Imam, Priest & Rabbi Work Together for Interfaith Harmony.

The Inter-religious Dialogue session will be led by Schaab, Imam Saad Baig from the Islamic Centre of the Quad-Cities in Moline and Rabbi Tamar Grimm of the Tri-City Jewish Centre in Rock Island.

The interfaith sessions are designed with a tone free from politics.

“Our goal is to educate, to give people information,” Grimm said. For example, the first session will be on the separate calendars, holy days and celebrations of the three faiths. It will take place at the Islamic Center

Looking at sacred scriptures will be very interesting to many Christians,“ Schaab predicted.

"Each one offers something unique,” Grimm said. “But at the same time, it amazes me how much we share, in every one of our traditions.”

Schaab, the Catholic priest, believes that knowledge gained from the Inter-religious Dialogues deepens faith. “We want to be supportive, appreciative and sensitive to one another,” he added.

Baig, a Muslim imam, said such education teaches respect for all faiths. There also is value in seeing leaders of these faiths together on one stage, he pointed out. Baig cited a phrase that he believes is central to the outreach effort:

“The more you sweat in making peace, the less you will bleed in war.”

After Ted Nugents racist comments at #Sturgis towards Native Americans, I am becoming increasingly saddened by the enormous amount of hatred directed towards different groups of people.

As an Esoteric Christian, I even find judgement and distaste directed towards my own beliefs from other Christians because of how centered in nature I am. But you don’t see me pointing any fingers or saying Christanity is stupid because some people in a specific branch of Christanity decided to be judgemental towards another form of their faith.

I don’t care if your Jewish, Native American, Christian, Pagan, Buddhist, ect, believe in your faith strongly and compassionately as God has many faces. But do not ever stand with religious beliefs or add to your own beliefs anything that promotes hatred towards other faiths or groups of people. To partake in such distasteful actions will cause you to become wayward or even lost on your spiritual path. As a word of warning, like energy attracts like energy, so be sure what you are putting out into the world is what you want to come back knocking on your door.

Hatred is what divides us and kills us. And the government and religious radicals have done a pretty damn good at keeping us divided through religious hatred.

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