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⇁ all that is gold (m)

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pairing⇁Taehyung x Reader

genre⇁smut, angst || roommate!au + sugar baby!au

warnings⇁sub!taehyung, skype sex, masturbation, orgasm denial, possessiveness, slight breath play, oral sex, dirty talk, thigh riding, tae ends up sort of a switch? idk

word count⇁11.2k

As a college student struggling to make ends meet, Taehyung resorts to a less than ethical method to satisfy his appetite for expensive treats. The last thing he wants is for you to find out how he acquires the Gucci in his closet… however this proves to be difficult when you are his roommate.

or : Taehyung is a sugar baby and somehow thinks he can keep this a secret

a/n; ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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zodiac aesthetics

{{you can also use your rising sign!}}

aries: red lips, lava, bicycling, jean jackets, combat boots, sunglasses, fireworks, concerts

taurus: oversized knitted sweaters, tiny houseplants, cafes, forests, candles, cozy homes, tea and dessert

gemini: writing notes on your arm, tattoos, chokers, colored hair, crop tops, pins on your backpack, piercings, polariods

cancer: lockets, the moon, the ocean, rainy windshields, glitter, flower crowns, ferris wheels, white fences, swirled ice cream

leo: red hair and freckles, fire, bloody knuckles, denim shorts, fireflies, oversized sweaters, lattes, aviators, leather jackets

virgo: collared dresses, coffee and books, vinyl records, typewriters, umbrellas, silk sheets, dandelions, rolled up pants

libra: blowing bubbles, bubblegum, cotton candy, roller coasters, snapbacks, flannel, dresses with cardigans, frappucinnos

scorpio: bloodshot eyes, cigarette smoke, lace tights, black coffee, winged eyeliner, veins, rainy parking lots, bruises

sagittarius: money jars, rope bridges, macaroons, lightning, pizza, carnivals, maps with desired destinations circled

capricorn: leather, antiques, coffee, the woods, dark lipstick, apartments, spices, brown eyes, picture frames

aquarius: the galaxy, aliens, balloons, mermaids, graphic t-shirts, gas stations, jellyfish, feathers, sunrise

pisces: fairy lights, gardens, watercolors, cloudy mornings, mascara, curtains, fishtanks, creamer

What People Say

Anon: Can u write a scenario about Jaehyun ? He notice his schoolmates treat bad to his highschool student gf and exclude her. And he try to help her feel good. An angst with a happy ending please ♡♡

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Highschool au

Jaehyun x Reader

Things had been different. Especially since Jaehyun had openly declared that you both were in a serious relationship.People often speculated the nature of the friendship you both had prior to the announcement. He had been a sweetheart, smiling shyly and handing you a small daisy he had found in the playground. You had already fallen for him the day he stepped into your life. But this relationship had it’s cons. Jaehyun was ridiculously popular among the girls, including boys, in your school. Girl’s wanted to talk to him and the boys wanted to befriend him. Crazy thing school was, one person gained attention by how good looking they were. It’s not like you didn’t find him handsome. He was so beautiful with his light brown hair and fair complexion. His voice was so arresting and his smile that could kill someone at a single glance. And then there was you. Plain, with your long black hair, ordinary girl with ordinary qualities. Like other flashy girls you never struck out from the crowd. You had a couple of friends but you mostly stayed in the back of the class, sometimes smiling at Jaehyun who would sneak a glance at you time to time. 

But ever since the word got out, about you and him, things had been difficult. As much as you hated social conflict, you weren’t willing to let him go. Your ‘friends’ had stopped talking to you. It’s not that they stopped talking to you but rather had you sit over with them at lunch but completely ignored you. Feeling left out is worse than being alone. You instantly felt something was off with them, not wanting to sit with them anymore. You started taking your lunch to the rooftop, eating by yourself, away from their judgemental stares. “Why would he date her?” “She’s so plain.” “She must think so highly of herself now that she’s dating Jaehyun.” “Ah Jaehyun, poor guy, ending up with such a plain girl like her.” Maybe they assumed  you couldn’t hear them, or maybe their main target was you. It seemed weird that they always chose a spot closest to you to gossip about these things. 

“Y/N!” He called from across the hall. Jaehyun was oblivious to the monstrosities afflicted by your classmates on you. Many heads turned in his direction and then slowly in yours when he approached you, half jogging with his long legs. Jaehyun just couldn’t help but not look ordinary. Even the ugly grey and white school uniform looked amazing on him. Many hushed whispers erupted breaking the uncomfortable silence. “Let me walk you home,” he said. He smiled like an idiot when he was with you and you loved it. But right now you wished he wasn’t there. He was an attention magnet and you…well you just wanted to graduate with a happy state of mind. 

