coffee and ciggerates

You didn’t use to smoke when I knew you
You didn’t drink when we dated

Well when we we’re dating I didn’t
Have to burn away the memory of your kiss
When we were dating I wasn’t trying to
Drown the memories of you
In tequila and vodka
Washing out technicolor love with
The bitter burn of alcohol

You left me and took a peice of my heart
The hallow space keeps pumping blood
Trying to keep up
Pretending to function

So yea
I didn’t smoke when I knew you
I didn’t drink when we dated

I didn’t need to

—  But now I smell like stale cigarettes and spilled booze(Because of You)-K.R
Coffee and ciggerates by never shout never

Coffee and ciggerates are best when shared with you we’ll go to waffle house or your moms house and share a cup or two. Well I have friends and they have friends and they have parties and I’m so awkward so whatta ya say just as friends we see a movie this weekend alright…okay… Friday nights are always the same in this town I’m lookin up but I feel like I’m kinda down so I’ll light this ciggerate and smoke the night away and hope that sateruday will the day that everything feels okay dadada dadadadada dadadada daaaaaa