coffee date fail

EXO M Boyfriend AU Aesthetic ~ Fantasy/Fairy Tale | Jack Frost!Yixing

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  • Yixing, ironically like his powers was a warm person. Even though he had ice technically running through his veins, he showed how much of a warm hearten person he was through creating art with ice and snow.
  • Most of his time he’ll spend to himself, never realizing that he’s sulking away and not being the fun person he used to be years ago,
  • Reason being, every winter night for the past few years he would stalk you through your bedroom windows and admire you from afar instead of sometimes doing his job,
  • You were coming back from another failed coffee date and again, Yixing was watching from afar wanting to do something about it. 
  • Silently screaming inside his head, he never realized what he was doing until he actually started getting prepared. White skinny jeans, Nike Airs, Snapback, dark grey loose shirt and of course a White leather jacket.
  • You atually thought you bumped into a snowman on the way home from the supermarket to see the most stunning brown eyes ever. Like ever. 
  • Afer getting to know Yixing for a few months, you always wondered why he was so unusually cold all the time even when it came up to summer and u asked. He told you straight up from how it started, giving you proof and your feelings towards each other never changed.
  • You technically became his ice queen.

Failed Coffee Date #294719

Him “I’m in a wedding next week where I introduced the bride and the groom. It’s amazing to know that I affected someone’s life like that.”

Me “When I was younger I went to a friend’s house and noticed he had all generic store brand products in his refrigerator. When I questioned him he said "it’s the same thing” and laughed nervously. I explained to him that it wasn’t and that it meant his parents were poor and he would probably soon be homeless because his parents didn’t work hard. He began to cry. He said through his dirty tears “it’s just juice” and I said “no it’s a choice”. That kid grew up to be a lawyer. And I guarantee its because I juice shamed him. I basically saved his life. He didn’t invite me to his wedding"