coffee funds for the rest of the week


yo so today is my girl @makapedia ‘s birthday, and i’ve been sitting on this prompt for literal ages:

because i was in a summer psychology class back in the day, and thought “dude i’ll write this for kat’s birthday” AND TODAY IS THAT DAY SO CHEERS TO MY FIRST SOUL EATER FIC AND CHEERS TO KAT HOPE UR BDAY IS FANTASTIC

Imagine the worst possible scenario–summer, let’s say late June. 9 AM. Three hour lecture (can you even call it a lecture if there are only 15 of us? Whatever.) with the most boring professor in the entire fucking college, who has the AC on 50 fucking degrees. Why so specific, you ask? This is the hell I’m living. I’ve got to wear a God damn jacket or else I’m going to catch a cold.

And I’m 15 minutes late with an iced coffee. Excellent.

The professor doesn’t even acknowledge me when I slip through the door, into the middle row, but the girl next to me does. She squints while she adjusts her pens and highlighters, neatly lined up on her desk next to her notebook. Her handwriting is so tiny and perfect, God. Just like her tightly pulled back hair, not a strand out of place; just like the symmetry of her face, the space between her eyes, the curve of her nose–and yeah, just like the pout she’s giving me right now.

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