coffee eyes by the wonder years

Sleepy Kisses

Word Count: 1444

Player: William Nylander (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Warning/s: mild swearing, messed up family

This is a repost of my own work!

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There was the normal type of family drama and then there was your kind of family drama. No tragic story of parents that left you or died, no siblings that were smarter than you. Just a family that was… a total mess.

There was no guideline to being a family.
But for your family, it was like no one told them how to be an actual family.Your parents were a mess like two teenagers, practically separating and getting back together on a yearly basis. Your younger brother was a little idiot that spent his time bullying other kids and getting into fights and your parents did nothing about it. Your older brother? He was the only one you actually liked to spend time with. But he was too busy to attend family stuff and he didn’t actually try. 

And you were always so close to just do it just like him, call it quit and never look back. But you couldn’t. You couldn’t leave your family even though they were acting unbelievable.

So when the yearly family dinner came around - Scott had found yet another excuse to not attend, Josh had been suspended from High School for a week and your parents were in their honeymoon phase all over again because they had just made up - you were completely done. 

Your sanity was seriously fading. That’s the reason you stopped spending holidays with them when you moved out.

You were the one hosting it, as always.
You were the one planning it, moving your schedule around so everyone could be there. You were capable of that stuff and your parents always expected you to do it.

You were so happy when they drove to the airport, you almost started crying out of frustration. You texted Scott and cleaned everything up, going to bed at only 8 PM. 

You were too fricking tired to function. So you just laid down, pulling your knees up until they were nearly at your chest and fell asleep instantly.

“Hey, Y/n, wake up.”, someone mumbled right next to your face. 

The voice sounded familiar so you didn’t bother to panic. When your eyes fluttered open they revealed the blonde mop of hair that belonged to your best friend, Will. He was crouched down in front of to the bed directly next to you.

“Nyler? What are you doing here?”, you muttered groggily, trying to get your head to work.

But everything was almost like a dream to you, as if you were still sleeping just with open eyes. As much as you liked him, you really wanted to sleep.

“Wanted to know how the dinner went. Didn’t expect you to be asleep already.”

“Like always. Bullshit. How did you even get in?”

Nyler laughed, driving his hand through his adorable hair to put the bangs back in place. Wait. You needed a second to find out if adorable was an adjective or a noun. The adorable? Adorable? Was William Nylander’s hair even adorable? Was hair entitled to be adorable?
You groaned, pushing the thought away.

“You gave me a key? About two months ago?”, he grinned. 

His voice was way too loud and you were afraid that it would wake you up, so you just put a hand over his mouth

“I’m asleep. Be happy I remember your name.”.

Nyler freed his mouth by bringing your hand back to the bed, his eyes still sparkling in amusement. But he seemed to have learned his lesson about sound volume. 

“Mind if I stay over? Too lazy to drive.”, he whispered.

“Sure.”, you agreed, your mind flashing back to the possibility of sleep and the hair discourse. You were so absent you didn’t really notice anything anymore.

“Cool. Goodnight.”, he smirked.

“Uh-huh.”, you agreed.

Out of an instinct, you leaned closer to his face, going for a kiss. You weren’t able to aim, barely able to see anything in the dark room. You were actually pretty proud of yourself when you landed a quick peck on the corner of Nyler’s mouth before curling up once again pulling the covers over yourself.  
You were asleep before you could even think about it, not being able to see his slightly shocked face.

Oh. My. God.

There was no way your memory from the other night was true.

When you woke up, it hit you like a freight train.

You had actually kissed him, just casually gave him a peck on the mouth. Well, not the full mouth but…almost!
You had kissed your best friend without saying anything. You had fucking kissed him. Your life was officially over. You now had to change your name and move to Canada. 

Oh shit, you already lived in Canada.

You woke up still in the same position as the day before, only that you had spread a little, not being curled up as tight as you were. You didn’t dare to move because you could still hear his breath next to you and he didn’t sound like he was asleep.
Be a good friend and just talk about it? No. You would not be able to keep your face from turning into a fucking tomato.
Be a bad friend but keep your honor and keep sleeping until he had practice? No, you couldn’t- actually, you thought, that sounded great.
So you closed your eyes and fell back asleep in minutes and when you woke up again, the bed was empty on the other side. 

The whole Appartement was empty and silent.

“Yes!”, you exclaimed in relief, still feeling pretty weird.

After a quick shower, you met up with your best friend. The meeting in your favorite coffee shop was always your favorite part of Saturday’s. The smell of Coffee, a cup of hot chocolate and cookies, just enjoying time together and catching up on what happened during the week.

You were in the same college but you had different subjects. Your friend was studying business management and you were just studying Russian and American Sign Language.

“You did what?”, your friend laughed as she was practically spitting out her coffee.

You hid behind your cup, trying to delete everything you just said. Because of course Y/BFF’s/N wanted to know all about your night and she was especially curious when she had found out that the talented and very handsome swede had slept over at your place yet again.

“I kissed him.”

“Oh my gosh. Like how? Did you use your tongue?”

“God, no! It wasn’t even like a real kiss it was kinda a peck.”

“Well did your lips touch his or what?”, she grinned.

“No, well, yeah, I think. I think it was the corner of his mouth I just don’t remember why I did it! I was so tired!”, you complained about her curiosity.
She wasn’t going to drop the topic anytime soon.

“Well, hon, I don’t know how to tell you but: A kiss is a kiss even if you could’ve done better.”

You hid your face behind your hands and groaned.

“I will move to Europe. The first thing I do tomorrow. With a fake I.D and everything. I can’t believe I really kissed my best friend. I just made things a thousand times more awkward.”

“What’s the deal? Did he say anything?”

“I might have gone back to sleep ‘till I knew he was gone for practice?”

Your best friend laughed so much that everyone in the coffee shop just turned to her, wondering what was wrong with her. 

“Don’t take it personally Y/n, but this is more entertaining than your whole life up to this point! Besides it’s so obvious he has feelings for you that I don’t think he minds if you kiss him.”

Your eyes went wide and a blush crept over your cheeks.

