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Tea or Coffee? (Or hot chocolate too I guess)

  • Both. Hot Chocolate comes in 2nd, but tea and coffee I love equally

If you could, would you want to be able to travel in time?

  • If I could travel at will, yes. If it’s a one-time deal, then no.
  • The past is usually worse, and who knows how monumentally shitty the future can be. I’d like to be able to go back
  • Seriously, though, I’d probably use it to record lost and historic languages and write papers of language evolution 

What is your reason for getting up in the morning?

  • Dude if I had an answer to this, it’d be easier to get up
  • Because I’ve suffered this long I might as well strive towards a possible future where it all was worth it

What language would you like to learn that you haven’t already?

  • Japanese

How many language related books do you own?

  • Fuck, idk 30 or so?

Cats or dogs?

  • Cats
  • I shouldn’t be within 30m of a dog
  • I’m not joking
  • I’d rather shake hands with trump than pet your fucking dog
  • im serious

Favourite movie?

  • Tie between Cloud Atlas, Kimi no na wa, and Donnie Darko
  • If I date you, you are watching those movies
  • you’re also going to enjoy them

Favourite season?

  • Winter

Ideal trip?

  • 3 month immersion to Japan, 2 months in city, 1 month travelling the country 

Favourite word in any language?

  • блядь
  • I always answer this differently every time because I seriously don’t have one
  • Today I’ll say řeka (czech for river)

My questions are:

  1. Would you like the power of teleportation, telekinesis, or time travel (à la Hiro from Heroes)?
  2. What are the genres of music you listen the most to (if you’re one of those who answers “everything”, pick your top 5)?
  3. If you could instantly learn to masterfully play all instruments or masterfully speak all languages, which would you choose?
  4. Do you agree with the sentiment “once you let the darkness in, it’ll never leave you” (i.e. you do something morally wrong it’ll forever taint you)?
  5. Tonight you die – how do you spend your last night?
  6. What are the 5 songs you’re addicted to right now?
  7. Do you have tattoos? Do you want tattoos? Of what and where?
  8. What’s your least favourite letter/character/symbol of any language? Why?
  9. What’re your favourite app games?
  10. Would you like to live in city, country, or suburban?

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So my wife just bought coffee and cupcakes for an entire bakery full of people. Why? Because she and I are FINALLY married EVERYWHERE IN THE U.S. Coffee and cupcakes: $150. Marriage equality: priceless.

Help Keep Peace Alive in Alabama!

As many of you have seen in the recent news, Alabama is not exactly a place where acceptance and peace are brewing.  Cullman, Alabama happens to be the home of one local coffee shop and whole earth store that brews peace and acceptance as well as some extraordinary coffees and teas.

Berkeley Bob’s Coffee House is a local place where people from every walk of life can come to chill out on some comfy furniture, pick up an instrument (either your own or one provided by the coffee shop), drink some great coffee, and play and listen to local music.  There really is no place like it in this tiny, southern town.  

This shop offer open mic night regularly which is a great place for local creative people to share their talents with each other. ….But there is a problem. 

The original owner is ready to retire and wants to give the shop to one of his best employees.  In order to do this, Berkeley Bob’s must raise $38,500.

Please help them out!  Every dollar is more help than you can imagine!   A Kickstarter program has been started for them.  I’ll post the link below.  This coffee shop is a one of a kind and a huge influence on the music and creativity in this town.  The shop is one of the oldest locally owned places in Cullman. Trust me, Cullman NEEDS Berkeley Bob’s!  

Even just one dollar counts! They need all the help they can get.  

Support Peace. Support Creativity.  Support Bob’s.