coffee cup drawing


JARED: I’m always jealous of people who can draw — I’m happy for you — but like when you go to museums and you see kids sitting down, maybe for college or something, and they’re sketching the statues, and kind of doing their own little bit, I’m like, Jerk! Jerk!  
Pittcon 2017 [x]

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh, please draw Jay bringing Holly coffee and Chip being a cuddly lapdog or something. I don't care what you draw, anything Holly/Fam makes me happy and your art is a-mah-zing ♡♡♡♡

aw gosh!! thank you so much for such kind words and a lovely request!! sorry the coffee is barely visible,,, although I did add some gentle singing to make up for it! 

HDHDJD,RNN Why is this boy so attractive help.


It must be the coffee. (submitted by @xxrosethornexx)

                                                                                                         #coffee time