“Stop it. You and your theories! First, you thought I was in love with him and now you’re saying the exact opposite. Like your theory that I would end up getting married in our freshman year in college!”

“Ok that was just a joke but this is real. And if it’s not, just clear this topic once and for all. Will save me and this Marner guy a lot of time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, we made a bet the night you introduced us. I get twenty bucks if you end up making the first move.”

“You’re unbelievable.”

“That’s why you love me, though.”

(Super-fast idea, because I found this picture and after laughing at the Sheriff’s face for two minutes straight, the idea hit me straight in the face)

Several years in the future, Derek and the Sheriff are kind of buddies.

Derek is a consultant for the Beacon Hills police when any kind of supernatural crime occurs, or when they need his super sniffer in critical urgencies (Derek found the lost little girl almost immediately, while the K9 unit from the next town was still lost in the wood. The Sheriff was proud. They never talk about the fact that they had to circle the town in the John’s police car, Derek’s head hanging out of the window like a poodle on a roadtrip).

So the John and Derek sometimes hang out, they watch football match together, they have a beer, they talk about Stiles’ news from college. They enjoy each other’s company in a very quiet, simple way.

Then, Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills for Christmas, and immediately comes out as bisexual to his dad.

The Sheriff blinks, then hugs him. And that should be the end of it. He is genuinely glad that Stiles told him, and happy that he seems to grow up happy in his own skin.

John honestly doesn’t mean to search stuffs online, but he’s bored, and one innocent question about LGBT rights typed into google quickly devolve into following all kind of links and falling deep. Too deep.

He manages to keeps the anxiety at bay all the way to Derek’s home, and his knock on the door is barely frantic. But Derek opens the door as if he was expecting the Sheriff to be on fire, so John guesses that he didn’t control his panic-stricken heartbeat as well as he thought.

After a few minutes of assuring Derek that no, Stiles is fine, John is fine, everyone is fine, no Stiles isn’t hurt, nobody’s kid got missing again, Melissa is fine, there is no monster eating anyone, Stiles is totally ok, and getting a glass of perfectly good whisky from Derek (who apparently keeps it around just for John), John finally explains.

Because Derek? Derek is bisexual.

They have talked about it in passing several times. Derek’s ex, Jeff, used to be a cop in New Jersey until he got shot in duty and became a teacher. Derek spends some nights drinking at the Jungle and he glared while talking about shitty techno music. Derek gives money to an association for LGBT kids and go there to help sometimes.

To the Sheriff, it never seemed like a detail more important than knowing that Derek hates cheap beer or that he is a sore loser when his sport team get slaughtered.

But now, now it is important. Because the Sheriff needs someone with answers, precise answers, about things that he can ask directly to his kid.

About giant sex toys and trip to the ER and drugs use and STDs and biphobia and bullying.

He kind of blurt it all. Derek’s eyes look gigantic and his eyebrows almost fly off his forehead.

So that’s how Derek becomes the Sheriff’s mentor in everything LGBT.

It’s not as weird as it could be.

Derek answers all his questions as best as he can, tries to reassure him and, when he doesn’t know, they look for information together online while staying far away from certain websites.  

(all the while, Derek tries to ignores really, really hard, that Stiles is bisexual and apparently single. It’s impossible).

Then I don’t know.

Maybe the Sheriff brings Derek back home in the hope that Derek will talk with Stiles about all these stuffs (because he’s not sure he has mastered the details enough to give the bisexual version of the Talk, and also, the image of the gigantic dildo is still haunting him).

So they end up all around the kitchen table, Stiles looking bewildered, Derek resigned and awkward and the Sheriff looking at them with crazy eyes (again, gigantic dildo. And ER trips. Melissa works there, this can never happen to him) until they start talking.

Stiles knows all those things. Derek knows that Stiles knows. They talk about it anyway because, well, the Sheriff look kind of grey in worry.

Then Stiles finally understands that Derek is bisexual. And single. And Derek knows that Stiles is bisexual. And single. The awkwardness quickly turns to vague innuendo, then overt flirting, then eyefucking over mugs of coffee.

The Sheriff gets his colors back progressively. He wonders for a second if he should protest this development (the whole, 7 years older and a werewolf thing may be a problem), but really, Derek is a great man.

And he apparently knows how to use lube, condoms, and would never be stupid enough to use a gigantic dildo then lose it somewhere in his son.

All in all, he’s ok with the direction this whole thing is taking.

Soul on Fire

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Characters: Cas x Sister!Reader, Dean, Sam

Word Count:  1168

Request:  Hi! I saw that your requests were open and I was wondering if it would be possible for you to maybe do a Cas x reader smut where the reader is Sam and Deans younger sister and Cas has had feelings for the reader for a long time. But he has held back because of Sam and Dean but more and more she starts to tease him around the bunker, eventually he snaps leading to unprotected smut?  AND  I was wondering if you could do a soulmate image where the reader is the soulmate of cas but is the Winchesters young sister like in 7&8 and at the moment he feels like protective and brother like but it shows as time goes on his feelings change.

Warning: Smut, Unprotected Sex, Swearing, Fluff

A/N: Thank you so much, @notnaturalanahi  for helping me organize my thoughts with this one.  It would not be written if it wasn’t for you!  This soulmate story is a little different, because it’s more of a choice situation.  I feel awful for this story taking so long to write, I just had so little inspiration to write it.  I LOVE Cas, but really struggle writing him.

“This is Castiel.  Cas is an-,”

“Angel,” you finished, a breathy edge to your voice.  Your brother squinted at you, questioning the look of wonder on your face.

“Yeah, how did you-?” You couldn’t hear if he finished the sentence or not, but you were lost in Castiel’s crystal blue eyes.  

“You can see my wings,” Cas said, as if you were the only person in the world, as if he was speaking to your soul.  

“Yes,” you replied, taking in the silky, black feathers.

