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the asriel coffee drive is OVER!

… actually, it was over a few hours ago, but i was busy! so, how far did you all get?

The Coffee Saga: Part 17

wha-!? WOW! you guys got asriel into pretty much all of the coffee goals. i am utterly speechless. this is AMAZING. in this last stretch, an extremely generous coffee crusader even pushed through a few more goals! huge, huge thanks to you. let’s see what those goals are.

  • 650 coffees:
    chara and asriel show frisk how cooking is done
  • 675 coffees:
    chara, asriel, and frisk SOLVE WORLD HUNGER 
  • 699 coffees:
    35 year old frisk marrying 36 year old chara – asriel is there
  • 729 coffees:
    chara makes lasagne for asriel – wearing the infamous naked apron 

asriel was already in the 650 goal, but now he’s being added to the following three as well! you’re just 19 coffees until the next goal, too.

  • 750 coffees:
    asriel showing off his “chaos saber” to chara

… which, as it would happen, is also relevant to asriel! 

i really don’t have the words to express our gratitude. we’ll keep working as hard as we can for all of you!! thank you so much! this huge amount of coffee art will take time to complete between the comic pages, but we will work diligently as always. on that note, the first completed coffee art featuring asriel goes up later today! 

asriel coffee drive: the results

you all accomplished a LOT. here’s a list of all the goals that were hit, all of which will include asriel thanks to your overwhelming generosity and support!

  • 329 coffees:
    chara, asriel, and frisk doing jojo poses (jojo’s bizarre adventure crossover)
    Status: [100% Complete]
  • 350 coffees:
    chara in a wedding dress – asriel is there, too
    Status: [Pending]
  • 379 coffees:
    chara, asriel, and frisk have a pokemon battle (pokemon crossover)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 399 coffees:
    anon sucking the caretaker’s “spike”… feat. asriel?
    Status: [Pending] NSFW!
  • 429 coffees:
    chara, frisk, and asriel dressed as OFF characters (OFF crossover)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 450 coffees:
    frisk and 13-year-old-anon practice for the nose nuzzling championship (feat. asriel practicing for the championship as well)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 479 coffees:
    something gravity falls related (gravity falls crossover) feat. asriel
    Status: [Pending]
  • 499 coffees:
    frisk eating the totally safe pie, feat. asriel
    Status: [Pending]
  • 529 coffees:
    female chara “spiking” male chara  – now with 100% more asriel
    Status: [Pending] NSFW!
  • 550 coffees:
    chara REALLY loves books (and asriel?)
    Status: [Pending] NSFW!
  • 579 coffees:
    frisk, chara, and asriel as sora, riku, and kairi (kingdom hearts crossover)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 599 coffees:
    chara x spike becomes real (feat. asriel)
    Status: [Pending] NSFW!

  • 629 coffees:
    steven meets frisk. chara meets yellow diamond, asriel meets… someone else (steven universe crossover)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 650 coffees:
    chara and asriel show frisk how cooking is done
    Status: [Pending]
  • 675 coffees:
    chara, asriel, and frisk SOLVE WORLD HUNGER
    Status: [Pending]
  • 699 coffees:
    35 year old frisk marrying 36 year old chara – asriel is there
    Status: [Pending]
  • 729 coffees:
    chara makes lasagne for asriel – wearing the infamous naked apron
    Status: [Pending]

that’s seventeen pieces of art that will include asriel, all thanks to you guys. this is phenomenal! 

at the end of it all, we’d like to once again thank kyle, our coffee crusaders, brilliant baristas, and everyone else who supported the cause for this hot goat. thank you so, so much!

Stress Relief (M)

video credits: sweaterpawsjimin

gif created by: Admin Smuttyfairy

Summary: When it’s been awhile since you’ve paid a visit to Mr. CEO Kim Taehyung’s office for help in his relief of stress. c;

Genre: saaa-mutttttt

Keywords: rough sex, dirty talk, begging, teasing, orgasm denial(ish)??, spanking c:

Word Count: 4028

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

A/N: I tried :D…anyway, I started on this last summer and completely forgot about it until I was scrolling through my google doc files. I started working on it again so here’s the finished product (again, i tried :D)!

