coffee bear

New We Bare Bears Tonight!


Boarded by Bert Youn and myself

Stop on by!* 

*Disclaimer: Coffee Cave™ as featured on the Cartoon Network™ original series We Bare Bears™ is not a real place. Do not attempt to stop on by. Cartoon Network is not liable for any coffee you may or may not find in the woods. Thanks


There are so many things I love about this. Jack, going straight to Dean when he gets a break in the case. Cas knowing immediately that Dean will not react well to being woken up. Dean waking up, ready to shoot. Jack not reacting negatively (i.e., with his powers because he feels a threat) because he’s clearly not afraid of Dean. Sam jolting awake and being so adorably confused. Sam and Dean sharing glances across the space between their beds like two kids at sleepaway camp. Cas’ complete lack of surprise at Dean’s grumpy nonsense. Dean’s casual demand for coffee as he puts the gun back under the pillow and snuggles down while he apparently waits for said demand to be filled. I love everything about it, and the only question left is: Who made the coffee for Grumpy Bear? {13.06}

A whole little forest of painted critters staring at me while I work. Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly uncreative I imagine them all coming to life like the paintings at Hogwarts and encouraging/ chastising me. The badger for instance always seems very consolatory while the little owl above her is most fond of telling me to stop being a lazy ass and just do something. 

I definitely need to take a coffee break.