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like i would | chapter one

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college au - jimin x reader / hoseok x reader - angst | smut | fluff

word count : 4.1k

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entp gothic

-“wow, Ne doms are so random lol xD” your friend says, looking over your shoulder. You look up accusingly from the twelve page essay entitled “Why Plato’s Republic Will Save America If People Only Read It”, which you wrote in about two hours. “What’s random about this?” You ask, before realizing your entire academic life has conformed to stereotypes, including really asshole-ish footnotes in every paper constantly attacking the very sources you’ve used for all your work.

-You look down. Your socks definitely don’t match. They never match. Your low si makes you keep buying more socks but one always goes missing. You have two drawers of unmatched socks. People think you purposely mismatch socks to be random. But your socks are missing. They’ve been missing for years.

-you haven’t eaten in two days. You don’t even recall using the bathroom. It’s like your entire body is dedicated to forgetting your needs. You have, however, taken a bath and made several cups of coffee. You wonder why your inferior Si is so selective. You then pass out from lack of sleep. Oh yeah, you have been up for 50 hours.

-your judger friends always ask you how you do it. “Do what?” You ask, trying desperately not to make fun of their frantic eyes. “How do you pass your classes? I’ve never seen you do any work.” You smile. The best kept XNTP secret will remain a mystery to everyone. Even yourself.

-“why are you so mean?” Someone says. You don’t remember ever meeting this person, but apparently, your reputation precedes you. Someone else chimes in, “but you’ve paid for all my coffees this week? How are you mean?” because you are Ne dom, you can never decide on when to be nice and when to be an asshole, so it ends up looking random to everyone. “Haha…. I’m so… random… xD” you spit out, trying not to scream.

-you’ve switched sides six times in this debate. This will be the seventh. “Please stop doing this”, a group member says. You can’t decide if it’s a bothered feeler or an exasperated xstj. But you’re biased towards one side, so you have to vehemently argue for the opposite, since being unbiased is ideal. AN INTP next to you informs you that putting a deliberate effort into being unbiased is actually a bias in itself. You sit down. Your life is a lie.

- you come to hte conclusion hat you’re constantly misspelling thjgs, and uuu do it so often your iPhone has started autocrecvtting mospeed words to other miaowed words. You oftdn DJ t notice util it’s too late. The MESSgs has been sent, adn you can’t take it bCam. Oh yeah, what’s WITH the radom capitaized words?


Word Count: 1.1k

Pairing: Kyungsoo/Reader 

Genre: Angst

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” 

The wooden panels creak softly as you step inside the silent studio. The white walls give the room a heavenly glow, but it’s nothing compared to the radiance of the scattered canvases. Along every side of the room, line various paintings. Some unfinished, and some only with a single stroke of medium. You love every single one of them. 

The floors are speckled with year-old stains from oil paints, charcoal, and cold coffee. You wonder how the walls still lay untouched. 

A lone easel sits in the center of the room, its legs buried by crumbled paper, paint tubes, and broken brushes. You walk over and sit on the wooden stool next to the stand. Your eyes are drawn to his latest work. You admire the vibrant colors and wonder how he does it. It’s just a base layer of blues and whites, but a strange warmth envelopes your heart. 

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Prompt 132

The last thing Person A remembers is the overwhelming joy they felt as they went home with Person B for the first time as a married couple.

When Person A wakes up the next morning, they find themselves 10 years in the future and try to reconcile their experiences with their memories. They look over at Person B and observe the dark bags under their eyes. A doesn’t remember having any kids, but somehow they can’t help but smile as they recognize the baby in the cradle. They go through the day with a routine that comes so naturally but can’t help but wonder why they can’t remember anything.

When they wake up the next morning, 20 years has passed. They don’t remember anything that has happened over the past couple of decades, but for some reason Person A feels an overwhelming urge to get out of bed. When they are greeted by the scent of coffee as they walk into the kitchen, Person A is a bit surprised when they see how much Person B has aged. Without even thinking, Person A says “Happy 30th Anniversary.”; Person B says it back. They go on with their day.

The next morning, 30 more years has passed. Person A wakes up in a bed alone…

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Prompt: “You’re always wrapping your arms around me in lines.”

Character: Bucky Barnes

Warning: Angst

You often took Bucky and the others out regularly for shopping, while Tony always complained and said he could get other people to do it, you much preferred doing it yourself and you knew that Steve and Bucky also quite liked the normalcy and ability to walk around and look at new things even if Tony didn’t appreciate it. As such more often than not the only person who was always guaranteed to join you was Bucky. 

He’d taken to hiding his arm in public, unhappy with the attention which generally was a mixture between sympathy and angry, it was taking time, but you knew that eventually the public would be more comfortable with him, maybe finally appreciate what he’s doing now to make up for what he couldn’t not do all those years. 

But there was always one key feature to these shopping trips with Bucky, not the types of food you bought, or the way he carried most of the bags, but the need to hold you. It was surprising, mostly because he wasn’t like that at the tower, in fact he was incredibly opposed to touch on that turf. Yet, shopping trips were filled with a constant sort of touch, whether he gripped your hand and followed behind you like a child, or stood especially close to you.

But the one touch that never changed was the way in which he stood behind you in line for the cashier, he always wrapped both his arms around you (both being key because he was always so cautious with his left and despite knowing that he had total control worried that he’d be too harsh with it). He’d settle his face in your shoulder, almost hiding it like a child, and when you moved he’d move with you in a waddle like fashion. It often got odd looks, but you didn’t mind it…you were just curious as to why he always seemed to do it, was there a reason? His behaviour in a queue verses his behaviour in at home was so incredibly different that it often took you by complete surprise. 

“Hey, Buck?” You were twisting you hands, stood a respectful distance away from him where he was drinking a cup of coffee. 

“Yeah?” You’d never get over how deep Bucky’s voice was or how perfectly preserved his Brooklyn accent was after all these years, because this man could slip into Russian and a million other languages with perfect accents so incredibly easily and then just as easily slip back out into the very first accent that James Buchanan Barnes ever had.

“I have a question…You’re always wrapping your arms around me in lines…and I just was wondering why?” There was a flash of something vulnerable in his blue eyes and for a moment you were certain he wouldn’t answer, that he’d turn you away and refuse.

