takes you to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • Paid to have it reserved just for you two
  • As you step out of the elevator there are flower arrangements, chiffon ribbon, there’s a guy playing a violin
  • You have to take a minute to catch your breath
  • He whispers something and suddenly there is Elizabeth 3rd (because of course she came with you guys)
  • He kneels down and removes something from her collar and…
  • Asks you to marry him and of course you cry ‘yes’!  


White gold studded band, pear cut yellow diamond

  • Pear cuts usually aren’t very popular, but he wanted to give you something as unique as you are
  • Dragged Vanderwood to the jewelry store with him to help him pick out the ring
  • They were of absolutely no help
  • Next time he takes Jaehee and she proves to be much more useful
  • Chose yellow diamond as well because it signifies you being the sunshine of his life

The Proposal:

  • This boy got things PLANNED OUT
  • Which is strange because he’s definitely more fly-by-the-seat-of-you-pants
  • He has been working on this for months
  • You pulled him out of a very dark place and he wants you to know how much he appreciates it
  • You wake up in the morning to a breakfast of honey buddha chips and PhD pepper on a tray on the bedside table
  • How… romantic
  • Still you smile to yourself and pick up the card that’s been left with it.
  • It takes you a good ten minutes to decipher Seven’s messy handwriting, but eventually you see it’s a clue
  • He set you up a scavenger hunt!
  • The clues take you all over the city and I mean ALL OVER
  • Mercifully, he has recruited Driver Kim to be your personal transport assistant for your adventure
  • All of his clues are very well thought out, he really makes you think
  • Almost all of them rhyme and feature some form of meme, joke, or pun
  • Some are in weird places like under benches or at the top of lamp posts or behind the soup cans at the supermarket
  • At the end of it all you end up at the planetarium
  • It looks like it’s closed, but the clue couldn’t possibly mean anything else
  • You sneak in as discreetly as possible
  • You have worked too hard to give up now; possible breaking and entering aside 
  • You are heading down the hallway when the lights suddenly give out
  • You yelp a little, but look up and see your way has been illuminated by glow-in-the-dark stars  
  • You follow them to another to set of doors and push your way through
  • The room is pitch black and you swallow thickly, feeling the darkness starting to suffocate you slightly
  • Suddenly the ceiling lights and written in the stars are ‘Will you marry me?’ 
  • You look around wildly and find Seven emerging from the tech booth
  • He gets down on one knee
  • “So, how about it? Will you be the rick to my roll?”
  • You manage to say yes through your hysterical laughing
  • “Never Gonna Give you Up” starts blasting through the speakers as you kiss
  • Oh, and he recorded the whole thing through various street cams


White gold studded halo band, oval cut blue diamond

  • Being an artist, ensures that your ring is a beautifully crafted work of art
  • However, opts for a more brilliant diamond rather than a fancy setting
  • He understand that sometimes less is more
  • Plus he is a pretty low-key guy himself
  • Simple and refined, but made unique by the blue diamond

The Proposal:

  • Being an extremely private person, wants your proposal to be sweet and intimate
  • This is meant to be special moment meant to only be shared between the two of you
  • He decides on one of his favorite travel destinations
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • He wants it to be a surprise
  • Masquerades the whole thing as an opening to one of his new shows
  • It’s winter and everything is so frosty and shimmering
  • It’s like magic!
  • You spend the day exploring the nearby alps
  • You even cuddle and have hot cocoa at a mountain top cafe
  • When you return to the hotel you both dress for the gallery opening
  • You’re running a bit late and you feel bad because it had been you who wanted to stop in the square and see the mechanical clock play out
  • V assure you there is no rush, gently trailing his hand through your hair
  • As you proceed downstairs to the gallery space, you fully expect a roaring crowd to be waiting on the other side of the door
  • The door starts to open
  • Deep breath for composure, and…!
  • Nothing
  • The gallery is empty
  • You look over at V
  • “Would you like to see my work?” He offers his arm
  • You don’t really know what’s happening but you let him lead you
  • All the pictures are of you
  • Some of them are normal like you walking ahead of him or sitting in the park
  • Some are of you cooking or sleeping or brushing your teeth
  • All the titles are a series of numbers you don’t understand
  • As you finish a round about the gallery V stops you
  • He explains that every title represents a moment in time where he fell more deeply in love with you
  • You’re on the verge of tears
  • When he pulls out the ring you actually start crying
  • What else could you say except ‘yes’?