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It seems like “stories” are definitely still a ~thing~ this season. Hunters told Dean that stories are told about him in the hunting circles. And a demon told Sam that stories would be told about her if she killed him.

Bur really… what kind of stories are told about them?

I mean, they’ve died a billion times. But do the hunters know how bad it got last year? Do they know it got so bad that Earth, Heaven, and Hell all teamed up in order to take down the Darkness? Do they know that the All-Realm Teamup failed, and then Dean Winchester succeeded?

I heard they keep demons chained up in their basement.

Well, I heard the older one is canoodling with an angel.

You sure? The way I heard, it’s the King of Hell he’s banging.

Did you know that the younger brother was possessed by Lucifer for, like, six years?

I heard they blew up an entire apartment building just to piss off one vampire. Not even to kill him - just to make ‘im angry. 

And I heard that the older one turns into the Hulk until his brother gives him pie.

half of me wants a life where i wear cute clothes and live in a cute little house and pick flowers and bike around with a basket of flowers and sleep in the sun and the other half of me wants a job where i wear high heels and live in a swanky city apartment and get coffee before work and order people around

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Samifer - coffee aesthetic

All In The Threads (Part 1)

A/N: Okay guys. This is the first part of the new series! I am SO fucking excited about this one. Feedback is definitely appreciated. If you guys like this one I may post the other parts I have super soon.. Enjoy xx

She can’t help but groan at the sound of her alarm clock as it puts an end to the wonderful sleep she was actually getting for once. She stretches her legs and quickly regrets it being she’s sore from her workout yesterday. Turning off her alarm and sitting up in bed, she stares at the sunrise from her view of her apartment window. She pushes back the thick duvet and finds her way to her bathroom down the hall to start getting ready, stopping to feed her dog on the way.

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Where I find the Gods

I find Apollo in the sharp glare of sunlight against the road after a rainstorm. I find him in the warmth against my face. He’s the feeling you get before you pull the final card in a tarot reading. He’s in my tears as I listen to a song that stirs emotions in me that I’ve forgotten how to feel.

I find Aphrodite in the sun setting into the ocean. She’s the lust filled laugh of a lover, their soft and rough touches. She’s in the cry of ecstasy as my pleasure mounts and releases. I find her in rose petals wet with morning dew. She is the warm wind in my hair as i drive with the window down.

I find Freyja in the fallen snow after a winter storm. I see her in the way a lover looks at me after we’ve made love. She is the drive to succeed, the war cry that echoes into the night. She is the sun rising over the mountain and the falcon screeching it’s glory to the world. I find her in books on magic, her hand slowly guiding me through the pages.

I find Hera in the blue sky after the storm clouds have departed. She is the white clouds glowing imperiously in the sun - tall, demanding, omniscient. I feel her the way my mother talks to me, the pride on her face when I succeed. She’s the excitement I feel when I think of my future. I feel her in the rain, am touched by presence in a cold wind. She’s the feeling of my destiny, weighing heavily upon me like a golden crown.

I find Hades in the shadows of a cold winter night. He’s the baying of dogs when I cannot see them. I feel him in my cup of coffee in the morning before work. He’s the soft smile I give to those I truly care about. I feel him when I talk about my ancestors - he’s standing there with their ghosts. He’s in the shadows of a room, watching, protecting. He’s the desire to protect what is mine.

I find Zeus in the sudden summer thunderstorms. He is the crash of lightning in a dark sky. I feel him in the long talks sigh my father. I hear his words of duty and honor, triumph and glory. He’s the fear that keeps me going, keeps me pushing, yet he’s in the feeling that I know I’ll be safe. I’ll succeed no matter what.

Constant | Part 3

Vernon x Reader

2813 words

Synopsis: after returning home from work, you hear Vernon doing some… personal things in the next room over

Warnings: mutual masturbation with a catch

I update this series every Sunday close to 6 pm EST

Part 1 | Part 2

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The Five Times Derek Morgan Asked to Kiss You, and The One Time You Said Yes | Derek Morgan x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Requested: Yep!

             52: “Can I have a kiss, please?”