“I…I don’t like big crowds, I feel like…like I might do something or they might do something, I don’t feel secure…but you ground me and holding you makes me feel safe, in control, and I know that you’d never let me hurt people…and that makes feel grounded and anchored and it makes having someone breathe down my neck bearable, I guess…” The whole time he was rubbing the back of his neck, refusing to meet your eyes as if he was embarrassed…

“You don’t have to come shopping with me if you feel that way, I-” 

“No! I enjoy it! I just…the crowds thing takes sometime…” The urgency with which he spoke made you jump, his voice grew softer noticing this, the distance between the two had been slowly growing, you knowing that he was willing to let you nearer. 

“Okay, thank you for answering me, James, and…and i’m glad I can anchor you like that…I want to be able to always help like that. I care about you.” You did. You cared about him so much that at times it scared the hell out of you because he was Bucky and you were you and could either of you really afford for you to get so attached…but could you avoid it? No, this was a man who loved going to the farmer’s market to pick fruits, who gave little half-smiles that were unsure because he wanted to be approachable but it was still something he was learning, who would bring you a hot water bottle when your stomach hurt, and who would joke with Steve as if he’d never left 70 years ago. And it was with that that you knew it was unavoidable caring for Bucky because he was magnetic and had a gravitational pull that drew you in, and a quiet charisma where at times you’d see what must have been the pre-Winter Soldier Bucky breaking through with smirks, and teasing comments, and winks…and it made you care without even trying.

“I care about you too.” And it made those words even more meaningful because this man was so scared of himself at times, scared of caring, scared of closeness, and yet this brilliant, wonderful man cared about you even in the slightest way and that…that was amazing and heart string pulling and had you wanting him to hold you at the tower like he did in public. 

I Don’t Deserve You - Greaser!Wonho AU

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Warnings: None

Characters: Wonho 

Word Count: 2.8k

It’s been three years since I last saw Wonho. I had gone away to college, and I arrived back home only a few short hours ago. I stepped into the shop, looking for the boy I haven’t seen in three years. When I found him, he was welding something—no shirt underneath his apron. He looked so different than he did so few years ago. He was a bit taller, more muscular, and his hair was dyed silver with blue tips. He didn’t seem to notice me, so I decided to speak up.

“You’re going to burn your nipples off if you keep welding without a shirt like that.” Wonho looked up at me, surprised to see that I was in the shop. Besides the apron, he also had goggles and gloves on, but he no shirt. It wouldn’t be the first time that he’s done something so stupidly dangerous, not by a long shot. Ever since he started working for my father he always was careless with safety.

“What are you doing back so soon? Did you ditch your college life to come see me?” He joked.

“Oh yes, I would trade a bunch of neurotic young adults for a careless grease monkey like yourself any day,” I teased, walking around the table to sit on one of the stools. He started working for my father when we were around 16. I always came to the shop after school, and that’s how Wonho and I became close friends. We didn’t speak as often when I went away to college, though.

“What brings you back home?” He questions.

“Family dinner. I decided to come back for the weekend, I thought I could spend some quality time with my best friend I haven’t seen in three years,” I joked, lightly punching him on the shoulder. It wasn’t entirely a lie, I did come back for the family dinner. It was on Sunday though, and today was Friday. I really came down earlier just so I could see Wonho again. I have had a massive crush on him since we were 16, and I longed to see him again. Plus, I missed my best friend after all these years.

“Aww, well how about this. When I get off we can go to that really nice diner you always forced me to go to, just like old times. How does that sound?” He teased.

“Maybe you should go home and take a shower first, you smell like motor oil,” I sniff him and fan the air in front of my face to tease him more.

“Yeah, and I’m covered in it too. Just like you will be in a minute,” He took his goggles off and started chasing me around the shop, trying to hug me. I ducked behind one of the tool boxes and peaked out to see where he was. When I turned my head, he was crouched down beside me. I took off running again, but he caught me before I could get away. He locked me in a bone crushing hug, rubbing his oil covered face against mine in the process.

“Now you’re going to have to shower too!” He giggles. When we hear someone clear their throat from the door, we look up to see that my father had entered the shop. Wonho and I distance ourselves from one another, acting like a bunch of teenagers that were just caught making out. He says nothing, but continues to stare at us.

“Hi dad, when did you get here?” I asked, trying to break the awkward silence.

“A few seconds ago, I came back to get my wallet,” He said. He walked through the shop, back into his office. Wonho and I looked at each other with grins on our faces. My father always had trouble with me making Wonho goof off during work, but never said anything because I was his little girl. I was his youngest daughter, and he always had a softer spot for me than my siblings.

“Your mom and I are going out tonight, and we won’t be back until late. What time do you think you will come home?” My dad came back out from his office with his wallet and jacket in hand.

“Late, after ten that’s for sure.”

“Alright, I’ll see you when we get home,” He said, heading back towards the front entrance of the shop,”By the way, Wonho, don’t forget to lock up tonight,” He adds, tossing the keys to Wonho. When we hear his truck pull off, I hit Wonho over the head.

“Look what you did!” I exclaim.

“What I did? You’re the one who was running from me!” He tosses a clean rag towards me to clean off the oil on my face.

A few workless hours later, Wonho locks up the shop. We agree to take his car, me telling him I will just ride to work with my father tomorrow and pick my car up. The diner we go to has been my favorite place for years. My parents would take my siblings and I here all of the time when we were kids. Whenever Wonho and I first became friends, I talked his ears off about this place until he agreed to come here with me. Ever since then, it’s been our favorite place to go and hang out.

“So, how’s college life been?” Wonho questions.

“Stressful to say the least. It’s not like the classes or the work is hard, I’m just so nervous that I’ll fail and I won’t make it. I think I spend more time worrying about failing than I do anything else. It’s sad, isn’t it? I’ve been there for three years and still think I can’t do it,” I admitted.

