coffee creation

Okay. So this recipe is beyond perfect, so I’m going to share! Enjoy some homemade Frappuccino!

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My future plans include:

Runs through Central Park on cold mornings followed by cups of coffee and vegan breakfast creations back at my beautiful apartment with a Christmas tree in the window, going to a job I love, pursuing my dreams, and ending the day with the person I love.

me, on my death bed, taking my final shaking breath: and i…. only have…. one regret…..

my cohort of family members, gathered around me, wiping away tears: what is it, darcy?

me, clutching my chest: i regret…. killing…. that fucking fish

some anon bursting into my hospital room: DAMN RIGHT SHEBA WAS THE BEST HOW COULD YOU–

me, flatlining: sweet relief