Requests: OPEN

Summary: There were five times that Derek Morgan asked to kiss you before you finally said yes, this is the record of each of those instances.

Words: 2627

 A/N: Thank you so much for your request! This is my longest fic by like 1000 words so thats super exciting! Requests and feedback would be greatly appreciated! I have a link to my masterlist on my home page! 

             The first time Derek Morgan that asked for a kiss was when you were still new to the BAU. You had been there for a little over a quarter of a year and you absolutely loved it, you loved your team and you loved putting bad guys away, even though you did admit it took an emotional toll to see the things you saw every day. One of the main things you didn’t love was the paperwork, and since you were so new you hadn’t gotten down a rhythm yet, not to mention is was easy to pass off some extra paperwork onto the new person. What this meant was that while everyone else was done with their paperwork you were still staying in the office long after everyone else some nights. This one was of those nights. You were sipping on what you thought was your 7th cup of coffee, turning a page when you were startled by a voice ringing out in the semi-dark bullpen.

             “Hey, Y/L/N, what are you still doing here?” Derek Morgan asked, putting his hands up after you jumped, “Woah, didn’t mean to startle you, my apologies.”

             You grin at him, telling him it was alright before frowning, “I thought you went home a bit ago?”

             “I did, made it all the way down to the parking garage before I realized I forgot something. You still working on paperwork?” Coming to lean on your desk, he noticed how much paperwork you still had to get done and scoffed.

             “You know it, the newbie got stuck with all of it,” You laugh dryly as you lean back in your chair and stretch.

             “Alright, alright, you’ll be here all night at this rate, I’ll take half.” Morgan said as he grabbed half of the files sitting on the side of your desk and you thank him and smile warmly in response before he continued, “Could I get a kiss for my troubles?” Giving you a flirty grin that would make anyone’s knees weak and, to be honest, anyone’s panties hit the floor.

             You didn’t allow yourself to turn red, you knew he was the office flirt and you couldn’t let yourself get affected by it, much less let him see you turn red in embarrassment so you sent him a teasing glare. “In your dreams, Morgan.”

             Your fellow FBI agent just laughed as he went to go sit down at his desk to start on the paperwork. The rest of the night was full of idle chit chat, laughs, and plenty of papercuts.

             The second time Derek Morgan asked to kiss you was a few months later while working on a grueling case. During those few months, you and him had gotten closer, frequently going out together, having each other over for meals or to watch movies, grabbing coffee before work, just small things that seemed to start to bridge the gap of coworkers to good friends, so you were happy when Hotch partnered you up for the case, going to the ME’s office first.

             You had been in Washington State for almost three weeks now trying to catch this killer, with no leads but bodies piling up, everyone felt helpless. Because of this, Hotch sent you and Morgan to the old crime scenes, hoping that new sets of eyes on the scene may give a different perspective that could lead to a break. The two of you ran thought what happened, bouncing ideas off each other and mid-sentence Morgan stops, a look of realization washing over his face. Quickly pulling out his phone, he called Garcia, feeding her new points of information and conferenced the rest of the team into the call. Garcia yelled a name and address into the phone, and all units were to gear up and head over there.

             You sped through the streets, sirens blaring, half of the team going to the work and half going to the home. You and Morgan arrived at the house just as Prentiss and Rossi did, SWAT not far behind. After quickly putting on your vests you burst into the house, finding the unsub in the basement with a gun to the last victims head. Specializing in negotiation, you talked down the unsub, getting him in cuffs and putting the victim in an ambulance to the hospital.

             “Great job, Morgan.” You said as you two got back in the car to go clean up at the police station, “You’re the one who figured out the break in the case.”

             “Oh thank you, Y/L/N, it was a group effort,” He smiled appreciatively at you before the smile changed to one you knew far too well at this point, “Do I get a congratulatory kiss?”

             “In your dreams, Derek.” You said with a laugh, smacking his arm lightly before turning your attention back to the road.

             Sometimes, you had to admit, men annoyed the crap outta you, and right now was one of those times. You were at a bar with the team, and you were the one who drew the short straw and had to go get another round of drinks for everyone and bring them back to the table. You were leaning on the bar, glancing around the room and people watching when you felt a hand touch your arm to grab your attention. You frowned, turning to face him, this was supposed to be team bonding night, not have some creepy dude at the bar hit on you.

