Ghost type pokemon were far and away probably the mooost mentioned pokemon in my little survey–Gengar was definitely the number one most mentioned, with mimikyu, chandelure and aegislash giving him a run for his money.

So I drew this up! I like to imagine this is the newest Addams family style sit-com to hit the market~



Here’s a bunch of DRIFBLIMS. They’re all crossed with Pokemon from the amorphous egg group! I sketched these a while back, but I spent all day today coloring them in time for halloweeb…. Drifblim is one of my faves so this was really fun!


🎃🕷️👻 Happy Halloween! 🦇🐈🐀


Gardevoir fusions!!

I had a great time drawing all these. It was hard keeping it down to just 13! I’m taking requests for a wave 2; if anyone is interested, send me an ask or PM me~!

Froslass requested by @larareidenblarutan ; Sableye requested by @jellyrollin-yo ; Chikorita requested by @holyangel-1996