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The Next Step

Hey guys! This is my first attempt ever at writing in English, so i’d like to thank Julia and Noe for correcting this and convince me to publish it!

You can also find it on FF here.

Words: 1314.

Rating K+/T.

Warning: It’s full of fluff.

Disclaimers: I do (sadly) not own Once Upon A Time. It all belongs to Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

It was a perfectly normal Sunday. Emma woke up slowly, smiling when she realized the sun wasn’t quite there yet. She rolled on her stomach, hiding her face in the pillow that still smelled like Killian, and her smile widened, enjoying the moment.

It’d been five months since they had come back from the Enchanted Forest, and a lot of things had changed. Emma and Henry had moved into a small cottage near the ocean her son had found the day baby Neal was born. He’d convinced her to go take a look and he was right knew what he was doing; she loved it at first sight and signed the lease two days later.

The cottage wasn’t very big, but it was big enough for a small family. From time to time Killian would spend the night, but he was still renting a small room at Granny’s because, he said, he wanted to give Henry some time to adjust; the loss of his father was still a touchy subject and Killian didn’t want him to think he had any intention to replace Neal, but he also wanted him to know that he would raise him as his if he accepted him. Emma however saw right though his little game - of course Henry was a big part of it, but she was pretty sure he was also doing it for her because he didn’t want to scare her off by moving things too fast.

Little did he know she was tired of running away from him, and was determined to make that clear.

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