for My Pokemon Academia, my Boku no Hero Partner Pokemon AU! (explained here)

I know I said I was gonna draw the kids first but I love death glare man and his coffin baby too much

also he still has the gold glasses also maybe they have blue stripes now I just never drew them somehow lol,,,,,



Here’s a bunch of DRIFBLIMS. They’re all crossed with Pokemon from the amorphous egg group! I sketched these a while back, but I spent all day today coloring them in time for halloweeb…. Drifblim is one of my faves so this was really fun!


Gardevoir fusions!!

I had a great time drawing all these. It was hard keeping it down to just 13! I’m taking requests for a wave 2; if anyone is interested, send me an ask or PM me~!

Froslass requested by @larareidenblarutan ; Sableye requested by @jellyrollin-yo ; Chikorita requested by @holyangel-1996


#562.5 - It is said that Yamask arise from the spirits of people interred in graves. They retain memories of their former life, and carry around a gold mask that used to be their face when they were human. When they remember their life as a human, they weep. As Yamask age, they gradually begin to forget about their previous life, and instead set off in search of gold - they are even known to eat gold nuggets. As they acculate gold objects, they will use the metal to create a vessel to house their restless spirit. Though they forget its meaning, maturing Yamask dislike looking at their mask, but can’t bare to let go of it; therefore, they keep the mask close, but with the face out of their sight.

Named: Yamask - ? - Cofagrigus

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I wanted to do one of these cool things so I goddamn did it

there are lots of Green Man carvings/stories around Cheshire and they used to scare the shit out of me as a kid so enjoy that