             “I couldn’t help but notice you across the bar, I was wondering if I could buy you a drink.” The man said, with you think is an attempt at a flirty smile. It was odd and forced, nothing like the Derek’s handsome and sultry smile. Wait. What. You stopped yourself from continuing, scolding yourself for thinking about your co-worker and close friend in that way.

             “I’m actually here with people, so I’m going to be getting back to them once I get our drinks.” You say shortly, shifting your body language to a more closed off position and hoping that it would ward of the man’s unwanted advances,

             “C’mon, sweetheart, It’s just one drink, then you can get back to your friends.” He attempts again, reaching out to touch your arm.

             “I said no.” You brush his arm away, giving him a disgusted look.

             “Listen here you little bit-“

             “Excuse me, is there a problem here?” A familiar deep voice says from behind you and you feel an arm drape over your shoulders and pull you close.

             “Are you her boyfriend?” The creep asks in a harsh tone, a sneer on his lips.

             “Actually, yeah, I am, and I suggest you back up because I do believe she told you no multiple times.” Derek says evenly, danger in his tone.

             Just then the bartender sets all of the drinks you ordered in front of you, and you see that as a sign to take your leave, “Hey, babe, will you help me carry these back to our table?” You ask as, looking up at Morgan with a smile, Mr. Can’t-take-no-for-an-answer eyeing you two with disgust.

             “Of course, darlin’, anything for you.” Derek said with a grin as he removed his arm from around your shoulders and went to grab half the drinks. You frowned slightly to yourself as you realized that you missed it. As you two walked back to the table his voice drew you back from your thoughts. “Since I’m your boyfriend now does that mean I get a kiss?”

             Scoffing, you looked up at him, finding that flirty smirk dancing on his lips and you swore you felt your knees weaken slightly but you didn’t pay it much mind, rolling your eyes for emphasis, “In your dreams, babe, I do believe I said nothing about you being my boyfriend, you said that to the creep. You know what pisses me off? He’d listen to another guy but not me. I swear, the way our society treats women, it’s just breading unsubs.”

             “Yeah no kidding,” he says with a shake of his head as you two sit back down to continue your team night out.

             Progressively, the time you spent with Derek outside work increased. Movie nights turned into accidental sleep overs when you’d both fall asleep on the couch, your head resting on his shoulder and his head resting on yours, curled up next to each other on your couch. The way you behaved around each other at work changed as well. When all of you were standing in a PD conference room around a bulletin board while going over facts in a case, you’d rest your arm on his shoulder, leaning into him slightly. On the plane on the way back when you leaned forward with your head in your hands and sighed in exhaustion, you’d feel his hand running up and down your back briefly, before you’d both return back to what you were doing previously. On paperwork days when you swore entire team probably went through one Folgers tub of coffee a day, you two developed a little routine. Whenever one of you needed to refill your cup, you’d grab the other’s on the way over to the coffee pot, and on the way back, the other would instinctively raise their hand up in response and a mug would be pressed to their palm and they’d continue working as if the exchange was second nature. 

             The team began noticing, they were the Behavioral Analysis Unit after all. When he asked what time you were coming over that night during lunch Emily shot a questioning look to Penelope, who just shrugged in response. When you made an inside joke in front of Rossi and Reid, Spencer frowned, glancing at Rossi, who in return just put his hands up and walked away. Derek and you weren’t oblivious to their questioning glances and whispered gossip though, but you two didn’t care in the slightest, you had nothing to hide nor nothing to explain, you were just close friends. Or at leasts thats what you told yourselves.

             The fourth time Derek Morgan asked for a kiss was Valentine’s Day. You hadn’t seen anyone romantically for a while by then, and surprisingly, neither had Derek. When asked about his most recent conquests he’d just shrug and say he was taking a break for a while, much to everyone’s astonishment.

