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I’ve come a long way in 2 years, and I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank @didney-worl-no-uta who actually reminded me to open my askbox. My pet butterfly @anotherler for sending me my very FIRST ask and @plutonis for my very first gift. @thesocialpariah and @detriex for being one of my first friends on here, and a HUGE shout out to my biggest support, my best friend, my dear dear @dizylizy

And of course, my first ever Once-Ler Somepies @bedtime-onceler my science buddies and associates Dr Nefario @scientifique and Dr. @jamescaverly, one of the coolest kids I know Antonio Perez @deviiouslycharming my interesting old friend and twin @nut-ler, and my old Teds @ted–wiggins and @nevler. Y'all have always been there for me and it warms my heart to have talked to y'all and become great chums 8D

But I can’t disclude my brand new buddies from this past year. Thanks to my Grandpappy @crowmod I decided to get back into the askblog scene again where I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of my new Teddy @undeterredbyreality, my BUSINESS ASSOCIATE Avarice Greed from @seven-sin-lers, the prettiest lady @oncelette, the kinda intimidating but extremely fashionable @ask-that-freak-ler, the *cough*beautiful @scaredandconfusedler, the funniest guy around, @prankler, and dear @pickupler.

And the truffulahub reopened, where I met awesome folks such as @thesmuttypirate, @the-red-onceler, @piano-ler, @ask-candy-ler, @stone-ler, @psychicler, @wrong-ler, @askslytherinonceler, @travelling-madness, @telepathic-greedler, @askghostler, @poet-ler and @parakeet-ler @stutterler and @the-porcelAin-onceler.

The hub was where I got my family, my StarMom @miru667,my candy mom @skittlesandmms, my Deer mom @medlie and of course the most important person in my life, my darling baby boy @freakingfitzgerald


I found the Once-Ler with the warmest hugs @ask-vidler, the expert on all things cool @coppy-ler  quiet somepie @muteler, my king and liege @nerdler the sweetest smelling Ler @asktruffuler, the most INTELLIGENT guy I know @dino-ler, my almost friend @freakingbeanpole, my new friend @wilyladyler and my absolute IDOL @72swingler, the nicest guy I know glasgowonceler, and my kouhais @jealousler and @squid-ler

And of course I’d like to thank the amazing Somepies who I don’t interact with but admire from afar @askgentlemanonceler, @coffe-ler @insomnia-ler, @little-ler, @midd-ler, @raxcity, @despicable-moon-thief,  @balljointed-onceler @monsterler @askthedoghimself, @poltergeistonceler, @askcanadianonceler @bitteronceler, @the-fix-it-up-chappie, @lowquality-onceler @ask-one-swagler, @sketch-ler, @cheapskateler, @thepersonificationoffear @journeying-onceler @assassinler, @cursedwithinkblood, @ask-the-otaku-ler, @the-once-ler-in-the-woods, @thespian-ler @398thneedvilledrive, @ask-kawaii-once-lette @thewhovillainonceler, @greed-ler, @griinched, @askfaustler @askthesexylorax, @wreckit-ler @ask-the-dreamy-lorax, @ask-swag-oneler and @ask-jojo-yopp

Honorable mention to @ask-the-2012-onceler. He’s some kind of snail activist and his Milkshakes bring all the Lers to the yard but I don’t really get him. What kinda Once-Ler LIKES TOMATOES?

But all this was possible thanks to one of the the greatest Ler of our times @minionler.

All of the new friendships I have today are SOLELY thanks to him. He showed up on the scene with his corn kernels in goggles and awoke our sleeping fandom with a storm of bananas and incredible artwork. I owe him a lot, for bringing out the best in me, and taking the time to find out things about me that others tend to overlook, to call me out on my foolhardiness, and remind me that

“It’s not what I Am, but what I can Become”

And a big thank you to everyone who has ever supported me, liked my posts or even glanced my way. I WISH I could name all of you, and you’re all amazing people for being in our fandom. Thanks for 2 fun years of biggering!

And always remember:

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. Its not.


Draw Your OTP

You can’t take midd-ler anywhere, can you?

Everyone thought they could just go out for some breakfast. Just some yummy breakfast hang out time as once-lers. But no. We can’t have nice things. themute-ler has lost his appetite.  

And coffe-ler is just trying to enjoy his coffee and nerdler trying to viciously devour that stack of chocolate chip pancakes.

Why you gotta ruin a good time, Middy pie?



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It’s Going Down (We’re Yelling Timber)

-Thneed Times said goodbye Last week with the final 50th issue. we’d like to thank the mods and content creators of the blog for bringing us nearly a year of fandom news, we can can only hope to keep the legacy alive here. Another post from them revealed the great secret we’ve all been waiting for, the news mods!

-Thneedmas exchange has started up again! If you haven’t signed up yet worry not, you’ve still got a few days left!

-Poms’ Hogwarts au idea is growing fast, tags are yet to be universally decided though.

-Feel like falling in love with the fandom all over again? 398/10 would recommend doing so! 

-Get ‘em, get ‘em! That’s what Toby Determined from the show Gravity Falls might say if he saw the interaction between Grey and Min this week. Why can’t we all just get along?

- We should all be absolutely full of pride for SC this week, it’s a long and tricky road he’s on, and he deserves all of our support in taking it.

Mutual Weirdness

-In other SC related news, wish him the best in his pie related adventures as well.

-We finally saw Fritz’s ot3 drawing that was apparently a recurring request, does this mean the real ship is dinoxdinos?

- Congratulations are in order to this happy couple! We hope your marriage lasts a good long time despite any naysayers!

-Taking into consideration the high tensions surrounding the past few weeks’ M!A scandal, it comes as a relief to all that Once and Min have been able to sort things out rationally. 

-Christmas is here, but that doesn’t stop Coffe and Mez-ler from having fun in the sun! Happy Vacationing to the both of you!

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-A riveting discussion on the important things in life captures our attention with Fenny and Air this week. Maybe a more fitting M!A anon for our resident fairy would have been 

-Daniel puts a stop to a budding rumor before it even begins. Turns out he’s not as attracted to plants as some people originally thought. His boyfriend on the other hand, is an entirely different story.

-Charlie grew a beard! Sadly for him, not everyone was a fan. Rest assured, though, it left as quickly as it came.

Much more unlucky

There’s been a bit of a lull in this AU lately, which hopefully doesn’t mean that everyone went and got ate, but once any update occur we’ll be sure to keep everyone posted!

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- Also shout out to @minionler for being my brother ~mads


Do you remember the time when I cosplayed Coffe-ler? Not just once or twice…

with black/brown eyes.

with yellow eyes.

professor Coffe

dark/spooky Coffe

even trickster Coffe…

I don’t know man, maybe I’m selfish when I say this, but I liked to be the living Coffeler.

It wasn’t even my best cosplay.. I mean… look at that yellow vest, and the tie… it’s horrible xD but I think my Coffeler cosplay gained most of my followers so I should thank for this awesome character :)

I don’t know why do I write this, I just had a little nostalgia and I kinda miss this cosplay from my daily life…