coffee cups

Slytherin Things (Part One)

Communal lines of various shades of red lipstick along the mantlepiece (to share with those Slytherins whose parents would not approve), paintbrushes in vases, little mirrors hanging from the ceiling with positive comments on post-it notes on the corners, rings on every surface from coffee cups, tiny plants growing in glass jars…

Odesta Drabble: Pranks with Spouses

I saw a post a while back that inspired this, but I don’t think it was on this site. I saw something similar again on Facebook and I don’t know if I could link a FB post here (or that I’d want to). If anyone has a link, feel free to add or send my way!

Annie wandered into the living room, still drying her hair.

Finnick walked inside the house and commented, “It’s really muggy outside.”

“It’s winter.” She said. Then she noticed a look in her husband’s eyes. She glanced toward the kitchen. Nothing seemed amiss. All the cabinets were shut. Then she looked back to her husband.

“What?” He walked into the kitchen.

“Muggy?” She followed him. “Am I going to look out the window and see all our coffee cups in the yard?”

He pulled a bowl from the cabinet. “Maybe.” He poured coffee into the bowl.

Annie looked out the window and rolled her eyes. “You’re doing the dishes for the rest of the month.”

Finnick shrugged and sipped his coffee out of the bowl. “Worth it.”