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Shiro: Hi, welcome, what are you going to drink?
Pidge and Lance: Coffee, please.
Shiro: Sure, how do you want your coffee?
Pidge: *Looks at Lance * I want my coffee like my friend! DAR-!
Shiro: Hot as hell, then. *Shiro winks at Lance *
Lance: *Blushes *

The Best Night Ever (and Other Cliched Titles)

So @vodka-aunt-coran wrote this post and I had to write it (I changed it just a little, I hope that’s okay)

Not really any shipping, but if you want to read it that way you could. Under a cut for length. 

“Who decided that holding a prom at the Garrison was a good idea?” Keith wondered, nodding to the flyer on the wall behind their table. “Like…a bunch of military teenagers trying to dance? Who came up with that?”

“And where did we get the funding?” Hunk demanded. “They can’t even give us air conditioning half the year, but they can somehow manage to afford one of the fanciest events that most schools ever have?”

Lance snorted, poking at what might have been Jell-O and watching it jiggle under his spoon. “Bet they won’t even get a DJ. It’ll just be Iverson in shades.”

Keith and Hunk snorted and resumed their eating, leaving Lance to glance over at Pidge, who was being suspiciously quiet. “Pidge? What’s up? This seems like the exact thing you’d be making fun of with us.”

Pidge glanced up from her sandwich (at least, it resembled a sandwich). “Hmm? Oh. Sorry. Must have zoned out. Yeah, a prom does seem…really stupid.”

Hunk and Keith instantly looked up at her, both of them with silverware halfway to their mouths. Ever since returning from space, the group had been very in sync with one another, often being praised as the best functioning team at the academy, so they could tell when something was going on with each other. “What’s wrong?” Hunk asked.

Pidge hesitated, poking at her Jell-O with her finger and frowning. “I mean…it’s your guys’ last year here. I’d think you would want to go to something like this.”

Lance rolled his eyes. “No way. We’ve already been to space. I don’t think anything titled “Greatest Night Ever” could top that.”

Hunk and Keith murmured their agreement, still watching Pidge, and the girl managed a smile. “You’re probably not wrong,” she admitted with a chuckle.

There was a long pause, and then Pidge stood up so quickly that she knocked her elbow into Lance. “I forgot to finish the homework for Peterson’s class. I’ll see you guys later.”

She picked up her tray and bolted, saluting the guard on the way out and leaving the three sitting with their jaws dropped. “What was that about?” Keith wondered.

“We didn’t have homework for Peterson last night,” Hunk noted.

Lance, rubbing his arm with a frown, glanced to the prom flyer and then back to where Pidge had left. “Something’s wrong,” he murmured. “Hunk?”

“I’m on it.”


“Okay, so I read Pidge’s diary-”

“You have got to stop doing that.”

“-AND she really wants to go to this prom. Fancy dress, shoes, hair, and everything.”

Lance and Keith glanced at one another and then leaned forwards on Lance’s bed in matching poses, legs criss crossed and elbows on their knees. “She huh?” they chorused.

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You Never Know Who’s Calling

Happy super late birthday @panda013!! I’m sorry it took a while to get to you, but I hope you enjoy it! You’re absolutely wonderful and so talented, and I’m so very blessed to have you in my life. :)

When the phone rang at 4 AM, Lance was tempted to ignore it. He had an early shift, and he didn’t recognize the number, but after years of his mother telling him to always answer his phone because “you just never know who it might be,” he simply couldn’t.

“Hello?” he slurred out, rubbing his eyes.

“I think I found something.” The voice on the other end answered immediately, tone clipped and rapid.


The caller immediately cut him off, “I can’t get a good angle, but I think I found some footage. It looks like him, and it’s the right height, but every time it gets close to showing his face, the video cuts out or pixelates. I need your help trying to find more.”

“It’s like… 4 in the morning,” he slowly answered, unsure of what else to say, because none of this was making any sense.

“I thought you were working tonight.” A quick tapping sound filled the background of the call, almost too fast for Lance to recognize it as typing on a keyboard. “I know I’m asking a lot, but your work equipment is way better than what I’m working with, and this could be a lead. We need to find him, Shiro. Especially after what you told me.”

