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Russian Artist Turns Cups Of Coffee Into Adorable Works Of Art About Cats

Elena Efremova is a Russian artist who enjoys drawing cats and kittens that resemble warm brown fuzzy felines drenched in coffee that has been served to the artist. From a the strong and dark Americano to the frothy and warm cappuccino, the artist has quite the knack for making people fall in love with her feline friends she draws over a cup.

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A tiny random useless thing I can't stop thinking about

You know, Cat got Kara that coffee with some cinnamon sprinkled on top. And the thing is that at Starbucks or whatever, the cinnamon and the chocolate are both over at the little counter with the stirring sticks and the straws, creamer and napkins.

I think Noonan’s is the same (because I just want to believe that). So when the barista handed her the latte and said “the cinnamon is over there” Cat was like, wtf? Are you serious?

But then she got ahold of herself, because she remembered she came in here to do something nice for her assistant and that included actually DOING things, so she marches over to that little bar of extras and yells at a guy to MOVE because she’s going to do this.

And she stands there at that bar gently tapping the little shaker of cinnamon, tap tap tap, staring at the coverage on the foam until she gets it just right. She’s so damn proud of herself as she snaps that lid back on.

As she walked out the door the sun hit her face and she was so warm inside and out, pleased that she got Kara’s order exactly right. She couldn’t WAIT to see the look on Kara’s face when she tasted the extra cinnamony goodness.

And that’s the story of how Cat Grant realized she was whipped af and it might not have anything to do with Adam at all.