coffee cone

Sample of ice cream from Ample Hills Creamery located on Disney’s Boardwalk.

Confession Room (Part 5)

(Part 6)

You found yourself around Jaebum a lot more than you imagined. It made your heart a maniac each time, but you loved it because it made you feel. Apart from your raging emotions, Jaebum was actually really kind, opposite from the cold aura that he exudes. Never once did you take each moment spent with him for granted, but that didn’t mean he didn’t. He was clueless about how much you admired him, so at times he invited other girls to join the two of you whether that be for a walk to the convenience store or practice.

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I like going back through the detective conan manga because I always catch stuff I forgot about or didn’t notice before that I think is neat, like how Ran likes RPGs (file 28)

Conan takes the kids to the arcade and lost to them at a fighting game (file 56)

Other than a fifa-esque game, he also plays fighters at the Mouri’s (and rpgs) (file 49)

and that happens to be Ran’s console, so it’s probably her games he’s playing.

Drarry Advent Day 3 - for @drarrysgirl who held my hand during all of this writing and planning and is one of my favorite people in the world.  I wanted to write you something special Jade so I hope you like it!

  • featuring Nariman Malanov as Draco and Marlon Teixeira as Harry

Ficlet - It Was You

As Harry looks around the living room, at the remnants of wrapping paper and empty bowls and cups scattered throughout the room, with the Christmas carols still playing softly on the wireless in the background, he can not help but think it has been one of his best Christmases yet.

He can still remember that first Christmas after the war, when things were still so very broken and fragile. Everyone had wanted, no needed, to celebrate and move on but it had felt so fake and so forced. While they had all been so grateful to be alive and free, while he had been so grateful, it hadn’t felt real. He had watched it all with a hollow sort of feeling inside as if that magic, not the real kind made of wands and words, but the kind of magic made up of hope and belief that a child carries in their heart, might never come back to him. It had been hard to realize that happiness did not automatically come with winning the war.

He can also remember his first Christmas with Draco just a few years later. That had been nearly three years ago now, but just a few short months after they had actually started dating. He will never forget the look of surprise on Draco’s face when he’d opened his own Weasley jumper that day, a soft chunky thing in a deep emerald green. He hadn’t been sure what to expect, no one really had. But even better than the look of pleasure that had appeared on Draco’s face had been the looks of utter shock on Ron and Molly’s face when Draco had put it on almost immediately with a polite yet soft thank you. Harry’s heart had clenched almost painfully that day as he’d watched Draco find his way, still so very proud and with such a sharp and sarcastic tongue, but softer somehow and gentler.

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Q&A Spotlight with Isaac McKay-Randozzi

We have been following the gritty black and white photographs by picture taker Isaac McKay-Randozzi, since we caught sight of his works over the years from his coverage of the SF art scene as a contributor to site in 2000.  He has a knack to capture not only amazing art and skateboarding photographs, but also that of the urban landscapes– from streets, alleys, to whatever truth is unfolding. His passion for camera and film, form and light, movement and human emotion has been his passion to be shared and enjoyed by both art and skateboarding folks alike. 

After a chat on the phone, we caught up with Isaac to see how he got started in photography, what his first camera was, shooting subjects, and how this interest became his passion that is now an integral part of his life and livelihood today.   Enjoy our latest Q&A below!!! 

Photographs courtesy of Isaac McKay-Randozzi | Portrait by Zebb Bruser

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anonymous asked:

would you take a prompt and write some MSR fluff taking place during S1E04 Conduit or S1E13 (I think so) Beyond the Sea? :3

She takes him out for ice cream.

“What’s the occasion, Scully?” he asks, licking at his cone.  

“Just thought it would be nice,” she tells him.  It’s cool enough outside that the ice cream doesn’t melt right away, and windy enough to flap their long coats.  Mulder turns to shelter his ice cream from the leaves that blow past.  Mint chocolate chip.  She would have thought he liked rocky road.  

“I hear we missed some great ice cream in Iowa,” he says.

“Custard,” she corrects.  “Frozen custard.”  

“Next time, I’ll let you pick the restaurants,” he says.  “I bet you have an unerring instinct for sweet treats.”

“Actually, no,” she says.  “My sister is the one with the sweet tooth.  And my older brother.  If you need to get on his good side, just bring him a box of doughnuts.”

“I’m not sure under what circumstances I would need to get on your brother’s good side,” Mulder teases, raising his eyebrows, “but I’ll remember that.”

“Well, you did nearly throw me to the wolves.”  She smirks and licks her coffee cone.  

“There were wolves,” he acknowledges, “but there was no throwing of any kind.” 

“I’m sure Mom will explain that to Bill when he calls for the weekly update,” Scully says lightly.

“You told your mother about the wolves?” he asks.  

She shrugs and smiles.  “Sometimes she likes to worry.”

“I’m part of the weekly update?” he asks, as if it’s an afterthought, but she can see the longing in his eyes for the memory of family.

“Of course you are, Mulder,” she says.  “You’re part of my life.”

“Does this mean I get to be in the Christmas letter?” he asks.  

“Only if you’re willing to wear a themed outfit,” she tells him.  They drift slowly back toward the blocky outline of the Hoover Building, their ice cream worn down level with the cones.

“I’ll break out my most festive sweater,” he promises.

“Well then,” she says.  “Welcome to the family.”

Goodbye, Iowa, she thinks, with its fields of opportunities that held, among other mysteries, white wolves and fulgarites.   Goodbye to Ruby and Kevin and their sad and desperate mother.  Hello again to DC, which makes no promises of warmth beyond the summer’s heat.  Hello to her own far-flung family, bound together by sailors’ knots of love and loyalty.  She looks at Mulder, who wants to believe; his mouth is smeared with ice cream and she catches a glimpse of the boy he once was.  

“We should probably eat more than just ice cream for lunch,” he says, tossing the soggy remnant of his cone in a trashcan and holding his hand out for hers.  She passes it to him.

“You’re right,” she says.

“As a medical doctor, you really ought to be encouraging me to follow a healthier diet plan,” he teases, steering her gently with a non-sticky hand on her back, turning her toward their usual lunch place.

“Everyone needs a treat once in a while,” she says.

“Every day’s a holiday with you, Scully,” he jokes.

She smiles.  “Don’t quit your day job, Mulder.”