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Across the Hall

A sunny boy moves in across the hall from Katie Gardner. She gets a little nosy as he and the scowling boy next door collide paths again and again. 

this also can be read on my AO3 here

love you guys

If Katie Gardner wanted to, she could scroll back in her messages and find the exact date that Will Solace moved in across the hall from her room. It was the day she texted into her friend group chat an audio clip of loud, rustling noises, titled “kill me now”. At first, the audio only really sounds like a big cluster of clangs and crashes, but after listening to it again, it kind of sounds like someone moving furniture.


At one in the morning.

Katie’d cussed the mystery person out under her breath, of course, and in the group message, but never would’ve thought of actually going across the hall and yelling at the person themselves. But about thirty minutes later, as the painful metal scraping continued, Katie’s drowsy mind picked up some other noises.

Was that… knocking?

It totally was. Loud, harsh, angry knocking. Oh my gosh, somebody was going to give this person a piece of their mind.

And, with a little surge of annoyance and excitement in her chest, she realized just exactly who that somebody was.

God, it totally made sense. Nico di Angelo was not the type of person to put up with this stuff this early in the morning. Nico di Angelo was not the type of person to put up with anything, ever, at any time. But especially not this early in the morning.

And, just because she was that sort of person, Katie fumbled for a jacket and stumbled to the door, phone in hand.

Just in case she had to, you know, call the cops.

Or film a viral video, or something.

She heard the furniture moving stop. And the knocking continue. And the door across the hall slowly crack open.

There was a pause. A long pause. Like the hallway’d just filled with shock, or something.

And then she heard an angry- yes(!), she was right, she’d known she was right, that was Nico’s voice, and he was undeniably pissed- “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

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What if Lena spends more time at Catco now that she owns it and suddenly starts noticing that Kara’s not always there and she’s constantly disapearing… she’ll be like “so if she’s not here working and she’s not with me in my office where’s she?” then it clics… “she’s probably getting coffee with supergirl¬¬” 

Café au Lait, Latte I

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Shidge (Shiro/Pidge)
Rating: Teen and up: for language, future PTSD, things will get intense later
Summary: Pidge couldn’t describe exactly what it was about this new customer that was throwing her for a loop.

Maybe it was the way he walked. He carried himself straight, like a soldier, but there was a sort of grace to it that mesmerized her. He had a defined jaw and a prominent scar across his nose, but those features couldn’t hold her as much as the sharp, piercing gaze that spoke in a language infinitely more important than words.

Author’s Notes: Shout out to @miraculousandcute, @cursemyshortarms, and @stardusted for the help and support as I worked on it and struggled with finding a title! (Many thanks to Kate, who even said, “it even has AU in it. What a time to be alive”). I have created a metaphor with that title, and if you ask nicely I might tell you a little more in a few chapters.


This is both a coffee shop and a college AU, but Priya calls it “the most intense coffee shop AU I’ve ever read” so be warned!

Lost and Found (this is the AO3 link) is still my primary Shidge fic. I will prioritize updates for it over updates for this story, but I’ll still try to update on a monthly schedule if I can manage.

I use female pronouns for Pidge.


Also on AO3.

Latte I || Latte II || Latte III

Of all the things she had imagined doing with her life, working at a coffee shop to pay her rent while she attended Garrison University wasn’t exactly at the top of the list.

That said, working at Café Altea wasn’t particularly strenuous. It was a cozy little coffee shop, with a quiet ambience that resonated with people and set a relaxing mood. Tables near the windows were lit by the outside and by small, dim lights, while a few tables near the back were more brightly lit, for those who wanted to read or work while enjoying their order. Rush hours at Café Altea were usually manned by two people and handled with minimal difficulty, and the patrons were, for the most part, pleasant and patient when they came during heavy customer traffic.

Katie “Pidge” Holt had been working there for about six months, teaming up with either her friend Hunk or her friend Lance for the evening rush, when her schedule shifted. Several of her required courses for her upcoming second semester at Garrison University were in the afternoon and evening, so she had to bid farewell to her partners in crime in favor of taking up the morning shift.

It was going to be a lot different handling the morning rush, because it was the only one that didn’t have two baristas. She’d miss Lance’s lame jokes and Hunk’s babbling…but at least she’d still get to meet up with them in one of their classes.

They all had to take the same physical education course, since the university was directly tied to the military and they were in the same unit. That part of the Galaxy Garrison’s strict training regimen had been with the three friends since they had started the associated high school together all those years ago, and they had been forced together as what was notoriously deemed the worst team in the training program’s history.

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