             Penelope came into the bullpen on the 14th, dressed in all red and pink, handing you each cards and chocolate and asking what plans you had for the special romantic night. JJ and Will were going out, but it seemed everyone else was single with no plans besides wallowing in self-pity, so Garcia suggested you all go out together, do something fun, maybe pick out one night stands at a bar to share your sorrows with. Everyone agreed that that sounded fun and you contemplated going, but ultimately decided that you’d rather spend your sad lonely night with your copy of The Princess Bride and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. You didn’t exactly feel up to getting drunk and watch as your team picked up hotties, especially not Morgan. The thought of him leaving a bar that night with a gorgeous woman under his arm made you feel like there was a heavy stone in your stomach, and you couldn’t exactly discern why.  

             “Oh, c’mon Y/N/N, it’ll be fun, another team night out,” Derek said, leaning back in his chair and putting his hands behind his head. Wow, you thought to yourself, that position really showed off how gorgeous those muscly arms were. “And if you can’t find any handsome man you want to take home we could always spend some time together and you can give me that kiss you owe me.”

             “Owe you?” You ask, scoffing as you open up a drawer in your desk, “Since when do I owe you a kiss?”

             “Since I did half your paperwork and saved your ass from that creep at the bar!” He laughed, the rest of the team chucking as they watched the ordeal.

             “Oh you want a kiss Derek?” You grinned as you found what you were looking for in your drawer, a bag of Hershey’s Kisses. Since he had made such a big deal over the past months of asking for a kiss from you, you thought of something funny to do the next time he asked. You swore you’d had the chocolate sitting in your desk drawer for weeks. “I’ll give you more than just one even.” Throwing the bag at him, he grinned as he caught it, shaking his head.

             “Touché, Y/N, touché.”

The fifth and final time Derek Morgan asked for a kiss was right after the team had caught the unsub. Just like a previous time, you had split up to go to his work and home, and after you, Prentiss, and Reid busted into the unsubs work, it became apparent he was either on the run or at the home. You all listened with baited breath as you waited for any sign that the team had apprehended the suspect and were safe. This unsub was a bad one, well they were all bad, but this one had nothing to lose and was determined to take down as many people with him as he could. So, when you hear gunshots and “Agent Morgan’s down, we need a medic,” Over your earcoms, your stomach dropped to your feet and you swore time stopped for a moment. Prentiss and Reid were calling your name for you to hop in the car to speed to the closest hospital but you couldn’t seem to move your feet. Then it was like time finally caught up to you and kicked you into overdrive. You swore you never drove so fast in your life.

You met Hotch and Rossi at the hospital and they assured you all that not only had they rescued the final victim in time, but that Morgan was okay, he just hot hit in the shoulder and would make a speedy recovery, and that he was in the hospital room eager to see everyone. As everyone gathered in the hospital room for a bit before having to go clear the rest of the stuff up at the police station, you hung in the back, watching from a far as you processed the realization that hit you in the car.

“Y/L/N,” Hotch’s voice pulled you from your thoughts and you turned to face him, eyebrows raised in question. “The rest of the team is heading back to the police station for last minute paperwork stuff, do you mind staying here and driving Morgan to the airport after he’s cleared?”

“No I don’t mind at all,” You said a bit numbly, nodding in response. As everyone else cleared out you finally made your way over to Derek.

“Hey, what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?” He asked, brows furrowed as he sat on the edge of the bed. His shoulder was wrapped up, and that was all that you could look at.

“I was worried, you had me worried.” You said quietly, moving closer to him.

“I’m fine, I promise, come here,” He said, lifting his non-injured arm for you to tuck yourself underneath it. As you sat down beside him you leaned into his side, resting your head on his shoulder.

“Hey, Derek…” you start, your voice barely above a whisper.

“I know, Y/N, I love you too.” He said, moving to tilt your head up to look at him.

You nod in response, looking up at him. You two sit there for a few moments, just staring in each other’s eyes and only breaking eye contact to glance down at each others lips every few seconds. Soon that flirty grin you knew all too well spread across his face.

Can I have a kiss, please?”

“Yes,” You breathes out and without a second’s hestitation you closed the distance between your lips.