Yellow gold classic band accented with rubies, emerald cut white diamond

  • Went to at least ten different jewelry stores
  • He would get easily frustrated by overly pushy salespeople and end up leaving in a huff
  • Wants to get you something different, but worried you might not like it
  • Settles on something mildly traditional with a little flare
  • He liked the rubies because it reminded him of how fiery and passionate you are

The Proposal:

  • He has very little self-confidence and his almost constantly paranoid
  • Very afraid that he wouldn’t come up with the right thing and you would reject him
  • Actually seeks advice from Saeyoung
  • Decides on dedicating the day to all your favorite things
  • Can’t go wrong there, right?
  • First, you go the amusement park
  • Is determined to win you that giant stuffed whale you’ve been eyeing
  • Takes him about twenty tries and a threat to the employee running the game, but he does it
  • Then it’s lunch at the cat café
  • You just love the adorable themed desserts and of course all the cute kitties
  • Next up his karaoke!
  • Usually just likes to watch you have fun, but sings at least one song with you
  • You’re so surprised
  • Saeran doesn’t really like doing any of these things, but now it seems like he’s really making an effort to have fun with you?
  • As the end of the day approaches, you start to notice him getting frustrated
  • He just about stopped talking
  • He keeps putting his hands in his pockets so you can’t hold them
  • What’s wrong with him?
  • You come to your last destination, the park where you had your first date
  • You take a seat near the fountains and admire the lights from the surrounding city
  • Saeran is fidgeting
  • A LOT
  • He has something in his hands
  • “Saeran, what’s wrong?”
  • “Well, I uh… I just I…”
  • Suddenly stands and screams, hands fisted in his hair
  • “Why am I so stupid?! I can’t believe I actually thought I could ask you to marry me!”
  • Wait…
  • Marry?
  • Shouts that this whole day was supposed to lead up to him proposing to you
  • You wouldn’t want to marry him
  • He has too much baggage…
  • You pause a moment
  • You bolt up from you seat and march over to him
  • And snatch what you now realize is the ring box from his hands
  • You slip it on your finger and admire it in the light
  • “I hope you realize this means ‘yes’.” you say
  • After a few moments breaks out into the biggest most genuine grin you’ve ever seen
  • He worried for nothing

anonymous asked:

Ooo!!! Inspired by your previous post could you do Seventeen as baristas?If it's too much could you just do Seokmin please?<3 I'm really sorry if I'm bothering you!

S.Coups/Seungcheol - super sociable and cheerful no matter what, probably calls customers like “good lookin” when he asks for their order and it doesn’t matter who you are, greasy seungcheol will make you blush while writing down your name on a cup. see, he’s flirty with everyone but for some reason he’s like extra greasy with you + he’s always like “this latte’s on the house” and your like thank you??? but whose paying for it and he’s like “me ^^” 

Jeonghan - falls asleep while pouring milk into one of the cups and the8 has to like poke his cheek to wake him up. he’s surrounded by caffeine but still manages to always find time to crash for a nap at an empty table in the back of the cafe. he once asked if he could sit at your table and you were like “sure” and the next thing you knew he was out like a light and you like felt a little bad so you propped his head up on your scarf. he has yet to forget that small deed, and so everytime he sees you come in he affectionately refers to you as his ‘scarf pillow angel’  

Joshua - very nervous about mixing up orders, has his own little notepad with all the instructions for how to make different drinks. does the cute thing where he puts the pen behind his ear. you think he’s adorable but he’s always mumbling when you’re ordering and you’re like hmm?? and s.coups from beside him is like “joshua just wrote down that you’re cute in his notepad” and joshua is like SHUT U P

Jun - you thought flirty s.coups was bad, well welcome to moon junhui’s coffee shop of winks, blowing kisses, and signing your name on the cup with a heart. he’s honestly the face of the coffee shop like the poster outside has a picture of him holding a mug smiling probably. he’s as greasy as pizza, but when you go up to order he’s so polite and prim and proper and everyone’s like is jun ok?? and jun’s trying so hard to seem suave and its making everyone ??? and ur like ….did the barista just refer to me as your excellency? 

Hoshi - always cracking jokes and making the staff and patrons laugh. he’s the life of the cafe and you can catch him dancing behind the coffee machine. when he makes a mistake, he’s so joyful about it that no one ever even gets mad at him for it. probably is in charge of decorating the place in time for the holidays. for some reason he doesn’t get embarrassed when others catch him dancing but when he saw u looking over her got very very red. 

