coffee crumb cake

There is absolutely nothing better than waking up in the morning and enjoying a slice of warm coffee cake. This Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake is so perfect with a cup of coffee, it’s the best way to start your day! With a thick cinnamon streusel topping over fluffy, buttery cake and a ribbon of melty cinnamon through the center, this crumb cake is going to be a hit at your family breakfast.

easy swedish almond cake

it’s not so much an almond cake, as an easy little crumb/coffee cake, and it’s only swedish cause i got it from a swedish relative and it’s PERFECT for fika (tea time) HERE YOU ARE!!

1 cup of flour
1 cup of sugar 
2 eggs 
1 stick of butter, melted and cooled

whisk the eggs into the sugar, one at a time, fold in the flour then the butter. butter your baking dish and then line with salted breadcrumbs (or flour). put ur mixture into your baking tin (i used a 9in cake tin), scatter the top with roughly chopped/sliced almonds, and scatter some more sugar over the top. bake at 350˚F and bake for 25-30 min!!! 

take out, let cool, and slice it on up and enjoy with tea/coffee/whatever you like!!

We’re looking for any excuse to sweeten our morning coffee. We deconstructed coffee cake and watched our script crumble. Another lovely piece for Target, one of our favorite clients.



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  1. Anubis (No. 021): Jackal warrior from Stargate.
  2. Jueyuan (No. 096): Penis tail! Penis tail!
  3. Cybele (No. 127): Don’t ask me of this design’s significance, I have no clue!
  4. Cernunnos (No. 151): Some ancient horned guy.
  5. Pyro Jack (No. 185): Topical!
  6. Dantalian (No. 237): A baker from the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado.
  7. Tyr (No. 247): What a dumbass.
  8. Tlazolteotl (No. 272): The “holy shit” goddess.
  9. Moh Shuvuu (No. 406): It’s not like she wanted to suck your brains out or anything!
  10. Lilith (No. 441): The archetypal crazy ex.

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This recipe for New Jersey Crumb Coffee Cake makes an incredibly moist cake with a extra thick cinnamon, sugar & butter crumb topping – just like you find in New Jersey bakeries.

Let's Get Down to Business

Working with Eli was, admittedly, very weird. Never in his lifetime had Apollo ever considered helping someone who was attached to a demon unless it was to free their soul. This practically went against everything he stood for. Or, what he used to stand for anyway. Nowadays he sort of went his own way. If anything, he could just look at this as helping someone who deserved to be helped. If things worked out then Kazu would be free, Marshall would return to Eli, and Apollo could finally, just maybe, end it all in peace…

But that was a thought for later.

Right now Apollo was sitting in a small café, sipping some coffee and eating some crumb cakes as he waited for Eli to show up so they could talk over their little mission. Regardless of whether he liked it or not, the two of them needed to cooperate to get this job done.

Coffee Cake [closed rp with professor-bartholomew-oobleck-rp]

Oh, dear. Looks like the poor teacher would have to get a new set of pants soon. That must have been painful, how that waistband dug into his soft belly. Ah, and his shirt…those buttons could pop off any minute if he ate too much. Ozpin gave a small hum to himself, idly writing down notes on his clipboard as he continued with his ‘observation’.

A secret was deep within the Headmaster. Quite some unusual ones. The attraction to his own employee, and watching him gain weight and grow fat fascinated him in ways he didn’t understand. Glynda had laughed him off when he admitted it to him, and thus he kept quiet from now on. 

That didn’t stop him from leaving goodies occasionally for him. Dropping off a batch of cookies, an entire crumb coffee cake, or a pan of brownies. It wasn’t a secret that the doctor had a sweet tooth, to which the headmaster completely spoiled. Ah, a weakness of his as well. Especially when the doctor always accepted all of his gifts.

Class went on without a hitch, and soon, the bell rang. Ozpin bent down to pick up the box he carried, standing slowly, balancing on his cane. As the class emptied out, he hobbled over to Bartholomew, smiling sweetly as he tucked his clipboard under his arm, handing him the treat.

“Wonderful lecture, as usual, good doctor.” Ozpin purred. “And here, I brought you a little present.”