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I took my parents to my favourite bookshop on thursday and as is our nature we all went a little book crazy. Among our purchase of half the bookstore’s contents was this little leather celtic sketchbook/journal that they got me for my upcoming birthday! its small and hand-bound and has textured pages and smells like a saddleshop and I’m in love with it.  


Part 3 of the American Diner, a collaboration project by @daer0n and me. All the stuff that we used in the previews is part of this set, so if there’s anything you want, but is not included in this part, check out part 1 & part 2

Some of the items have slots so you can put things inside / stack them up. A few bar counter islands are “empty” so you need the glass blocks and place them inside.

Included items in this set are: Checkered Island counters (4), Glass for the island counters (2), Tray (stackable, slotted), Coffeemaker (non-functional, slotted), Coffeepot, Counters (5), Coffee can, Island Ceiling blocks (2, rounded and squared) (deco), Round barstool, Spoon, Coffeecups (3), Glasses (8), Menu cards (2), Straw Holder, Neon sign coffee, Cake slice, Soda dispenser (non-functional, slotted), Wall shelves (5), Bottles (2), Black and white ceiling block, Fridge (non-functional, slotted) and plates (3, 1 of them is stackable).


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*Please re-download for the soda dispenser!

Furniture & Objects Sims 4

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Biscuits and Gravy

Characters: modernau!husband!Bones x Reader

Summary: bones is overwhelmed at work and you give him a little bit of home

Warnings: like one f word, fluffy fluff, gets a little steamy at the end

A/N: just a little something that i wanted to write; modern au! i think someone posted something about wanting more star trek modern au, and it just stuck with me. if y’all like it i’m definitely up for writing more parts; i’ve got great ideas for the other characters, too! also i’m avoiding always part 3. sorry. not sorry

Word Count: 2553 (yikes)

@outside-the-government you might like this? I dk.  let me know if you don’t want to be tagged lol

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anonymous asked:

do u have any favourite book stores in toronto? im having trouble finding any atm thank you!! have a lovely day!

- The UofT bookstore! It has an entire section for general books that non-students can purchase with beautiful bookish gifts that you normally can’t find anywhere but the states 

- BMV: the books are all new and heavily discounted! BMV gets overflow from publishers so they can afford to sell amazing books for (minimum) 50% off, I have found GEMS there I tell ya. Three locations, one on Yonge right outside Eaton, and on 471 Bloor and 10 Edward. 

- Sellers & Newel: I believe this is cash only! Very close to Trinity Bellwoods which means lots of coffee shops which basically means you’re ready for the best day ever 

- Type Books: this one is south of Trinity Bellwoods, and Queen St. W is one of the best strips of independent shops in Toronto so give yourself time to shop for more than just books ;)

- Book City: another hole in the wall type place like Sellers & Newel that sells books significantly below cover price. This one is in the junction (my second fave neighborhood in Toronto) - I suggest stopping by at The Good Neighbor for a cappuccino after you’re done at Book City!

- Ben McNally Books: just very pretty there are few other benefits lol

- She Said Boom! - has a lot of vinyls as well, and in my fave neighborhood Roncesvalles! Stop by Reunion Island Coffee Bar or Extra Butter Coffee for amazing treats & def go for a stroll through High Park 

- Good Egg: this one is a Kensington gem, I almost didn’t include it since it’s like very expensive but it has a huge collection of adorable knick knacks! I also suggest popping by the Blue Banana Market for amazing stuff and FIKA or Jimmy’s for coffee (if you’re willing to walk – Voodoo Child serves their cortados in crystal skulls)

Other bookstores include the Bob Miller Bookroom (I would not suggest this - they sell books at cover price and profs force their students to order books from here but sometimes they have free candy in bowls lol), Bakka-Pheonix (also cover price but they have a huge fantasy collection), Elliot’s Bookshop on Yonge (too many mass markets, but ladders and floor to ceiling shelves!) and like Indigo/Chapters lol