“Hey, listen,” Wonho said, pulling my face towards his, “You are the most intelligent girl I know. If anyone can succeed, it’s you! I know you will do great, and you will go far in life. Have a little faith in yourself.”

I smiled at him, placing my hand over his. He always knew exactly what to say, no matter what. He had such a way with words, it’s one of the many things I loved about him.

“So, how is the music coming along?” Ever since I met him seven years ago, Wonho has been trying to get his music career started. He formed a group with a few of his friends a year ago, and they were trying to get their feet off of the ground. Once he got to talking about his music and his group members, he almost never stopped talking. It was so amazing to see someone so passionate about what they were doing.

“Ah, I’m sorry for going on about it,” He apologizes, stopping himself in the middle of one of his stories.

“No, it’s fine. I love hearing you talk about your music, I’m always happy to hear about it,” I promised, giving him a smile and asking him to continue with his story. One of the few times he never stopped talking was when he was talking about his friends and their music. I had met his friends a few times, and they were really fun people to be around. Wonho actually got a tattoo on one of his buttcheeks after losing a bet with his friend Hyungwon. The day he showed me to prove it, I’ve never laughed so hard in my entire life.

By the time we left the diner, it was nearly midnight. Just like when we were teenagers, Wonho and I stayed for hours at the diner just talking about life and anything that happened to come to mind. When he pulled in the driveway of my house, I noticed that my parents weren’t home yet. I saw my older sister’s car, but no one else’s.

“Would you like to come in for a bit?” I offer. He shakes his head, saying he has a few things to take care of before he gets home tonight.

“Listen, it was really nice seeing you again today. I’ve missed you so much since you’ve been away at school,” He admits, stopping me from getting out of the car.

“I feel the same way, it was wonderful being able to hang out like old times today.” I smiled, a hit of red appearing on his cheeks. We look into each other’s eyes, and before I know it he has his lips pressed against mine. His lips tasted a bit like spearmint, and there was a lingering taste of the coffee he had to drink at the diner. I brought my hand to his cheek and cupped it. I have wanted to do this for years, but I was always too scared to make the first move. I ran my tongue along his bottom lip, but he pulled away immediately afterward. I looked back at him in shock, why would he do that? Did I do something wrong?

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. Dammit, why did I do that,” He mumbled to himself.

“No, it’s okay. I liked it! I wanted to-”

“You should go. I’ll see you around,” He cut me off, basically telling me to get out of his car. I felt hurt by his words, but I got out of the car anyways. Why would he kiss me and then act that way? Was it just a spur of the moment thing, and when I tried to take it further he realized he didn’t like it?

“Well well well, welcome home little sis!” My sister jumps up from the couch and pulls me into a bone crushing hug. “Hey, are you alright? What’s wrong?” She adds, immediately noticing the discomfort in my face.

“I’m alright, I’m just tired is all,” I lied, hoping she wouldn’t press the issue any further. She doesn’t ask anymore questions, and I head to my room to take a shower. When I got out of the shower, I was shocked to see my sister sitting on my bed.

“You know you can’t lie to me,” She says, patting the spot beside her on the bed. I should have known, big sister always knows. I could never hide things from her as a kid, and I still couldn’t as an adult. I sat beside her on the bed, laying down on my back.

“Do you remember Wonho?” I asked. She nodded her head ‘yes’. “Well, I saw him again today after three years. We had a blast, just like we did when we were teenagers. We went to the diner, and we caught up about what’s happened in each other’s lives and… I guess a stupid teenage crush got the best of me. God why did I do that,” I trail off.

“What did you do?” She inquires, concern in her voice.

“He kissed me. He kissed me and I kissed back. He pulled away though, and then acted as if it was a huge mistake. He basically told me to get out of his car after that. I don’t understand why I did that, I should have had more control.” She doesn’t say anything but instead pulls me up so she can hug me.

“Boys are strange like that. If he kissed you, there has to be a reason. Let him think on it tonight, and talk to him tomorrow about it. Does that sound good?” I smiled and agreed. She had a point, there had to be a reason as to why he would kiss me. Regardless of what that reason may be, I’m going to have to let him know how I feel.

The next morning, I go to work with my dad to pick up my car. I enter the shop quietly to look for Wonho. I saw him laying on a creeper, working under one of the cars. Seeing that he was busy, I turned to walk back out and just come back later. My escape plan was foiled when I heard the creeper sliding out from one of the cars, “Hey.”

I turned back around to see him standing up. He had the bottom half of his coveralls and a white tank top on. He grabbed a rag from one of the toolboxes to wipe his hands off.

“Can we talk?” I asked sheepishly. He nodded in response, walking to the outside of the shop so that the other mechanics wouldn’t overhear our conversation.

“I’m sorry about last night. I don’t know what came over me. It all just happened so quickly, and I didn’t fully think through before I acted,” I explain.

“No, I should be the one sorry. I was the one who kissed you. Honestly, when you kissed me back I was in shock,” He admits, making me even more confused than last night.

“Wait, why would you be in shock?”

“Because you’re so much better than I am. I don’t deserve you. You’re going to a top of the line college, you have such a bright future ahead of you. You said it yourself, I’m just a grease monkey.”

“Wonho, I said that as a joke. You’re so much more than that,” I explain, he meets my gaze as I continued, “Ever since I met you, I’ve always thought highly of you. I’ve never met another person like you. No matter what was going on, whatever issues I had, you always knew the right things to say. It doesn’t matter what your job is, you’re one of the most intelligent people I know. You’re also super passionate about what you do, the sparkle you get in your eyes when you talk about your music is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. You’re absolutely stunning, you took my breath away when I saw you yesterday. I’ve liked you ever since we were teenagers, and maybe it was foolish of me to think that you would feel the same. You’re the one that is out of my league.”

“I… I love you. I love you Wonho. I’ve loved you for years, hearing you say that I’m better than you breaks my heart. That can’t be further from the truth.” He pulls me into a hug as I start crying. Why would he ever think that I was too good for him? I never knew that he thought so lowly of himself when it came to me. It hurt knowing that he probably had that thought for years. How could I have not noticed?

