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POUR Coffee Brewer by iSkelter    |    Support on Kickstarter

Taste the difference everyday. Brew YOUR perfect cup of coffee. 

POUR is a countertop appliance created to enhance the taste buds of your home and office. Within a first few tries, you will master your perfect cup of coffee and become your own barista. 

The great thing about Pour Coffee Brewer is the ability to control each and every ingredient. Very easily, you can experiment with coffee to water ratios and find the exact flavor of coffee you prefer. Slowly pouring hot filtered water by hand over your coffee will result in the extraction of more flavor. Plus, the aroma produced is unparalleled. 

It’s a compact, single cup brewer that conveniently takes just a couple minutes to brew your own craft coffee. The design is constructed from pure, eco friendly bamboo and paired with a hand-made, stunning ceramic drip funnel. 

If you are a coffee enthusiast, enjoy craft coffee, or you simply just drink a cup of coffee every morning - then this brewing experience is made just for you.

Check more details and support the campaign on this link!

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Dutch Lab create series of elaborate coffee makers

Design firm Dutch Lab (surprisingly based in Korea; the name actually a reference to a form of coffee brewing) have transformed the traditional coffee maker with their range of luxury products that include gothic, steampunk, architectural and movie-based creations. Each design is like an elaborate chemistry set and crafted to an exceptional level of quality. So yeah, they don’t come cheap! 

Some of their designs scale over a metre in height, their most popular products including Sauron’s tower from The Lord of the Rings, the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, as well as the Empire State Building complete with its own King Kong. They even have ships from Star Trek and Star Wars. Though I think my favourite example has to be the classic steampunk design. 

See more at: Dutch Lab

The Environmental Tragedy Behind Your Keurig

Whose office or home does not have a Keurig, or pod-based coffee machine?Americans do love their Keurig system, and 1 in 3 home owns one. It is so practical and easy to use, and you can drink as many flavors of coffee or tea as you’d like within seconds at the press of a button. But those little individual K-cups are having a disastrous effect on our environment.

The K-Cups are actually non-recyclable and non biodegradable, and they all end up in landfills. According to a 2014 article, we used enough K-Cups to wrap around the earth almost 12 times in 2013 only. That’s a whopping 8.3 billion K-cups, in one year alone! The inventor of the Keurig has admitted to the media that he regrets coming up with the idea, as he now sees the extent of the plastic waste he has created. He doesn’t even own one!


So while the Keurig system is extremely practical, quick, and easy to clean, it is a nightmare for the environment. Each pod is plastic that will take millions of years to degrade—if ever— and will continue to pile up in landfills and the ocean, will probably end up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or any other Garbage Patch, and will likely end up killing wildlife. All in the name of low-quality convenience.

Green Mountain only makes 5% of its current cups out of recyclable plastic. The rest of them are made up of a #7 composite plastic, which is very hard to recycle in most places. And for the small few that are recyclables, the aluminum lid must be separated from the cup, which also must be emptied of its wet grounds, for the materials to make it through the recycling process. Even then, chances are the pod won’t be recycled because it’s too small. 


Nespresso is very popular over in Europe or Australia (who wouldn’t get wooed by George Clooney?), and they already have recyclable or biodegradable versions of this single-serve pod, so it is possible to be more eco-friendly. For now, the big corporate powers at Keurig don’t really want to make a change, as their sales are still increasing and the market demands more and more of these pods.

Keurig does sell a reusable coffee filter, which is good for homes but probably not ideal for offices. But then, might as well just get a regular coffee machine, right?! The whole point of the Keurig is the convience of not cleaning it so often and of having numerous flavors to chose from. 

So next time you feel tempted to brew yourself a quick cup of macchiato using the Keurig, think twice! I’d advise sticking with a good old drip coffee maker or a French press, and compost the coffee grinds. You will have limited impact on our environment and your coffee will probably be even more tasteful!

“Kill the K-Cup, before it kills us”

Coffee Maker
  • Coffee Maker
  • Kuan (콴)
  • 1집 Junior

Artist: Kuan (콴)
Song: Coffee Maker
Album: 1집 Junior

Calling all Korean r&b lovers! Kuan’s distinctive vocals and the smooth beat make for a suuuuper sexy song. The lyrics are actually a bit melancholic, as Kuan likens his past lover to a coffee maker that makes a strong cup of espresso he can’t forget. We’ve posted a few other songs that Kuan has featured on previously, but this song is from his first solo album, Junior.

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This Woman Cooks Everything In a Coffee Maker

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the true heroes—those who cast off the Rollie EggMasters, the Pasta Boats, and the Xpress Redi-Set-Go’s of modernity. Those of us who, if pressed, could survive the apocalypse with just one appliance.

In a world of quick-fix solutions, let us marvel at the coffee-maker chef.

In 2009, Katja Wulff was just a straw-haired Swedish college student with a dream in her heart and no stove in her dorm. Her solution: To prepare noodles in her coffee maker.

The initial noodle success was followed by more elaborate dishes, and eventually, to a blog called Kaffekokarkokboken and to a well-received book by the same title.

Read more. [Image: Dan Sörensen/Coffee Machine Cuisine]