“Yeah, I’ll walk home. I have to stop by the farmer’s market for some potatoes,” you lied. He nodded. 

“Then we can stop on the way. I don’t want to go home anyways. My mom probably found out about my 60% in that maths test and she will kill me.” A few girls walked passed you, tossing you a salty look. You gulped, wanting this to end. 

“Jaehyun, I just want to walk home alone today.” It was honest. You were upset and the last thing you needed was to diffuse your negativity into his radiant body.

“Is something wrong? Like you can talk to me, you know?” You sighed deeply and stepped back. 

“Jae, if I wanted to talk then you’d be the first person I’d go to. Don’t you have friends or something you can kill time with?” Your voice was harsh. He looked at you in dismay and fixed his gaze to his feet. 

“Fine, but call me when you get home.” You nodded and smiled at him. He leaned in for a hug but you were quick on your feet, disappearing from the hall as soon as you can. Jaehyun stared after you, worried about what might be wrong. 

He walked to the classroom that he assumed was empty. But it wasn’t. He heard two feminine voices conversing inside. “Y/N is so fucking annoying! Like how can Jaehyun even like her?” One said. 

“I know right? She looks so plain and she’s not even that thin.  Like I can see cellulite on her thighs.” Jaehyun stood against the door and sighed. He chose to ignore it, thinking that they were just two jealous girls. There’s always a pair in every school.

When you arrived home, you instantly went to your room. Sleep was slowly coming as your limp body met the soft mattress. Voices of all sorts rung in your head. Faces, expressions of people when they saw you, judgemental stares and grimaces. They all clouded your muddled thoughts. Closing your eyes didn’t help. All that spilled were tears as you stared at the ceiling. All of their words hurt. You were just in love. Things shouldn’t be so hard. It was a small act of innocence, falling in love. He made you so happy, but was it really worth all the tears? All the pain?

You had a hard time on the dinner table that day. Food made you want to throw up, voices made you want to run and hide. The next day you were reluctant to go to school, which shouldn’t be a surprise for a normal school goer. But you enjoyed school. But not anymore.

When you entered the classroom, many girls turned to look at you. They turned back and whispered something into each other’s ear. You walked to your desk with your head down. One of the girls with long black hair and big brown eyes walked over to you. “So how are you?” She asked. Her friends were staring at you both in amusement. You didn’t reply and pretended not to notice her. You thought it would make her go away but it made everything worse. “I asked you something,” she said and leaned it. “Couldn’t hear me behind that ugly hair of yours?” 

“Is there a problem here?” A familiar voice hit your ears. You looked up to find Jaehyun standing behind you, with a face so sombre you wanted to cry. 

“Oh Jaehyun,” she cooed in her annoying high pitched voice. “I was just asking Y/N to join us. But I guess she doesn’t really like me.” She was batting her eye lashes, face faking a look of innocence. It made you want to throw up.

Later that day you met up with Jaehyun on the rooftop. He was happy you were finally initiating a meeting. He smiled brightly at you and kissed your cheek. You wanted to step back but your legs were paralysed. This was the affect this gorgeous boy had on you.He stood tall in front of you, hair glowing against the vivid sunlight. 

“Jaehyun,” you started. Tears ached in the back of your eyes, threatening to escape but you collected yourself. “I think we should break up.” 

He looked surprised, hoping it was a prank. But when he saw your small body, and your broken face he realised it was true. “Why?” He asked. “Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you?”

You shook your head and looked up. Your eyes were unpleasantly wet and the salty tears stung your eyelids. “I just think…I think you deserve better. You know someone pretty and smart. And…I don’t think we’re right for each other.”

“Is it because of them?” He asked, stepping closer to you. As you moved away he held you by the shoulders. His grasp was tight but gentle at the same time. His face was so close to yours, cheek bones prominent and lips pressed together in a tight line. His eyes bore into your being. “Because they don’t think we are right for each other? Y/N I thought of you as a girl who didn’t care about the world.”

“Jaehyun sometimes you have to. You know why? Because people’s words hurt. Their mean comments and actions tear you apart. I like to think I’m this person who  doesn’t give a rap about people and what they think. But no matter how much we try to fool ourselves, we care so much!” You were crying now. He leaned down and pressed his head against yours. He smelled like peppermint and coffee. From his collars, you could see the chain you gave him on his birthday. 