“You deserve someone better than me. You deserve someone that can take care of you, treat you like a princess. You deserve someone that can give you anything you want. Like I said, I don’t deserve you,” He whispers, holding me close to him. I could feel that he was trembling slightly, as if he would fall down if he wasn’t holding onto me.

“I deserve someone that makes me happy. No one has ever made me as happy as you have.” I pull back to look at his face. His eyes are filled with tears, this would be the second time I’ve seen him cry in the years we have known each other. I cup both of his cheeks with my hands, “You’re what I deserve. You’re the only one I want.” I bring his lips to mine in a gentle kiss. If I had to, I would kiss away every doubt he had about himself. I would prove to him that I deserve him.

Our lips drift apart slightly, only to be brought back together. I felt the same passion in the kiss that he had shown me when talking about his music. It lit a fire in my heart and made my heart feel like it was floating towards the sky. The second time our lips part, I feel as if I’ve let go of a giant weight. It’s as if the kiss had erased years of thoughts that burdened me.

“Do you know how many years of kisses I’m going to have to make up for?” He jokes, pecking me on the lips one last time. “How are we going to make this work? You leave again Sunday.” He adds.

“I’ll rip the spark plugs out of my car if that’s what it takes to see you.” It was partially a joke, but if I had to I would do it.

“Hey, Wonho! You got all day to kiss my daughter, they’re coming to pick the car up in three hours!”

Wonho and I look at each other, then turn to look at my father that is calling towards us from the shop.

“Well, at least he gave me permission to kiss you all day.”

Inhumans Epilogue Part One

Originally posted by coldbloodedexosquirrel

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Epilogue P1, Epilogue P2 (The End)

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 7K

AN: I’m cutting it up into two parts because it got pretty long. Next part will be out before NEXT Thursday, not this one. This one is a bit early. Feel free to tell me your thoughts and thank you all for reading once again!

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Pairing: Anthony Ramos x fem!reader

Summary: Anthony sings Hello by Adele at a bar one night, as he sings he can’t help but think of the break up and all of the mistakes he made with you.

AN: Unofficial sequel! Modern AU! Technically I would consider this a sequel to ‘Someone like you’ but it can be pulled off as not being a sequel.

Italics = flashbacks

Words: 1452

Warning: Angst; Anthony being kind of obsessive/ stalkerish; flashbacks; alcohol mentioned


Setting his drink down he got up off the bar stool and made his way up the stage. His friends cheered him on once he got up there.

“Uh, hi I’m Anthony Ramos and I’m going to be singing Hello from Adele.” He stated. It seemed the whole bar at their eyes on him but he didn’t mind it, he’s used to a large crowd of people watching him perform.

The music began to play.

“Hello, it’s me I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet. To go over, everything. They say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much healing.”


Anthony looked down at his phone as his call went to voice mail. Sighing he went to his texts then went to your number.

‘Hey I was wondering if you’d like to meet up somewhere…maybe grab a coffee?’

Pressing sent he shoved his phone back into the front pocket of his jeans before heading back to rehearsal.


“Hello, can you hear me, I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be. When we were younger and free….”


You let out a squeal when you were lifted up into the air.

“Anthony stop it!” You giggled as he spun you around, laughing. When he finally set you down, you playfully hi his chest. He grinned, that adorable grin that always made you swoon. Hands holding yours pulled you against him, lips brushing together before connecting.


“I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet.” Anthony’s voice quieted down at the last note.


You were scribbling something down on a check, putting it in a envelope.Your hair up in a sloppy bun, dressed in sweats and a tank-top.

“Anthony I need you to go to the post office.” You stated, standing up from the couch.

“Why do I have to do it?” He asked, slightly irritated. You tugged at the bun, causing it to fall.

“Because I have a shift at the diner starting soon, I don’t have the time. And we need to pay the cable bill since we don’t the landlord’s.” You told him, walking past him to get changed for work.

When you walked out dressed in your waitressing uniform you were fixing your hair. “I need you to take down the rent for the landlord also.” Putting on your shoes and coat.

Arms wrapped around you from behind. He nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, lightly kissing it.

“A-Anthony I don’t have time. I’m going to be late.” You stated, using your stern voice, but wavered when he reached your soft spot. “Damn it Ant, I’m going to be late.” Pulling yourself away you left the apartment.


“There’s such a difference between us and a million miles. So hello from the other side, I must have called a thousand times to tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done. But when I call you never, seem to be home.” His eyes were closed for a moment before they opened again.


“I’m sorry the person you are trying to reach is unavailable, please leave a message after the beep.” Anthony groaned after it went to voicemail again.


“Hey Y/N it’s Anthony. Look I know it’s been awhile since we saw each other and I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for everything. I messed up, I know that. Please let me fix this.” Pulling the phone away from his ear he tapped the screen to end the call.

Falling back on his bed he stared at the ceiling. His eyes began to burn along with a burning sensation in the back of his throat.

It hurt.

Anthony wanted you back. He mentally slapped himself for being so god damn stupid for ruining what he had with you.

He hurt you.

He broke you.

He left you.


“Hello from the outside, at least I can say that I’ve tried, to tell you I’m sorry, for breaking your heart, but it don’t matter it clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore.” His mind rushed to the moment of when he found out you were seeing someone.


Anthony broke up with Jasmine earlier that morning. He couldn’t take it anymore. He missed you so much.

Walking down the streets of NYC he went to Starbucks near Broadway. Pushing the door open he was welcomed by the smell of cappuccino and coffee. He waited in the semi long line.

He remembered all the time he brought you here. You loved this one tea they made. You always claimed that it tasted like Christmas if made just right. He’d always laugh when you got excited over it, it was adorable.

Anthony was messing around on his phone when the bell at the entrance jingled.

The warmth of the place made you feel a lot more comfortable then it had outside where it was cold.

You grabbed the hand of the person who was with you and dragged them along in line.

“Y/N theirs no rush.” Your boyfriend told you. Anthony froze when he heard your name….coming from one of his good friend’s mouth.