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York, January 16, 1924 and April 21, 1924

You - dirty - fish - peddling - bums

leave - this - innocent - girl - alone - and - get - the - right - ones - which - is -nobody - else - but - us - 

also - ask - Bohaks (sp) - manager - did - I - ruin - his - cash - register - also - will - visit - him - again - as - I - broke - a - pefectly (sp)- good - automatic - on - it 

we - defy - you  - fellows - to - catch - us

the bobbed - haired bandit and companion 

20-years-old and pregnant, Celia Cooney (nee Roth, aliases Cecile Cherisa and Celia Sheehan, born on the east side in 1904), the Brooklyn Bobbed-Haired Bandit, and her husband Edward, 25, pulled off roughly a dozen successful robberies in early 1924, between January and their arrest on April 21st. The couple used the same method invariably, with Celia, usually sporting a sealskin coat over a beaded dress, coming in first and asking a question of the shop keeper, and Edward coming in shortly after with a gun drawn in each hand. Victims of the pair claimed the woman was calm and collected while she pointed her baby automatic at them and told them to “stick ‘em up.” The couple would then rifle through the cash register and leave, taking only cash. Edward would borrow various vehicles from his work for getaway cars. Over 150 officers were called in to work the case, while the Mayor claimed that there was no such thing as a “bobbed haired bandit” - she was a figment of the media’s imagination. In March one of their drugstore robberies took place while a policeman’s ball was in full swing right across the street. At almost every scene Celia would drop another jeering note for the police, one read:

“I’ll kill you off one by one if you start out after me. So long boys; don’t forget you will hear from me during the week.”

And another read:

“I regret that I have not had the opportunity of giving you anything to do for the last few days. I have been taking a little vacation. However, I am now back on the job and you will hear from me regularly. I understand there is a new inspector assigned to Brooklyn. It doesn’t make any difference to me. Also I hear that the police have orders to shoot and kill me on sight. That’s all right but the police will not be the only ones to shoot.”

Celia’s landlady, who rented a room to the couple from April 1923 until September the same year, told papers Celia was “hard boiled”, a “wicked woman” and a “filthy tenant” who was “Bad, bad, bad!”. She claimed that Celia would “run around the house nearly naked and barefooted - go to the door that way - and such swearing I never heard in my life. She wasn’t a woman at all, at all - she was a she devil.”

Celia’s employer at a laundry said that she “was short and slender and dark complexioned. She was always prompt in getting to work and a good worker. She went out to lunch and noon and never chummed with any of the other girls, so far as I noticed. Finding out that she is the bobbed-haired bandit is some surprise to me - a knockout.”

Edward’s mother claimed that Edward, a welder for an auto repair shop by profession, would come to her house every morning for coffee before work and while there “We talked about the bobbed-haired bandit and he joked about her and said she was ‘pretty slick’.” Then one day Edward told his mother that he and Celia had to “go away for a time” but they’d be back to vindicate themselves.

Their final robbery, that of a Nabisco office that abutted the property where Edward’s mother lived, went awry when the money Edward expected to be out on a desk, where it usually was, was unexpectedly locked away. Edward had seen, through the back windows of his mother’s home, the money sitting out every week in large stacks on a desk when he stopped by his mother’s home before work. After ordering all the employees to line up against the wall, he and Cecilia turned to look for the cash and couldn’t find it. He lost his head when one of the employees tried to grab Celia’s gun and shot the man, Celia dropped a notebook and they fled without any money. This was the only time the couple ever physically hurt a victim.

Detectives claimed this was another major blunder: they committed this crime in the neighborhood in which they lived. Previous to this, all crimes had been in other jurisdictions.

The couple went on the lam, leading the police on a chase through 13 states before their capture by the detectives in Jacksonville, Florida after Edward sent a telegraph home to his mother, asking for money to bury the baby, a girl named Katherine who lived only 10 days. A short standoff ended when Celia promised the detectives she wouldn’t shoot if they wouldn’t. She claimed that Edward wanted to shoot her and himself rather than be taken into captivity but she told with a smile that “we couldn’t quit that way.” Both claimed that they were the one who had shot the clerk at Nabisco, and both claimed they were the mastermind behind the crimes. Thousands stood in Penn Street Station to finally catch a glimpse of the Bobbed-Haired Bandit.

