coffee and anchor

Bucky Barnes Masterlist

Forever and ever

Don’t touch me.

Take my pain away

Just Relax !

I am not worth your tears

Show me Kindness

New York

Good Grief

Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time


I want to be a daddy

“Who did this to you?”

The Perfect Bucket List (Au)

I need to talk to you

Fake it



A day in the Barnes Family

It was just lunch (Smut)

4 am Showers

Animals Know Best  

Rooftop Talks (Smut)

Anything You Want Baby Girl

Something Crazy ( Au) Masterlist

Why you love me?

Too many feelings masterlist

My Fake Boyfriend Masterlist

Soulmate au (Masterlist) hiatus.


Dinner Party (Smut)

The Anchor

Coffee, Cuddles, and Bucky

Friends Part 1

Friends Part 2

We want to sincerely thank everyone who has participated in our Fic Club! Your recommendations each week have given us amazing rec lists to share with the Sterek fandom. 

In 7 weeks, we got 326 fic recs. You are all amazing, but you sure managed to surprised us! We would also like to thank all the blogs that collaborated with us during this hiatus, be sure to follow them for more future recs!

Last, but not least, when this project started we had 24,031 fics on AO3. We now have 25800 fics! A huge round of applause to all the writers that provide us with such delightful moments even during hiatus! Without them, this project wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you so much, fandom! You made this Fic Club possible, and these are all your recommendations and rec lists!

  1. Meet Online (10) / Coffee Shop (30) at theofficialstereklibrary
  2. Anchors (15) / Wolf!Derek (30)  at werewolfwagon
  3. Emissary (9) / Knotting (35) at sterekhobrienfics
  4. Pornstar (34) / Royalty (15) at theofficialstereklibrary
  5. College (57) / Fake Relationship (42) at werewolfwagon
  6. Kid Fic (27) / Office-Coworkers (22) at sterekhobrienfics