“Oak you know how fast the line fills up. I don’t want to wait that long.” Oak chuckled.

“Whatever you say babe.” You pouted up at him as he smiled down at you, pressing a light peck on your lips causing you to smile.

Anthony heard everything. He didn’t dare turn around.

‘Is this why you never answered his calls?’

Guilt but also jealousy twisted inside Anthony’s gut. He didn’t dare turn around.

He couldn’t.

This is what he wanted. He wanted to see you again to make it work but how could he now knowing your seeing someone else? Especially since the one your seeing is a mutual friend of yours?


“Hello, how are you. It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry. I hope that you’re well. Did you ever make it out of that time where nothing ever happens.”

“It’s no secret that the both of us are running out of time.”


You were getting married.

Anthony received the invitation in the mail from Oak.

Anthony cried. He cried.

It hurt so much. So he did the only thing that would numb the pain for the time being which was to have a drink.


“Hello from the other side I must have called a thousand times to tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done. But when I call you never seem to be home.”


“Is that Anthony again?” Oak asked you when you pressed decline on your cell.

“No, it’s not.” You lied, erasing his number from your call log. “Just another 800 number.” You told him as you joined him in bed.


“Hello from the outside at least I can say that I’ve tried to tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart.”


He walked out on you. HIs bags in hand, the door now closed behind him. He heard you cries from the hall, the heartbreak. When he left he broke you but he didn’t care in the beginning.


“But it don’t matter clearly it doesn’t tear you apart anymore.”


His hands were shoved in his pocket. Anthony stood like kind of creep dressed in all black, his hood up just standing across the street from your place. The place you shared with your fiancé Okieriete.

Both you and Oak walked out the door laughing. You smiled at Oak. He knew that look. That look you give when your completely happy and content. You used to give him that look.

A tear slid down his face.


“Anymore. Anymore. Anymore.” He sang


You were married now. Happily married at that. Anthony showed up for the wedding but stayed in the back during the whole thing. The party after he stayed for a bit, chatting with Daveed, Lin and the others. His mind was everywhere that night. He didn’t leave a gift but a small card for you.

When you saw it you threw it out. No one questioned it. They didn’t need to.


“So hello from the other side, I must have called a thousand times to tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done. But when I call you never, seem to be home. Hello from the outside, at least I can say that I’ve tried, to tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart, but it doesn’t matter it clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore.” Once the song finished everyone cheered.

He got off the stage and went back to his spot next to his friend, ordering another drink.

‘Just one last drink.’ Anthony told himself.

Sedona, Arizona

When I told folks in my office I was zooming west for a long weekend to see the Grand Canyon, three of them said, “make sure you go to Sedona.”

I had heard of Sedona, but had no idea why I had heard of it, or why it was famous, but nonetheless my mom and I decided to listen and go; good thing we did!  

If you ever drive (in the day time) from Phoenix to Flagstaff make sure you drive through Sedona. It’s incredible!  The city’s main attraction is its collection of beautiful red stone formations every which-way you look.  

It was so gorgeous that my mom and I went twice; after we got back from the Grand Canyon tour, and the next day on our way back to Phoenix. 

The first time we saw it, we had just missed the sun set by about 10 minutes, and I think that’s when this place must glow.  

We drove to Chapel of the Holy Rock (recommended by our Canyon guide), but unfortunately it was closed. Still, we got to see this remarkable church built into the rock (hooooowwww?!?) 

As the sun finally disappeared and we headed back to Flagstaff for the evening, we decided to get up early to go again the next day, especially as it’s right on the route back to Phoenix!    

Initially we had planned a day in Phoenix, but instead of half-assing Phoenix, and doing it in a hurry, we decided to explore Sedona this time around, and next time see Phoenix properly. :)

The 89A (recommended scenic route) drive down from Flagstaff is steep and beautiful! You drop in elevation from 2,106 m (6,910 ft) to 1,319 m (4,326 ft) so your ears will pop! 

Neat, eh? 

Sedona did have a city center (below), but it looked very touristy. Not sure I’d want to stay there personally, however many people do!  (Would be good to see sunrise/sunset here)

It also looked like a wealthy retirement area. Lots of large homes built into the rock, and golf courses! 

My mom and I wanted to do a hike, but we were too limited on time, so we only managed to park the car and do a ten minute walk (our own path, woot!) to try capture views of the “finger” type rocks. 

It was very exciting when we saw them! As we dropped in elevation we went from the heat on in the car and Ugg boots on, to t.shirts and air-con! 

After a stop for some coffee and snacks, we hit the main interstate road and headed back to the airport to drop off the car, and catch our flights. 

There were thousands and thousands of cactus (what’s the plural for cactus, cacti?) lining our route. I’m sure Arizona folk don’t blink an eye towards them, but they were so cool to see!! It takes about 20 years to almost attain one foot in height, so these are old cacti. 

And then suddenly I was on a plane back to Detroit (my mom on another one headed back to Toronto) after a whirlwind, wonderful spontaneous Arizona , Adventure! 

We were in the Salt Lake Valley,
singing to Iron & Wine and drinking warm coffee, laughing at someone’s bumper sticker, and the feeling just hit me like a rockslide. This is our first wedding anniversary, a chilly January Monday, and I am so in love with you, my eyes well up when I think about it. You are so precious to me, and I know it’s obnoxious how I worry you’ll never understand, but you make every moment worth remembering.
40 years from now, this day will just be an old photograph, but won’t it be wonderful, to know the first year of our lives together was spent running under city lamp lights and talking for so long, the moon shook her head on our lack of sleep. Never in my life did I imagine being this happy, and I know, lifetimes from now, I’ll still be trying to find a way to thank you.
—  Schuyler Peck, The Loveland Living Aquarium
Winter Memories

Summary: Dan is remembering lots of cute memories from his relationship with Phil. Winter themed.

Genre: Fluff, established relationship.

Word count: 2315

Warnings: None!

A/N: This was written for the 5000 word competition by @phanficwritingcomp . Big thanks to @fanfictionbetas who helped me with the grammar!