Wonwoo - horrible at spelling peoples names it sometimes shocks everyone about how he can butcher such simple names and it’s not his fault, it’s just people talk so low or too fast or something. wears the cap with the cafe logo all the way down so you can’t see his face for some reason. he’s apparently shy around people, but when you’re around you never see him?? you thought he quite at some point but mingyu just laughed like “oh no, he’s hiding because he’s too shy to tell you he like-” and at that moment joshua steps on mingyu’s foot to get him to shut it. 

Woozi - the barista that only drinks black coffee and keeps telling everyone that black coffee is the best coffee. would literally get into a physical fight with someone over coffee probably, the type of person to say “i don’t understand the point of lattes” or something (he’s probably just mad that they take more effort to make), but see with you he’s just like … “since they like lattes….maybe they’re not SO bad….” 

DK - is always the barista outside handing out free samples of coffee because he’s such a positive force that he just draws the most people inside. people come to the cafe just to chat with him because he remembers their names + their stories and he’s just so soft to everyone?? he knows your name and he always adds little cute drawings to your name on the cup…usually it’s a doodle of a sun with a smiley face and you’re like hmmm…it looks like him…hehe 

Mingyu - gets caught stealing from the snacks display, but he promises to pay for it with his paycheck (which he never does). is surprisingly really good at spelling peoples names. because he’s the tallest, he can see what everyone else is doing and he sometimes has to be like “joshua no that’s not vanilla syrup, that’s chai” or “woozi i can see you thinking of throwing searing hot coffee at that asshole customer but don’t do it bro.” you know he spells everyones name right but for some reasons yours is wrongs and one day ur like “mingyu why” and he’s like “it’s an excuse to get you to talk to me i mean rofl whaT” 

the8 - doesn’t talk much, just nods his head and scribbles down your order in really cute handwriting. some people tried to call him rude for it, but the rest of the workers jumped to defend him because no??? he’s just quiet?? he has cute buttons on his apron. when you order he always adds this little message on your cup and even though he doesn’t say it to you directly, you feel like you can hear his sincerity in the messages. 

Seungkwan - sings while preparing the coffee, probably really good at making those designs with cream. tries to convince the manager of the shop to host an talent show night or something so he can sing but the manager keeps turning him down, but seungkwan is sure one day he will succeed. he overheard you saying how much you like taeyeon’s new album so now whenever you come in he’s always humming along to the tune of her songs. 

Vernon - made himself the person in charge of the music, literally doesn’t let anyone play what they want because he’s like “no, i made a playlist - we should stick to the playlist.” isn’t good at actually handling the coffee so he’s mostly on the cash register. you once asked him who the song playing was by and he told you shyly that it was a cover he did with another worker and you were like wow!! i would buy an album of just this if i could!! and choi hansol almost died from blushing that day. 

Dino - is so excited to take peoples orders and gives people the biggest smiles when they tell him to have a good day!! he keeps trying to get vernon to play just MJ for a while. is prone to tripping over peoples feet sometimes though. u notice he always has like coffee stains on his apron and you’re like omg he’s a lil clumsy isn’t he. you once helped him up after he fumbled over his mop and now when dino sees you walking past the window of the shop he waves for like 5 min straight and your like hehe he’s so cute. 

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Coffee lovers may have noticed a new offering in their local cafés. Cascara is a tea-like drink with a fine, fruity flavor and plenty of caffeine, and it’s popping up everywhere. For this new addition to chalkboards nationwide, credit Aida Batlle.

Batlle is a fifth-generation coffee grower in El Salvador, whose coffees have won international awards. One day a decade ago, she arrived at a coffee cupping —where coffees are sampled for flavor — and detected a pleasant, hibiscus-like scent in the room. When she asked the other coffee tasters about it, they pointed to the husks from recently milled coffee.

“So immediately I got curious with it,” says Batlle. “And I just picked through it, cleaned it, and then put it in hot water, to see what it was like. Then I called my customers at the time, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, you have to try this. I’m going to send you a sample.’”

