coffee brownies


Espresso Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Full Recipe:

-1 & ¼ cup all purpose flour
-1 tsp salt
-2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
-¾ cup chopped chocolate chunks or semi-sweet chocolate chips
-10 oz dark chocolate chips (equal to 1 & ¼ cup)
-2 sticks unsalted butter, cut into 1-inch pieces
-3-4 tbsp espresso grounds or espresso powder
-1 cup sugar
-½ cup packed brown sugar
-5 large eggs, at room temperature
-2 tsp vanilla extract

Glaze (optional):
-2 tsp espresso grounds or powder
-1 tbsp water
-½ tsp vanilla
-¾ to 1 cup powdered sugar

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Greg’s hair is tousled and his eyes are bleary as he strolls into the kitchen. Saturday morning, and this time he was the one late home last night, a case necessitating the cancellation of their dinner plans.

Mycroft’s standing at the breakfast bar, cutting precisely straight lines across a baking tin of –

“Oh, wow, what’s this?” asks Greg, sliding his hand around Mycroft’s waist and leaning his head against his shoulder. “Looks amazing. Smells amazing. Can I have one for breakfast?”

“No,” warns Mycroft, warding off Greg’s hand as he reaches for a brownie. That’s when Greg registers the tension in Mycroft’s body, the tightness of his voice.

Greg shifts on his feet a little, glances obliquely at his lover’s profile. “’S'alright gorgeous, I won’t steal,” he says gently. “What are they?”

“Coffee chocolate chip brownies,” murmurs Mycroft, tucking his chin in a little, as though he feels foolish just saying the words.

“Mmm,” hums Greg, squeezing Mycroft around the waist and placing a gentle kiss on his shoulder. He steals another oblique glance at Mycroft’s expression. “We could pop by Baker Street in a bit,” he says cautiously. “Drop them off. For Rosie’s birthday.” Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Mycroft’s eyelashes flutter, and knows he’s got it right. His heart clenches. Mycroft and Sherlock’s relationship is never easy. “She’ll love them,” he adds gently, speaking into the fabric of Mycroft’s crisp white shirt. Trust him to be able to make brownies at five in the morning without getting a speck of cake mix on his pristine outfit.

“I have told Sherlock several times that it is most unwise allowing such a small child to consume caffeine,” says Mycroft, turning his head further away so that Greg can no longer observe his expression. “She does enjoy coffee, however.”

Greg nods, lips still soft against Mycroft’s shoulder. “Right,” he says. “I bet you haven’t eaten breakfast yet, and I’m starving. Didn’t get a chance to eat dinner last night, everything went to hell after I had to cancel on you. I’m going to have a quick shower. You get breakfast on the table?”

Mycroft nods, and Greg can feel the relaxation of tension in his lover’s body. He’s been in here for hours, overthinking and worrying while he bakes, he thinks fondly, a little sadly. Mycroft brushes his long, elegant fingers over the back of Greg’s, and it is an eloquent thank you.

On his way to the shower, Greg texts John.

Sure you’ve already got Rosie a cake but Mycroft got up early to make her brownies. Think we could risk the brothers in the same room for a few minutes? :)


Study place part two

Cafe # 5 for 2017: Caffe Pascucci, Glorietta 2, Makati City

It was the same day as I went to Where’s Marcel when I first landed my feet here. I always see this place when I’m walking around the Holiday-Inn part. For me, this cafe is one of the coziest places to stay when you’re waiting for someone, when you want to rest after shopping or when you want to finish your schoolwork around Glorietta/Greenbelt/SM Makati/Landmark area. I had their mocha which was delicious and just right for my taste. Their brownie, however, tastes like more of a panna cotta to me. It was not too sweet so it was a good partner for my mocha. I wasn’t still able to finish it, though. The staff was also friendly enough. The place was a bit small but has its own comfort room. It was just really a bit pricey for the serving.


I guess I’m a Bad Liar.

Boy: Carlos

Summary: Reader has a obvious crush on Carlos. Based off Selena’s song, Bad Liar.

Warning: Fluff

A/N: don’t forget to send in request yall!!! also, i should have my masterlist up soon :)

It was around 5pm and you were biking around the school, like you usually did to get your mind off things. You couldn’t stop thinking about Carlos, so you were trying to distract yourself by biking. You were thinking about random things  when you saw his face. You almost fell of your bike. Once you stopped you saw it actually wasn’t him and your mind was just playing tricks on you. Why can’t I stop thinking about him?

The next morning you were in class and every few minutes you would look over at Carlos. Even I notice how much you stare at him, Y/N. You gotta play it cool. You read the text Evie sent you. You sighed, you knew she was right. Play it cool, play it cool.