Winter hit England hard this year. It was below -10 degrees which most Londoners weren’t used to at all. All around the city people walked hurriedly, shrunken together in a last weakened attempt to keep whatever heat they still could inside their jackets.

For once, Dan wasn’t one of them. He wasn’t walking quickly because he had nowhere to go. He’d had a huge fight with Phil earlier, and he usually wasn’t one to escape the situation but he felt like he just couldn’t handle it this time. The time right around Christmas was sacred for him and he didn’t want a stupid fight to ruin it.

With his hands in his pockets, he strolled lazily around the city, stopping to admire the lights illuminating the streets. There was no denying how beautiful it got during this time of the year, lights and decorations everywhere. A light snow was falling from the sky, melting as it reached the pavement beside a long line of cars and people doing their last bit of Christmas shopping, or who were already on their way to family and friends. Dan sighed heavily, drowning out every last bit of sound with his own thoughts. 


“Hey Dan! Guess what I got?”

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That Could’ve Been Us - Part 1 (Zig x MC Fanfic)

Summary: Hartfeld University Coffee Shop. It’s been 6 years since the last time you saw your senior boyfriend. 6 years since you broke up. But when he walks into the coffee shop, all the memories of the past come back to life, leaving you wondering about what could’ve been and what could still be.

Author’s note: Part 1 of 2. ;)

That Could’ve Been Us - Part 1 (Zig x MC Fanfic)

She was about to turn a page when she heard his name. Her fingers froze at the corner of the dog-eared paper, the words beginning to swirl unintelligibly before her eyes. A silence followed in the coffee shop after the name was called out. “There must be other guys named the same,” she mumbled to herself, shaking her head and flipping the page of her book. But she couldn’t read any longer. That name. It was a name she hadn’t spoken out loud for many years, a name she hadn’t heard anyone say in years either.  

“One tall chocolate chip frap for Zig!”  

It’s the name again.

Cautiously lowering her book, she looked around the coffee shop for signs of the dark-haired guy that caught her eye back in college. “It’s impossible,” she whispered to herself. The last time she saw Zig was at her college graduation six years ago. He had teased her she looked sexy in her graduation gown, and even asked if she had time to put anything on beneath it. She remembered giving him a stern look and punching him playfully on his tattooed shoulder, though a little flattered the thought crossed his mind.

“Is there a Zig in here?”

It HAD to be the same Zig. She had met no other Zig even with all the traveling she did after college. If it WAS Zig, what was he doing back in Hartfeld? Zig had enrolled during her senior year, three years after Chris’ program on “second chances” was finally running smoothly. She remembered how Zig’s eyes widened when he cracked open his first college textbooks. She had caught him inhaling the scent of the book’s pages, and he had sheepishly grinned at her. She recalled how they had carried the books together to his dorm room. She also remembered stripping off his signature white shirt, and he unzipping her jeans shortly after, hurriedly making love before his roommate arrived. 

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Memories Remain

Day Five of Adrinette Month is Coffee Shop AU!!  This drabble takes place when our heros are in university. It assumes that Adrien never went to school with Marinette and her friends. While writing this, I listened to Coffee Shop by BAP, which I think fits pretty well. I hope you enjoy!

Also on AO3

Adrien didn’t mind the night shift. It was quiet. Generally only one or two customers came in during the late hours, and Adrien spent his spare time reading behind the counter. 

Tonight was no different. It was about midnight, and the only other person in the shop was one of his daytime shift regulars. She was a very pretty university student who lived nearby. Normally, she came by in the mornings for a caramel macchiato before class. They rarely spoke more than a few words to one another, but he always remembered her. She had long, black hair and big, bright blue eyes that reminded him of another girl that used to make his heart pound. 

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Summary: At their wedding, Yuuri spoke lovingly of how Victor had surprised him ever since day one - a day years ago, when Yuuri was young and Victor skating in the Junior World Championships.

Now, years later, Victor wonders what would happen if one day, he can no longer surprise Yuuri. 

For victuuri week day one (Victor: Surprises)

word count: 1k

read on ao3

“From day one, he never failed to surprise me,” Yuuri says into the microphone, his eyes soft, glancing at the Victor at his side before going back to surveying their guests. “Ever since I was little and I saw his Junior World Championships in Bulgaria. I fell in love with his skating then. It was beautiful, and every season was a new character he wore, a new surprise for the audience,” he chuckles, “The biggest surprise of them all, I suppose, was that moment in the onsen.”

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anonymous asked:

"Are you kidding me?" + vmin

People are screaming coffee orders at him from every side, but even at peak busy hour, Taehyung can take the time to appreciate the fine hunk of adorable standing in front of him. He’s small and pretty, with the softest pink hair and the most expressive eyes, a pair of ridiculously large glasses perched on his adorable button nose. 

“Hey,” the guy greets him with a soft but blinding smile when he’s at the front of the line. After twenty-two years of wondering, this is what love feels like, Taehyung thinks. 

“Hi,” Taehyung responds, still a little too jarred to think of what exactly it is he’s supposed to say. 

When he doesn’t continue, the guy purses his lips adorably and adds, “Uh… How are you?”

“Fine, and you?” Taehyung replies robotically, cringing, and the guy just chuckles pleasantly. Oh right. “Shit. Sorry. What can I get you?”

The guy just smiles again and taps on his chin thoughtfully. “Yeah let me get a venti, half-whole milk, one quarter 1%, one quarter non-fat, extra extra hot, split quad shots (1 ½ shots decaf, 2 ½ shots regular), no foam latte, with whip, 2 packets of splenda, 1 sugar in the raw, a touch of vanilla syrup and 3 short sprinkles of cinnamon.”

By the time he’s finished speaking, Taehyung’s mouth is hanging wide open, and it’s amazing how fast love can turn to hate, he thinks. “Are you kidding me?” The guy lets out an indelicate snort followed by a delighted, tinkling laugh, and Taehyung knows he’s been had. “Oh HAH hah.”

(His name is Jimin, and he gets a Grande Americano and Taehyung’s number)