Cascara 'Tea’: A Tasty Infusion Made From Coffee Waste

Photo: Murray Carpenter for NPR

658 days clean and sober

So I made the most hilarious mistake this evening. I have these little decaf coffee samples, I decided to make myself a cup of coffee and work on my painting. The sample was not decaf. So I had this surge of energy and was super fidgety at like 10 pm. For the first time in like 3 years I did my Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30” workout video to burn off the energy. I was more or less curious to see how far gone my fitness level was. I was pleasantly surprised. My fitness level is actually better than I thought. I could do about 80% of the workout. Besides being tachycardic afterwards (I’ve been resting for 30 minutes and my heartrate is still 120 bpm) and a bit shaky I’m pretty impressed that I could actually keep up with the workout. The last time I tried to do this work out I only made it halfway before I fainted! I guess biking has improved my endurance and strength! I need to ask my cardiologist if it’s safe for me to keep doing this. With all my blood/heart issues strenuous workouts can be a bit risky.

Anyways it’s been a decent few days. I’ve been working at my painting, nesting and re-watching Downton Abbey! I am still grateful to be clean and sober.

At midnight I will have 5 months smoke free :)

After several weeks of searching, I finally found a couple bottles of Starbucks Black Cold Brew!! I first sampled this coffee during MegaCon 2017, and was surprised at how smooth it is. I usually need a cup of sugar and cream to enjoy coffee, but this brand tastes just fine black. It’s definitely the best cold brew that I’ve tried so far! For those who can’t do without a little sweetness, there is also a version called Cocoa and Honey that is delicious.

Eisuke showing MC the most deepest affection
  • EISUKE: "Hey, I made you coffee."
  • MC: "...are you okay 'suke? You're not running a fever, are you?"
  • *MC places the back of their hand to his forehead*
  • EISUKE: *glares* "Just shut up and drink your damn coffee."
  • *MC takes the mug from him and bravely samples his coffee*
  • EISUKE: "...Well, is it okay?"
  • MC: "What do you bloody think?"
  • EISUKE: "...But did you die?"
  • MC *confused* "What?... Well, no."
  • EISUKE: "The shut the fuck up and drink your damn coffee."
  • *Eisuke walks away*

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What food do you think of when you think of batkids?

tbh this is such a neat question. I’m just gonna name off foods that pop into my head when i think of each batkid. sound good? lets do this

  • dick grayson- cereal first off (duh), but to continue i feel like he has more of a sweet tooth than most of the other bats. he likes fruit salads and tangy snacks. he loves salt and vinegar chips (damian thinks theyre Disgusting) and he’s a big believer in grab and go snacks like swedish fish and granola 
  • jason todd- chili dogs, stir fry, and enchilada’s. jason loves cooking so he’s big on like full robust meals (also because he grew up starving, so he likes being able to eat rich flavors now) he can cook amazing hashbrowns and he’s only given the recipe to alfred in exchange for his fudge recipe. his go to snacks are beef jerky, carrot sticks, crunch bars, and lollipops. (he bites them and dick always nags he’s gonna crack his teeth)
  • tim drake- tim is a hodgepodge. he’s been known to sneak down into the kitchen at 3am and squirt cheese whiz into his mouth, but he also really loves spinach, berries, and feta cheese (jason voice: rich kid palate  am i right??) he’s big on smoothies, though he’s made awful ones when it’s 3am and inspiration strikes “guys cmon in the heat of the moment ‘dinner smoothie’ sounded like a great idea”
  • damian wayne- damian has exotic tastes. he’s the one that adds dragon fruit, mangoes, and pomegranates to the grocery list. he also loves brown rice and almond milk and since he’s a vegetarian he loves tofu (him and cass both eat it) tbh damian is just a cross hrybrid between a hippie mom and a snooty kid. his fave junk food is jelly beans 
  • cassandra cain- cass is kinda like damian, but she eats fish rather than meat. so her and steph go out for sushi a lot (sushi dates tbh) and sometimes all three of them like going around town and sampling new coffee places (and talking shit on the fam over a venti iced carmel macchiato) her fav junk food are those mini oreos, not the big ones. just the tiny ones. 

  • stephanie brown- stephanie is all about comfort food. pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, breakfast is her absolute fave. she can cook fairly well, and is always the one trying out new recipes (jason helps out once in while, she usually has to say pretty please and let him lick the spoon if theyre baking) shes the only one that has jason’s stir fry recipe and she’s so thankful for it. she also makes a mean mac and cheese. 

  • barbra gordon- tbh, she’s the mom who always makes sure everyone’s eating enough and is okay. she likes steak when its cooked right and will always say yes to a girls day with steph and cass (she loves the iced green tea boba, thank u steph)