You felt eyes on the back of your head, you whipped your head around hoping it was Carlos, it wasn’t it was Todd (Princess Tina’s son). He was smiling at you, you smiled back. This is good, I can make my never-ending crush on Carlos disappear with Todd- or make him jealous? No he would never be jealous over me.

You looked over at Carlos to see if he had noticed but his eyes were on the board coping down the notes. Your heart sunk a little. Whatever, I don’t need Carlos. I’ll get over him. You told yourself though you knew that wasn’t possible.

It’s like he had taken up a fraction of your mind, all you could ever do is think of him. In class, thinking of him, hanging out with Evie and Mal, thinking of him, at work, thinking of him. Maybe it was more than a fraction he was taking up.

“Y/N!” You heard Todd yell from behind you. It was now the end of school and you were on you way to start your shift.

“Hey, Todd. What’s up?” You smiled.

“Um, I was wondering if you wanted, to um-, well maybe we could- Y/N?” As Todd was hopelessly asking you out, your gaze was elsewhere, Carlos was laughing about something with Jay, “Nevermind. I see you attention is with someone else.”

Once he started walking away, you realized he was gone, “Wait, Todd!” But he was already out of ear shot. This stupid crush on him is getting in the way of so many things.

Two hours into your shift and you were stuck on till. You worked at the school cafe and even though school was over it stays open till 9pm. Two more hours left, two more hours left.

“Hey, Y/N! I didn’t know you worked here!” Carlos said to you as he walked up to the counter.

How long has he been here? I didn’t see him come in! Oh my gosh, does my hair look okay?

“Oh hey Carlos. Yeah I started work here about a month ago. So w-what can I get y-you?” You asked, though you started stuttering nervously when his eyes started into yours.

“Hmm, I’ll just take a small ice coffee and a brownie.” He told you, his eyes on the menu above your head. You typed his order into the screen and read out his total. As he gave you the money, your hands touched. His hand feels like a happy pill.

He smiled at you as he walked away to the pick up counter, “You’re blushing.” Mal laughed. She always worked here. That’s how you two became good friends.

“Shut up! I am not!” You said but you could tell you were, your face felt warm.

“You’re feelings for him are on fire.” Mal sang as she made the ice coffee and you just rolled your eyes at her as you took the next order.

It was 9:15pm when you finally made it back to your dorm. It looked a lot bigger since your roommate moved out. All you could think and dream about was Carlos in your room, laughing with you, watching tv with you, eating dinner with you. Once you were in bed, you prayed you wouldn’t have dreams about Carlos. It was bad enough your torture yourself with fantasies of dating him when your awake you didn’t need it when you were sleeping.

You were in art class, sitting with Mal and Evie, “Earth to Y/N!” Mal laughed waving her hand in front of your face.


“She was starting at Carlos again.” Evie smiled, dipping her brush into blue coloured paint.

“Could you be any louder? He could’ve heard you!” You whispered-yelled, hiding your face from Carlos, “Did he hear?!”

“No you’re fine. He’s all the way across the room, Y/N. Chill.” Mal told you and you nodded.

“If he’s the art, I want to be the brush.” You sighed, staring at him again. The two girls just giggled at your sentence and continued  to tease you about him.

You were at your locker after class, getting your books. You had your headphones in so you didn’t even notice when Carlos approached you, “Y/N?” He touched you shoulder.

“Leaping Lizards! You scared me, Carlos.” You jumped as your phone fell out of your hands but Carlos bent down and picked it up before it hit the ground. He was now starting up at you and you suddenly got very self-conscious about how see-through your shirt was.

“I didn’t mean to scare you.” He laughed, “I just wanted to ask you something.”

Is he going to ask he out?! Play it cool, play it cool.

“Do you…. like me?” He asked and you stomach dropped. Who just asks someone if they like them?!

“Uh, why d-do you ask?” You answered his question with a question.

“It’s just I always see you looking at me and Jay thinks you like me cause you always seem nervous around me.” He explained. Well I guess I wasn’t subtle at all, might as well just tell him.

“I guess I’m a bad liar.” You smiled, though you were mentally preparing yourself for rejection.

“Well I’m glad you’re a bad liar because um, I’ll tell you a secret.” He said and you nodded for him to continued, “Every time you weren’t looking at me, I was looking at you.”

You smiled was so big, it hurt your mouth. “Well then we should make reality a actuality.” You said.

“We should, I’ll pick you up at 6?” He asked.

“Sounds good.” You replied and he nodded and walked off. Once he was around the corner, you couldn’t contain your excitement  and instantly called Evie.

“Evie, he asked me out!!” You basically yelled into the phone.

“Meet at the cafe, you have to tell me everything!” Evie told you and with that, you closed your locker and started walking towards the cafe.