“I love you Y/N. I can’t lose you because of some jackass classmates. They have never felt this way before.We can show them Y/N. We can stay together and show them that their attempts can’t break us.” His gaze was so soft, so loving, so desperate for your approval. You reached up to press your lips against his. He smiled in the kiss and didn’t stop when you pulled away. Lips still curved and eyes close, he demanded more. You giggled softly and kissed him again. 

You both spent the day walking around town. It felt better, him holding your hand, licking on vanilla ice cream. How he would talk about something and nothing at the same time. The grass so fresh beneath you as he fooled around with you. Messing your hair, kissing you, joking, playing. He walked you home that day, stealing the promise that you won’t give up. You didn’t think you would ever give up on him, especially not when he smiles like that.

cosleia  asked:

Would you please write me a story in which modern AU Kylo/Ben attempts to court Hux in the most elaborate, roundabout way, until finally Hux, who has been incredibly flattered, loses his patience and lays one on him?

When in doubt, ask Google. 

Ben frowned at the list in front of him, a blog post that had gotten some insane number of hits. 10 Ways To Win Over That Special Someone. Well, clearly people were getting something out of this advice. He scrolled down. 

Make their interests a priority. Well, that made sense. Ben thought about what Hux’s interests were–getting drunk and talking about military history, his cat, good coffee from the artisan place down the street. Make yourself available to spend time with them. That made sense, too. Offer genuine compliments on things this person is proud of. Well, Hux maybe was a little too proud sometimes, but still, it probably meant more coming from someone else. Surprise them with gifts. 

So okay, he could do this. That weekend, when he went over to Hux’s place to watch a movie, he brought a few gifts based on the interests, which he was making a priority, yes he was. A book about the First World War, a gift card for the coffee place, a new collar for the cat, who was ready to bolt out the door when Hux opened it up to let him in. 

“Millie, go inside,” Hux almost whined as Ben tried to slip in with as little open space between himself and the door for her to escape through. “Hey, what’s–oh–” 

Ben had thrust the things he was carrying right into Hux’s chest, aggressive as a threat. “What’s all this?” Hux asked. “My birthday’s not until January…”

“They were just…things I saw. That I thought you’d like.”

Hux snorted. “You just happened to see a gift card to a local coffee shop that you can only get at the coffee shop when you don’t even drink coffee?”

Ben felt his ears go hot. “I mean, I eat pastries and stuff,” he insisted. “They have good croissants, you know. Anyway, if you don’t, uh, like them…I’ll take them back.”

“And buy croissants for yourself? What will you do with the cat collar?”

Ben frowned. He hadn’t considered how the lack of subtlety was going to fuck this up so badly. Suddenly, he just wanted to go home. Hux must have noticed the look on his face because his tone lightened. 

“Oh, Ben, I’m just kidding. I honestly wasn’t expecting, Jesus, such nice gifts. Especially since it’s not my birthday or Christmas or a special occasion or anything.”

“I wanted,” Ben said, following the blog post’s directive. “Uh, to let you know that I enjoy coming over and spending time with you. That’s all.”

Hux gave a strange smile.

“Can I be bold?” he asked Ben.

“Can you be–?”

 Hux pulled Ben by the collar, closing the already-small gap between their faces, so he could place a kiss of such perfect pressure and length that it seemed almost choreographed, like this was a scene in a movie he had rehearsed for much more thoroughly than Ben had. 

“I can’t tell if you’re terrible or excellent at flirting,” Hux said. “But I guess it doesn’t matter, since it worked.”

Ben wanted to think of some kind of Google pun, something about I’m Feeling Lucky, but he was dizzy with victory and could barely speak, particularly after Hux suggested they use the gift cards for breakfast croissants the following morning. “If, of course, you’d like to spend the night.”

“You are awfully bold.”

idek-too-many-fandoms  asked:

(Au or not idc. Whatever you prefer) Steve is running late for something in the morning and forgets to take his collar offand Bucky notices but doesn't say anything. So when Steve arrives everyone is poking fun at him (mainly nat) and he is blushing.

The call for debriefing comes in at 4:38 am, just three hours after Steve had finally fallen asleep. Blearily he slid out of bed, being careful not to pull the covers off of Bucky.  Not that he’d notice.  Bucky had spent the mission cooped up in the tower because of a few broken ribs, so he had used the time to worry himself to distraction.  Which meant no sleeping for 82 hours straight.  Now the alpha was dead to the world after a rather passionate (if unfruitful) make-out session on their bed.