The couple received sentences of 10 to 20 years, the maximum sentence, in and were released after 7 years, the minimum, in 1931. Celia told the judge that she didn’t want her baby to be born in squalor when she pleaded guilty. The state claimed the couple committed at least 15 crimes while the couple admitted to 10. Celia served her sentence at Auburn Prison and Edward at Sing Sing. While in jail Edward lost part of an arm when working a license plate printing machine and received a $12,000 settlement. During the suit against the State, where Celia testified on Edward’s behalf, the couple saw each other for the only time during their 7 year imprisonment. Celia’s brother Owen was shot while robbing a jewelry shop in 1927. After their release the couple had two sons, but Edward died of tuberculosis in 1936. As a single mother, Celia raised their sons in Queens and had to take welfare benefits, but for the rest of her life she stayed on the right side of the law. Celia passed away in Florida in 1992.

A few interesting sidenotes: 

A lot of transgender ladies were brought in on suspicion that the bandit could not possibly be a “real” woman.

F Scott Fitzgerald claimed his wife Zelda was stopped and questioned one night by police who suspected she might be the bandit.

Some psychologists posited that Celia’s pregnant state may have been the driving force behind her robberies - because her hormones were out of whack.

In September 1924 a New York producer introduced a burlesque show called the Bobbed-Hair Bandits, which featured “18 of New York’s most beautiful girls” - what, if anything, this show had to do with bandits the notice didn’t really explain, although it claimed there were beautiful costumes!

Busy, Busy, Busy

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader
Word Count: 2,221ish
T/W: Fluff! (little bit of angst, Alex has anxiety)
A/N: “IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY MY WHOLE LIFE! Can you do a Hamilsquad fluff where the reader is like really busy and the Hamilsquad thinks that the reader is avoiding them? -Flower Bee anon” 
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“Good morning ma belle,” Laf purred, placing a kiss to your neck. 

You were the last two in bed. Stretching out, you hummed at Laf’s affection, up until you turned to look at the clock. It was well past when you were supposed to be up. Work was already crazy enough and your boss was stressing you out to no end. Blinking your eyes you groaned, yep, you were late. 

“Shit!” you tossed the covers back and started pulling clothes out of your dresser.

Not realising you had abruptly left Laf’s embrace, you headed to the bathroom to get ready and leave. Laf thought it was strange, but got up, going to the kitchen. Herc was in his studio as usual, but Alex and John were already at work. Laf started to get out ingredients for breakfast. You walked out, dressed for work and hopping as you tried to put your shoes on while standing. As you double checked your work bag, Laf’s arms wrapped around your waist. He placed one more kiss against your neck, before you wiggle out of his grasp. 

“Bye, I’ll see you later tonight,” you gave him a peck on his cheek, closing the door behind you on your way out. 

It was very, very unlike you. Usually you loved the attention. Laf furrowed his eyebrows, walking into Herc’s office. Herc was at work with a soft pink dress, meant to be for you. Laf wrapped his arms around Herc’s neck from behind. 

“Did she try it on for you?” Laf asked, placing a kiss to Herc’s jawline. 

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Definition of polyamory
* :  the state or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time

Last night my girlfriend slept over…we cuddled, ate snacks, I braided her hair. Today we spent the day together, I did her makeup made her lunch and packed her food and coffee for work before she left. We screamed love you as she left and it made my heart so full ❤️

My heart is way too big to share with just one person ✌🏼❤️

The Other Woman

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2508

Everybody knows the timeless, clichéd love story of two best friends who promised to stay best friends for the rest of their lives. But when one friend develops feelings for the other, of course the other is already in a relationship and the friend is forced to watch and endure the other love and cherish someone that isn’t them.

Usually, the other’s partner seems jealous and arrogant to the friend, leading them to wonder why the other chose them in the first place. But destiny is kind and rewarding, and soon the other realises his love for the friend, ultimately leaving his jealous, arrogant partner behind. The two best friends become lovers and live happily ever after. Sounds perfect, right? But it’s not. Everyone always overlooks the one person who suffers the most.

The day you met Minah, you knew your relationship with Jongdae would inevitably turn into this same clichéd love story. Unfortunately, you were on the losing end of the bargain.

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