Steve stumbled out of the room, grabbing his pants off of the back of the couch and his shirt from the floor before leaning against the elevator button.  Did he really need shoes for this?  The debrief was only going to be the team and Phil meeting on the common room floor… And it wouldn’t even be that long…

At that moment the elevator opened, so Steve just slipped through the doors and hit the button for the top floor.  There were mirrors across from him in the elevator, but damned if he was gonna care about how sleep-deprived he might look.  It was Coulson’s fault for demanding a debrief this fucking early anyway. Besides, Steve was sure his team had seen him worse than this.

When the doors opened again he nearly ran into Sam.

“Hey man,” Sam slurred, obviously just as tired as Steve, “I was just comin’ down to get you…”

Steve just grunted and patted Sam on the shoulder as he passed by, making a beeline to the coffee pot he could see steaming on the counter.  He heard Sam come up behind him so he poured a second cup.

“So…” Sam started, “You’re pretty exhausted aren’t you.”

Steve huffed out a short chuckle as Natasha sauntered towards them.  “You’ve no idea,” he said as he passed over the cup. “Whose idea was this anyway?”

“Your alpha’s.  He wanted this done quickly so he could have you alone for the week,” Nat said with a meaningful glance at Steve’s neck.

Steve blushed and rubbed his hand over his neck, expecting to feel the sweet tingle of half-faded hickeys and bite marks. Instead his hand brushed against thick leather and he felt all of the blood rush out of his face.

There was no way…

He’d been so careful for so long, because it was frowned upon nowadays, but…

Steve was wearing his collar.

In an instant he felt a blush viciously overtake his face.   He was just about to bolt back to the elevator when Nat and Sam both started giggling.

“Aww, man, it’s not like anyone cares,” said Sam, “Just threw us for a second.”

Nat snorted “So you and Barnes really are old-school mated, huh?” She laughed as she grabbed an apple from the bowl on the counter. “What a pair of grandpas.” She looked Steve up and down as she bit into the fruit and chewed thoughtfully. “It looks good on you,” she mused quietly, “You should keep it on.” Then her smile turned wicked. “I bet Bucky would just love that,” she said as she sauntered back out of the kitchen.

Steve’s blush couldn’t get any worse, but as he thought he realized that it might be worse to take the collar off. Bucky had been the only one to ever touch the clasp at the back – that had been part of the deal when they’d gotten their first collar.  Steve knew his mate would forgive him, wouldn’t even be mad, but he still didn’t want to break a promise to his alpha…

“It makes you feel safe, doesn’t it,” Sam said quietly.  Steve looked at him for a moment before nodding.  Sam took a few sips of his coffee and continued, “You’re gonna have to relive the mission in there, including the part where you were nearly shot in the head-“ Steve flinched and gripped his cup tighter “-so you might want to take all the comfort you can get.”

Sam headed in to the living area, leaving Steve to mull it over.  Sam was right though – Steve had been terrified by the near-miss and was desperate for the safety of being home. After pouring his second cup he headed after his friend.  

As he entered the living area he was met with a few stunned faces and Tony’s sarcastic “Lookin’ good, Mr. Barnes.” Followed by “You two are so in love it’s disgusting” from Clint, though he also seemed to be tearing up a bit.

Steve tried to hide his blush, but he was too flustered to think of a quick comeback.

Then Natasha sat heavily at the head of the table, drawing the team’s attention. “Everyone shut up, it’s cute.  Now Coulson, where do you want us to begin?”

Not pictured: Bucky having Jarvis play the living room feed as he lounges in bed, laughing evilly at Steve’s blush.

I figure Nat’s a bit proprietary over the right to tease Steve, sort of like a big sister ;D It’s a bit short this time, but I hope you like it :)

- Finn


I solved our embezzlement scam. It’s a lapping scheme. 
It’s a way to siphon money.

  • Hermione: I work hard. I do my job well. And I don't have a ten million galleon view of Manhattan that I enjoy while I sip espresso!
  • Draco: Why not?
  • Hermione: Why not?! Because I'm not supposed to. The amount of work I do equals certain things in the real world. Not cappuccino in the clouds.
  • Draco: Look, I will find out where the house elves buy the coffee if it's that important.
  • Hermione: It's not about the coffee!!!
  • Draco: I think it is.